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  1. As a Cop, How Far are You Willing to Fly?
  2. One-way trips to Mars planned as reality show
  3. Happy Earth Day!
  4. Home sick
  5. The why and wherefores of emergency services...
  6. Happy birthday, pc830cop!
  7. Happy birthday, IMGreat!
  8. 3 planets that could be habitable discovered
  9. Rat-sized snail that eats car tires and can infect humans with deadly brain disease invading Florida
  10. Make Them Mad - Make Them Learn
  11. Happy Tax Day!
  12. Winter Storm Xerxes - April 14th, 2013
  13. Controversy over NYPD's "baiting" of thieves by leaving unattended items in public places
  14. Happy birthday, iso607!
  15. Smartphone lets NYPD see arrest files, police photos, and DMV data all at once
  16. Boot Polishing
  17. "Swatting" of celebrities endanger police and waste resources
  18. MSG Roy Benavidez MOH Recipient
  19. Forums Upgrade
  20. Police wear video cameras that upload automatically to central server
  21. Sing along songs
  22. Happy birthday, Code6!
  23. Super Police Instructor Man
  24. Eulogy to Del
  25. Saudi women now allowed to ride bikes but only in parks and recreational areas, while covered head to toe and accompanied by male relative, for recreational purposes only
  26. Happy Easter!
  27. Snap chat
  28. Pandora complaint
  29. In Charlotte
  30. Have a blessed Good Friday!
  31. Va. Officers refused service at restaurant
  32. Good News
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  35. As of today......
  36. Happy Passover!
  37. Happy Holy Week!
  38. Imagine a world without hate
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  40. This is an outrage!
  41. gun control
  42. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  43. Happy Ides of March!
  44. Happy Pi Day!
  45. The Law Enforcement Engineer
  46. Mosquito the size of a quarter increasing in Florida
  47. Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow!
  48. Morgue puts pictures of unclaimed bodies online
  49. Police chief uses lie detector to keep racists off his force
  50. Happy Women's Day!
  51. Boyfriend pushes girlfriend off a cliff
  52. Scientists say Earth is hotter today than it has been for nearly all of the last 11,000 years
  53. Controversy over idea for calling new Kia car "Provo" which also refers to Provisiional Irish Republican Army
  54. Comet Pan-STARRS visible tonight with naked eye
  55. Five levels of lucky
  56. my dream office
  57. nobody needs an AR-15
  58. ATTN: Swamp Mafia and anyone close
  59. NYPD officers try to steer juvenile robbers away from crime by following them around and helping their families
  60. Shakes on a plane! FAA dismayed by Harlem shake plane dance on a plane
  61. Scope bit
  62. 10 least happy states: 41. Oklahoma 42. Indiana 43. Louisiana 44. Ohio 45. Alabama 46. Arkansas 47. Tennessee 48. Mississippi 49. Kentucky 50. West Virginia
  63. A Cop's Brain Trust
  64. Seattle uses software to predict when and where crimes will occur
  65. You and your spouse could spend your second honeymoon going to Mars!
  66. Nuclear bomb pulses help police solve cold cases
  67. Marijuana dealers face high tax rate
  68. Supreme Court will consider whether DNA can be taken from arrestees
  69. Arlington, TX police offer residents 24-hour live chat on website
  70. Men in kilts wash windows
  71. Homeless man returns diamond ring to woman who gave it to him by accident
  72. Services let people post to Facebook and Twitter even after they die
  73. Arm the Teachers, Custodians, and Cooks if it Will Save My Child from a Killer
  74. World's cutest frog
  75. Central US faces winter storm
  76. I lost s friend.
  77. Louisiana has the saddest twitterers
  78. Supreme court rules that police don't have to prove dogs' sniffs are up to snuff after they pass certification
  79. The HUDDLE Brings Clarity and Strength - Even in Policing
  80. NYPD creating step-by-step instructions for detective work
  81. Police enlist war tech in crime fight
  82. Happy Presidents Day!
  83. Cute dogs form a spinning pinwheel while drinking goat's milk
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  85. Bigfoot is real, says scientifically dubious study
  86. Happy VD
  87. Police Unity Tour Fundraiser
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  90. Sea slugs repeatedly copulate with disposable penises
  91. Asteroid that will come close to Earth tomorrow could be worth $195 billion
  92. Former sex slaves sell donated bras in Mozambique
  93. New Holster
  94. Confessions of a Police Instructor
  95. Question for Photobucket users.
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  97. NYPD frisks dropped by 22% in 2012
  98. 5 Cancers of Law Enforcement
  99. Male police officer apologizes for dressing up in hijab for Halloween
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  101. Pondering...
  102. Some fish can change their sex all the time
  103. Happy Groundhog Day!
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  105. Google posts policies about when it gives info to police
  106. For you Home Improvement Guys.
  107. Stamp prices rise by 1 cent today
  108. Prison Population Can Shrink When Police Crowd Streets
  109. Happy birthday, 213th!
  110. Dung beetles use the Milky Way to navigate
  111. Another interesting read
  112. Freedom From War The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World
  113. more gun control
  114. The Lone Ranger - Policings Gold Standard
  115. Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!
  116. The world would be a better place if everyone were nicer to each other
  117. Politically incorrest
  118. Sight Picture
  119. Why carry
  120. Gun control?
  121. McFly guitarist sings original song at his wedding
  122. ACLU alarmed about police accumulation of license plate records
  123. Mississippi Weather
  124. Happy birthday, bufford408!
  125. "Can I sit in the driver's seat of a police car?"
  126. Supreme Court to decide on whether refusal to answer police questions prior to arrest can be used against suspect
  127. Male to female transformation in 3 years
  128. Gangnam - Bobby Style.
  129. Concealed carry laws: Plenty of data to back up both sides
  130. A Bygone Time
  131. Supreme Court to rule on whether police can force DUI suspects to undergo blood tests without warrants
  132. Massive asteroid could hit Earth in 2036
  133. 2012 was warmest year on record in lower 48 states of the US
  134. Gun control
  135. Flipping the bird at a cop doesn't warrant arrest, federal court rules
  136. New State Mottos:
  137. Dumb Ways To Die...
  138. Happy birthday, E-Man!
  139. New Year's Day was the deadliest day for pedestrians and had the 5th highest number of car crash deaths between 1986 and 2002
  140. Happy New Year!
  141. Thanks
  142. Local governments reconsider take-home police cars
  143. Happy birthday, bayern!
  144. New York's homicides drop by 19.6% while Chicago's homicides rise by 15.6%
  145. 17-foot python interrupts picnic
  146. .Obama Orders Raise for Biden, Members of Congress, Federal Workers
  147. The irony of nature
  148. Animals in your area
  149. Jack Bauer interrogates Santa Claus
  150. What I got for Christmas...
  151. Happy birthday, Radar!
  152. To ALL my friends:
  153. Iowa Supreme court OKs firing employee for being sexually "irresistible"
  154. Bulletproof backpack sales skyrocketing
  155. My car believed in the Mayan Apocalypse. RIP "Lips" Eclipse
  156. Sexy Christmas-themed funeral home ad released
  157. New police vehicle could be SWAT truck, command post, or prisoner transport
  158. Parents fearing their kids may turn into mass murderers say they can't get appropriate help
  159. Happy birthday, Big Al!
  160. Toys For Tots... may not have enough
  161. Tackiest Hanukkah gifts
  162. Swarming police response in mall shooting highlights 'paradigm shift' since Columbine
  163. Happy 12/12/12!
  164. Police chase ram on the lam across downtown Des Moines
  165. Farmer ploughs 'will you marry me, Jody?' in 200-acre field - but manages to misspell her name
  166. Ducks jaywalk across highway full of cars
  167. Happy Holiday Season!
  168. Happy Chanukah!
  169. Dead whale rots near Malibu beach homes, as officials argue over who is responsible for disposing of it
  170. Confusion over implications of marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado
  171. Grow them nice in the Swamp :P
  172. For the deer hunters out there.
  173. Ever heard of WAZE?
  174. Stinkin' Obamacare!
  175. Shop with a Cop
  176. Child With Terminal Cancer Desire Christmas Cards from Emergency Personnel
  177. Random tourist takes Photo of NYPD officer giving boots to homeless man without knowing anyone was watching
  178. Happy birthday, Napalm!
  179. US had plans to nuke the moon
  180. Online Shopping FREE MONEY!!!
  181. Supreme Court rejects plea to ban taping of police in Illinois
  182. Happy Thanksgiving!
  183. Illinois may grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants
  184. Scientists say they found something "earthshaking" on Mars but won't say what it is
  185. Roadblocks to stop fleeing suspects challenged in federal case
  186. All-glass outdoor bathrooms let users see everyone outside while using the bathroom
  187. Happy Birthday Motorway!
  188. The post turtle.
  189. Happy Birthday, Marines!
  190. Norwegian mass murderer complains about his prison conditions
  191. Supreme Court to rule on whether police can collect DNA samples from arrestees
  192. New species of bright, beautiful tarantulas discovered in Brazil
  193. An open letter to the candidates for President
  194. Phantasm or other NYPD/NJ/NY officers
  195. Argument
  196. Profiling
  197. Bouncing ball with cameras and sensors will let LEOs and firefighters see inside dangerous buildings
  198. Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday
  199. Call Me Maybe!
  200. Dramatic NYC-style expressions make NY mayor's sign language interpreter at hurricane press conferences an internet hit
  201. Supreme Court considers limiting police detention powers in searches
  202. Eagle snatches crocodile who snatched lizard
  203. Girl dresses up as a different character every week
  204. Horse painted self-portrait
  205. What's the first gun you ever shot?
  206. Happy birthday, sgtbear111!
  207. Paintball pellets could prevent the Earth from being destroyed by asteroid
  208. TSA will test less intrusive "granny pat-downs" at 3 airports
  209. This makes me shake with anger
  210. Whales learning to talk
  211. Controversy over police drones
  212. Toy allows kids to display insect brain waves and make insect legs dance
  213. WWII negatives make history haunt the present
  214. Duck still alive after months with arrow stuck in its head
  215. Naked cave dweller denies that he is scaring people
  216. Pure Awesom
  217. Severed snake head tries to bite
  218. Happy birthday, Captain America!
  219. Zombies in New York City
  220. Mysterious giant eyeball washes ashore on South Florida beach
  221. British police seize cannabis plant that elderly couple claim they bought without knowing what it was and allowed to grow huge
  222. Well, here I am
  223. Daredevil will try to break sound barrier by skydiving from 23 miles above the Earth
  224. Homeless moms who plead guilty to felonies allowed to live in apts with their kids instead of jail
  225. Coyotes in urban Chicago; bears and lions could be next
  226. Happy birthday, Signal W!
  227. Police logs show US President Grant was arrested for speeding on his buggy through DC
  228. Severe winter storms will be given names
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  230. PTSD -- is it guaranteed or not
  231. How's the cheese?
  232. Maryland city's police to wear pink to raise breast cancer awareness
  233. What's you OCD?
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  235. Crash victim recovers from decapitation and thanks firefighters who saved her
  236. "You're weird."
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  238. May you be sealed for a good year on Yom Kippur!
  239. Two-headed snake with head at both ends
  240. Cow Town Cop.
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  242. Community courts use novel ways to handle low-level crimes, often with therapy instead of jail time
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  244. Happy first day of Autumn!
  245. Suggestions for improving neighborhoods
  246. 77-lb wiener dog goes on a diety
  247. Self-driving cars coming soon
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  249. Happy birthday, pgg!
  250. Is the "movie" an excuse?