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  1. Is It Just Me
  2. First Round of the playoffs are done!
  3. Daily Journal
  4. Week 13 results, regular season standings, playoffs, and much more!
  6. From Boise State: God Bless Texas Longhorns
  7. Rules of Acceptable Conduct
  8. Week 12 Results
  9. Week 11 results!
  10. Cookies For The Holidays
  11. Hey Pudge!!!!!
  12. Screw the NFL, I want to watch the LFL (video) - NSFW
  13. Week 10 results!!
  14. Swine flu?
  15. Week 9 Results!!
  16. Week 8 Results
  17. BS Trade
  19. Week 7 O/R Fantasy Football Results
  20. Make up my mind already
  21. Worst call in the HISTORY of Baseball
  22. Week 6 O/R Fantasty Football Results
  23. Text messages reveal final hours of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair and the girlfriend who killed him and herself
  24. Restaurant critics struggle to stay anonymous
  25. Week 5 O/R Fantasy Football Results!!
  26. Woman born with half a brain has almost all brain functions taken over by the other half of her brain
  27. sports fans
  28. Phillies return home run ball caught by 12-year-old girl after her family files suit
  29. Dodgers
  30. It can all be very awkward - I've seen my share of bodies -- players really like to share.
  31. Week 4 Results!
  32. If Terrell Owens has any concerns about the Buffalo Bills' offense and his lack of a big-play role in it three weeks into the season, he's going to keep it to himself...or so he says
  33. From the that-was-fast file, Nike signs Michael Vick to brand-new endorsement deal
  34. Season 4 Week Three Results
  35. 10 secret menu items you have to ask for to get at fast food restaurants
  36. Protein shakes after cardio?
  37. Sidney Crosby's strained vagina forces him to leave in the first period of preseason game against the BJs
  38. $$$$
  39. Monday Night Fight
  40. The state Senate is set to consider a bill that would allow NFL teams to run red lights on their way to Lambeau Field in Green Bay.
  41. A topical ED therapy is under development
  42. Bills cornerback Leodis McKelvin's lawn vandalized after MNF loss. "The vandalism apparently consisted of the score - 25-24 - and a graphic depiction of the male anatomy scrawled in white paint"
  43. O/R Fantasy Football 4th Season Week 2 Match-Ups
  44. O/R Fantasy Football 4th Season Week 1 Results
  45. Boxing Promoter: MMA Is Nothing But Skinheads, Homosexuals
  46. After enduring 18 years of rape, brainwash, living like a backyard dog and always wondering if you will live to see the next day...Jaycee Dugard, let me catch you up on what you missed in sports
  47. Man rushes court to hug and kiss a shirtless Rafael Nadal while telling him he loved him, as Nadal celebrates his win
  48. Alexander Ovechkin on the possibilty that the NHL will disalllow players from participating in the 2014 Olympics, held in Russia: "If somebody says to me you can't play, see ya"
  49. ESPN NFL Power Rankings - With full analysis
  50. Alabama, the only team in the top 5 to actually play and beat a top 10 team, only gets 2 first place votes
  51. San Diego Chargers star outside linebacker Shawne Merriman arrested for choking and restraining bisexual reality TV star Tila Tequila
  52. Sucker punch at Boise ends LeGarrette "Cheap Shot" Blount's season
  53. NFL may fine Brett "Just Havin' Fun and Endin' Careers Out There" Favre for his illegal crackback block (w/video)
  54. O/R Fantasy Football 4th Season Week 1 Match-Ups
  55. O/R Fantasy Football 4th Season Draft Pics
  56. NBA star who took tattoo pic which shows his pot stash, faces backlash, posts suicidal messages on Twitter in response
  57. Attention NBA Players: Before circulating a photo of your new tattoo, might want to remove weed from the frame
  58. Favre debuts for Vikes to a standing ovation, 2 series, 1 out of 4, 4 yards
  59. Illicit drug use higher among baby boomers than younger or older generations
  60. .Plaxico Burress pleads guilty, gets two-year prison term
  61. You just knew this story was Favre from over - Brett signs with the Minnesota Vikings
  62. Stephon Marbury smokes weed on camera, says it's OK because he's not under contract. NBA GMs happy to let him continue
  63. Michael Vick signs a 2 year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, worth millions
  64. If you're a multi-millionaire hockey superstar, don't punch a cabbie in the face and steal your fare back because he can't give you 20 cents change for your $15
  65. If you hope to get a big payday by accusing an NFL quarterback of rape, it might be best to avoid telling your co-workers how awesome the sex was
  66. And here we go...Jesse Jackson accuses NFL of conspiring against Micahel Vick to keep him out of the league
  67. UFC 101
  68. MMA fans.
  69. Do you believe homosexuals/bisexuals are born that way, or make a choice to lead that lifestyle?
  70. Antidepressant use doubled in US between 1996 and 2005
  71. Denver Nuggets fans worry that JR Smith's Twitter page indicates he's a member of the Bloods street gang. Either that, or his spelling really, really sucks
  72. UFC President Dana White responds to MMA fighter Fedor Emelianenko snubbing the UFC to sign with Strikeforce
  73. Fedor Emelianenko Signs with Strikeforce......looks like Lesnar/Emelianenko will never happen
  74. Higher U.S. speed limit linked to 12,500 more deaths
  75. The Brett Favre saga is finally over. He has decided to...
  76. In what is sure to be a quiet Buffalo Bills season, Terrell Owens may be catching passes from Michael Vick
  77. Affliction folds MMA promotion, will sponsor UFC
  78. 81 year old Hershel McGriff qualifies for NASCAR race. You better stay off his lawn or he'll run you over
  79. 50 Things Women Wish Men Knew
  80. Note to Jeremy Mayfield: If you're suspected of being a meth head, it might not help your case to call your stepmother a whore and accuse her of murde
  81. UFC 100 PPV Results
  82. Police: Jealous 20 year old girlfriend shot Steve McNair while he slept, then killed herself
  83. Nike confiscates all video of Xavier University sophomore Jordan Crawford dunking on LeBron James, at the "LeBron James Skills Academy"
  84. Erik Estrada fails at national anthem, follows it up with interview where he says he's seen plenty of child porn
  85. Former NFL Star Quarterback, Steve "Air" McNair, 36, found murdered with a gunshot wound to the head
  86. Vegetarian diet unhealthy
  87. Fallout from the NHL Draft - Islanders draft Tavares No. 1 overall
  88. LSU National Champs
  89. Favre Will Be At Viking's Training Camp
  90. Congrats LSU!
  91. Report: Favre has already signed with Vikings
  92. Montreal Canadians sold
  93. Top 10 Cities for Men to Live
  94. NSFW - Ejaculation Etiquette
  95. Things New Girlfriends Lie About by a woman
  96. Stanley Cup Controversy - Sidney Crosby doesn't shake hands with Detroit players after Game 7
  97. The Boston Bruins, rewarded for their second round choke, capture the game's three most prestigious awards at the NHL award show in Las Vegas
  98. Commissioner Roger Goodell lays down some NFL street justice on Donte Stallworth
  99. message for hossa
  100. Baseball's 'Chosen One' quits High School at 16
  101. Attention whore Brett Favre will make announcement regarding his playing status tonight on "Joe Buck Live"
  102. Celebrating Lakers Fans Get Rowdy In Los Angeles
  103. Lakers win NBA Championship
  104. Congratulations to the 2009 (First Ever) O/R NHL Hockey Challenge Champion...
  105. Congratulations to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
  106. Falcons ‘turn the chapter’ on Vick era with his official release
  107. ESPN Magazine to consider "tastefully" publishing an issue of all-nude atheletes
  108. NFL's new policy of allowing ads on practice jerseys put to test as adult video company attempts to purchase ad space with Houston Texans
  109. DA drops marijuana charge against Steelers' Holmes
  110. Think I was crazy when I said the league is biased towards teams...NHL now selling Red Wings Stanley Cup gear
  111. ESPN reports Mayfield tested positive for meth
  112. Penguins force a game 7 winning game 6 2-1
  113. College World Series
  114. Red Wings dominate Penguins in Game 5, 5-0.
  115. Professional Skateboarder 'sorry' for muchroom induced naked rooftop incident, as he smokes a joint and tells one reporter
  116. Hockey mystery: What happens to hats thrown for hat tricks?
  117. Any Crossfit Junkies?
  118. Penguins seeing double, as Red Wings win Game 2, 3-1
  119. Cuddling: We don't know why women want to cuddle, but if we need to do it to get what we want, we're willing to learn.
  120. Look Divine From Behind
  121. Vikings legend Fran Tarkenton on Favre playing in Minnesota: "We have glorified the Brett Favres of the world so much, they think it's about them.
  122. Hey, Members of Officer Resource
  123. Florida cops arrest "biggest steroid provider in Central Florida". Among others, he had the Washington Nationals and Washington Capitals as clients
  124. 8 Toxic personalities to avoid
  125. Top 10 Goals in NHL history...scored on your own net
  126. Game 4 Preview - Canes vs. Penguins
  127. Washington Capitals losing two next season to the Kontinental Hockey League
  129. Pens suck
  130. Upper Body Exercises
  131. Signs you have a cheating wife
  132. Crosby taking game to another level
  133. Chump bodybuilder
  134. No suspension for Canes’ Walker
  135. Refs non-call on an intentional foul cost Dallas Mavs game 3 and possibly the series
  136. Sprint Cup driver Jeremy Mayfield suspended indefinitely after failing two drug tests
  137. Alex the Great knee's Pen's player Gonchar...ouch
  138. I just got back from Game 6 - Canes vs. Bruins......awesome game! Canes win to go up 3-1.
  139. Manny Ramirez tests positive, suspended 50 games by MLB
  140. Phoenix Coyotes file for bankruptcy, may move back to Canada
  141. After falling down 2-0 against the Capitals, Sidney Crosby acknowledges his own faults and promises to work harder. Just kidding, he complains.....
  142. Brett Favre hires a personal trainer to get in him in shape for yet another comeback, possibly with the Vikings
  143. p-90X
  144. And the Canes did it again...scoring twice in the last 80 seconds to beat the Devils in Jersey and advance
  145. no real draft talk yet? im surprised
  146. Just got back from the 'Canes / Devils Game 6......woooooooooo
  147. Matthew Stafford will be the No. 1 overall pick in today's NFL draft. Detroit Lions to pay him $78 million.
  148. Best Series in Round 1 of the NHL Playoffs - Devils & Canes
  149. Should I Opt for Circumcision?
  150. 10 Signs He Likes You
  151. Strip-searches at schools go to Supreme Court
  152. UFC 97 PPV Results
  153. 15 Things She Doesn't Want to Hear in Bed
  154. Rules for Stronger Erections
  155. Prospects of NFL strike becoming very real
  156. 1st-round NFL draft picks create Facebook group called "White Nation" which advocated the "arrest of black babies before they become criminals"
  157. Most amazing goal I have ever seen - NHL
  158. NHL - The Carolina Hurricanes straight up embarass the New York Islanders tonight, 9-0.
  159. The Top Seven UFC Warriors of All Time
  160. Fantasy Baseball?
  161. Weight loss enhances obese men's sexual well-being
  162. President Obama 0-for-2 on Final Four Barack-etology
  163. NHL Playoffs Bracket - Click here to be a part
  164. NFL might consider sponsors' logos on practice uniforms
  165. Roger Goodell says NFL owners should vote to extend regular season, shorten preseason
  166. Kobe's Maid: I would rather stick my hand in a bag of dog shiat than work for you. Oh wait you maid me do that already
  167. Rodney Harrison rips NFL for making the game 'soft'
  168. Undefeated, rising UFC Star Reveals His Big Secret: Drinking His Own Urine
  169. Four Rule Changes Approved For NFL
  170. Double amputee will make his MMA debut in April. It's like a no-legged man in an ass-kicking contest
  171. Former madam said to have found A-Rod so charming she dated him herself for free. It's not the Daily News, it's A-Rod News
  172. Police give coach lift to game after jail release
  173. Real fight breaks out at bar between former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia and WWE Wrestler Kane
  174. NFL overtime rules won't change
  175. Vancouver awarded MLS franchise
  176. Your Emmotional IQ
  177. Getting a Great Night's Sleep
  178. Acne
  179. Being the Man
  180. Cyber Sex: How To Do It
  181. How To: Have Sex In Water
  182. O/R NCAA Men's Basketball Bracket Challenge
  183. Alabama OT Andre Smith, once regarded as a possible #1 overall pick in the NFL draft, is falling faster than Wile E. Coyote holding an anvil
  184. UFC Hall of Famer fails Calif. steroid test, suspended
  185. TMZ: Plaxico Gets 4 Tickets in 1 Day on March 1st
  186. Terrell Owens inks 1-year, $6.5M deal with the Buffalo Bills
  188. Bama b-ball player misses team flight to Knoxville to attend funeral. Then he drives 8 hours to the game and hits the game winner
  189. Dallas Cowboys officially release Terrell Owens
  190. Kurt Warner's agent, last month: "Kurt will either resign with the Arizona Cardinals or retire." This month: "Oooh, look -- an offer from the 49ers"
  191. 3 NFL players still missing, 1 rescued; Search continues into night
  192. Chiefs acquire breakthrough QB Matt Cassel, and Vrabel from Pats for second-round pick
  193. 15 Sex Tips From Women
  194. 6 Sex Mistakes You're Making
  195. Tigers' return
  196. Sex and the older woman
  197. 6 Steps to beat Premature Ejaculation
  198. Tanning to show off muscle definition
  199. Women - Find out if he's for real
  200. Sex Survey Results - Men Wonder No Longer
  201. Eat this, not that - The Worst Sandwiches in America
  202. Driving Solo Tips for handling your stickshift and why you shouldn't slam on the breaks
  203. 6 Signs You Need More Sleep
  204. Should All Males Be Circumcised?
  205. Male Cosmetic Surgery---The Choice Of Today's Metrosexual Men
  206. What Is Erectile Dysfunction?
  207. Erectile Dysfunction, The New Young Male Sex Epidemic
  208. How To Overcome A Small Penis
  209. The Natural Cure for Snoring
  210. How To Increase Your Natural Fertility By 81%
  211. Blood Pressure, Erectile Dysfunction Insomnia and Depression
  212. Prostate Problems? It Is Time To Take Care Of Them - No Excuses
  213. Master the Art Of Lasting Longer In Bed
  214. Peyronie's Disease: This is Not a Rare Health Problem
  215. Fat Loss Tips for Busy Dads
  216. Are You Wasting Money on Multivitamins?
  217. Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Jeff Reed is in trouble with the police over bathroom temper tantrum
  218. Daytona 500
  219. Ideas on what to take to increase protein intake after weight lifting
  220. USA Swimming Suspends Phelps For 3 Months for pot smoking incident
  221. New Rules for Hockey Fights?
  222. Feds Unseal Evidence in Bonds Perjury Case
  223. College Football Signing Day
  224. Opinions on supplements
  225. Workout tips to increase bicep/tricep size?
  226. Steelers win NFL record 6th Super Bowl title!!
  227. NBC sells out Super Bowl ads for record $206 million
  228. Superbowl
  229. The Big Bang Theory
  230. Terrell Owens getting his own reality show
  231. Ravens McGahee Expected to Make Full Recovery
  232. Paul Blart: Mall Cop
  233. Jim Schwartz learned how to attack a challenge from his father, a Baltimore County police officer. Now he's got the challenge of a lifetime.
  234. The tale of two Marvin's (Harrison)
  235. NFC Championship Game -- Arizona vs Philadelphia
  236. AFC Championship: Steelers v. Ravens
  237. is UFC 93 even worth it?
  238. A message for my Carolina Panthers: TRADE JAKE DELHOMO ASAP!!!!!
  239. LaDainian Tomlinson is officially listed as doubtful by the San Diego Chargers for there game against the Steelers
  240. My boys didn't let me down.
  241. Playoffs: Wildcard, Week 1
  242. MVPhony routed by the Real Most Valuable Player
  243. Utah tears Alabama a new asshole in the Sugar Bowl, beating them 31-17
  244. Peyton Manning named the NFL's league MVP for a record tying third time
  246. Marley & Me movie
  247. Wolverine: Origins Trailer
  248. ESPN's Ed Werder reports that Terrell Owens is unhappy with Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.
  249. The Dark Knight DVD
  250. Final College Football Rankings