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  1. Happy birthday, luckyme!
  2. Happy birthday, pgg!
  3. Is the "movie" an excuse?
  4. Happy Rosh Hashanah!
  5. Happy Birthday Gopherpuckfan!
  6. Wells Fargo fires a man for using fake dime to run washing machine 50 years ago
  7. National Tell a Police Officer "THANK YOU" Day!
  8. Happy Birthday, Thirdwatch!
  9. Sheep and goats brought in to clear brush at Atlanta airport
  10. Man saves same stranger twice, 8 years apart
  11. New monkey species identified in Africa
  12. Attacks on US consulate in Libya may have been planned by terrorists
  13. Robots assist police after barricaded suspect kills officer
  14. Note from man who died at the WTC on 9-11 given to his family a decade later
  15. Life's little joys
  16. USDA workers scared of going to Mexico to inspect cattle
  17. Georgia SWAT team dances while directing traffic at Democratic Convention in Charlotte
  18. Why does Social Security need 174,000 bullets?
  19. Democrat Convention.
  20. Happy birthday, Pudge!
  21. Couple in Britain arrested for injuring burglars who broke into their home
  22. Happy Labor Day!
  23. MDA Telethon
  24. Happy birthday, smokey703!
  25. Blades
  26. Happy birthday, snuffy2202!
  27. Blue moon to appear tonight
  28. Happy birthday, Autumn2009!
  29. Swamp Mafia
  30. Puerto Rico
  31. Isaac now a category 1 hurricane following Katrina's path; may hit Gulf Coast on Katrina's 7th anniversary
  32. Isaac could become hurricane that threatens Florida and Louisiana
  33. Getting your Butt Chewed
  34. "Who's Your Daddy" mobile clinic offers paternity testing in New York starting at $299
  35. Happy birthday, Redmaster!
  36. Yesterday at WalMart.
  37. Seniors who fall prey to scams lose average of $140,500
  38. Drought makes it easier for police to find marijuana plants
  39. Happy Birthday, rob84!
  40. RIP Phyllis Diller.
  41. Crime-riddled NJ city considers getting rid of its police force
  42. Happy birthday, KaiGwyer!
  43. Progressive settles with accident victim's family after her brother's internet post, "My Sister Paid Progressive Insurance to Defend Her Killer In Court"
  44. Custody battle between rescuers and owner who abandoned injured dog for 8 days on a mountain
  45. Parental word of wisdom.
  46. License plate scanners could track religious practices, political activities, and affairs
  47. GM recalling over 38,000 police Impalas because a part could crack and make driver lose control
  48. Police use social networking to notify public about crimes, traffic accidents, and missing kids
  49. Happy birthday, armygrnt502!
  50. Happy Birthday, Reca!
  51. Hospital creates slideshow of 3,000 cats with purring sounds for 16-year-old cancer patient confined to hospital room for a month following bone marrow transplant
  52. Happy birthday, Takedown!
  53. Praying for Officers who are iinjuted in the line of Duty
  54. Happy Birthday, UNDERTAKER
  55. Awesome old photos
  56. Happy birthday, statebear!
  57. Soldier's Deck of Cards
  58. Fashion designer uses real people as models
  59. Two friends trying to travel from New York to Seattle on a bicycle and a skateboard
  60. British hotel replaces each room's Bible with a copy of erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey
  61. Happy birthday, bird1!
  62. Flight of a lifetime
  63. Over the top, or what
  64. Being an LEO... it's a family tradition
  65. Five guys take same photo every 5 years for 30 years
  66. Farm it Baby
  67. Happy birthday, CTR Man!
  68. Best line of the day.....
  69. My brother asked me a favor
  70. Prankster makes his wife scream by putting a rubber snake in the toilet, putting a fake mouse on a fishing rod, and waking her up in the car and claiming a truck is coming at them
  71. Awesome night!
  72. Happy birthday, 5-0Joe!
  73. British police will strap cameras to police dogs' heads
  74. To Cochese and any other from the movie theatre shooting
  75. New ride!
  76. Happy Birthday, irishmick!
  77. Happy Birthday, Aegis!
  78. Happy birthday, kay88!
  79. Happy Birthday, Ducky!
  80. Flash mob orchestra!
  81. Would it be appropriate.....
  82. Father and daughter LEOs patrol together in LA
  83. Officer Resource Site outage
  84. Happy birthday, BigDawg!
  85. This happened directly next to the daycare that I went to a a child
  86. Police using software to predict crimes, portable fingerprint scanners, and microphones positioned around a city to detect gunshots and triangulate their location
  87. Past 12 months warmest ever for the US
  88. Paul Harvey: "What is a policeman?"
  89. four hand guitar
  90. Needed: Good Backpack
  91. Happy Birthday, Buttercup!
  92. Iran: We Can Hit 35 US Bases in 'Minutes'
  93. Happy birthday, ManImBored!
  94. This lady is my hero
  95. America, Why I Love Her
  96. Happy birthday, John T. Chance!
  97. Have a good Independence Day!
  98. Insanity
  99. How do you beat the heat?
  100. Stupid Florida Judge and his decision about flashing brights
  102. So, what's Monthly Property Tax then?
  103. Hey Lew !! Since Your An Avid Bike Rider, I Think You'll Appreciate This Video.
  104. Lovely---just lovely
  105. Supreme Court strikes down key parts of Arizona law but still allows police to check immigration status while enforcing other laws
  106. TS Debby
  107. Happy birthday, Second Chance!
  108. Obama Asks People Getting Married To Forgo Gifts, Ask Their Guests To Donate To His Campaign InsteadÖ
  109. Happy Birthday, MacLean!!
  110. Truck opinions?
  111. Happy Father's Day!
  112. Arcade (new Games)
  113. Public Employee Use Of Social Networking
  114. 35th Anniversary
  115. Live Underwater Gulf Cam
  116. Commencement speech every HS grad should hear
  117. Bath Salts
  118. On this day in history...
  119. June 6th
  120. 6 of 11 Miss USA contestants couldn't name the Vice-President of the USA; 4 of 7 didn't know what color waves of grain are in "America the Beautiful"
  121. Happy birthday, warrants 1! :)
  122. States with the highest rate of depression: Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and West Virginia
  123. Great Book
  124. Vacation time!
  125. Recommended iPad Apps?
  126. Smart Phone suggestions
  127. Happy Birthday, Wolven!
  128. 150th anniversary of Taps
  129. Welcome to the new forums
  130. Happy birthday, astier!
  131. Glenn Beck - LEAVE THE COPS ALONE!
  132. Teenagers Hold Up Restaurant As A 'Prank'
  133. Site outage/upgrade
  134. A week for remembering...and thankfulness
  135. All you Mothers!
  136. Happy Birthday, RSA!!!!
  137. Happy birthday, Knight Who Says "Ni"!
  138. Happy birthday, BEK!
  139. Buy a Brick from Osama bin Ladenís House for a Nickel
  140. Happy Cinco de Mayo!
  141. Glock Maintenance
  142. Lion tries to eat baby but can't because of a glass divider
  143. Happy birthday, GirlinBrown!
  144. Who The Hell
  145. Junior Seau found dead
  146. Still no explanation for why British spy was found dead, his naked body padlocked inside a carrying bag stowed in the bathtub
  147. New Bumper sticker
  148. Just for Jenna
  149. Man climbs 20 meter scaffold to watch dance music festival and falls, but suffers no serious injury,
  150. Looking for an agent.
  151. Police depts wait for FAA clearance to fly drones
  152. World Trade Center will return as tallest building in New York City
  153. Police in standoff with survivalist murder in his underground bunker suspect
  154. I'm back!
  155. Vacation trip.
  156. Rush on to find fragments of California meteor
  157. Happy birthday, Deputy29!
  158. St. Paul Sgt Honored Post-Humously
  159. Canadian officers over-worked, underpaid, stressed-out
  160. Happy Earth Day!
  161. Happy birthday, pc830cop!
  162. Happy Birthday, IMGreat101!
  163. Excellent vid.
  164. The real story of Goldilocks
  165. What's your favorite position?
  166. Best Groomsman Gift EVAH!!!
  167. Espanol for Law Enforcement
  168. Happy Birthday, iso607!
  169. Red button leads to drama in quiet square in Belgium
  170. Dutch company introduces flying car/motorcycle
  171. Happy birthday, iso607!
  172. Fatal car accidents more common on tax day than other days
  173. Man stops NY subway fight by stepping between the fighters and casually eating cheddar Pringles
  174. Police keeping tabs on entrepreneurís nude maid service in staunchly conservative Texas city
  175. Baby Rhino is here!
  176. SITE NEWS
  177. US sees warmest March in history
  178. Happy birthday, Willowdared!
  179. Happy birthday, Code6!
  180. Happy Passover!
  181. Especially for Lew
  182. Lone resident of least populous town in the US sells the town to businessmen from Vietnam for $900,000
  183. Mega Millions lottery winner under stress, wants the press to leave her alone
  184. F my life
  185. Man who works as a flight attendant has collected 1,000 female flight attendant uniforms
  186. Police use of cell phone tracking increasing
  187. Lights will go out as Earth Hour is celebrated worldwide
  188. Decapitated snake head bites man
  189. Happy birthday, JAYBIRD33081!
  191. Welcome back!
  192. Can't Keep A Good Site Down
  193. It's good to be back!
  194. My Alabama Outdoors
  195. Florida law firm fires 14 employees for wearing orange shirts on payday
  196. Virtual Meet & Greet!!
  197. Happy birthday, 121Traffic!
  198. Weird Happenings
  199. What I really really really want to say
  200. crossdressing firemen
  201. Buying me a shootin'iron.
  202. Study finds police are more likely to be forgetful after at least 60 seconds of intense physical exertion
  203. Women demanding the right to vote, Lady Gaga style!
  204. Whatsapp
  205. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  206. Happy Ides of March!
  207. Happy Pi Day!
  208. Penguins fly first class on Delta
  209. World's tallest man finally stops growing at age 29, at 8 feet 3 inches
  210. LTI Ultralyte
  211. Bit of help
  212. Get ready to spring forward!
  213. Easiest case...
  214. Controversy over pants with washing instructions that say "GIVE IT TO YOUR WOMAN, ITíS HER JOB"
  215. Happy Women's Day!
  216. New Jersey state senator disguises himself as homeless man to spotlight shelters' discrimination against men
  217. The Police Wife Life
  218. Taser introduces tiny, sunglass-mounted videocameras for LEOs that automatically uploads videos to Amazon's cloud
  219. Happy Birthday, Bill9823!
  220. Chicago police preparing for demonstrations against G-8 and NATO
  221. Mayan Calendar
  222. Fed up, New Orleans looks to shake Murder City title
  223. As dollars dwindle, so have Michigan police ranks
  224. Spring is comimg!
  225. Threat of tornadoes in southern Indiana, southern Ohio, most of Kentucky, central Tennessee, northeastern Mississippi, and northwestern Alabama
  226. Usless Fact
  227. Happy Leap Day!
  228. Legal question of the week.
  229. Happy Birthday, Bob Loblaw!
  230. Jeffrey Dahmer's high school friend publishes graphic novel about the murderer's adolescence
  231. Mississippi Cop Onstage with Buffett
  232. New kind of legless amphibian discovered in India
  233. Woman collects bras for charity to women coming out of sex trafficking in Mozambique earn money in used clothing markets
  234. Happy Mardi Gras to the Swamp Mafia!
  235. Today we mourn the lost of a beloved friend
  236. Happy Presidents' Day!
  237. Purple squirrel found in Pennsylvania; no one knows why it's purple
  238. Police depts investing in gunfire sensors, flying drones, throwable robotic cameras, GPS equipped darts, and ipads
  239. Telemarketers will have to get written permission before making robocalls
  240. how cops are viewed
  241. Colombian police train rats to detect explosives
  242. Happy Valentines Day!
  243. Happy Birthday, adroitcuffs!
  244. Tougher body armor may be modeled on scales of a fish so tough that it cracks attacking piranhas' teeth
  245. LOL
  246. Thanks for the Referrals
  247. San Francisco Police Department releases "It Gets Better" video featuring LGBT LEOs
  248. This year sucks.
  249. Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen
  250. Happy Birthday, kjlaw!