The article about EDP's was right on. Apparently we are supposed to be psychic and know that the person refusing to stop when being pulled over is an EDP and we should provide a couch for them to lay down on so we can solve all of their problems instead of getting into a shootout.

We actually had an incident last year at a Dollar General with a subject who was deaf and mentally retarded locked in a bathroom for over an hour. Officers arrived and couldn't get him to come out (not knowing that he was deaf and retarded). They eventually forced the door open and had to pepper spray him and tase him. They charged him with failure to obey and resisting. The magistrate refused the charges due to his disabilities. The magistrate said that he couldn't fail to obey due to being deaf, and therefore the arrest was unlawful, and they also had to drop the resisting charge. The subject had to be released from jail and taken home. Now the family is suing the city for civil rights violations. The lt on the scene got thrown under the bus. I felt the magistrate should have just changed the charge to disorderly conduct so the arrest could be valid. Apparently, being deaf and retarded allows you to do whatever you want here.

P.S., the subject wrote a letter for the news (big media circus of course) detailing his account. Of course, the news left out the part where he said he knew it was the police trying to get him to come out.