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  1. How do you respond to animal calls?
  2. IPA anyone?
  3. Ipmba
  4. My child (12yo) searched by police
  5. Required to chat with the "shrink"??
  6. What is your preference on a night stop?
  7. If you could pick your patrol car?
  8. Observation Training?
  9. Hypervigilance
  10. Guardian Angels
  11. K9 Training
  12. Any ideas what this phrase means?
  13. Do officers teach kids about look alike guns?
  14. Commercial Vehicle Training
  15. Probable Cause vs. Reasonable Suspicion
  16. Indiana window tinting
  17. I got a problem
  18. Sheriff vs PD
  19. How did y'all like Dallas SWAT and Texas SWAT tv shows?
  20. Vehicle emergency light policies state to state...
  21. Pain in the @$$
  22. Some more questions?
  23. Flashlight question
  24. Where can I find job listings?
  25. In Your Opinion
  26. Applying for police work...
  27. Anyone Ever on "Cops"?
  28. Strange But True
  29. Writing to the Chief About an Officer
  30. Who to contact to thank an officer
  31. Is She In Trouble Or Not
  32. Is IA Really That Bad?
  33. "Non-standard supplies"
  34. Loud Engines
  35. RADAR Question...
  36. quick question....
  37. Why cant cops keep it in there pants
  38. So, how much money do you guys get for riting extra tickets?
  39. Whats the best way to become a cop?
  40. question
  41. Why do cops like to use beat peeple?
  42. People!