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  1. USERRA discrimination question
  2. My unit returns from deployment
  3. Calling GI (plain) Janes
  4. Happy Veteran's Day!
  5. Seriously wounded Ranger who was thought to be unconscious defies injuries to salute his commander when given Purple Heart
  6. US considers pulling out of Afghanistan faster and leaving no troops
  7. History of insomnia doubles risk of PTSD and quadruples risk of depression in troops
  8. Commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg begins
  9. Iraq war Double amputee schools IRS contractor
  10. PTSD doubles soldiers' risk of heart disease
  11. Navy will use email instead of ALL-CAPS messaging system
  12. Deployment #3...lots of airplane p0rn inside (work safe)
  13. Former Navy SEAL Team 6 member comes out as transgender woman
  14. Busting phony Navy SEALS
  15. 90-year-old's woman finds her high school sweetheart's war diary in museum 70 years after he died
  16. On this Memorial Day
  17. Controversy over Obama forgetting to salute Marine and then going back and shaking his hand
  18. 17 nuclear launch officers removed from duty
  19. Air Force sexual assault prevention official charged withr groping a woman in a parking lot
  20. War's aftermath & vehicle crashes
  21. Sgt with prosthetic leg becomes first amputee to complete grueling Army air assault school
  22. No Purple Hearts for Fort Hood Victims, Pentagon Says
  23. TSA to expedite "wounded warrior" screening after controversy over treament of Marine who lost both his legs
  24. US pilot and the German pilot who spared his life in WWII reunite and become friends
  25. He Wanted To Be A Cop
  26. Navy Seal who shot bin Laden now has no job, pension, or healthcare and separated from his wife
  27. Soldier who lost 4 limbs gets double-arm transplant
  28. Wife of female Army officer invited to officers' spouses' club after controversy over her earlier rejection
  29. Ban on women serving in US military combat lifted
  30. Prince Harry acknkowledges killing as part of his military duties
  31. US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan will accelerate
  32. U.S. may remove all troops from Afghanistan after 2014
  33. CIA complains about inaccuracies in "Zero Dark Thirty"'s portrayal of the hunt for bin Laden
  34. West Point Academy cadet quits months before graduation in protest of religious practices
  35. Farewell: USS Enterprise Starred In History And Film
  36. Navy dolphins will be replaced by robots, relegated along with sea lions to port security and retrieving objects from the sea floor
  37. Scandal widens; US general's emails 'flirtatious'
  38. Happy Veteran's Day!
  39. 93-year-old WWII vet finally hears symphony he wrote in 1945 played by US Army Band
  40. Vets train service dogs to help them deal with PTSD
  41. Navy SEALs reprimanded for giving classified info to video game company
  42. The Enterprise, the world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier completes final voyage
  43. Despite the hurricane, guards for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier stay at their posts
  44. Marines, Navy, soldiers, police, and firefighters prepare for zombie invasion
  45. 93-year old WWII veteran votes
  46. Double agent says CIA paid him to track Al-Awlaki down by helping him find a wife
  47. Boy's prosthetic leg breaks; Marine carries him the final half mile of triathlon
  48. Naval aviator returns to underwater site of plane he crashed in 1974
  49. Former Afghan police trainee tells CNN how he betrayed and killed US GIs training him and escaped
  50. Soldier asks Oregon court to resolve conflict between his probation rules and his Army duties
  51. Unclaimed by kin, two Trenton veterans laid to rest by family in uniform
  52. Even in dementia, Korean War medic cares for his men
  53. Prosecutors say 4 US soldiers plotted to overthrow government and assassinate President Obama
  54. Navy Seal will publish book with firsthand account of raid that killed bin Laden
  55. US military considering nasal spray to combat suicide
  56. Marine Corps creates new law enforcement battalions
  57. Hero indeed
  58. Cousin sends deployed soldier's dog to be euthanized.
  59. How NOT TO storm an Allied base.
  60. Memorial Day
  61. Marine returning home greeted by son who learned to walk while his dad was gone
  62. Army captain in Afghanistan dies while talking with his wife on Skype
  63. Ex-Marine regrets criticizing Obama on Facebook
  64. Pentagon establishes new espionage unit
  65. Iran claims it cracked codes to access data from captured U.S. spy drone
  66. U.S. Coast Guard sinks Japanese boat washed away by tsunami
  67. Rising numbers of veterans benefiting from post-9/11 GI Bill
  68. Retired combat dog will be adopted by the Marine who was wounded with him while trying to disarm an explosive
  69. US soldier accused of killing Afghan civilians was on his fourth combat tour against his wishes
  70. Pentagon demonstrates "pain ray"
  71. Supreme Court will review Stolen Valor Act under which those who claim to have military awards they don't have can be prosecuted
  72. Military to open more jobs close to front lines of combat to women
  73. US military beginning review of Syria options
  74. The Reason We Rule F-35 Testing
  75. Marine got 180 day jail sentence for "intentional self-injury" in suicide attempt
  76. Pentagon preparing budget cuts, reducing ships, planes, and troops but continuing to fund special forces and unmanned drones
  77. US Special Forces rescue American and Dane hostages after shootout with pirates in Somalia
  78. Veterans fill Iraqi restaurant to support owners after a 20-lb rock is thrown through the restaurant's window
  79. Iran welcomes rescue of Iranian sailors by US Navy ship
  80. Military dog advocates want dogs to be classified as "K-9 members of the armed forces" instead of "equipment"
  81. Obama launches reshaping, shrinking of US military
  82. Iraq War ends as last US troops leave
  83. Israeli Phosphorous Tank Rocket In Action
  84. Police use Predator drones to pinpoint suspects
  85. US military works to get troops home from Iraq faster
  86. Very Cool!
  87. Author claims his book is based on interviews with SEALS who have all denied talking to him
  88. Virtual reality recreations of traumatic situations used to help with post-traumatic stress disorder
  89. 9-year-old spells "s-e-r-g-e-a-n-t" at spelling bee and her Army Sgt dad appears to start 15-day leave from his duties in Iraq, where he has been since after Christmas 2010
  90. Senator recommends having Coast Guard blow up rat-infested pirate ship
  91. Republican Presidential debate audience members boo gay soldier serving in Iraq for asking question about gays in the military, wildly cheers Santorum's promise to bring back "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
  92. President Obama has beer with Marine before awarding him Medal of Honor
  93. US captain in army intelligence went on his own to Libya to help train rebels
  94. Pentagon raises force-protection level for military installations as 10th anniversary of 9-11 approaches
  95. Army's Old Guard photographing every one of 219,000 Arlington grave with iPhones
  96. Military moving away from oil and toward renewable energy
  97. Military researchers lose contact with fastest unmanned aircraft ever launched
  98. Obama proposes program to help military veterans find work
  99. Homelessness rising among veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  100. Air Force suspends ethics briefing after complaints about religious content
  101. Defense Dept reserves right to respond to cyberattack with military force
  102. President Obama announces plans for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan
  103. Gates tells Marines they can't quit over the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
  104. Obama urged to end policy of not sending condolence letters to families of those in military service who kill themselves
  105. Counter-protesters, including KKK, confront Westboro Baptist Church protestors at Arlington Cemetery
  106. Six Seconds to Live
  107. Destroyer named after fallen NAVY SEAL Medal of Honor recipient
  108. Crashed Copter Sparks Concern About Secrets
  109. Combat Stress + Boredom = WIN
  110. Coast Guard pilots honored
  111. Military to start sending silk "ballistic boxers" to troops; considering protective underwear cups made of stainless steel or polyethylene
  112. Magazine designed for and by gay military members announced
  113. Viral post pits Charlie Sheen coverage against coverage of US soldiers
  114. Army official accused of telling military team to use "psychological operations" on US senators and congressmen to get more resources for the war in Afghanistan
  115. Vale SPR Jamie Larcombe - ADF
  116. Remembering the Brave
  117. US Army suicides rose to almost one per day last year
  118. Navy Crew faulted for dipped helicopters
  120. Mannequins that bleed, breathe, and blink assist with army medic training
  121. Marine Canine Keeping Handler's Memory Alive
  122. Government to seize 401(k) Pensions
  123. I'll be MIA for a month (literally)
  124. Vietnam War Photos
  125. Memorial Day
  126. The Job
  127. US Navy plans to allow women to serve on subs
  128. Gay Guardsman Still Drills With Unit
  129. Brain scans enable scientists to detect PTSD in veterans with 90% accuracy
  130. Company offers to stop putting Biblical verses on US military rifle sights
  131. US military facing supply bottleneck at Haiti airport
  132. RIP Pfc Scott L. Roth
  133. Remember
  134. Ian Fisher - American Soldier
  135. USMC DI wannabe
  136. Happy Birthday DevilDogs!!!
  137. Great song/video tribute to veteran's.
  138. Veterans eat free at McCormick and Schmick's
  139. military eat for free at Applebee's on Veteran's Day
  140. Iraq vets use mortuary skills they learned to start business cleaning up after dead bodies in the US
  141. Marine in High School not permitted to wear Dress Blues for graduation
  142. Band of Brothers - Members living and deceased list.
  143. Man wears bright green dress and pink leg warmers to funeral of his best friend, a soldier killed in Afghanistan, to honor a pact they had made
  144. NSFW-Another Kind of Battle
  145. NSFW - **PLEASE WATCH**Tribute Vid made by a friend of a friend
  146. 100 year old Medal of Honor recipient downplays talk of heroism
  147. What better way to destroy our country than to destroy the morale of our military!
  148. Any former members of the 300th MP company or 385th MP Bn.
  149. Different President, Different Corps
  150. Attorney General Eric Holder plans to appoint a special prosecutor to examine allegations that terror suspects were abused at the hands of their CIA interrogators.
  151. 18-year decorated Air Force veteran may be dishonorably discharged because he told police he was gay when he was falsely accused of rape
  152. Band of Brothers soldier dies.
  153. Good song and video
  154. New Warship Named for Lifesaving Marine
  155. Soldiers in Colorado slayings tell of Iraq horrors
  156. Retiring Colonel eats 36-year-old pound cake he saved from his service in Vietnam
  157. Has the military become easier?
  158. Two U.S. soldiers were charged with misconduct for taking and distributing video and photographs of female soldiers showering
  159. Airman arrested at hotel with 14-year-old girl
  160. Government Experiments on U.S. Soldiers: Shocking Claims Come to Light in New Court Case
  161. Fort Lewis soldier charged with pimping teen girls
  162. U.S.C.G.
  163. Military puts focus on epidemic of suicides
  164. Injured troops prefer combat to recovery at Bragg
  165. Policing in Europe with the Military
  166. Federal Judge OKs Use of Pepper Spray on Naval Recruits
  167. Army fired 11 soldiers in Jan. as openly gay
  168. Pentagon ends photo ban on war dead return
  169. The best...
  170. Heroes
  171. New U.S. troops in Afghanistan see combat
  172. AF colonel accused of imposing religion
  173. Mandatory Re-enlistments