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Thread: APB: Lawyer Spits on Cop

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    APB: Lawyer Spits on Cop

    Lawyer spits on cop
    Written by Mark Nichols
    What do you call 1,000 lawyers chained together at the bottom of the ocean? A good start. And it's not hard to see why that old joke is still funny when you consider the case of one Lewis B. Moon. Moon, an attorney, stands accused of being drunk, driving the wrong way in a fast-food drive-thru lane, impersonating law enforcement and then spitting on a police officer.

    Unbelievably, the man got off with probation.

    According to a recent article posted on the website NewsOK.com, Oklahoma County District Judge Kenneth C. Watson for some reason decided to dismiss the two felony charges that Lewis Moon was facing. Those were spitting on a police officer and impersonating a law officer.

    Moon's sweetheart deal involved pleading guilty to two misdemeanor charges. He copped to "having actual physical control of a motor vehicle while intoxicated" and "resisting arrest."

    Moon is required to submit to one year of drug/alcohol outpatient treatment under the terms of the deal.

    Moon and another attorney were arrested about 1:40 a.m. back in September at a Whataburger location. The restaurant manager told police the driver of a Cadillac Escalade almost hit another car in the drive-thru lane when he allegedly drove up to the take out window in the wrong direction.

    The manager said the driver and passenger appeared intoxicated, police said.

    When police arrived, Moon flipped out.

    First the lawyer spit in an officer's face. Then he pulled out a badge from the Oklahoma County sheriff's office and claimed to be a deputy, police said.

    A sheriff's spokesman said the badge is actually known as a sheriff's "eagle badge." The badges are given to people who "support the sheriff's department."

    They're not official law enforcement badges.

    On a videotape made at the Warr Acres Police Department, Moon is shown asking over and over to be taken to "county" and cursing at the officers that responded.
    Ah, yes... the badge presented (sold) to the law enforcement (political) "supporter" rears it's ugly head again, (... and again).

    "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."
    - Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

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    Dumbass kind of thing to give to anyone in the general public. Bad enough security guards have badges.
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    I don't know how it is in OK, but here most of the judges and lawyers are buddies because most of our judges, sadly enough, used to be lawyers themselves. That would explain the bullshit leniency. I'd like to see him get such a soft punishment if he had spit on the judge himself.

    I swear to Christ, if I survive this I'm gonna dance a jig!

    RMFT-Bama fans get it

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    I'm not sure how we expect our Society to be when so much of our government/politics/ are made up of people who are taught to lie? (lawyers)....
    Arm the sheep!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ducky View Post
    Dumbass kind of thing to give to anyone in the general public. Bad enough security guards have badges.
    Sadly, there are security guards out there that let that let that "badge" go to their head. A security guard's job is to observe and report. Nothing else. A security officer is NOT a police officer!!!

    Sadder still, is that there are individuals and companies out there that hire a guard service because they want to take the cheap way out for insurance purposes. They want a deterrent. They want the cheap way of having a "law enforcement presence" and expect you to act on it. Then when you turn in your reports, they do nothing to act on them. Then when something does happen, the guard gets blamed for it. Even if the incident was previously and correctly reported.

    I used to be a security guard for many years and finally quit because I realized that there were better jobs out there. I refuse to be treated and used as a scapegoat. Especially for very little pay in respect to what they want the job to entail. If you want a "law enforcement presence", pony up the money and hire a professional law enforcement officer, let them do their jobs and quit micro-managing them. Many of them do extra detail work for overtime. At least they do around here. /rant off.

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    This is disgisting! It is also a slap in the face to you who work your tails off to keep us safe from those who don't care to follow the law.
    May God be with you and your families as you Protect and Serve.

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    Sounds like what would happen in NYC!
    Behind a gun… I'll make my final stand!



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