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  1. "Six Californias" state division plan will be on California ballot
  2. Mayor resigns after throwing dog feces in rival's yard
  3. House passes bill to end bulk collection of phone records by NSA
  4. Boombox
  5. Do You Feel Safe??
  6. Senator Feinstein accuses CIA of spying on Congress
  7. Juvenile murderers to be resentenced
  8. Hoboken Mayor Says Christie Aides Withheld Hurricane Sandy Relief As retribution for not moving forward a favored development project
  9. Obama confronts challenges of reforming collection of Americans’ phone records
  10. Senator Feinstein: 'It should be a crime for a private individual to arm a drone'
  11. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie under fire over closing of George Washington Bridge
  12. White House panel proposes curbing NSA surveillance
  13. Romney's code names for VP shortlist: Christie (Pufferfish), Pawlenty (Lakefish), Portman (Filet o Fish), Rubio (Pescado) and Ryan (Fishconsin)
  14. Judge declines to halt 'Obamacare' insurance subsidies
  15. White House official fired over anonymous tweets
  16. Just a few interesting facts...
  17. Park Service allows immigration rally on 'closed' National Mall
  18. Government shutdown looms
  19. Execution postponed to accommodate Florida Attorney General's re-election fundraiser
  20. Armed security in church
  21. President Obama asks Congress to vote on using military force in Syria
  22. RNC threatens to shut out CNN and NBC from presidential debate partnerships
  23. Once elected...
  24. Weiner communications director apologizes for using expletives about intern
  25. Young GOP leaders see need for substantive changes
  26. John McCain hopes strippers will get bigger tips if $1 paper bill is replaced with $1 coin
  27. Tax reform ideas will be kept sealed for 50 years
  29. Egypt's first democratically elected president faced massive protests and has been deposed by Egypt's military
  30. NYC Mayor Bloomberg says police "disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little" as compared to murder suspects' descriptions
  31. Senate passes sweeping immigration bill
  32. Supreme Court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act
  33. Texas anti-abortion bill defeated by filibuster and chanting spectators
  34. Supreme Court strikes down part of Voting Rights Act
  35. Police would be immigration agents if GOP proposal wins Congressional approval
  36. Obama will nominate former Bush official for FBI chief
  37. NY Sheriffs oppose gun laws
  38. Some unions now angry about health care overhaul
  39. Did California Just Expose a Major Flaw in Obamacare?
  40. 54 sheriffs sue over CO gun law that it is unconstitutional.
  41. IRS apologizes to groups with "Tea Party" or "patriots" in their titles for overzealous audits of their applications for tax-exempt status
  42. U.S. attorney general says Kansas gun law is unconstitutional
  43. UFO believers pay former members of Congress to listen to 30 hours of testimony about UFOs
  44. A new front for gun background checks: the ballot
  45. Politician/martial artist/Blues musician/alleged pedophile charged with sending ricin and framing his enemy elvis impersonator after feud over organ trafficking writings and fake Mensa certificate
  46. Anthony Weiner hints there could be more lewd photos of him on the internet
  47. FBI investigating recording of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell discussing political attacks on Ashley Judd
  48. Conn. Father’s Stunning Claim: Son’s School Is Teaching That Americans Don’t Have the Right to Bear Arms
  49. 50-state freedom race
  50. Rand Paul considered using catheter before his 13-hour filibuster to stall confirmation of CIA director nominee
  51. Election bump over, Obama approval drops to 43 percent: Reuters/IPSOS poll
  52. Following Biden's advice
  53. Alabama police chief apologizes to Freedom Rider congressman John Lewis for Alabama police enforcing unjust laws over 50 years ago
  54. If only America would pay attention
  55. Actress Ashley Judd considering running for US Senate in Kentucky against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell
  56. Obama mixes Star Wars and Star Trek metaphors
  57. Sequester budget cuts begin today
  58. God bless America
  59. Obama's immigration plan would allow 8-year path to legal citizenship as well as increase in border security funding and requirement for employers to check immigration status
  60. Protestors rally in DC against climate change and Keystone XL pipeline
  61. Obama treats himself to boys' weekend in Florida
  62. Yup
  63. Congressional squatters wait up to 12 hours for aisle seat at State of Union so they can shake hands with the President
  64. Joe Biden will not run for Pope
  65. Hacker gains access to Bush family emails and photos
  66. Politicians all look alike
  67. Newtown parent tells politicians off
  68. Kerry replaces Clinton as Secretary of State
  69. Bipartisan group of senators proposes immigration reform deal
  70. House passes debt ceiling increase
  71. Hillary Clinton testifies about Benghazi
  72. Visitors Flock to National Mall for Inauguration
  73. obama worshippers
  74. Obama administration considering federal funding for more police in schools
  75. Obama administration will not build Death Star
  76. Loopy signature could appear on US currency if Jack Lew is appointed as Treasury Secretary
  77. AR15 on Ebay
  78. Congress is less popular than...
  79. Biden says Obama could use executive orders to restrict guns
  80. Bigger Tax Bite for Most Under Fiscal Pact
  81. New Congress takes office
  82. Bipartisan outrage after House skips vote on $60 billion Sandy aid bill
  83. Do you think we'll go off the fiscal cliff?
  84. Firearms bill to be introduced in January by Feinstein
  85. Obama will meet with Congressional leaders to try to come up with compromise to avoid fiscal cliff
  86. GOP willing to bend on issues after election
  87. US Senator Crapo charged with DUI
  88. Just because
  89. Republicans Aren't the Only Gun-Control Obstacle
  90. John Kerry nominated as Secretary of State
  91. White House asks police for help in shaping gun control policy
  92. Republicans in Congress reject Republican Speaker Boehner's plan for avoiding fiscal cliff
  93. Gun Control Task Force
  94. Will Obama use executive action on guns?
  95. White House highlights ‘obstacles’ to taking action on guns
  96. Hawaii Sen. Daniel Inouye, 88, dies
  97. White House won't accept new tax offer from Republican leader
  98. Democratic senators want ban on assault weapons
  99. Obama in Newtown: ‘We can’t tolerate this anymore’
  100. Assault weapons ban bill to be introduced on the first day of Congress
  101. Solutions?
  102. Judge admonished for saying victim's body can prevent rape
  103. Former Republican Governor Crist registers as Democrat
  104. Republican Jim DeMint will quit Senate to head the Heritage Foundation
  105. Piers Morgan Gets Schooled
  106. I kinda had a feeling...
  107. Obama will have lunch with Romney
  108. Peace dies: Turkey named "Peace" less than a year after being pardoned by Obama; fellow pardoned turkey named "Liberty" lives on
  109. Woman despairing over Obama's re-election runs her husband over with car because he didn't vote
  110. Battle over how to keep US economy from going over "fiscal cliff" begins
  111. Legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington and Colorado leads Mexico to reconsider its anti-drug policies
  112. So, what happened in your election?
  113. It's essentially over
  114. Boy gets lots of candy by dressing up as a ballot box for Halloween
  115. 4-year-old cries, saying she's tired of ads by Obama and Romney
  116. Supreme Court Justices wary of use of drug-sniffing dogs outside homes
  117. Joe Biden predicts Republican will vote for Biden in 2016 when his insurance rates go down
  119. Why Hurricane Sandy might cost Obama the popular vote—but not the presidency
  120. Obama: Benghazi may have been ‘big breakdown’
  121. Ist Christmas Card this year.
  122. Controversy over political ad about Lena Dunham's "first time" voting for Obama
  123. Former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell endorses Obama again
  124. Romney mostly agrees with Obama on foreign policy in third debate
  125. Bruce Springsteen sings a campaign song he made up for Obama
  126. Police don't anticipate riots in response to election
  127. Debate #2
  128. 'Friday Night Lights' Director To Mitt Romney: Stop Stealing Our Phrase
  129. Shot fired at Obama campaign office in Denver
  130. Anti-abortion congressman doctor had sex with his patient, then pressured her to abort so he wouldn't have to tell his wife
  131. Stakes high for Biden-Ryan debate
  132. Court Blocks S.C. Voter ID Law for 2012, But Clears It For the Future
  133. Maine state senate candidate criticized for playing a bloodthirsty green character in World of Warcraft
  134. Bill O'Reilly and John Stewart debate in "Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium"
  135. First debate between Obama and Romney starts
  136. CA bans gay-to-straight therapy for minors
  137. Republicans look for voter fraud, find little
  138. Controversy over empty chair "lynchings"
  139. Jimmy Carter's grandson made controversial Romney videos go viral
  140. Chris Matthews turns on Obama
  141. Mitt Romney criticized by fellow Republicans for his comments about attacks on US embassy in Libya
  142. Honey, You Didn't Build That
  143. Caption This Pic
  144. Hustler offers $1 million for info about Mitt Romney's tax returns; anonymous poster claims it has them and demands $1 million ransom to not release them to media
  145. Mr. Scam Man
  146. More work, less play: Rinehart sets out road to riches
  147. Court Blocks Texas Voter ID Law
  148. Romney and Ryan officially win Republican Party nomination
  149. Fears of civil unrest abound
  150. Cop diffuses OC-bait attempt with his superior knowledge of Constitutional law
  151. Possible hurricane threatens Republican Convention in Florida
  152. Obama warns Syria chemical weapons use may lead to US intervention
  153. Missouri Senate candidate said women's bodies can prevent pregnancy in cases of "legitimate rape"
  154. Tampa police to give RNC protestors sheet of tips from ACLU
  155. Mitt Romney chooses Paul Ryan as running mate
  156. Police prepare for protests at Democratic National Convention in Charlotte
  157. Go Figure: Black Panthers Election Day Charges were Dropped by Obama's IN-"Justice" Department
  158. Guns and Ammo
  159. Caption this!
  160. Police preparing for Republican National Convention protests
  161. Charlie Daniels - An open letter to Obama
  162. ‘Obama pays your bills’ scam claims more victims
  163. Joe Arpaio Birther Probe Reveals Findings On Obama's 'Fraudulent' Birth Certificate (VIDEO)
  164. Obama administration repeats same jobs line—for the 30th month
  165. Obama campaign sounds the alarm over Romney’s $100 million haul
  166. Obama vs. Romney on Taxes
  167. Republic vs. Democracy
  168. Obama Value Meal
  169. Illegal Immigration Enforcement Poll
  170. What do you hope the Supreme Court will do about the Affordable Care Act?
  171. How's Barack Doing?
  172. Wisconsin governor, Lt. governor, and 3 of 4 Republican state senators survive recall election; Democrats may retake state senate majority if narrow victory in 4th state senate seat holds
  173. We Hope that America can recover, but for now, Change is all we have left.
  174. Senators propose "Ex-PATRIOT" act to tax former US citizens who renounce US citizenship to avoid paying taxes
  175. Inmate gets 40% of vote against Obama in WV primary
  176. Socialist wins France's Presidential election
  177. What people in the Situation Room were thinking during the bin Laden raid
  178. Obama and comedians make political jokes at White House Correspondents Dinner
  179. Obama administration scraps plan to prevent some children from working in dangerous farm jobs
  180. Arizona Immigration Argument May Lead to National ID
  181. no more free speech?
  182. Giffords makes rare public appearance to accept award
  183. John Edwards will face trial for allegedly accepting illegal contributions to pay his mistress's expenses
  184. Singer Ted Nugent will get Secret Service visit after saying he will be either dead or in jail if Obama is reelected
  185. Rick Santorum suspends his presidential campaign, clearing the way for Mitt Romney
  186. It's Friday
  187. Supreme Court will rule on constitutionality of healthcare law
  188. Big win for Rick Santorum in Louisiana Republican primary
  189. Etch-a-Sketch stocks skyrocket after Romney is compared to an Etch-a-Sketch by his top adviser
  190. Ron Paul says he doesn't want Secret Service protection, calling it "a form of welfare"
  191. Romney wins Illinois Republican primary
  192. Who Obama Blames For Muslim Rumor
  193. Missouri county Republican caucus fought so much it got shut down before it could choose delegates; two Ron Paul supporters arrested
  194. Occupy!
  195. I never thought I'd see the day...
  196. Osama bin Laden wrote that Joe Biden was "totally unprepared" for the presidency, and was advised that Fox news "lacks neutrality"
  197. Porn titans not worried about Rick Santorum banning their business
  198. Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich will begin serving 14-year sentence on corruption conviction
  199. Republican congressional candidate mistakenly gives speech at Democratic party convention
  200. Santorum projected to win Alabama and Mississippi Republican primaries
  201. Santorum wins Kansas Republican primary
  202. Obama campaign releases trailer for short film about the Obama presidency
  203. Sam "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher wins Ohio Republican primary for House seat
  204. Santorum wins Oklahoma, Tennessee, and North Dakota; Romney wins Massachusett, Ohio, Idaho, Vermont, Virginia and Alaska; Gingrich wins Georgia in Republican primaries
  205. Mitt Romney wins Washington State caucuses
  206. Rush Limbaugh's "slut" comments draw rebukes from all sides
  207. Lawmakers propose satirical bills
  208. Muslim Judge dismisses Muslim defendant who admitted to attacking an Atheist
  209. 1948 cartoon
  210. Newt Gingrich's campaign bus breaks down in West Hollywood
  212. Rick Santorum projected to win Republican primaries in Missouri and Minnesota
  213. House passes legislation that would ban government benefits access at strip clubs, liquor stores and casinos
  214. California Same-Sex Marriage Ban in Unconstitutional, Court Says
  215. Mitt Romney projected to win Nevada Republican primary
  216. Who would you prefer as the Republican Party's presidential nominee?
  217. Rosanne Barr running for Green Party Presidential nomination
  218. Mitt Romney wins Florida primary
  219. Joe Biden starts imitating Indian accent while talking about outsourced call center jobs and then catches himself
  220. President Obama proposes incentives for companies that create jobs in the US in State of the Union speech
  221. Senator Rand Paul triggers airport alarm, refuses TSA patdown, and gets escorted away by law enforcement
  222. South Carolina's Attorney General detects voter fraud during primaries
  223. Denny Crane rides high in the saddle
  224. Newt Gingrich projected to win South Carolina primary
  225. Demonstrators plan to "occupy" courthouses to protest Citizens United
  226. Racism in the System
  227. Over a million signatures submitted to recall Gov. Walker of Wisconsin
  228. Wisconsin Democrats will turn in petitions to recall Governor Walker and others on Jan 17
  229. The new morality - War crimes?
  230. Romney wins New Hampshire primary with 39.3%, followed by Ron Paul with 22.9%
  231. John McCain mistakes Romney for Obama, saying "President Obama will turn this country around"
  232. Ad for AL Public Service Comm. candidate
  233. Romney wins by 8 votes over Santorum in Iowa caucuses
  234. Iranian Threats
  235. Kim Jong Il dead
  236. RIP Christopher Hitchens
  237. Robert Mugabe is lonely.
  238. Obama speech interrupted by Occupy protesters who are in turn drowned out by Obama chants
  239. Obama pushes payroll tax cut
  240. newt
  241. Rick Perry has a bad memory
  242. Ohio votes on whether to overturn anti-union law
  243. Congressional candidate released bizarre ad warning about zombies in the Environmental Protection Agency
  244. TSA to Inspect Vehicles on TN Roads
  245. Romney and Perry have a catfight Republican Presidential candidates' debate
  246. Obama pushes for $35 billion in aid for states to keep or add jobs for teachers, police officers, and firefighters
  247. Campaign to overturn anti-union law in Ohio
  248. Herman Cain leads in national poll in race for Republican presidential nomination
  249. Media's Guide to Protesters
  250. Sarah Palin won't run for President