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    I wouldn't have any problem with a medical alert tatoo. I'm an administrator and I think it would promote safety for one of my troops. I would just make sure it was as small and tasteful as is practical. It seems you already have a pretty reasonable view of tattoos anyway. If it was my call I'd approve it.

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    I haven't had anyone try wearing a "grill".

    Male officers here can wear earrings subject to the same constraints that are used to apply to what our female officers could wear according to policy. Basically a stud-type.

    Beards, goatees, etc are also okay...... for both male and female officers.

    I currently have a 'tache and goatee. I'll shave in May just like I do most years. I usually grow it in January when I'm on vacation and it's cold out. Few negative comments about officers having that either. Probably a third of our officers have various types of facial hair at certain times throughout the year.

    I have a tat on my forearm that obviously shows in short sleeve weather. It's okay in our PD. I don't see it as a negative; in my environment, tats are pretty common and few if any of the members of the community even notice them unless they are remarking, "Hey, nice tat!" It's almost a Community Policing advantage these days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dot4x4 View Post
    Here is a question for you guys, I have been debating getting a tattoo on the inside of my left wrist. Obviously this would be visable but it will be a "Medic alert" tattoo for me being diabetic. I wont wear a necklace or bracelet for safety reason on duty. What do you guys think about this?
    I think that's a pretty creative solution.
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    Whew! I dodged a bullet.....luckily dreadlocks & cornrows are not banned!!

    The scary thing is, some Officer must have shown up with a grill in order for that to be mentioned.
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    Heres your newest recruit.

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    Been a while since anything was posted in this one. I took the time to find a custom tattoo that would be small and easily identified. I approached my Chief and he said not a problem, your a Diabetic and I like the idea of you thinking pro-active for your safety.

    Then I talked to my Superintendant. She was "so-so" on the idea and then told me. "Well worse case you can just cover it with a bandage if it becomes an issue".

    So I looked around for another idea. For anyone just reading this, I am a Diabetic and my body has recently decided to quit making its own insulin so I have to give myself insulin shots several times a day. I work in Corrections so I refuse to wear a metal bracelet or a necklace that could be a cut or choke hazard.

    I found a company that sold silicone bands that were cheap but had a good reputation for durabillity. Home | custom3dbands 8 bucks for a single band and that includes shipping. Shipping was fast and came in a simple envelope in the mail.

    I have been wearing the new band, (I have the grey and white band), for the last month. Litterally 24 hours a day. When I am in the shower I just wash it and under it. I have been involved in 3 take downs, and there have been no problems with the band breaking. It did get snagged one time by my English Bulldog's paw at playtime but it just slid down my wrist without breaking.

    Home | custom3dbands also sells small "alert sleeves" that you can slip on your watch or onto your boot laces.

    Thought I would pass along what I found in case there is anyone else out there that was not wearing your "medic alert" stuff because of safety issues. Take care guys and gals.

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    Late to the party... my department in Wyoming has no rules against tattoos or facial hair. Just that any hair be groomed and tats be non-offensive. I did just hear from a buddy that works for Nebraska State Patrol that they now have a "No Tattoo" policy for newbies... as in no tats AT ALL, visible or not! A little harsh in my opinion but, not my problem.

    Grillz are super cool and make you look BAD ASS! I'm ordering mine as we speak. (Sorry for that, I've been up all night and I need sleep)

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    All I know is that cop or not, I'm going to start carrying a padlock to hook to this if I see it again:



    Meanwhile, fishing in Russia:

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