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  1. Typical Process for Homicide Detective?
  2. Forensic investigators?
  3. For the Texas officers???
  4. is this a good indication of how to drive?
  5. Taking next CBP Officer test
  6. Dispatcher training?
  7. Background question
  8. A question for class.
  9. The Academy
  10. Swamp Mafia, I need an answer
  11. Body Armor for Cardio training
  12. Training question
  13. Less than lethal vests
  14. Some questions for regular LEOs as well as SWAT...
  15. How hard is it...
  16. Help!!!
  17. What advice would you give to the rookies on how to balance family life with their LE career?
  18. The "drug war"
  19. What was the academy like for you?
  20. Question after watching COPS episode
  21. Paying for officers' meals
  22. Backup ETA
  23. Dog the Bounty hunter....
  24. What gives you hope?
  25. Arlington visit
  26. Ride A Long
  27. Speeding
  28. Do you find that public sex offender registries help you in your jobs?
  29. What would you have done?????
  30. Canadian laws re: MC "Colors"
  31. Is Ordering This New Diet Drug From Europe Illegal?
  32. A question for the Texan's
  33. A Getting Pulled Over Question
  34. A DUI question
  35. Teeth to tattoo
  36. What are the odds of an LEO turning crazy or "out there" because of working in law enforcement?
  37. What are the odds of retaliation
  38. Strange Neck Wrap in Mug Shots
  40. Being a Sheriff
  41. When you take mug shot photos...
  42. Blood pressure meds
  43. Small town vs. Big city
  44. Have you ever had a traumatic event in the line of duty?
  45. What do you know now that you didn't know before you became an LEO?
  46. Ride alongs in the UK
  47. What happened to the NEW POSTS link in the top menu
  48. BDU Question
  49. The feds
  50. Anyone ever worked on death row ?
  51. Duty boots
  52. Excited Delirium
  53. Difference in "arrest" and "detention"
  54. Road staff vs. Detention staff Salary
  55. NCIC #
  56. corrections
  57. First ride along, what should I expect?
  58. Age Discrimination in Federal Jobs
  59. Why did you become a LEO
  60. job interview on the 15th
  61. Support
  62. Gun Laws In TN & Ky
  63. A question about the system??
  64. Being Harassed
  65. Getting Pepper Sprayed on the 9th
  66. Who/what inspired you to become an LEO?
  67. Oklahoma City PD and tattoos?
  68. Minnesota -- putting flyers on cars
  69. Dui
  70. Manassas Park Police
  71. Thin Green Line?
  72. Question for Florida Cops
  73. Cve
  74. I need your help/advice!
  75. Suspicious Job Offer?
  76. Basic Police questions for my novel please
  77. Academy advice
  78. serious question.....kinda
  79. ? for those with flat badges
  80. Just got subpoenaed
  81. Louisiana State Police?
  82. After the oral!
  83. At what age is it legal to leave a child at home without a babysitter?
  84. Stalker!
  85. newbie with shooting senario question
  86. Firearm laws in nJ, are they fair?
  87. Verification
  88. Non-Lethal weapon choice.
  89. FBI Employment question
  90. Career Path to the Feds...
  91. Martial arts help needed.
  92. OK, I'm a Dumbass & Fell for the 911 Operator's Crap
  93. Interior Border Patrol Stations
  94. Need some advice......
  95. What Do Law Enforcement Officers Think Of This Guy?
  96. Refusal To Shake Hands
  97. Stafford county sheriff
  98. Lunch on Patrol
  99. Please help me in my feeble attempts at writing a murder mystery!!!
  100. Duty/search gloves
  101. Religion and LE--How has police work affected your religious beliefs?
  102. Texas HB 418 - Requiring that Use of Tasers Meet Deadly Force Justification
  103. Do curfew ordinances for youth help?
  104. Washing cars...
  105. Can You Start Your Own Sting Operation, or Do You Need Department Approval?
  106. If someone finds a lost wallet - what are they obligated by law to do?
  107. Thought Experiment: What gives you the right?
  108. Confiscated drugs--what do you do with them?
  109. OK...tell the truth...
  110. Admissability of officer created pointpoint document
  111. shirt tuck tips
  112. Transportation of a pistol in CA
  113. national DL database
  114. Oral next week!!
  115. Home defense - non firearm
  116. Home protection and me.
  117. question
  118. Thought experiment: Where does authority come from?
  119. Boot Shine Tips?
  120. Question about packing in Colorado.
  121. Getting Hired
  122. Asthma and Law Enforcement
  123. Applying to become an officer in a few months.
  124. Getting hired!
  125. NYPD psychological exam (interview)
  126. Keeping Cool
  127. physical fitness
  128. Traffic Stop Passengers
  129. Will tickets keep you from getting hired?
  130. Home Invasion Question
  131. Are men attacked more often than women are attacked?
  132. On the way to becoming a correctional officer.
  133. Contention between locals and feds: real or exaggerated?
  134. Hi. Question from future federal law enforcement agent
  135. criminal justice class survey
  136. Police from Canada
  137. Retirement/ pension???
  138. Metal Flashlights
  139. Dea
  140. Part-time jobs?
  141. Is it a felony to sell a car with a lien?
  142. Red Light Enforcement
  143. Do you like your job?
  144. Retired registered and certified LEO's
  145. Paper Pusher
  146. North Carolina LEO Advice
  147. Nc Leo's Advice
  148. Ankle Backup
  149. information
  150. Poll: Do You Live in the Neighborhood Where You Work?
  151. Do You Mind Calls Like This?
  152. Idaho Officers..Please answer
  153. Who Is In Charge In You Area?
  154. Someone is Trying to Be Me!! Please help!!
  155. Need the Help of Fellow LE Chicas
  156. How do you stop gear from sliding?
  157. Weekly Fingerprint Checkup
  158. Very embarassing question..........
  159. Prison Gangs
  160. Can You Cross The Border?
  161. what is on your belt
  162. Duty Duty Duty....
  163. Your proudest moment
  164. Facial Hair Fashions
  165. A stupid question I'm sure...
  166. What You Keep in the Caboose
  167. Turning On The Lights
  168. ::question::
  169. Subscription Magazines
  170. What would you do to solve the world's problems?
  171. What is the nastiest thing you have in your refrigerator right this moment?
  172. Neighborhood Crime Notification System
  173. Unsafe Equipment - Money first Safety second
  174. CALEA Accredidation
  175. Are you the cyber-elite of your depts?
  176. Any DOT certifed Officers out there?
  177. Marker Lights on Semi Trailers and bad tires
  178. The youngest person you busted?
  179. Questions about northern CA CHP street racing enforcement
  180. You're off duty and in a strange land......
  181. What would you do?
  182. I think my friend got kidnapped and im in a diff state, plz help me
  183. police grants
  184. Got another Question.....
  185. Who Would Win?
  186. Question
  187. Do homeless people fear incarceration?
  188. What type of hat do you wear??
  189. Ever been thanked by someone you arrested or cited?
  190. Albuquerque, NM
  191. Do you wear your hat?
  192. Heaven on Earth
  193. Questions about earpiece's for 2 way Police radio's
  194. Skid marks
  195. Anyone Ever Been On "COPS"?
  196. Something's wrong w/this picture...
  197. Got question:
  198. Dumpter Divers
  199. Rep Power
  200. Couthouse Shooting
  201. Advice
  202. PDA software
  203. Calltd.com ???
  204. 10-Codes and such
  205. How common is it that.....
  206. no BS, I need your help
  207. Well, the Chief did it to me again... Is there any other way???
  208. Regarding Racial Profiling.....
  209. "hlkj Amor"
  210. Drink Driving
  211. Does Anyone Still Use the PR-24?
  212. Special Investigator's Basic Course in California
  213. Part Time Officer Etiquette
  214. Tactical Spanish
  215. Inquiring minds want to know…
  216. Contemplating a career change.
  217. Snacks on patrol
  218. Faith and Religion
  219. Hardest part of your job ?
  220. Strobe Lights and Seizures
  221. how to make detective
  222. citations
  223. Just Curious
  224. Non Sworn Positions with the SBI or FBI
  225. Career in Law Enforcement Questions
  226. Sun glasses on traffic stop question
  227. Animosity Between Staties and Locals
  228. how to become a cop
  229. question
  230. Cop questions
  231. Do police administrators forget the job or lose touch with officers on the street?
  232. need help
  233. People vs Raymey-hot pursuit into a res
  234. terminator what you think ?
  235. Between a rock and a hard place
  236. what you guys think ?
  237. Rio Hondo Police Academy.
  238. Shooting qualifications
  239. Traffic stop question
  240. Clearing your mind before a call
  241. Ideas / Suggestions for Volunteer Projects that Don't Require PD Supervision?
  242. Man with a gun call
  243. Pursuing Rewards
  244. Would you let some one buy your meal ?
  245. What is your most funny day/nite of the suspect or a partner?
  246. music
  247. Hinge or link?
  248. Stopping a car
  249. Fox news
  250. How Many Patrols Per 1000 Residents?