Written by Mark Nichols
We can't touch social security or defense spending but we have to balance the budget. That's the logic in Washington D.C. so get ready for another series of devastating cuts that will decrease public safety and reduce the quality of life for millions of Americans, especially cops. The latest target of the new Congress is the anything in the way of remaining aid to state or local law enforcement. Nevada's largest police organization protested a Republican plan to eliminate the COPS program grants completely.

According to a recent article in the The Las Vegas Review Journal, the Nevada Police Protective Association is putting the pressure on Reps. Joe Heck and Dean Heller on the proposed GOP move to slash the COPS program. Heck and Heller are both Republicans.
"The proposed cut to COPS would be devastating for the law enforcement community in Nevada and across the country," said Chris Collins, the president of the Las Vegas Police Protective Association, the largest law enforcement association in the state of Nevada.
"Congressmen Dean Heller and Joe Heck have an obligation to denounce these unacceptable cuts that jeopardize the safety and security of Nevadans across the state." Since the program was initiated during the Clinton administration, Collins said Nevada enforcement agencies have received $69.8 million in federal aid.
"COPS grants have funded 456 officers and sheriffs deputies, and allowed for the purchase of computers and communications equipment that allow officers to spend more time on the streets, Collins said. He went on to note that the grants have strengthened the ability of police officers from more than 61 local and state law enforcement agencies to work together to increase the safety of our residents as well as our tourists.
The House Appropriations Committee has outlined a partial list of 70 spending cuts to be written into a bill funding the government for the remainder of fiscal 2011. Among the listed cuts is a $600 million reduction in the COPS program that sends grants to local governments.
Public safety or not, if Barrack Obama requested funds for something, you can bet there will be a lot of folks trying to be first in line to repeal it. Since President Obama had requested $600 million for COPS in his fiscal year 2011 budget, the Republican move seeks to terminate the grants entirely.
"Our congressional delegation needs to stand together to reject this ill-advised proposal," Collins said.