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  1. Federal courts issue conflicting rulings on legality of Obamacare subsidies to those who buy insurance through Healthcare.gov
  2. Berkeley orders free marijuana for poor patients
  3. When to work out?
  4. White House petition started to rename Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport after Tim Howard
  5. Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the largest and and deadliest ever
  6. Mice actually enjoy running on wheels
  7. Man tattoos himself with bedbugs
  8. Scheduling vasectomies to coincide with March Madness basketball games
  9. Video shows Barack Obama and Joe Biden jogging around the White House as part of First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign
  10. Sochi 2014
  11. Making changes
  12. 2014 Outback Bowl!
  13. NFL 2020 Ep. 4: Analytics and Officiating
  14. Man's own gut makes him drunk
  15. Former NFL player wants to help 300 teens who broke into and trashed his home
  16. Global economic crisis led to suicide rise
  17. Woman suing hospital and anesthesiologist for allegedly putting mustache and stickers on her face during surgery as part of prank
  18. Dennis Rodman will train North Korean basketball team to play American basketball team in North Korea exhibition games
  19. Razor sales decline as beards become more fashionable
  20. Man declared dead comes back to life
  21. San Francisco may sue Nevada for giving poor psychiatric patients one-way bus tickets to California
  22. Seattle police hand out Doritos with info about new marijuana laws
  23. CNN medical correspondent backs medical marijuana
  24. Florida linebacker arrested after barking at a police dog at 4:15 a.m
  25. Former NBA star Baron Davis says he was taken by aliens
  26. Dennis Rodman says he should be considered for a Nobel Prize trying to broker talks between Obama and North Korean leader Kim
  27. Human head transplant may soon be possible
  28. UK likely to allow creation of baby DNA from 3 people
  29. Baby falls two stories but is caught by daughter of former National League All-Star catcher Joe Torre
  30. New England Patriots owner claims Russian President stole his Superbowl ring
  31. Pregnant boys featured on billboards discouraging teen pregnancy
  32. Arizona Diamondbacks draft paralyzed former top prospect
  33. Dying 10-year-old girl and 11-year-old boy successfully sue to get placed on adult lung waitlist
  34. More Colorado kids ate marijuana accidentally after it was legalized
  35. English police profile soccer matches and fans for risk of violence
  36. Fitness Apps
  37. New synthetic "N-bomb" drug offers powerful and potentially deadly alternative to LSD or mescaline
  38. Referee dies after 17-year-old goalie he called for a foul punches him at soccer game
  39. NBA player becomes first to come out as gay
  40. Lance Armstrong sued by Justice Dept over millions spent by US Postal Service to sponsor cycling team
  41. Cigarette buying age could rise to 21 in New York City if proposal passes
  42. Miami Dolphins wide receiver with $31 million contract works at drive-thru of convenience store he co-owns
  43. Toddler's HIV functionally cured
  44. Texas' Elvis Andrus Sidelined Due to Complications from 'Elaborate Tattoo
  45. Former NBA star and 3 Harlem Globetrotters go to North Korea
  46. Raiders' Bryant looks funny in his mugshot
  47. 8th grader offered Alabama football scholarship
  48. Murder charges against lead investigator of Pistorius murder case cause him to be replaced
  49. Woman who didn't know she was pregnant delivers healthy 10-lb baby
  50. Danica Patrick became the first woman to win the pole position for the Daytona 500
  51. 11-year-old girl expelled from football league
  52. Golfer bitten by Black Widow uses tee to cut open her wound and squeeze out the venom, then continues playing for 14 holes
  53. Heart Attack Grill's unofficial spokesman dies of heart attack after eating at the restaurant every day for a year and a half
  54. UK sees 10th case of SARS-like illness
  55. Colorado State football player never missed a game even after being shot in the neck in Aurora
  56. Superbowl starts with Sandy Hook children's chorus
  57. Male soldiers growing breasts due to military drills
  58. 20-year-old woman has brain and body of a toddler
  59. Junior Seau's family sues NFL for causing brain disease they say led to his suicide
  60. Obese drivers more likely to die in road accidents
  61. Confusion over football star's hoax girlfriend
  62. Police will plant tracking devices in decoy oxycodone bottles
  63. Lance Armstrong admits doping
  64. Americans have worse health than Western Europeans, Japanese, Australians, and Canadians
  65. Flu season especially severe this year
  66. Outback Bowl football referee's call disputed by 3-year-old girl
  67. Former Olympic track star's secret life as a prostitute revealed
  68. Pigeon stays on football field throughout second quarter of Raiders vs. Chiefs football game
  69. Dog can sniff out deadly superbug
  70. Coffee drinkers less likely to get oral cancer
  71. Link between autism and planned violence discounted by experts
  72. Government trying to ban infant recliner that infants fell out of
  73. World's oldest person dies at age 116
  74. Ecstasy used as experimental treatment for PTSD
  75. Kansas City linebacker commits murder-suicide
  76. Humans are mutating
  77. Vet says Bigfoot DNA is related to human DNA
  78. New deadly SARS-like virus may be spreading from Saudi Arabia and Qatar
  79. Which martial art?
  80. Football player Sam Gordon averages 8.2 yards per run
  81. Instead of runnning NY Marathon, runners carry relief supplies to Staten Island hurricane survivors
  82. Outrage grows over decision to hold NY marathon as scheduled
  83. 7 Bedtime Habits that Are Ruining Your Sleep
  84. Any cyclists?
  85. Jury decides doctor wasn't to blame for woman catching fire during caesarian section
  86. Man loses 330 lbs in one year
  87. CNN publishes, then retracts, controversial article about hormones causing women to vote differently at different times during their cycles
  88. Disease makes scalp look like brain
  89. Former dogfighter Michael Vick has a dog again
  90. Anti-Doping Agency issues report accusing Lance Armstrong of being part of doping conspiracy
  91. Wife-carrying championships
  92. "Enter Detroit at your own risk," LEOs tell fans before baseball game between the Detroit Tigers and the Oakland Athletics
  93. Boy does amazing flip in midair to doge ball
  94. Looking at cute kittens and puppies improves fine motor skills and carefulness
  95. Surgery to create "Bagel head" could be dangerous
  96. New SARS-like virus found in Middle East
  97. Mother-to-daughter womb transplants in Sweden
  98. Human stem cells enable deaf gerbils to regain hearing
  99. The Official OR College Football Trashtalk Thread!
  100. Yosemite guests at risk for deadly Hantavirus
  101. Girl plays quarterback for her high school's football team
  102. Teen pot use associated with IQ declines
  103. US Anti-Doping Agency will strip Lance Armstrong of his titles and ban him from competitive cycling
  104. 6-foot-11, 500 pound football player uses size to his team's advantage
  105. Top basketball recruit collapses upon being sentenced to 3 years in prison for assaulting his ex-girlfriend
  106. Current West Nile outbreak is largest in US history
  107. Ready for Football to Start
  108. London's gallery of losers
  109. Olympics opening ceremony feature humorous British references, including sheep, a sheepdog, and a tribute to universal healthcare
  110. Legally blind archer sets first record of 2012 Olympics
  111. Britain's one-eyed robot Olympic mascots: cute or creepy?
  112. Britain forced to call in extra military and police for London Olympics because private company could not provide enough security guards
  113. Supplements for overall health
  114. Scientists create deadly mutant airborne avian flu
  115. Mother sues district, state for Constitutional violation after son cut from varsity team
  116. Kayak Fishing & A Gator
  117. Trick shot quarterback
  118. Last player taken in NFL draft will be honored as Mr Irrelevant
  119. Britain may put surface-to-air in densely populated London neighborhood for Olympic Games security
  120. Non-work out workouts
  121. Adult fan couple who got the baseball thrown into the stands during Rangers-Yankees game criticized for not giving baseball to toddler who was also reaching for it and cried after not getting it
  122. Lakers forward Metta World Peace suspended for 7 games because he hit opposing player with his elbow
  123. Dog eats prestigious golf club tickets; owner makes the dog vomit them up
  125. Soccer player Fabrice Muamba alive and talking after cardiac arrest that left him dead for 78 minutes
  126. Canadian lesbian couple gets engaged at Ottawa Senators game
  127. Where is Peyton going???
  128. Antibiotic Resistance Could Bring 'End of Modern Medicine'
  129. Homecoming queen and former soccer goalie tries out for Louisiana State University football team but isn't accepted
  130. 9 Bad Habits that Are Good for You
  131. Introducing ChrisFit
  132. 70-year-old Japanese equestrian qualifies for London Olympics
  133. My Talladega Day
  134. Serious health concern
  135. Skydiving and kayaking?
  136. Controversy over Chrysler's "Halftime in America" Superbowl ad featuring Clint Eastwood
  137. Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!
  138. Giants Coach Sends Note to Shot NYPD Officer
  139. Weight loss smartphone app
  140. British civil servants who worked an average of 11 hours a day have 2.5 times the depression risk of those who work 7-8 hours a day
  141. Undercover Cops Will Wear Giants Gear During NFC Title Game In San Francisco
  142. Flu scientists agree to 60-day moratorium on bird flu research while considering how much info to release to the public
  143. More headphone-wearing pedestrians being killed near roadways and railways
  145. Somali women's basketball team defy dangers to win historic victory at 2011 Arab Games
  146. Army-Navy Game Spirit Spots
  147. Sam Hurb (Chicago Bears) gets busted by the feds
  148. Michelle Obama and 300,264 others break world record for the most people doing jumping jacks in a 24-hour period
  149. It was time to lose some weight.
  150. Odd objects stuck in odder places
  151. Washington Nationals catcher rescued from abductors in Venezuela
  152. Penn State fires Joe Paterno and university president as school continues to cope with sex-abuse scandal
  153. Parents scared of vaccinations pay to have strangers send lollipops purportedly licked by kids with chickenpox
  154. phone shopping
  155. 28-year-old "Piggyback bandit" arrested for jumping on high school athletes' backs
  156. Husband gets LA Dodgers in divorce settlement
  157. Indy driver Dan Wheldon killed in wreck
  158. Insanity
  159. Police to investigate stripper bus at Lions' tailgating party
  160. Scientists discover a virus that doesn't cause disease in humans can kill breast cancer cells
  161. How do you stay in shape?
  162. Porn industry filming moratorium lifted after performer with HIV-positive test gets negative results after retest
  163. Unemployed, uninsured man dies from toothache because he couldn't afford dental care or antibiotics
  164. Firefighters who worked at Ground Zero 19% more likely to get cancer than those who did not
  165. 2011 NC
  166. Ecstasy might be used for cancer treatment
  167. Redneck Olympics organizer threatened with lawsuit by US Olympic Committee for using the term "Olympics"
  168. I needs me some tix!
  169. New York Rangers' Sean Avery arrested for shoving a police officer
  170. Fitness/Weight Loss tips
  171. Players, NFL reach new labor deal
  172. Boy catches ball at Diamondbacks vs. Brewers baseball game, but gives it to younger boy after seeing how sad the younger boy was at missing it
  173. Advocare
  174. Allah will provide... and lift?
  175. Supreme 90 Day Workout
  176. Steelers' Ward gracious despite being handcuffed at gunpoint by police in LA
  177. Go Bolts!!!
  178. ESPN Sports Science Bama/LSU Flavor
  179. Barry Bonds convicted of Obstruction of Justice
  180. Kronum
  181. The Incredible Albert Pujols
  182. Baseball fan tased by officer at Pirates game
  183. Former NBA star Allen Iverson tells police, "I make more money than you will in 10 years" and asks ""Do you know who I am?" when his car is pulled over
  184. Americans may become fans of Canadian football if NFL labor disputes wipe out the NFL's next season
  185. The Butler is doing it again.....
  186. Who Names Horses?
  187. Secret Service defeats FBI in hockey match
  188. Exercises for SWAT School
  189. So my doc says...
  190. "Family's Faith Beliefs" ???
  191. Planks
  192. Senior Bowl
  193. surgeons are more likely to have suicidal thoughts and less likely to seek help than the general public
  194. Biggest college football rivalry
  195. I misunderstood
  196. NFL Playoffs - who is your pick?
  197. Terror level alert!
  198. Size of the Fight not the Man
  199. Abs
  200. New Here
  201. Getting into a running routine
  202. Oh yeah, that's right, uh-huh
  203. Did you say Cheerleaders
  204. Scientists Learn Why Alcohol Can Be Good for You
  205. Classes at the gym?
  206. Act like you been there before.......
  207. Randy Moss
  208. Retro Fitness clubs
  209. P90X, Round 2
  210. Gaining lots of Muscle, Fast!
  211. Defense of the title begins.......
  212. Friends for Stress Relief
  213. America's healthiest pleasures: 10 'vices' that are good for you
  214. Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance
  215. Gophers
  216. INSANITY with Shaun T!!
  217. Obama and Cameron wagered beer on World Cup outcome
  218. England v USA
  219. Agency Sponsored Fitness
  220. Serious weight loss
  221. College Play- Amazing Play At The Plate
  222. Tennis Elbow
  223. British veterinarians 4 times more likely than average Britons to commit suicide
  224. looking for info
  225. P90X: Xiphos
  226. Dumbbells
  227. March Madness
  228. What's really in your food?
  229. Busy Day in the NFL.
  230. Fantasy Baseball
  231. P90X
  232. NASCAR Fans
  233. France is best place to live in the world, according to International Living magazine
  234. Vaelentine's Day Food and Beverage
  235. Anyone get Shoulder Surgery?
  236. Congrats Saints
  237. Grim reaper cat can predict which nursing home patients are hours from death
  238. Hurricane
  239. How bout dem Jets
  240. Burger King bar, with beer and whoppers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Miami
  241. The Who Dat Roll
  242. ****WEATHER ALERT****People of the state of Louisiana
  243. Hockey......:)
  244. Saints!!!
  245. The Colts' Prayer
  246. Cut out beer, shots better?
  247. Championship Results
  248. The Shake Weight NSFW
  249. Semi-Final Results
  250. Is It Just Me