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  1. Woman arrested after posting selfies in stolen dress
  2. Company to change its name to avoid confusion with ISIS the Jihadist group
  3. Forget selfies -- make way for 'dronies'
  4. Selfies with tigers ban passed by New York State legislature
  5. Case involving facebook threats using rap lyrics will come before Supreme Court
  6. Computer convinces 33% of human judges it's a 13-year-old boy
  7. CIA starts tweeting but won't confirm or deny it
  8. EMT reprimanded for dancing to Rihanna song while driving
  9. Ford vs. Cadillac
  10. Italian nun stuns judges on "The Voice"
  11. Cops on reality shows
  12. Hidden camera in Norway captures strangers giving their coats to freezing boy
  13. Heroes Behind the Badge: Sacrifice and Survival
  14. NYPD considers using Google Glass
  15. What the bloody hell is wrong here?
  16. Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
  17. Wanted man shares his own mugshot on Facebook and gets caught as a result
  18. Justin Bieber arrested on charges of drunk driving, resisting arrest, and driving without a valid license
  19. 'Dracula' Actor Cast As Villain In 'Avengers' Sequel
  20. "Lone Survivor", who has seen it?
  21. UK copper takes down fleeing subject
  22. Insane Clown Posse sues FBI for calling their fans a gang
  23. Get to know your new electronics
  24. App Permissions on Mobile Devices
  25. Police chief criticizes Kanye West for saying that performing on rotating platforms is as dangerous as police or military work
  26. Amazon plans to build army of drones to deliver packages within 30 minutes
  27. Newspaper retracts 150-year-old editorial panning Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
  28. Tablet question
  29. iPhone 5S
  30. Federal court rules that "liking" something on Facebook is protected as free speech
  31. Men impersonate police to cut in front of line to buy "Grand Theft Auto V" video game
  32. Outrage as toy company creates 'crystal meth lab' for children with Breaking Bad play sets
  33. RIP, Windows XP
  34. App allows LEOs to check criminal databases with smartphone or tablet
  35. Batman and Captain America rescue cat from fire
  36. Controversy over "Ghetto Tracker" website
  37. Police searched park for body that anonymous postcard sent to postsecret blog claims was dumped there
  38. Dentist wants to clone John Lennon
  39. Summer camp based on the Hunger Games
  40. Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos buys Washington Post
  41. Pakistani pop star creates Burka avenger cartoon superhero
  42. Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 5 Things We Learned About Joss Whedon's New Series For ABC
  43. Student filmmakers doing armed robbery scene without a permit without almost get shot by real police who think they're real robbers
  44. Dying Simpsons co-creator plans to give his fortune to charity
  45. Phone game could help cure cancer
  46. Newspaper pranks royal baby watchers by sending William and Kate impersonators to clinic
  47. Tablet questions
  48. Man tries to win $20,000 wedding from radio contest by having his LEO brother pretend to arrest his girlfriend as part of marriage proposal
  49. Harry Potter author JK Rowling admits she wrote mystery novel under male pseudonym claiming to be former member of the Special Investigative Branch of the Royal Military Police
  50. Guess what day it is?
  51. Jay-Z says he and Obama exchange text messages and phone calls
  52. Florida may have accidentally banned all computers and smartphones connected to the internet
  53. Harry Potter All Growed Up
  54. Teen in jail facing up to 8 years of prison for making threat on Facebook
  55. Clorox deletes post making fun of new dads that some found offensive
  56. ASUS K50IJ tap touch
  57. Former investigators of TWA Flight 800 crash want new investigation into real causes of the crash
  58. Tap It: NSA Slow Jam
  59. Miss Utah gave hilarious answer to question about pay inequality between men and women but still won 3rd runner-up in Miss USA contest
  60. Chewbacca tweets about TSA detaining his light saber
  61. Have an incarcerated parent? There's a Sesame Street app for that!
  62. Controversy over Star Trek spoof made by nuclear power plant that was shut down after radiation leak
  63. Star Trek Into Darkness
  64. Movie theater manager hires actor to dress in full tactical gear with fake gun and walk in movie theater for publicity stunt; police are called
  65. Southland - cancelled
  66. 'Iron Man 3' Global Opening Hits $195M -- Bigger Than 'Avengers'
  67. Tweet about explosions in White House injuring President Obama posted with Associate Press's verified Twitter account by hacker
  68. Sharknado (tornado made of sharks) is the subject of an upcoming film
  69. Southland - gone too far?
  70. End of Watch- **SPOILER ALERT***
  71. Justin Bieber says Anne Frank would be his fan if she were alive
  72. Want to hijack a plane? There's an app for that!
  73. Jay-Z's rap claim about getting Obama's clearance to go to Cuba denied by Obama's spokesman
  74. Southland.....life imitates art.
  75. Controversy over"Accidental Racist" song by Brad Paisley and LL Cool
  76. Lady Gaga turned down million dollar offer to perform during Republican National Conventiono
  77. The Death Star's destruction was an inside job!
  78. Xbox down!
  79. Anchor can't stop laughing at fat cat swimming to lose weight
  80. Michelle Obama presents Oscar to Argo for Best Picture
  81. FBI battlilng "a rash of sexting" among its employees
  82. Big Bird will team up with Michelle Obama
  83. Murder victim's mother angry that police tried to use Facebook to contact her
  84. Matt Damon wants everyone to join him in toilet strike to protest poor countries' lack of access to clean water
  85. Montana TV stations air Emergency Alert about zombies
  86. Steven Seagal training Sheriff Joe Arpaio's volunteer posse in simulated school shooting
  87. Inmate stashes phone in rectum
  88. Phone unlocking is now illegal
  89. Accessing O/R on an iPad.
  90. Voice of Charlie Brown charged with stalking and making criminal threats
  91. Donald Trump considering buying New York Times
  92. Hoaxer calls police to Chris Brown's home in latest effort to "swat" celebrities
  93. SWAT team storms Kardashians' parents home after prank call
  94. Al Jazeera buys Al Gore's Current TV network
  95. Samuel Jackson tries to get interviewer to say the N-word out loud
  96. Brazillian teen auctions her virginity on Youtube to pay for her bedridden mom's care
  97. Photographer killed by car on highway after taking pictures of Justin Bieber's car being stopped for speeding by CHP
  98. Fish seller's "Come on ladies, one pound fish" song is number one in British pop charts
  99. Wikileaks will release over a million documents next ye
  100. NYPD consider searching emails and internet postings to find ways to disrupt potential shooters' plans
  101. Obama named Time Magazine's Person of the Year
  102. Instagram grants itself the right to sell users' photos without payment or notification
  103. Most important smartphones of 2012
  104. Man will be paid $45,500 to legally change his surname to Headsets.com
  105. Law against cyberstalking software proposed
  106. Plot to castrate and murder Justin Bieber exposed
  107. Australian police say Apple Maps could be "life threatening"
  108. Pope will open a personal Twitter account
  109. Blogger airs police negotiations on Internet radio, tells listeners, "I am surrounded by a bunch of men with guns."
  110. Controversy over Dallas police lieutenant's rap video
  111. Two and a Half Man star Angus Jones denounces his show as contributing to the enemy of Christianity
  112. Seattle police post humorous guide to legal marijuana use
  113. Anonymous declares cyberwar on Israel
  114. 5 women run from theater after seeing student in Joker mask
  115. Big Bird will face hurricane in special episode of Sesame St
  116. A year in prison for man behind anti-Muslim film denounced by Middle Eastern protesters
  117. Lindsay Lohan claims police are out to get her and falsely accusing her of a crime
  118. Bigfoot?
  119. "El-mo. We won't go!" Protestors and their puppets march on Washington in support of public broadcasting
  120. Program blocks Facebook posts about politics and replaces them with cat pictures
  121. Iran's PressTV uses photo from movie "Day after Tomorrow" to illustrate hurricane Sandy
  122. Fans shocked by Disney-’Star Wars’ takeover
  123. David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon perform to empty rooms
  124. Family loses everything in their house to looters after putting up Craigslist ad offering free stuff in their yard
  125. Girl puts her 12-year-old brother on sale for $1,200 on Craigslist, leading police on statewide search
  126. UK police make 3 arrests a day for offensive Facebook and Twitter messages
  127. Muscular online gaming avatar inspires 230-lb man to work out and lose 45 lbs
  128. Anonymous hacker group steals British LEOs email addresses to email them with request for support
  129. Bullied teen leaves chilling video before suicide
  130. Zombies do CPR when victim gets heart attack
  131. Iran's news agency plagiarizes Onion story claiming rural white Americans prefer Ahmadinejad to Obama
  132. Major banks hit with biggest cyberattacks in history
  133. Judge orders filmmaker behind "Innocence of Muslims" to jail for probation violations
  134. Hoax terrorism to test police response time and post to youtube gets filmmaker arrested
  135. Singer Fiona Apple threatens to make members of the sheriff's dept famous
  136. Avengers coming out tomorrow!
  137. iPhone LE app question
  138. Controversy over toddlers' use of fake cigarettes on "Toddlers and Tiaras"
  139. Shadowy criminal behind the film at center of anti-US protests in the Middle East
  140. Mark Zuckerberg disappointed in Facebook's stock price
  141. Chris Brown shows off new neck tattoo; denies it's an image of his ex Rihanna with a black eye and lips in stitches
  142. Ohio deputy surprises his wife with "please hire my wife" billboards
  143. The destiny of "reality" tv
  144. Forget 3D. Your dream TV should be 4K
  145. Police friending suspects undercover and persuading suspects' friends to provide info
  146. Oldest facebook user, age 101, visits Facebook headquarters
  147. End of Watch
  148. Otterbox or...?
  149. Website shows your address and picture of your home to the world when you tweet that you're home
  150. The Rise and Fall of a Cop
  151. Mansome on Yahoo
  152. Pussy Riot sentenced to 2 years in prison for protest
  153. How police found Steve Jobs' stolen iPads
  154. Mars Rover flight engineer with mohawk becomes internet hit
  155. "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" surpasses Harry Potter books in popularity among Gitmo detainees
  156. Controversial "Toddlers and Tiaras" family gets their own spinoff reality show
  157. Despite the Aurora theater massacre, movie attendance is up 21% over the same weekend in 2011, and "Dark Knight Rises" tops box office once again
  158. Facebook representatives says that Colorado shooter fan pages don't violate terms of service
  159. Outstanding professional deals with jack wagons
  160. Lew, this one is for you.
  161. Dark Knight Rises
  162. Computer network responsible for half of world's spam taken down
  163. Smart Phone
  164. Addicting Cell phone game
  165. Turn your iphone into a stun gun!
  166. New police documentary
  167. Ted (Movie)
  168. Random cat climbs on reporter as she does live TV report
  169. 200 mph Closed Street Race
  170. Looooong Range Shooting Video
  171. Ground dwelling parrot gets frisky
  172. An Honest Trailer: Avatar
  173. Arachnoquake in Louisiana!!!!
  174. Longmire
  175. Ex Blue Suiter
  176. Avengers
  177. Want to complain about your airport security screening? There's an app for that!
  178. Game of Thrones
  179. Simi Valley law against condom-free porn will require that porn videos be sent to police dept so that city's director of administrative services can watch the porn to see if condoms are used
  180. How to hide from face detection technology
  181. Googling "askew," "tilt," "do a barrel roll," and "zerg rush" will make google do funny things
  182. 2012 America's most wanted All Star voting
  183. 56 Star Trek episodes at the same time!
  184. Words that only bad movies have in their titles: cop, beast, cyborg, future, robot, karate, ninja
  185. MST3K - "Cinematic Titanic"
  186. Dial-a-Star service lets people pay to talk to celebrities like the Octomom, Tila Tequila, and Lindsay Lohan's parents
  187. Marvel's The Avengers
  188. Debate over what to do with user data stored on Megaupload after the government seized its assets
  189. Snoop Dogg releases book of his song lyrics on rolling papers you can smoke with
  190. Man accused of assaulting his girlfriend and violating parole who escaped from police dragnet and foot chases lets his Facebook friends know he got away and changes his relationship status to "single"
  191. Filmmaker Tyler Perry makes Facebook posts accusing police of racially profiling him
  192. Facebook-like site for jihadists proposed
  193. Real or Fake?
  194. Opera duo gets skeptical comments but then wows Britain's Got Talent judges
  195. Arrested drunk singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" in the back of a police car goes viral on youtube
  196. Facebook threatens to sue employers who force employees to disclose their Facebook passwords
  197. Peace-minded Israeli reaches out to everyday Iranians via Facebook
  198. Baltimore Police Dept first in the nation to launch its own daily newscast
  199. New reality show about Navajo tribal police
  200. Sarah Palin, the movie
  201. Senate candidate does bizarre interview in which he mouths his son's words like a ventriloquist
  202. What various people think Darth Vader does
  203. Idiocracy
  204. Be the brains of your own travel operation!
  205. Real Navy SEALs star in "Act of Valor" Hollywood movie
  206. Anonymous hacks into call between the FBI and Scotland Yard about Anonymous and puts the recording on youtube
  207. Twitter will delete tweets in countries that require it
  208. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will host talk show on Russian TV
  209. Courageous...
  210. Google will track users' activities across all its services
  211. "Grinding the Crack"
  212. Wikipedia, Boing Boing, and Reddit will go dark on Wednesday to protest bills that could require internet sites to police online piracy
  213. So-called "avoid ghetto" app drawing criticism
  214. Already mastered the shotgun counter hostage technique?
  215. Star Wars: The Old Republic
  216. Internet file sharing recognized as religion by Swedish government
  217. Green Goblin abducted Anderson Cooper and tried to force him to break his contract with CNN
  218. Not for a Billion dollars...
  219. Sarah Palin, the movie
  220. Getting a new phone?
  221. iKam Extreme glasses
  222. Free U.S. Cop App
  223. iPhone switch?
  224. Jimmy Kimmel does it again
  225. Dear Santa...
  226. JK Rowling and Sienna Miller testify to British government about being hounded by media
  227. Facebook finds that only 4.74 people separate strangers from each other
  228. Days of Facebook
  229. We're now on Google+
  230. Begun, the clone war has! The media are the Borg! You will be assimilated!
  231. Titanic II: Two the Surface
  232. Cell phones never work in horror movies
  233. Brazilian Police don't mess around!
  234. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter!
  235. British police using surveillance tech to monitor mobile phones
  236. Ad suggesting that men's deodorant will cause female angels to be so tempted that they fall from heaven banned in South Africa for being offensive to Christians
  237. Tech companies fear new bill in Congress will lead to internet censorship
  238. Upstart Unthink wants to become the new anti-Facebook
  239. iPhone 4S
  240. Troy Palamolou wax figure-funny
  241. iPad
  242. What to keep constant track of the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor? There's an app for that!
  243. Burglar admits he used Google maps to find expensive homes along highways to burglarize
  244. Battlefield 3 and MW3
  245. Google + Info and Tips
  246. TV meteorologist admits she made up story about being attacked by stranger just to get attention
  247. The Wire
  248. Apple's ultra-light computer can be used as knife to cut real apples
  249. Grab U One
  250. Rescue Me