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  1. Herman Cain tied with Rick Perry for 2nd place after Mitt Romney in poll asking likely Republican voters who they want as the Republican Presidential candidate
  2. Hank Williams Jr. Compares Obama To Hitler, Gets Pulled From 'Monday Night Football'
  3. Rappers for Rick Perry (slightly NSFW-- occasionally suggestive lyrics with mild profanity)
  4. Most of AL Immigration Law Upheld
  5. Religious leader hopes that renaming Washington DC "District of Christ" will stop the Pagan goddess Columbia from making legislators go crazy when they go to DC
  6. Honkey for Herman Here
  7. What do you think of the latest Republican Presidential candidates' debate?
  8. President Obama proposes to reduce deficit by ending tax cuts and loopholes for millionaires
  9. Tea Party crowd cheers hypothetical death of 30-year-old man in a coma without insurance
  10. What do you think of Obama's plan for creating more jobs?
  11. What Did You Think Of The Republican Presidential Debate ?
  12. What Do You Think Should Be Done About The Social Security Program?
  13. Wikileaks
  14. CA AG files brief for Obamacare
  15. Seven ways Rick Perry wants to change the Constitution
  16. Ron Paul supporter runs full-page newspaper ad seeking any "stripper ... escort ... or 'young hottie'"who have had sex with Rick Perry
  17. Is Chris Christie preparing to run for president in 2012?
  18. Obama Jobs Plan
  19. What do you think of the 12-member Dream Team Supercongress appointed to solve all our budget problems?
  20. Wisconsin Republican state senators lose 2 of 6 recall elections but hold on to state senate majority by 1 vote
  21. Name Change Planned ??
  22. Who do you want as the Republican nominee for President in 2012?
  23. Do you think the US debt ceiling will be raised by midnight on August 2?
  24. Undecided Republican Congressman lobbied for his debt-ceiling vote in shower at House gym at 7:20 am
  25. John McCain blasts conservatives pushing for balanced budget amendment, calling it "bizarro," "deceiving," and "worse than foolish"
  26. 52 percent of surveyed Americans approve of God's job performance
  27. Congressman arrested at immigration protest
  28. Debt limit talks breaks down; no deal reached as deadline draws near
  29. The National Debt Limit
  30. Neal Boortz Rant
  31. Petition to let voters decide on overturning Ohio's anti-collective-bargaining law sets record by getting almost 1.3 million signatures
  32. Time Magazine Article
  33. Civics Test Time
  34. TSA, The Handicapped, and Terrorism
  35. State Level Immigration Laws
  36. Weiner pulling out prematurely
  37. Broward County PBA holds party to leave the Republican Party over anti-union changes led by Florida's Republican governor and legislature
  38. Diversity Lane
  39. Please help me understand this "logic"
  40. Sounds about right
  41. Preacher revises doomsday to Oct. 21
  42. Businessman Cain enters 2012 GOP presidential race
  43. California Congressional Candidate Asks 'Minorities' Like Him to 'Stick Together'
  44. Newspaper photoshops Hillary Clinton and Audrey Tomason out of Situation Room photo because they might be sexually suggestive
  45. Arizona takes controversial immigration law to Supreme Court
  46. Shooting Bin Ladin a failure
  47. Democrats Gut Union Rights
  48. President Obama releases his birth certificate to the media
  49. IMF Bombshell: Age of America Nears End
  50. Where Did All the Anti-War Protesters Go?
  51. Donald Trump's amusing interview
  52. Most registered voters oppose cuts to medicare and medicaid and support raising taxes for those who earn $250,000+
  53. the sense of entitlement.
  54. Some Branch Davidians still believe David Koresh was God
  55. Don't let ignorant people vote
  56. "Soul Surfer" opens after fights over depictions of Christian faith
  57. Organizer of anti-gay marriage group's bus tour now supports gay marriage
  58. Study suggests liberals and conservatives have different brain structures
  59. Veteran, "Sit down or leave"
  60. Paul Ryan?
  61. End of America?
  62. Questions to American Progressives
  63. What do you think of nuclear power?
  64. Newt Gingrich advocated enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya a few weeks ago, but opposed it as soon as Obama did what Gingrich had said he should do
  65. Baseline of Our Membership
  66. Trivial Pursuits
  67. Leadership, and the lack thereof
  68. Wisconsin senators' going into hiding to prevent anti-union bill passage compared to Abe Lincoln's tactic of jumping out a window to prevent a quorum when he was in Illinois' House of Representatives
  69. What would Jesus cut?
  70. CA budget woes.
  71. Epic fail for Ireland's Fianna Fail Party due to acceptance of austerity measures to save Euro
  72. Christians asked to adopt a terrorist for prayer
  73. Wisconsin troopers go to homes of 14 absent Democratic senators but find none of them there
  74. Leader Of Egyptian Unions To Wisconsin Protesters: ‘We Stand With You As You Stood With Us’
  75. Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association Executive Board President regrets endorsing Governor Walker
  76. Protestors sing national anthem inside Wisconsin capitol
  77. Republicans threaten to send State Patrol after Wisconsin state Senate democrats who fled the state and go into hiding to prevent Republicans from passing budget cuts and ending collective bargaining
  78. Multiculturalism has failed, says French President
  79. The other Superbowl showdown (Bill O'Reilly interviewing Barack Obama): Football talk or allegory?
  80. More excuses
  81. Thanks EPA
  82. random drug tests for welfare recipients
  83. Gun Control Starts
  84. Date Night for Congress as Republicans and Democrats plan to partner up at the State of the Union Address
  85. If you thought you got weird gifts, see what government officials get
  86. Incivility Reigns
  87. Damn Right Wingers!
  88. How Russians Handle Pirates
  89. Dream act woes
  90. Pilots Shows TSA Security Short Comings
  91. GREAT movie line!
  92. Pretty good explanation of "the rich getting tax breaks"
  93. Bill to assist 9/11 survivors with healthcare and compensation defeated
  94. Gingrich insists he’s serious about a 2012 White House run
  95. This Whole TSA Debate...
  96. "Decision Points": GWB's memoir
  97. Court blocks Oklahoma anti-Sharia law at behest of Hamas-linked CAIR
  98. The UN to investigate the US
  99. Obama Says 'Put the Politics Aside' After Election , But Raps GOP Leaders
  100. Democrat advertisement fail....
  101. Because In The Democratic Land of Epic, Mega, Ultra, Apocalyptic Levels of Sucking, Those Who Kinda Suck Are King
  102. Oops ! Obama Offends DEA In Drug War Comments
  103. SHTF plan?
  104. The presidents
  105. IT'S HELL, says Michelle
  106. Obamas News Conference
  107. New site for the Right Side of thngs
  108. King Obama's speech
  109. EPA's Shot at the 2nd Amendment
  110. I'm Ronery, so ronery
  111. Prettiest Sound in the World
  112. I like this Congressman
  113. Shenanigans or Thunderdome?!?!?!?
  114. 50 most beautiful politicians and lobbyists in DC named, for those who want a shallower look at the lobbyists and congresscritters who rule the world
  115. Felons Voting Illegally May Have Put Senator Franken into Office
  116. Declared independence from ___?
  117. Unbelievable town hall meeting with a congressman
  118. The Future of Healthcare Now
  119. Supreme Court Affirms Gun Rights
  120. Liberal Activist Compares US Border Patrol To The KKK
  121. Lower Our Taxes. Don't be a Smartass
  122. Funny Campaign Commercial from Alabama
  123. $400 Million Aid Package to Palestinians
  124. Health Savings Account
  125. The Ties That Bind
  126. Master Tard poster
  127. Jews, Get Out of Palestine
  128. Come To The USA
  129. FCC asked to monitor "hate speech," "misinformation" online
  130. Census Bureau is Fudging the Numbers
  131. Police chiefs concerned about Arizona immigration law
  132. Change
  133. Private Pay Shrinks, Gov Handouts Record High
  134. Rep McClintock responds to Pres Calderon
  135. This is why we are screwed
  136. Greece Bailout requirement?
  137. Political Correctness
  138. Census Has Computer Problem
  139. The Oceans are Rising
  140. Drive-By Blowgunning
  141. Sedition?
  142. Am I missing something?
  143. The Factor Ambushes Al Gore
  144. Obama Bows to Communist Chinese
  145. Homeland Huh?
  146. Viagra for Sex Offenders and Rapists
  147. Rob Thy Neighbor
  148. Gen. Patton's Take on The War Against Terror
  149. Obama's Budget Cuts
  150. You picked a fine time
  151. Record Numbers Packing Heat
  152. Best Layman Video on Debt Spending
  153. Federal Look and Think Alike Bill
  154. Political Bingo
  155. Congress Approves Health Bill
  156. Could this be true?
  157. Obama signs extension of Patriot Act
  158. Joe the Plumber says John McCain screwed his life up
  159. Climategate U-Turn
  160. Judge orders Edwards' ex-aide to turn over sex tape
  161. America Rising An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians
  162. California Republican Senate primary candidate releases bizarre ad comparing her opponent to demon sheep
  163. Obama's Stunning Admission?
  164. Government to Take On College Football
  165. Bin Laden blames USA and other industrial nations for causing climate change
  166. Short Barreled Rifle/Shotgun Legislation in AL
  167. Suspect in Soldier Killings claims Al Qaida ties
  168. ACORN Employee Sues Undercover Filmmakers
  169. BIGGGGG vote today in Mass.
  170. Lt. Columbo (remember him) asks some questions of Obambam
  171. Some fun at Obama's expense
  172. Jolly ol' Saint Mao
  173. County orders removal of tree decorations
  174. Freshman Alabama Congressman Switches Parties to Join GOP
  175. WA lawmakers propose Gun Ban
  176. Ret Lt Col Allen West
  177. What a bunch of buffoons.
  178. Fat Al Sharpton on Tiger Woods
  179. The War on Cops
  181. "One Nation Under God"
  182. Shooter recieving get well cards
  183. Southern Uprising?
  184. Poll question about universal healthcare
  185. Climate Scientists Colluding?
  186. AP Fact Checks Palin, But Not Dems
  187. Is America at War?
  188. Blacks need the Democrat Party?
  189. Official Peace Prize Song
  190. Government buys one lawnmower, claims it created or saved 50 jobs
  191. House Passes Health Bill
  192. New antiseptic
  193. The Worth of a Nobel Prize
  194. "We The People"
  195. Hillary on taxes
  196. Atlanta Poised to Elect White Mayor
  197. Political Identity of Americans
  198. Obama trying to censor press (Fox)
  199. Obama Approval Drop Biggest for President in 50 years.
  200. McCain's campaign manager and Obama's campaign manager team up to propose political communications center at college where they are both finishing their bachelor degrees
  201. Misguided Youth
  202. The Danger of Obama's Dithering
  203. John Kerry at it again
  204. Police Officers and "Thou Shall not kill"
  205. Obama angered by General McChrystal
  206. Former aide to John Edwards reportedly has video of Edwards "polling the electorate." Yes, it's a John Edwards sex tape!
  207. Rep. Alan Grayson accuses Republicans of wanting people to “die quickly,” and he gave an apology “to the dead.” Then compares our healthcare system to the Holocaust
  208. This weeks Biden-isms: Collecting the gaffes and head-slappers of the vice president.
  209. Columnist on Obama at the G20 Summit - "I can recall no other major American speech in which the narcissism of a leader has been quite so pronounced."
  210. How Moammar Gadhafi confirmed to the United Nations that Barack Obama was born in Kenya in latest story the mainstream media won't tell you about
  211. Diane Feinstein
  212. Lyrics: Songs About President Obama
  213. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) reads the Fourth Amendment to Justice Department official testifying to urge reauthorization of the Patriot Act
  214. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad urges President Barack Obama to see Iran as a potential friend instead of a threat, but stresses that his country would not negotiate on its own nuclear plans.
  215. Leading by example
  216. Obama fund-raiser charged in $290M fraud case.
  217. Obama on ACORN: 'Not Something I've Followed Closely' Won't Commit to Cut Federal Funds
  218. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee cruised to a victory in a (very) early 2012 straw poll today at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC.
  219. President Obama said this week that his health care plan won't cover illegal immigrants, but argued that's all the more reason to legalize them and ensure they eventually do get coverage
  220. Pelosi (D-elusional squawkbox) implies protestors of health care reform will attempt assassination of top political leaders
  221. Lobbyist in the White House?
  222. Video and Audio of Obama Calling Kanye West A Jackass....Plus Priceless Reaction When He Realizes He Might Be on Camera
  223. Senate Smackdown: WWE CEO Linda McMahon steps down to run against Chris Dodd for his Senate seat
  224. The Chicago Way: Key figure in Rod Blagojevich's federal corruption case just happened to die of an "aspirin overdose" today
  225. 13 easy steps to making your own Obama speech
  226. The Government Can
  227. Palin: "So Much For Civility" With Obama's Debunking of Death Panels
  228. ACORN officials caught on hidden camera advising couple playing parts of pimp and prostitute how to evade taxes and claim underage girls from South America as dependents. YAY community organizing
  229. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) calls the President a liar during his healthcare speech on Wednesday
  230. Authorities issue arrest warrants for 11 ACORN workers accused of falsifying voter registration cards during last year's presidential election
  231. Former Czar Van Jones spoke at the NORML conference about racism, the War on Drugs and 'elite' drug policy groups failing to recruit minorities to the cause
  232. At least 23 House Democrats already have told constituents or hometown media that they oppose the massive healthcare overhaul touted by President Barack Obama...16 more, & Obama will need Republicans
  233. Obama is quietly talking about drafting formal health care legislation after allowing Congress to work on its own for months
  234. White House says furor over school speech marks the start of "silly season".
  235. Robert E. Lee: 1866
  236. Obama Green Jobs czar Van Jones: "I'm not racist or anything, but only white kids shoot up their schools. You don't see black kids doing that, do you?"
  237. SCARY: The agency that is being proposed as the government watchdog that will determine whether or not your health plan is acceptable: The I.R.S
  238. Video: "I Pledge..."
  239. The Vatican issues a prayer for Catholics to say before sex. Apparently shouting, "Oh God" at the end of sex isn't enough
  240. SCARY - A Must Read: Ahmadinejad's Imam: Islam Allows Raping, Torturing Prisoners
  241. White House Adviser Van Jones on why Democrats can't get any legislation passed: "Republicans are assholes"
  242. Levi Johnston lets the cat out of the bag and dishes the dirt on Sarah Palin in an interview with Vanity Fair
  243. Pelosi: You're either with us, or against us. Because bipartisanship is so overrated
  244. Obama to talk to students Pre K-6
  245. Congressman Mike Rogers from Michigan
  246. There is only one possible explanation for the idiocy inherent to the progressive movement: Liberals are all coked up on the reefer pills (w/Bonus pic of Obama smoking a joint)
  247. Experts See Double-Digit Democratic Election Losses in 2010
  248. Ok, so you all know what atheists don't believe. Here's what they DO believe
  249. Earlier this month the Chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee "amended" his 2007 financial disclosure form—to the tune of more than a half-million dollars in previously unreported assets
  250. 545 vs. 300,000,000