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  1. History Lesson With Government
  2. Internet WARNING!
  3. Smashed up Democrat office - whodunit? Yeah, figures.
  4. Even her own party is getting fed up with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker
  5. Senator Kennedy Dead
  6. Marine Speaks Out at Town Hall.
  7. Barack Obama Show US Your Penis: Circumcision Question Could Give Clue As To Where He Was Born
  8. President Hannity? Talker drops hint
  9. NY Governor Paterson sees the reason behind the "crescendo" of calls for him not to seek re-election next year is based on his being black
  10. Obama cancels military fly-over. First time in 42 years. Tell me now he's not a muslim.
  11. Tom Ridge admits that he "was pushed to raise the security alert on the eve of President Bush's re-election, something he saw as politically motivated and worth resigning over.
  12. News: Man carries automatic weapon to Obama protest. MSNBC: That's racist. Fark: Video footage of protester edited by MSNBC to hide that he is black
  13. Boycott, schmoicott. Glenn Beck's show had its best ratings ever last week, crushes CNN, MSNBC. Suck it, libs
  14. Barney Frank Attacks Critics At Town Hall Meeting, Asking One Lady, "On what planet do you spend most of your time?"
  15. Nice Job Washington State Democrats!
  16. Barney Rubble Franks... speaks.
  17. The joker behind the Obama Joker poster would have preferred Dennis Kucinich
  18. 09.12.09 - Tea Party Movement Goes to Capitol Hill
  19. Democratic Representative Says He Will Vote Against The Will of His Voting District And Vote For A Single Payer Health Care Bill
  20. Auto Dealers Paid for Just 2 Percent of 'Clunkers' Claims and four of every five applications have been "rejected for minor oversight."
  21. Libs stack North Carolina town hall meeting with scripted events, goons. Conservative protestor punched. Stay classy, libs
  22. Texas public schools required to teach Bible this year
  23. More Change You Can Believe In: Pork-barrel spending increases in 2009
  24. Star Magazine reports Sarah & Todd Palin to divorce
  25. Senator Debbie Stabenow, the newest member of the Senate Energy Committee says global warming is real because she can feel it when she's flying
  26. The DNA results are in...In the case of former Senator John Edwards and Francis Hunter, John Edwards.................IS THE FATHER!
  27. Report: Cheney Felt Bush 'Had Gone Soft on Him'
  28. Obama's 'green jobs czar' worked with Weather Underground terror founder
  29. Obama Townhall Meeting
  30. Chris Matthews to town hall protestor: why did you bring a "goddamn gun" to a Presidential event? (w/video)
  31. Dirty Secret No. 1 in Obamacare found on page 838 - "home visitation programs for families with young children and families expecting children."
  32. Does "Cash for Clunkers" give the Gov't Access to Private Computers?
  33. Hillary Loses Cool When Asked About Bill
  34. Deadly Doctors -long read
  35. “Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American.”
  36. Talk over Obama's birth certificate heats up...picture of possible Kenyan birth certificate shown in this thread!
  37. Obama to public: We have a deal with Big Pharma to lower health care costs. Obama to Big Pharma: I got your back.....BUSTED
  38. Congressman Brian Baird (D) compares angry conservative constituents to Nazis. "What we're seeing right now is close to Brown Shirt tactics, I mean that very seriously."
  39. Who’s in charge here? According to a Newsmax-Zogby poll, the answer is “no one.” And most Republicans agree: That is not a good thing.
  40. The wife of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford moved out of the official governor's residence with their four sons Friday
  41. Ten Telltale Signs of Republican Disease
  42. Justice Department Demands Civil Rights Commission Justify Why It Dropped The Voter Intimidation Case Against The Black Panther Party In The '08 Election
  43. Army Internment Camps
  44. Michael Steele calls Obama's first 200 days a reckless experiment...
  45. Three advertisers drop Glenn Beck over his claim that President Obama is a ‘racist.’
  46. Speech Police
  47. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-ipshiat) says health care protestors can't be real because they're not dressed like slobs
  48. Ohio Sen. George Voinovich has charged that Southerners are what's wrong with the Republican Party
  49. White House claims opponents of health care reform are "manufacturing outrage". Heck, at least America is manufacturing something again
  50. Report Anti-Obamacare Email to the White House
  51. What birthday present would you like to get from President Obama?
  52. Rush Limbaugh on why the morning shows were criticizing his diet "They're just mad that I look studly. When you get right down to it, they're just mad that I look good."
  53. "If you translate the Bible using this version of Greek, the anti-Christ is named Baraq Ubamah."
  54. Rep.Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) held a town hall in Austin that ended after his first question when the crowd turned angry chanting "just say no" when the democrat said he would support ObamaCare
  55. Why we won't see a Republican president for a long, long time
  56. Obama - The Joker
  57. The Myth of Free-Market Health Care in America
  58. Obama Amnesty Bill - Watch the Video, discuss
  59. Pelosi mounts broomstick... again.
  60. Race Hoaxes - Coulter
  61. Surprise!!! He's a Mumia supporter.
  62. Hawaii health official: Claims today to have seen "original vital records" that prove Barrack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii...she also won't comment any further
  63. 2004 - Sen. Elect Obama: "We need time to read legislation, Bush is rushing it through" 2009 - President Obama: "Sign that shiat, biatches"
  64. So now he thinks he can buy us off?
  65. Obama Race Baiting
  66. Barack Obama continues his nonstop campaigning...In seemingly all of these addresses, Obama does exactly what he did to get elected: speak in vague terms and blame Bush
  67. Despite having a fillibuster proof majority in the Senate, Democrats claim they need the GOP to pass healthcare overhaul
  68. Nailed it!
  69. Biden: Weakened Russia Will Bend To U.S.
  70. Sen. Boxer (D-umb as a Post) faces tough re-election challenge from former Hewlett-Packard CEO and McCain Advisor Carly Fiorina
  71. Obamas Headed for Vineyard Vacation on 28 acre, $20-million property, to the same place where Harvard Professor Henry Gates vacations in the summer
  72. Analysis: Race is daunting challenge for Obama
  73. "Unbiased" CNN News Anchor says if he didn't believe in doing the right thing, he'd work for Fox News
  74. Bill Maher: "If conservatives get to call universal healthcare 'socialized medicine,' then I get to call private for-profit healthcare 'soulless vampire bastards making money off human pain.'"
  75. Has Liberalism "Jumped the Shark?"
  76. Report: Bush mulled sending troops into Buffalo to arrest a group of terror suspects
  77. Not news: Governor sends thank-you letter after receiving movie. News: No one in the governor's office watched it. Fark: It's an anti-Semitic video from Nazi Germany
  78. Hmmm...kind of makes one think.
  79. You BIGOTS make me sick
  80. SC Governor Mark Sanford says cheating is God's way of making him better
  81. Another home run by Ann... Sotomayor
  82. Do you believe gays & lesbians will go to heaven?
  83. Zell Miller: Rahm should use ‘Gorilla Glue’ to keep Obama in his chair
  84. Pat Buchanan: "I think white men were 100% of the people who wrote the constitution...This has been a country basically built by white folks."
  85. Biden: ‘We’ve Got To Spend Money To Keep From Going Bankrupt’
  86. Yeah, There Will Be No Health Care "Choice"
  87. Poll shows tight race for 2012 GOP nomination, between Huckabee, Palin, and Romney
  88. Joe the Plumber: "I wouldn't have queers anywhere near my children." Megan McCain: "Joe the Plumber - you can quote me - is a dumbass.
  89. Obama's poll numbers dropping faster than an Air France jet in a thunderstorm
  90. Racist comments posted on website were posted by the DailyKos journalist who reported the story...and blamed it on republicans...BUSTED!
  91. South Carolina Judge: State law barring underage drinking is unconstitutional
  92. Bill Clinton now states he supports same sex marriage
  93. Government Housing
  94. Birth Certificate Issue
  95. Obama's "Green Czar" an admitted communist with an arrest record
  96. Judge Sotomayer in 2004: "Castrate all white males until they are no longer dominant." Obama: "It was taken out of context."
  97. About that CIA 'Lie' - House Democrats play politics with national security to protect Pelosi
  98. Obama's science czar is all in favor of mandatory abortions and other forms of forced sterilization. And we know this because he put it in writing
  99. Our President has been stimulated
  100. CIA Director Leon Panetta tells lawmakers the agency has misled Congress since 2001 about "significant actions."
  101. House Democrats look at taxing the rich to pay for universal health care
  102. Canned response from former Sheriff Reichert
  103. Massachusetts, the first state to legalize gay marriage, sued the U.S. government Wednesday over a federal law that defines marriage
  104. Union Leaders to Meet With Obama Next Week to Discuss Healthcare Legislation and a Bill to Make it Easier to Unionize
  105. VP Biden talks about his positive outlook for Iraq two years after saying that Iraq was doomed to failure.
  107. Political Cartoons
  108. Colin Powell, one of President Obama's most prominent Republican supporters, airs doubts on Obama's agenda...SURPRISE!
  109. More Stimulus?
  110. If it works, break it.
  111. Did He Lie, or Did He Just Misspeak?
  112. Obama's "open and transparent" Press Secretary Robert Gibbs gets owned by the liberal media....wait, what?
  113. National Black Republican Association calls on Democrat Party to apologize for racism.
  114. Second-quarter Nielsen numbers show that Fox's programs now rank one through 10 in total viewers on cable news.
  115. South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford: I will not resign from office
  116. Madoff get 150 yrs
  117. Get the goggles and the eye bleach. There is a John Edwards sex tape
  118. Sen. John Kerry says he wishes Palin would have disappeared instead of Gov. Sanford....Palin asks John why the long face...lol
  119. WTF: Rapper 'Hurricane Chris' performs for the Louisiana state house of representatives
  120. Coulter on Abortion Doctor George Tiller's murder: "I don't really like to think of it as a murder. It was terminating Tiller in the 203rd trimester
  121. Rep. Barney Frank wants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to lower lending standards for condo buyers. Because only good things can come from this...
  122. NKorea threatens US as world anticipates missile
  123. South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford Admits Affair
  124. Last rights
  125. Save a toad? Improve Education in Cambodia? U.S. will fund it!
  126. ...it was "very unusual that Obama called on Huffington Post second, appearing to know the issue the reporter would ask about."
  127. Chris Dodd is deeply offended that people would say his unqualified wife doesn't deserve all those fat corporate sinecures
  128. Barney Frank Files Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana
  129. Today, seventy-seven members of Congress urged President Obama to issue an immediate moratorium on further "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" discharges.
  130. Obama set to sign into law an anti-smoking bill that will give the Food and Drug Administration unprecedented authority to regulate tobacco.
  131. New Rasmussen Poll Shows 39% Now Blame Bad Economy on Obama’s Policies
  132. He’s conservative, confident and 14
  133. Obama's Pick for State Department Post Failed to File Her 2005 & 2006 Tax Returns; She Blames Her husband and the Post Office
  134. McCain: Obama has 'done well' as president so far
  135. R.I.N.O. Megan McCain appears on anti-republican HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher, gets taken to task
  136. A survey by the Pew Research Center shows 17% of Christians do not believe in the Second Coming at all
  137. The White House press corpse asks: Obama promised to choose a church by January, why has he broken that pro
  138. Inspector General learns what doing your job leads to if it involves making Obama supporters look bad: Firing by the president and personal attacks
  139. White House stands by Obama's claim that single-payer health care works in other countries--It's just not sure which countries Obama meant
  140. ABC Turns Programming Over to Obama
  141. CIA chief says he believes Cheney almost wants US attacked
  142. Bill Maher rips Barack Obama: "This is not what I voted for .. I don't want my president to be a TV star"
  143. US Cities to Be Bulldozed
  144. Chris Dodd pushes health-care bill beneficial to four health-care companies whose boards coincidentally have his wife as a member
  145. Limbaugh claims "exercise freaks ... are the ones putting stress on the health care system"
  146. TV Host David Letterman 'Makes Rape Jokes' About Palin's Teen
  147. Catholics need to "rediscover Mary's abundant breasts"
  148. Huckabee warns Republicans against 'mushy middle'
  149. Republicans call on Ric Flair and former Gov. Huckabee to fire up the faithful - Whoooo!
  150. Biden Tells Law Enforcement Groups Sotomayor 'Has Your Back'
  151. Actor Jon Voight: “Obama a False Prophet” VIDEO
  152. Another Biden Gaffe - He Mistakenly Claims New Hudson River Tunnel Project Will Accomodate Cars - It's for trains only
  153. Senator Coburn's STD Lecture to Congressional Interns Put On Hold Due to Pizza Dispute
  154. Huckabee, Gingrich urge political engagement amongst evangelicals
  155. U.S. says TARP issue out of Court’s reach
  156. Sarah Palin Rips Obama on the Economy: “Told Ya So”
  157. U.S. Supreme Court rejects challenge to 'don't ask, don't tell'
  158. Obama seeks global uranium fuel bank, tells Muslim leaders that ''any nation should have the right to access peaceful nuclear power.''
  159. Sotomayor Repeatedly Referenced 'Wise Woman' and "a wise Latina woman" in Speeches
  160. Harry Reid says Sotomayer's "the whole package," but admits he hasn't read a single opinion of hers
  161. Republican aide to State Senator who is known for being tough on sex crimes, gets busted for solicting a 15 year old on the internet
  162. Obama's Facebook Feed
  163. Obama Blog site
  164. North Korea's Kim Jong Il Chooses Youngest Son as Heir
  165. Sen. Obama on John Roberts' confirmation: He's really qualified, but I'm voting no. President Obama on Sotomayor: Vote no on her and you're a hater
  166. Geithner says Dollar strong, gets laughed at
  167. Rush Limbaugh: 5 Things You Didn't Know
  168. In wake of off duty black officer being shot by another officer, Rep. Charles Rangle warns Obama to stay away from Harlem unless he has identification
  169. Obama Lifts Ban on Lobbyists! Back to Business as Usual
  170. Dubya jumps on board Dick's Happy Fun Time Torture Techniques Party Bus
  171. Harry Reid: Bush Is Kind of a "Bitch" Like His Mother
  172. A 10% national sales tax? Congress is considering it.
  173. Flashback: Limbaugh foresaw Sotomayor pick in '97
  174. Democrats 2001: We can't confirm Estrada because he is Hispanic. Democrats 2009: You better not oppose Sotomayor because she is Hispanic
  175. Hope and Change. For Democrats Only.
  176. Possible Obama Supreme Court Pick Slapped Down Reverse Discrimination Case in One-Paragraph Opinion
  177. Obama nominates "first Hispanic Female" Supreme Court Justice.
  178. Report: N. Korea tests 2 short-range missiles
  179. Jehovah Witnesses will increase door-to-door recruitment efforts because the swine flu is an early warning sign that the end of the world is coming so
  180. Honolulu's Internet vote is first in nation, says mayor-elect Rick Astley
  181. Pelosi: "No torture." CIA: "No, we torture, they tell us stuff." Pelosi: "CIA guarantees me no torture." CIA: "Look, here are the memos we sent you."
  182. Ronald Reagan's son calls Rush Limbaugh a "jiggly pile of mess", says he "hasn't had a natural erection since the Nixon Administration".
  183. Powell to Republicans: Listen to moderates, too
  184. Public opinion of former VP Dick Cheney up 8 points in the last month
  185. Now is the time to legalize (and tax) drugs, prostitution, and gambling
  186. President Obama is so "distracted by his vice president's indiscipline" that he has been forced to rebuke privately Vice President Joe Biden, accordin
  187. Do you believe in heaven/hell for all living beings?
  188. California school requires "homosexual/transexual" course for Kindergarteners
  189. If George Bush had proposed Barack Obama's budget with a $1.8 trillion deficit, the whole nation would be marching on DC. Instead, Obama sails on...
  190. Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers get together to talk about Muslims, perhaps even secret ones.
  191. Obama calls for understanding in Notre Dame speech
  192. RNC chief: Gay marriage will burden small business
  193. Go on welfare in Massachusetts and win a free car
  194. Population
  195. Bill Clinton: Cheney should stick to target practice
  196. Welcome to Obamamerica, where a marine official telling the truth about failures to adequately supply troops gets him dragged in front of a committee
  197. Another day, another tax cheat endorsed by Obama supporting higher taxes on regular joes.
  198. John Murtha opponent says aide threatened him
  199. New York moves closer to same-sex marriage
  200. Jesse Ventura: You give me a waterboard, Dick Cheney and one hour, and I'll have him confess to the Sharon Tate murders.
  201. Terms of Chrysler's Bankruptcy Violate Constitution's Contracts Clause.
  202. Where's the military's ACORN?
  203. Meghan McCain a real pain at D.C. dinner
  204. Charlie Crist to announce Tuesday, likely to run for U.S. Senate in 2010 and face Rubio
  205. Cheney backs Limbaugh over Powell on GOP future
  206. David Feherty LMAO!!!
  207. Alan Keyes among 22 arrested at Notre Dame
  208. At the Press gathering
  209. This just in...
  210. Australia Prepares for U.S. Decline - WSJ
  211. Don't ask Obama not to fire gay soldiers and he won't tell you that he's breaking another promise
  212. Even Joe The Plumber Is Sick Of The GOP, Announces He's Leaving The Party
  213. The Kiss of Rush: Limbaugh signals that Sarah Palin's the One
  214. A shocking new bill in the U.S. House of Representatives would make it a felony to offend someone online
  215. Rush to Powell: Go be a Democrat
  216. Obama Proposes Cutting Slain Officers Program by Nearly Half, Based on 'Decrease' in Expected Claims
  217. Gambling Firms Bet On Barney Frank
  218. Ex-NBA star Bing wins Detroit mayoral election
  219. Gov. Schwarzenegger: Time To Debate Legalizing Pot in California
  220. High Court to Look at Life Sentences for Juveniles
  221. Joe the Plumber: I wouldn’t have gays near my kids
  222. Edwards $100k Campaign Funds? Try $4M for Murtha...
  223. Gitmo "Tortures" Revealed by Coulter...
  224. Dems seek 94.2 Billion for War Effort
  225. White House to end "Day of Prayer" tradition started by Bush
  226. George W. Bush raises $100 million in 100 days for his presidential library. Mission accomplished
  227. Jeb Bush says that it's time for the GOP to leave Reagan behind
  228. Drops out of Presidential race. Affair becomes public. Rumors that the kid is his. Now this. Not a good 18 months for John Edwards
  229. Sweatshop Worker for the Obama Campaign asks "Why did the candidate of hope and change use workers paid less than half of the minimum wage?"
  230. Condoleezza Rice hands Stanford lefties who confront her, their collective asses
  231. If anyone wanted to start a major third party, this would probably be a good time
  232. California Senator Dianne Feinstein has introduced legislation designed to help an illegal alien who is a lesbian remain in the U.S.
  233. Obama's First Supreme Court Pick
  234. Biden advises against riding the subway or taking commercial flights due to the Swine Flu, then recants...I meant I would tell my family members that
  235. The Obama Agenda - Krauthammer
  236. Obama Calls for Probe into New York City Flyover Photo Flop
  237. Obama Staffers Attend Secret Dinners With Lefty Media
  238. Obama's media cheerleaders are hailing how loved he is. But at the 100-day mark of his presidency, Obama is the 2nd-least-popular president in 40 yrs
  239. Arlen Specter Goes Home
  240. Fred Thompson calls Obama "naive, inept and arrogant"
  241. ROFL: Obama Repeats Lines During Speech as He Loses Track of Teleprompter (w/video)
  242. Former pirate hostage blasts Rush Limbaugh for mocking President Obama by calling three, sniper-picked-off pirates "black teenagers."
  243. McCain defends Napolitano, insists 9/11 perpetrators came from Canada
  244. Is Al Gore going to have to choke a biatch?
  245. New Jersey senator wants federal money to teach teens about Web safety, fight 'sexting'
  246. Nancy Pelosi was briefed on waterboarding, but she didn't like it, but no one listened, but she didn't think they'd actually do it
  247. Meghan McCain to Karl Rove: 'Go away'
  248. Keith Olbermann offers to donate $1,000 for every second Sean Hannity can endure waterboarding
  249. Mayor Bloomberg: "it's not the government's business who you love and who you marry"
  250. Minuteman founder to run for Senate against John McCain