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  1. "Human Barbie" gives her 7-year-old daughter voucher for liposuction, a year after giving her a voucher for breast augmentation
  2. Iran cracks down on Barbie peddlers, promotes doll with headcovering instead
  3. Geotrax
  4. Oldie -Goodie-why-why-why
  5. yuck factor
  6. I just wanted everyone to know
  7. Nearly 48,000 people killed in drug-related violence in Mexico over past 5 years
  8. Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!
  9. Allen West - War is Hell
  10. what is a policeman
  11. Happy birthday, bufford408!
  12. Newly discovered frog that fits on a dime takes the title of world's smallest vertebrate
  13. That's me done - now where#s my pipe & slippers?
  14. Thousands ride subways without pants on "No Pants Day"
  15. CPR the Vinnie Jones way
  16. Scientists mix genes from up to 6 different monkeys to form "chimeric" baby monkeys
  17. Animal shelter cat who survived euthanasia twice allowed to live and be adopted
  18. Bored
  19. Dumbing Down of America
  20. Happy birthday, E-man!
  21. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, bayern!
  22. Vertigo
  23. Motivation
  24. blackberry app
  25. Scott Walker Govenor of the year!
  26. Happy boxing day!
  27. Retired Officer, Army Vet loses service dog
  28. Do an old Louisiana boy a favor
  29. Merry Christmas!!
  30. Santa and the 2nd Amendment
  31. White Christmas
  32. Happy Christmas Eve!
  33. Happy Festivus!
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  35. Happy birthday, Radar!
  36. Happy First Day of Winter!
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  39. What do you make....
  40. Stomach flu
  41. suicide jumper
  42. Merry Christmas or as they say in memphis murry chrismus
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  45. pumpkin craving with .45
  46. Soldier's Silent Night
  47. Happy birthday, Big Al!
  48. NOPD Police Horse Getting Down on Bourbon St
  49. Happy birthday, thinblue2!
  50. Time names protester person of the year
  51. Holiday Home Rentals - San Diego Area
  52. RIP, Col. Potter
  53. working Christmas again.
  54. Extreme Kayaking
  55. A day at the range with L.A. County (retired).
  56. Hi guys. I'm back.
  57. Another Retirement
  58. My ride along.......
  60. SEC Championship Game......
  61. Former experimental lab beagles who lived in cages their whole lives see sunlight for the first time after being given to adoption organization
  62. Early Parole For Inmate Responsible For Troopers Death
  63. Happy birthday, Napalm!
  64. Call me a dinosaur...
  65. How do you deal?
  66. Poll respondents are more likely to approve of themselves than of Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, or Santa Claus
  67. What do you want for Christmas?
  68. Protesters and shoppers mix at Occupy Black Friday events
  69. Happy Thanksgiving!
  70. Thankful
  71. Have a happy Thanksgiving!
  72. Invited APEC banquet musician wearing Occupy T shirt sang protest song to Obama and 18 other world leaders for almost 45 minutes but got no reaction from them
  73. Things to ponder...
  74. I finally did it.
  75. I'm back!!!!!
  76. In the south- having a great time!
  77. The government may someday be able to read your mind
  78. Zookeepers criticized for separating "gay" male penguins to try to get them to mate with females
  79. Happy Veterans Day
  80. What do you think will happen at 11:11 on 11-11-11?
  81. Happy birthday Marines
  82. Corporal punishment of children banned in 31 countries
  83. Awesome rescue story.
  84. Supreme Court considering legality of LEOs secretly attaching GPS to suspects' cars without a warrant
  85. Site outage
  86. Video Girl Barbie and tattooed Barbie raise concerns
  87. US poverty at new high: 16 percent, or 49.1M
  88. Police officers sue for full amount of salary bonus for higher educational qualifications
  89. John Lennon's tooth sells for more than $31,000 at auction
  90. earthquake up in here
  91. We're getting an hour back tomorrow!
  92. Happy Birthday, Third Watch!
  93. Blue Hero Lights
  94. Gadhafi's Jewish New Yorker pen pal was visited by CIA and FBI, said he just collected famous autographs for fun
  95. Happy Halloween
  96. "All Hands on Deck" effort to blanket Washington DC with every available police officer working back-to-back shifts on designated weekends gets mixed reviews
  97. Cross in the sky
  98. Happy Halloween!
  99. Virtual Meet & Greet!!
  100. Top US foreclosure firm employees dressed up as impoverished foreclosed-upon former homeowners Halloween party
  101. Sussex police offers live internet broadcasts of everyday police work, to mixed reviews
  102. Happy birthday, Sarge405!
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  105. "We're a culture, not a costume" campaign
  106. Occupy Police and OccupyMARINES hope to attract police and military to the "Occupy" movement
  107. World's largest pumpkin weighs almost a ton, on display in New York
  108. College and cops...
  109. Thoughts on my situation?
  110. Anyone going to IACP?
  111. What's the worst squad car you've ever used?
  112. Rescue Dogs Used by MSP Airport PD
  113. BOLO
  114. Animals shrinking due to climate change
  115. Maybe Wednesday...
  116. Concerns about privacy of LEOs' DNA
  117. Online gamers take just a few days to solve AIDS research problem that researchers had been trying to solve for years
  118. San Diego establishes new confidential counseling programs to help with stress caused by police work and economic problems
  119. Happy birthday, Captain America!
  120. Two-faced cat still healthy at age 12
  121. Controversy over Police Video Cameras
  122. Bull Gores Spanish Matador Through The Face
  123. Happy Bithday MrDucky!
  124. RIP Steve Jobs
  125. All of you motorcycle riders...
  126. Happy birthday, txdm40!
  127. Happy birthday, Cidp24!
  128. Couragous-the movie
  129. Strange sorority fixation was link that led to anthrax suspect
  130. Former FBI interrogator writes book about how he interrogated Al Qaeda detainees
  131. The Onionís tweets about Capitol gunfire prompt panic, mockery
  132. FBI's terrorism search goes undersea
  133. Hallmark sells "Sorry you lost your job" greeting cards
  134. What do you think of having church attendance be an alternative to jail time or fine for misdemeanors?
  135. MS Cop Killer Parole Coming Up
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  137. Fighting terrorism in New York
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  140. Been away for a while.
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  142. Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  143. Happy Camper
  144. Virtual Meet & Greet!!
  145. Violent crime dropped 13.4% since 2001
  146. Awesome video
  147. Hola......
  148. Happy birthday, Pedro56!
  149. Happy birthday, Luckyme!
  150. Happy birthday, pgg!
  151. Very Important!!!
  152. Cat last seen in Colorado found in New York
  153. Australian passports now offer option to check "X" for people of third gender
  154. Happy birthday, Gopherpuckfan!
  155. Happy birthday, Thridwatch!
  156. States that restrict 16-year-old drivers' number of passengers, night time driving, and cell phone use have lower rate of fatal crashes for those drivers
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  158. Poverty rate rises to 15% of US population and 22% of US children
  159. The day the world changed
  160. 9/11
  161. Free steak dinner
  162. I, Robot, can help during disasters
  163. School?
  164. Happy Labor Day!
  165. Trooper fired.
  166. Weathering the storms.
  167. Happy birthday, Pudge!
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  170. New York man lives in 78 square foot apartment
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  172. I plan on shooting up a storm!
  173. Plea Deals
  174. Graduated my academy on Friday!
  175. Extreme Couponing?
  176. Dumb-ass quote of the day . . .
  177. Cadillac Escalade most popular with car thieves
  178. Since I forced my rant on you/humor??
  179. APATHY
  180. Vacation state observations.
  181. That final gift...
  182. 15% of US population on food stamps, an increase of 74% since 2007
  183. In Libya, even the news anchor practices open carry of a firearm
  184. What Is The Most Unusual Government Job That You HAve Ever Heard Of?
  185. Sidewinder
  186. Kudos to APD
  187. Happy birthday, KaiGywer!
  188. What do you think of predictive policing?
  189. Destination: Wisc State Fair
  190. Seatbelt chime in CV's
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  192. Sergeants Rank(s) And Rank Insignia
  193. Free T-Shirts Given to Neo-Nazis Revealed a Secret Message After Being Washed
  194. Scientific evidence that we're descended from aliens?
  195. Communication challenge -- deaf & blind subject
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  197. Happy birthday, Reca!
  198. VACATION!!!
  199. Solar flare could disrupt communication on Earth
  200. Cutbacks force retreat in war on meth
  201. "Anonymous" hacker group posts Youtube video threatening to destroy Facebook
  202. No child left behind?
  203. Happy 20th birthday, World Wide Web!
  204. Mike Huckabee criticized for selling cartoon about 9/11 attacks on 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks
  205. Probe finds evidence of possible water on Mars
  206. Happy 50th birthday, President Barack Obama!
  207. National Night Out
  208. Homeless Population?
  209. An exemplary CCW encounter
  210. Electric Patrol Veh?
  211. Puppy fakes own death from another dog's bite
  212. Nerve Injury?
  213. Happy birthday, bird1!
  214. South Dakota town on sale for $799,000
  215. STD?
  216. Happy birthday, CTR Man!
  217. Could this be what causes the end of the world in 2012? Researchers say they will know whether the "God particle" that created the universe exists by the end of 2012
  218. Going beyond the call of duty to save a child
  219. Cure Your Fear of the Dentist
  220. Officer to wear kilt for a good cause
  221. Journalists: Friend or Foe?
  222. Internet Policy
  223. Even when it sucks, it's great
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  225. It's Wisconsin, for crying out loud!
  226. Go Figure
  227. Grand Prairie Police Motorcycle Rodeo
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  230. Happy birthday, Ducky!
  231. College Football......
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  233. Negligent Discharge
  234. "Impressions & Observations" of Secret Service personnel assigned to guard U.S. Presidents
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  236. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin
  237. This is pretty awesome
  238. Fundraiser/Car show
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  242. Neighbors who can't get along...
  243. Harassment with the assistance of the Police.
  244. Happy Good Riddance Day
  245. Project
  247. Anyone here commute by motorcycle?
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  250. Hey