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  1. Global Anti-Dismemberment Treaty
  2. President Obama open to possible prosecution of Bush administration officials who devised harsh terrorism-era interrogation tactics
  3. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on earmarks: $8 billion is miniscule. On spending cuts: $100 million is a lot
  4. Leaked Justice Dept. memos show that the CIA's interrogation techniques prevented the "Second Wave" of attacks in the US
  5. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) intervenes to send $25 billion to agency that had just hired her husband's real estate firm
  6. Woman who worked for Amnesty International, and George Soros, and who blames the USA for 9/11, appointed by Obama to a key position in the Pentagon
  7. White House Advisor: Free Speech is "unhealthy"
  8. Pennsylvania governor: "There's no rational reason we should allow people to possess semiautomatic assault weapons."
  9. Congresswoman Jane Harman (D), recorded on NSA wiretap telling suspected Israeli agents she would lobby the Justice Dept to drop espionage charges
  10. Gay Marriage: The Next Civil War?
  11. There's a new McCain in town - smarter, savvier, more charismatic... oh, and she's pretty hot, too
  12. Campus lefties don't believe in free speech when the speech is conservative.
  13. Politics in Pictures
  14. My favorite quotes from our Vice President, Joe Biden
  15. Obama and Chavez are pals now
  16. (Tea) Partied-Out CNN Reporter Takes a Break
  17. Janeane Garofalo: Tea Party Goers Are Racists Who Hate Black President
  18. French President openly calls the American President Barack Obama a cowardly, indecisive wimp
  19. Jindal to Cheney: Lay off Obama
  20. White House Ordered "IHS" Covered for Obama Speech.
  21. Right-wing pundits fall out: Limbaugh eviscerates Goldberg
  22. Not this sh*t again: North Korea kicks out nuclear inspectors. US invades in 3... 2
  23. "Pig Book" calls out top congressional porkers
  24. Right Wing Extremists
  25. Surrender Our Weapons, You First!
  26. Milton Friedman on Greed
  27. The Missouri House has passed a bill allowing concealed carry on college campuses in the state. Universities disapprove.
  28. Michelle Obama add a full-time makeup artist to her entourage...We know where our tax dollars are going
  29. Obama doubles down on the bow to the Saudi King
  30. Climate bill could allow global warming victims to sue for damages
  31. Rove Calls Biden 'Liar' After VP Boasts of Scolding Bush
  32. Republican Caller Tells Limbaugh: “You’re A Brainwashed Nazi”
  33. For the last four years Obama was 6 blocks away in the U.S. Senate and he voted for most of the monetary policies that he is now complaining about
  34. Study history, or be doomed to repeat it.
  35. He's a Renegade
  36. Oops! Obama’s press office has an e-mail snafu
  37. Levi Johnston (Bristol Palin'e ex) gets all mavericky on Palin. It's like redneck ping pong
  38. Just 53% Say Capitalism Better Than Socialism
  39. Why Socialism Won't Work
  40. Roger Ebert compares Bill O'Reilly to a mouse with an erection
  41. Vermont Legislature Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage
  42. Barney Frank gets ass handed to him by college student who blew him out of the building
  44. Ironic, eh?
  45. Bill Maher: Obama wants to raise the tax from 36% to 39%, how is that socialism? Joe the Plumber: Uhh...MORALS... VALUES...FAIR TAX
  46. Obama admits America isn't the most important country in the world, and we should stop being dicks
  47. Stand down America
  48. Gingrich warns of third political party in 2012
  49. Evidence mounts that the NY Times gave Obama a great big pre-election hug by spiking a story linking him to ACORN corruption.
  50. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner says he's ready to fire more CEOs as needed, whether they run car companies, banks, or snarky news aggregator blogs
  51. Ann Coulter :: Townhall.com Columnist Why Is Rick Wagoner Fired and Nancy Pelosi Still Working?
  52. Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell spends $15 million of federal stimulus money to hire "clowns, magicians, and comedians (nothing blue)" to perform
  53. Joe The Plumber Admits He Knows “Little” About EFCA, Gets Jeered By Workers
  54. Penn Jillete compares Obama's presidency to pulling donuts on a snow-covered parking lot. Then things get weird
  55. John Kerry is shocked by the violence in Mexico, and demands the only logical solution: banning gun imports to the United States
  56. Barney Frank (D-Idiot) introduces the "Pay for Performance Act of 2009", which would allow the government to set all salaries of all employees...
  57. Clinton: 'War On Terror' Phrase Won't Be Used
  58. ALAN COLMES: Leave My President Alone
  59. We The People
  60. U.S. atheists say election of Barack Obama finally puts their intolerant and shrill belief system on same footing as any other religion
  61. Texas Sen. says Coleman has right to pursue legal fight for years
  62. Fox News' Bill O'Reilly boycotting Sean Penn films
  63. Spain looks to prosecute Bush Officials
  64. Obama demands CEO of GM to resign. Geithner agrees to pay $162 million dollar severance package
  65. "Already in the first 45 days of Obama's administration, the federal government has authorized more debt spending than Ronald Reagan did in 8 years"
  66. Mccain 2008: Palin is ready to be president if the need arises. Mccain 2009: I'll see who else is running
  68. Bill would let non-citizens of U.S. vote in local elections
  69. Ashley Biden, daughter of V.P. Joe Biden, busted snorting cocaine at a house party this month in Delaware.
  70. Clinton and China
  71. "Does President Obama truly believe that he can castigate and condemn Wall Street somedays and then secure its cooperation on the others
  72. Campaign Obama: "Bush administration abused 'state-secrets' privilege." President Obama: "...I'm gonna call 'state-secret'
  73. The war in Afghanistan to become more American and less NATO
  74. ACLU Sues Prosecutor Over 'Sexting' Child Porn Charges
  75. Steele Open To Running For President, Claims Limbaugh Blow-Up Was Planned
  76. Hillary Clinton: U.S. to blame for much of Mexico violence
  77. Go back into hiding, GOP begs Dick Cheney
  78. Al Gore offers solutions in new book, 'Our Choice'
  79. President Barack Obama and his team are launched on a strategy to sail above the traditional White House press corps by reaching out to liberal comme
  80. Obama tries to temper furor over AIG bonuses
  81. Dodd's Wife a Former Director of Bermuda-Based IPC Holdings, an AIG Controlled Company
  82. Huckabee likens abortion to slavery at Missouri fundraiser
  83. Politicians don't want renewable energy?
  84. Masscahusetts Rep. Barney Frank called Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia a "homophobe" in an interview released Monday
  85. Here's an economist diasapproving Obama's economic plans. Surprise: It's liberal Obama supporter Paul Krugman
  86. Assault Weapon Ban -- proof it doesn't work
  87. Supreme Court Reviews Anti-Hillary Clinton Movie To Determine If It Can Be Used In Campaign Ads
  88. U.S. considering allowing the Taliban to form political party in Afghanistan. So much for the War On Terror™
  89. Conrad Black: "Ann Coulter is a rational conservative, slightly to the right of Ronald Reagan, and a practicing, middle-of-the-road Christian.
  90. Real Time: How Dangerous is the Hate Talk From the Right?
  91. Joe the Plumber tells conservatives he's 'horny'
  92. When even ultra-liberal NYT theater-critic-turned-Bush-basher Frank Rich says Obama is having his "Katrina moment," you know the honeymoon is over
  93. Obama's quip 'thoughtless joke'
  94. Palin turns down almost half of stimulus funds...'You Betcha' (wink, wink)
  95. To Avoid Offending Terrorists, Homeland Security Secretary Replaces 'Terrorism' With the Term 'Man-Caused Disaster'. More change we can choke on
  96. Obama appears on Leno, saying he was stunned when hearing AIG paid out bonuses, then proceeds to make a joke offensive to the mentally challenged
  97. Speaking of Nails...
  98. Elgin pastor: Judge finds him guilty of spanking girl during weekly counseling sessions
  99. Those DVD's President Obama gave the the UK PM? Yeah, the DRM means he can't play 'em, so he's a little PO-ed
  100. House passes bill taxing AIG and other bonuses
  101. Political cult ACORN to help out with next years census, that's nuts
  102. Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski: Hey Obama - maybe you should be working instead of picking us to suck
  103. Gitmo Detainees May Be Released in US
  104. Pelosi: Immigrations Enforcement is "Un-American", Illegals "Patriotic".
  105. The Next Nail in the Economic Coffin?
  106. Chris Dodd trying to undo an executive pay exemption placed in the stimulus bill by...Chris Dodd
  107. 'Former President George W. Bush said he won't criticize President Barack Obama because Obama "deserves my silence"'
  108. Never waste a crisis, right? Attorney General Eric Holder using Mexican drug violence to reinstate the so-called "assault weapons" ban in the US
  109. Congressman gets pulled aside for extra TSA screening, hilarity ensues
  110. Arizona Attorney General : "The violence that we see in Mexico is fueled 65 to 70 percent by the trade in one drug: marijuana."
  111. Obama on Leno
  112. Bond Hearing for Terrorist
  113. Quiz
  114. Obama Kills FFDO Program
  115. AIG Indignation - More than CHANGE!.
  116. Former Cook County GOP Chairman beaten by wife for prostitutes
  117. Pelosi goes to bat to keep Bay Area papers alive by asking the Justice Department for leeway on rules...campaigning for votes maybe?
  118. White House Press Secretary Gibbs takes swipe at Cheney, 'Republican cabal'
  119. Harry Reid: Taxes are Voluntary
  120. Judge orders women to stop homeschooling her children, despite them testing 2 years above their grade level...because she teaches from the bible
  121. GOP Representative Submits Bill To Require Birth Certificates From Presidential Candidates
  122. The Kwame Texts - Enter for the steamy transcripts of Kwame Kilpatrick's sex texts
  123. Canadian Prime Minister rips into Liberals behind closed doors
  124. Senate Colleague - "Mr. Vice President" / V.P. Biden - "Gimme a fucking break" The mic was on...oops
  125. Debt
  126. Recently arrested for DUI, Charles Barkley says he does it 100 times a year. Rush Limbaugh says he is close to punching Barkley after hearing that
  127. Glenn Beck thinks 'political correctness' is driving people to shooting rampages
  128. U.S. Guantanamo inmates shall now be referred to as "enemy combatants," according to the Obama Administration
  129. Can Marijuana Help Rescue California's Economy?
  130. Newest Obama appointee's office raided by FBI. Left finally comes to terms that Obama is not Jesus. Jesus could actually build a cabinet
  131. GOP chair Michael Steele says abortion is an individual choice - then has to do damage control and backtrack
  132. As I see it... the bail-out.
  133. The Trouble with Obama's New Deal - Time
  134. Levi Johnston and teen mother Bristol Palin, the teenage daughter of Gov. Sarah Palin, have broken up
  135. Newt Gingrich points out that a plan to lower health care costs should include getting people off of their asses and into a gym
  136. Obama promises to put an end to earmarks... just as soon as he's done signing this spending bill containing 9,000 of them
  137. "Taken together, these documents show that Speaker Pelosi treats the Air Force like her personal airline"
  138. In a change from all previous administrations, Obama is considering charging vets for VA healthcare. That's a change we can believe in.
  139. James Carville Wanted President Bush to Fail
  140. Memo to President Obama; Marriage.
  141. Congressional Democrats surprised that not all of their party colleagues have lined up for a big swig of Reid-Obama-Pelosi Kool-Aid. Oh yeah
  142. Nancy Pelosi in 2006: "Democrats know how to restore fiscal discipline with tough policies..." My how things change
  143. 2003: Bush is an idiot for having no plan for Iraq. 2009: Obama is a genius for having no plan for Afghanistan
  144. Chuck Norris says there are groups of right-wing cells across the country ready to rise up in a Second American Revolution.
  145. Meghan McCain on Coulter: 'offensive' and 'insulting'
  146. A state lawmaker is proposing a bill to drug test unemployed Floridians collecting unemployment benefits.
  147. Most religious groups in USA have lost ground, survey finds
  148. Glenn Beck: Stem-cell research will lead directly to the search for a new ‘master race.’
  149. Newt Gingrich Slams Fail-Mongers Like Rush Limbaugh
  150. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, after passing ethics reforms banning free concert tickets for lawmakers, passes out free Britney Spears tickets to them
  151. Media Bias, from Marshall Lewin of NRAnews.com
  152. High Court says "No" to Further Election-Influencing Redistrict Plans.
  153. When even Fox News admits that infighting is tearing the Republican party apart, you know the GOP is in trouble
  154. As banks falter, more critics call for receivership
  155. New York Assemblyman Greg Ball (R) refuses to be intimidated by dead goat....ahhh to be a Republican in New York
  156. Howard Dean under consideration for surgeon general
  157. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton's 'reset' goof with Russia
  158. Jeremiah Wright: Obama `like any other president'
  159. Rush: Kennedy won't live to see health reform
  160. Speaker Pelosi Backs Senate Amendment to Regulate Talk Radio
  161. Democrats are so fearful of Rush Limbaugh leading the Republican party that they're celebrating left and right
  162. You may be a Taliban if:
  163. And they said Bush was stupid?
  164. More Smoke and Mirrors...
  165. Radicalism Killing the Dow?
  166. Two Presidents, Two Reactions
  167. BUSTED: Obama's safety net: the TelePrompter
  168. CityBusiness: Nagin's staff spends $650,000 on expenses such as limousine service, flowers
  169. Obama's Katrina?
  170. GLENN BECK: Obama’s Budget Is a Loaded Weapon Aimed at You
  171. The Divorce of Liberals and Conservatives
  172. Jim Cramer responds to White House.
  173. Should burping worms be included in Cap and Trade?
  174. Coulter Blasts Olbermann
  175. New Law against criticizing Islam?
  176. Democrats' 'apology' Web site mocks Limbaugh
  177. Obama considering using a Senate procedural tactic so that only 50 votes would be rquired to pass major healthcare and energy reforms
  178. Ted Kennedy to receive honorary knighthood
  179. John McCain is back, and this time he's mad. It's Live Earmark Free or Cry Hard
  180. Rove, Miers to talk in U.S. attorneys probe
  181. Scary Video on Islam by a Muslim
  182. Is It Ok For My Christian Daughter To Masturbate?
  183. Obama didn't invent dishonesty in political discourse — but he has a talent for it.
  184. Bush administration memos claimed vast war powers
  185. Joe The Plumber As Unpopular As Any First-Time Author
  186. Bill would ban adoptions by unwed couples
  187. Publicist: Ousted Illinois governor B-Rod signs six figure deal to write book exposing the dark side of politics
  188. 49% Say Obama Should Delay Health Care Reform Until Economy Is Better
  189. RNC chief Steele: Limbaugh is more a performer than GOP leader
  190. N.Y. Catholics: Dems Trying to Bankrupt Church
  191. 10 of the porkiest projects in the "spending spree"
  192. Ultra liberal fem-nazi Janeane Garafolo psychoanalyzes Rush Limbaugh
  193. Obama Attorney General Eric Holder hints that DEA raids on medical marijuana will end
  194. Rep. Barney Frank Rips CitiField Then Welcomes Bank Money
  195. Obama's newly minted urban czar pocketed thousands of dollars in campaign cash from city developers whose projects he approved
  196. Study shows Libertarians scored lower in every moral category
  197. CPAC presidential preference straw poll results
  198. Ten Republicans to Watch
  199. Rush Limbaugh addresses CPAC
  200. Political Question
  201. Obama Gets Fact Checked
  202. HR45, Anybody seen this?
  203. Senate votes to give DC citizens vote in Congress
  204. The son of embattled Sen. Roland Burris is a federal tax deadbeat who landed a $75,000-a-year state job under former Gov. Rod Blagojevich 5 months ago
  205. Pennsylvania General Assembly buys 220 Bibles and other holy books for legislators as they took the oath of office costing taxpayer's $13,700.
  206. But wait, there's more!
  207. Geez, will it ever stop?!?
  208. What did you think of President Obama's speech (last night) and Gov. Bobby Jindal's Repulbican response?
  209. Two Obama Cabinet Members Added Earmarks to Omnibus Spending Bill....More change we can believe in
  210. Biden Asks for Web Site's 'Number'
  211. Mayor is criticized for White House watermelon patch e-mail
  212. Exclusive: Lawyer says Guantanamo abuse worse since Obama
  213. Official: Obama Accomplished More in 30 Days Than Any President in Modern History
  214. House Democrats propose $410B spending bill
  215. Lent
  216. Looking for a prostitute? Bill would allow police to seize your car
  217. Satanist inmate sues county for alleged civil-rights violations, including interference with his satanic religious practices.
  218. 9K nearly naked men seek sacred wood in the name of religion
  219. Senator Bunning: Ginsburg will be dead in nine months
  220. Obama Likely To Pick Gary Locke For Commerce
  221. California would become the first state in the nation to legalize marijuana for recreational use under a bill introduced today
  222. Ann Coulter versus Joy Behar on Larry King Live
  223. Schwarzenegger to Stimulus Opponents: Economy More Important Than Principles
  224. Poll: Obama More Popular Than Jesus, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.
  225. Washington and Wall Street abuzz about possible bank nationalization
  226. Bush goes to hardware store that offered him a greeter job
  227. Pinellas County: Controversial Obama sign must go
  228. Suck it libs...Guantánamo Meets Geneva Rules, Pentagon Study Finds
  229. Glenn Beck scares Fox host into hiding under table
  230. Ann Coulter: Chris Matthews Wants To Have Sex With Barack Obama
  231. Republican Bill proposes ISPs, Wi-Fi keep logs for police
  232. GOP Chair Michael Steele: GOP needs 'hip-hop' makeover
  233. Oklahoma City police officer pulls man over for anti-Obama sign on vehicle....Loblaw, was this you?
  234. GOP governors consider turning down stimulus money
  235. Eric Holder, the new US attorney general, introduces himself to America most graciously: You're all a bunch of cowardly racists
  236. TV station to New Orleans Mayor: "Here's a public-records request for all of the Mayor's emails from last year." The Mayor: "Ah, sorry.. "
  237. New York Senator moves rifles from under her bed after their location is disclosed in news interview
  238. Barack Obama Campaign Promise No. 505:
  240. What costs more per year than IRAQ?
  241. Tiger Woods' speech at the Inauguration.
  242. Fun with Stimulus!
  243. School Children Complain Of “Obama Worship” During Lessons
  244. Bill Clinton says don't blame me for the economic crisis
  245. Columnist Ann Coulter Defends White Supremacist Group
  246. Pelosi turns camera on McCain supporters
  247. Chicago Senator Roland Burris goes on the defense
  248. Obama's Fear Mongering Rhetoric Is the Real 'Catastrophe'
  249. Sex and the sermon: Pastor in Gardens strips away taboos
  250. Illinois lawmakers mull Burris perjury probe.