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  1. Recruitment question
  2. I have a questions.
  3. Officer Courtesy
  4. Exchange Programs
  5. GVWR vs GCWR question
  6. I have a question about what occurs after a shooting
  7. First interview
  8. Standoff happening right now.
  9. what do you do for fun
  10. Question for those that work around Jefferson Co., AL
  11. What are the Domestic violence laws overseas
  12. Making online threats against the police
  13. Question 2
  14. Question #1
  15. Homework help
  16. Mail Issues.
  17. Should I apply to be a Police Officer again?
  18. How long to wait before going through a malfunctioning traffic signal?
  19. Ride-Along
  20. Help!
  21. Notification of concealed carry.
  22. Permit holder
  23. Open carry during a ride along.
  24. ~~This is a question for any police officer!~~ I want Wisconsin Police Officer's input to please
  25. Open carry Ohio question
  26. Fake police report identification request
  27. Cash Only Seizures
  28. Is this excessive?
  29. Above the law?
  30. Report on Special Response Teams
  31. Animals as passengers
  32. Advice on finding work
  33. Female Cops
  34. Aspiring Officer
  35. Does NYPD get to drink on duty?
  36. More Cameras?
  37. Did they go too far?
  38. The Tortoise and The Hare
  39. Breitbart to Teabaggers; "We Outnumber (Liberals) And We Have The Guns!"
  40. Can this work for your jurisdiction?
  41. Is it the uniform?
  42. Excuse me, officer!
  43. Reid Interviewing & Interrogation techniques
  44. Junk in my trunk
  45. Cleary Act - Campus LE
  46. Have You Or Would You Ever Work For Another Law Enforcment Agency?
  47. To my fellow officers in Britain
  48. Promotions and/or special assignments.
  49. Laser Pointer Laws
  50. Two Questions.
  51. Officers needed for a survey.
  52. Officer safety/Pat down searches
  53. Shift Work and Jet Lag
  54. Lowering speed limits
  55. Property Disputes
  56. How is your time of service?
  57. About to graduate the Police Academy and need direction.
  58. anybody try these?
  59. Notifiying off duty officers
  60. 420 issues
  61. Other than visiting here
  62. Any Bomb Tech's. in here?
  63. pistol help.
  64. Open Carry in CA.... Thoughts?
  65. Tac light training and info
  66. How many veterans?
  67. Female LEOs...do you get this?
  68. Trying to verify as leo
  69. Could You Arrest the Westoro Idiots in Your State?
  70. bikers
  71. ride a longs
  72. Police in schools
  73. What would you do?
  74. Roadside Inspections
  75. Man faces jail after protecting home from masked attackers
  76. Racism
  77. Exterior vest carriers
  78. your favorite service vehicle?
  79. What if you refuse a breathalyzer?
  80. Do Police want to get these calls?
  81. Duty Gloves
  82. Oral Interview Panel
  83. another thread asking for advice
  84. Certificate of Registration
  85. Expunge a driving record
  86. Driving record
  87. if you weren't in law enforcement...
  88. Tasers vs. hands on
  89. Constitutional Carry?
  90. Probable Cause question
  91. NCIC question
  92. Thoughts????
  93. The Academy
  94. AD in the holster
  95. Digital recorders
  96. The 800lb gorilla in the room of a lot of Police homes; Marriage, family, and "the job".
  97. Can a LEO carry in a school zone?
  98. Can I make it?
  99. Need help with Code 3 lightbar
  100. Debate
  101. Scenarios
  102. Death notifications- next of kin
  103. Question about cruisers
  104. What if you morally object
  105. Criminal offences
  106. Question for Sergeants
  107. High Speed Chases
  108. Homework time... again...
  109. Sergeant Values
  110. Use of officer opinions in reports
  111. Speeders and 911
  112. self defense 4 kids
  113. Disgusted
  114. academy abuse...
  115. Geek needed/ACER computer
  116. Any probation/parole officers here?
  117. Question for any Chicago, Il. police officer if any are on here.
  118. HPs
  119. Vicodin
  120. Academy Grad come Monday
  121. Academy Question...
  122. Oral Board Interview
  123. westwood college?
  124. probation / parole reqs?
  125. Opinions on This
  126. Dumbest Thing Someone has Said to You
  127. From a non-cop standpoint...
  128. Need pointers on passing Firearms Qual.
  129. Failed Inspection
  130. GF leaving...trouble
  131. Publc intox
  132. Military to LE transition/Assistance in hiring
  133. Bachelor's Degree Required
  134. Someone flips you the bird, what do you do?
  135. Restitution?
  136. Height Requirements
  137. Digital Voice Recorder
  138. Does TX honor my CC Permit
  139. Anxiety / Psych exam.
  140. Recidivism and the criminal justice system
  141. Traffic enforcement and changing behaviors
  142. Learning county roads / geography ?
  143. Vehicle Stops & Concealed Carry Question
  144. Free training?
  145. Brotherhood, Sisterhood, or Family?
  146. Loaded Chamber
  147. Question to all the officers out there
  148. Do members of the public behave differently toward LEOs on Christmas?
  149. Duty Boots
  150. Looking for a video
  151. Question about court proceedings
  152. Flashlight
  153. Which Vest
  154. Looking for Fed LEO's, in process of DEA special agent career
  155. A student seeking help
  156. What makes a good cop?
  157. Law Enforcement Education
  158. Driving question
  159. certifications?
  160. trying to become a LEO
  161. Frustrated...
  162. Any U.S. Park Police Officers?
  163. question
  164. Help needed with text messaging
  165. How do you guys wash your uniforms?
  166. MDT or MDC
  167. I know, same old question......
  168. Can I become a police officer still?
  169. Application Assistance??
  170. National Night Out
  171. Need Advice Please . . . . .
  172. TV Cops - Poll
  173. Funny off duty encounters
  174. Show your Pride?
  175. Academy Still Possible?
  176. upcoming college grad job advise
  177. Should I wait?
  178. Opinions on Glock?
  179. Killology...?
  180. Auto Insurance for LEO?
  181. background questions
  182. Best place to buy gear?
  183. military experience?
  184. Another HR 218 Question
  185. Search Incident to Arrest-Report Question
  186. Anybody got any info about Virginia State Police?
  187. Poll: LEO's with side jobs?
  188. Police Career in Older Years
  189. Texas Peace Officers Please Help
  190. more free classes
  191. ? 's about TERT CLASS
  192. life span of body armor
  193. holster question
  194. What kind of cuffs do you carry?
  196. Knives
  197. FAQ: How do I get Crime Statistics for a College?
  198. FAQ: How do I get Crime Statistics for my area?
  199. FAQ: How do I get a copy of my Criminal Record?
  200. FAQ: I've used drugs in the past, does that disqualify me?
  201. Now What?
  202. Questions about fake leather duty gear
  203. Swamp Mafia Question: Louisiana's Napoleonic Law vs English Common Law
  204. Emergency Lights
  205. Scooter Laws
  206. Favorite DWI/DUI/OWI admissions and explanations
  207. Academies stay home or on-site?
  208. Job Availability
  209. What level of education does your state require?
  210. Highway traffic related questions.
  211. Moral Dilemma Question
  212. Looking for grant info on Gang Task force
  213. Phoenix bound....
  214. How do you keep your shirt tucked in?
  215. Language translator
  216. Do you have a small ASP?(Goz, no need to reply!)
  217. How much law enforcement experience do you have?
  218. What is your favorite patrol uniform- dress or casual?
  219. Do you feel the 9mm is an ineffective duty weapon?
  220. Is political correctness hurting law enforcement?
  221. I know I am burning up the forums but
  222. Seatbelts
  223. Which patrol car has the best overall performance?
  224. Conservation law enforcement
  225. NOOB, with a newbie question
  226. Robberies: "No Hats, No Hoods & No Sunglasses"
  227. Simple question regarding LE opportunity
  228. San Diego Harbor Police
  229. Can Sarah Get Her Dog Back?
  230. 1st Sgt. stripes
  231. Oral Board
  232. Questions from a student
  233. War vet with PTSD
  234. Question
  235. If you have bad eye sight, would that affect your chance of being a police officer?
  236. How did your parents/family members, feel when you told them that you wanted to be in Law Enforcement?
  237. anybody use Aegis software at your dept?
  238. Research -please help
  239. rules for ride-alongs.
  240. vandalism
  241. "Blue in the Raw" Book
  242. Hey Maclean, Car 4 or other WA LEO
  243. Do you carry more than one cell phone?
  244. Penelty for shoting inside city limits?
  245. Opossum problem in city limits eating cat food.
  246. K-9 Unit Info
  247. Looking for a good traffic direction/control flashlight
  248. Looking for a WARM duty coat...ideas, brands, etc??
  249. Typical Process for Homicide Detective?
  250. Forensic investigators?