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Thread: You make how much?

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    You make how much?

    In some parts of the country cops are forced to combine a crappy paycheck and welfare benefits just to put food on the table. Feeding a family and keeping the lights and heat on can get pretty challenging when you’re only making $30,000 per year. But you’re far more likely to read about the other end of the police pay spectrum in the mainstream press.
    That’s because “Police pay and benefits are out of control,” is the kind of headline that used to sell newspapers and now drives page impressions and hits on websites.
    But no matter where you come down on what cops should be paid for the work that they do, there are some numbers that tend to make people sit up and take notice.
    According to a recent article in the Poughkeepsie Journal, Ramapo , New York Police Chief Peter Brower was the highest paid local employee in the state in the last fiscal year.
    He earned $321,719, a report found.
    That’s music to the ears of the people that sit on the other side of the table during contract negotiations.

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    Yeah. We have a HR person who is the second highest paid employee for the city who complains when we point out how she screwed up our pay check or bitch about having to pay more and more health insurance every year. Because I guess she figures we all should make as much as her- or her rich family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhino View Post
    Yeah. We have a HR person who is the second highest paid employee for the city who complains when we point out how she screwed up our pay check or bitch about having to pay more and more health insurance every year. Because I guess she figures we all should make as much as her- or her rich family.
    Do we work for the same place?

    Our Admin Services Director screws up EVERY retirement form. And that's minor... The chief's secretary types up the admin forms for promotions. She gets the grade/step info from Admin Services. For several YEARS, people were being moved arbitrarily and differently when they went from Officer to PFC; some people went to the new grade, and stayed in the same step. Some moved back a step. A couple apparently moved forward. When this came to light... there was a huge investigation. End result was a bunch of us collecting some nice retroactive paychecks for the screw-up. Who'd the Admin director blame? Anyone but her. She threw the chief's secretary under the bus. She blamed US for not knowing how we were supposed to be moved compared to others -- despite being discouraged from comparing paychecks. Oh well.. the new administration is reigning her in big time. Moved to a smaller office -- that's gonna shrink further. Lost her parking space. And more...

    But regarding police pay -- We're pretty lucky. This area is payed pretty well, and we are pretty consistent. I know cops nearby paid a hell of a lot less... who deserve a lot more.
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    We're paid pretty decent (best paid agency in my area), but cost of living is increasing. But our benefits are awesome, so no complaints here.
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    I get paid well enough for the cost of living. We are doing a study comparing us to the agencies in and around Denver, because we are paid a bit less than them. From what I'm hearing, the word "raise" is being thrown out there for the first time since 2006
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    There's numerous mistakes in that article. Chiefs are not part of the bargaining unit (Ramapo PBA/Rockland County PBA) and negotiate their own salary with the town supervisor/town board. Chiefs do not get cash overtime, but typically are allowed to cash out unused time (vacation, sick, personal leave, longevity). His base salary is probably closer to 220K. The base salary for a patrolman in Ramapo at top pay is 126K. Also, Clarkstown is in Rockland County, not Westchester County. All the fire departments in Clarkstown are volunteer so there are no paid firemen as the article alludes.

    I left NYPD and now work for one of the suburban departments that makes the news often in regards to "outrageous salary/benefits".



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