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  1. 120-hour flight powered only by solar energy planned
  2. A great book recomendation
  3. Happy birthday, iso607!
  4. Happy birthday, Code6!
  5. Ukraine's dolphins will serve Russia
  6. Happy birthday, Delon!
  7. Happy birthday, jcsdscott!
  8. Cop Sync 911 alerts 5 closest police officers on patrol regardless of jurisdiction during school emergencies
  9. How to get a confession.
  10. Happy birthday, 121Traffic!
  11. Happy United Nations International Day of Happiness!
  12. School bans 9-year-old's "My Little Pony" backpack because it triggers bullying
  13. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  14. Happy Pi Day!
  15. Happy Daylight Savings Time!
  16. Dallas Pets Alive! is 'muttbombing' Instagram users' photos to encourage people to adopt shelter dogs
  17. Girl Scout sells cookies outside pot dispensary: 117 boxes in 2 hours
  18. Happy Presidents' Day!
  19. Happy birthday, adroitcuffs!
  20. Man smashes windows of cop cars in Hollywood as Darth Vader and Superman look on
  21. I need your creative juices!!
  22. Happy birthday, kjlaw!
  23. How do you perceive this ?
  24. Happy birthday, Emily!
  25. Beer delivery drones grounded by FAA
  26. Snowy owl hit by bus blocks from the White House
  27. Happy birthday, krauty!
  28. Electrical accident leaves man with star-shaped cataracts in his eyes
  29. Happy birthday, 213th!
  30. Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!
  31. Officer stops to play football with lonely 10-year-old
  32. Kelly Thomas
  33. Wal-Mart Security tasers robber
  34. Tigerfish jumps out of lake and catches flying bird
  35. Plane crash survivor releases video footage he took as his plane crashed
  36. Lost my Best Friend.
  37. Happy birthday, E-man!
  38. Happy birthday, bayern!
  39. Happy birthday, Waz!
  40. Merry Christmas!
  41. Santa Tracker for the Kids
  42. Happy birthday, Radar!
  43. Happy birthday, K-9max!
  44. Happy birthday, kdpipes!
  45. Happy birthday, Big Al!
  46. Colorado town considers allowing residents to shoot down federal drones and claim $100 bounty per drone
  47. Eagle takes a selfie with stolen camera
  48. Man arrested over 1,500 times
  49. Black Friday / cyber Monday
  50. Happy Chanukah!
  51. Happy Thanksgiving
  52. Parents send teen who grew up in the US to Siberia for over 2 years as punishment
  53. More Defense surplus equipment heading to local police departments; ACLU concerned
  54. Supreme Court considers whether police can search home if one resident consents after another one refuses
  55. Durable boots
  56. Planes crash but all 11 people aboard survive by skydiving out
  57. TSA agent killed, two others injured, by shooter in LAX
  58. Learning another language
  59. Happy birthday, Sgtbear111!
  60. International Police Officer of the Year for risking his life to stop rampaging shooter
  61. Privacy Laws: Watch what you post about your Ex
  62. Hahahaha!!!
  63. Women Warriors
  64. An outrage!
  65. Happy birthday, Captain America!
  66. Tomorrow.
  67. Why we do the job.
  68. I see some serious similarities
  69. Living, breathing man will remain dead in the eyes of Ohio law
  70. The Party's over
  71. Hidden message from weather service: PLEASE PAY US
  72. Happy birthday, Cidp24!
  73. Full Circle
  74. Police get military vehicles
  75. C.O.P.S. Walk 2013
  76. Test
  77. Happy birthday, Mavriktu!
  78. Site downtime
  79. Thank a Leo day
  80. New species of legless, snakelike, previously undocumented lizard identified at LAX
  81. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!
  82. Ford introduces slower, gas-saving police car
  83. Happy birthday, luckyme!
  84. Happy birthday, pgg!
  85. Happy birthday, Gopherpuckfan!
  86. Happy birthday, Thirdwatch!
  87. Colorado flooding forces evacuations
  88. Happy birthday, Sanch!
  89. Chicago police expand foot patrols to 20 most dangerous areas
  90. Lobster has 6 claws
  91. Product review fun...
  92. Reservation humor...
  93. Artist creates faces from DNA left in public places
  94. Happy birthday, Pudge!
  95. London skyscraper accused of melting parts of a car and burning a hole in doormat
  96. Happy Labor Day!
  97. Half-red, half-black lobster found
  98. Happy birthday, smokey703!
  99. Happy birthday, snuffy2202!
  100. Kittens shut NY subways down for 90 minutes
  101. Happy birthday, Autumn2009!
  102. Shortest & tallest in your department?
  103. Blogger explains his suicide in intricate website that goes up the day he kills himself
  104. Tech that identifies faces in crowds under development
  105. More police cars are now SUVs
  106. Happy birthday, Rob84!
  107. FBI runs mass killer response training program for police
  108. Happy birthday, KaiGywer!
  109. 40 pythons confiscated from motel room
  110. Happy birthday, Tango Zulu 22!
  111. Out with the old....
  112. Happy birthday, Pamalama!
  113. How a Wife should Undress (Tutorial
  114. Happy birthday, Reca!
  115. Sexist girls' shirts discontinued after outcry
  116. Ohio troopers say their new shoes are safety hazards
  117. Newark, Islamabad, and Oakland rated world's unfriendliest cities in survey of Conde Nast Traveler readers
  118. Dead shark found in NYC subway car
  119. Bear steals restaurant's entire garbage dumpster
  120. Inmates run prisons in Honduras
  121. Global warming could cause more conflicts
  122. Queen Elizabeth prepared speech for WWIII in 1983
  123. Government reports TSA employee misconduct up 26% in 3 years
  124. Happy birthday, bird1!
  125. Inmates pay for nicer cells
  126. Snuffy The Seal
  127. Happy birthday, CTR Man!
  128. Police dogs get protective vests
  129. Homeless man finds wallet with $485 and turns it in to police
  130. Yup.
  131. Chicago police will go to homes of those most likely to commit violence and fall victim to violence and warn them
  132. Train could go from LA to NY in 45 minutes if new vacuum tube technology is developed
  133. New Ford police car system can automatically sound a chime, lock doors, and put up windows if someone approaches
  134. ACLU raises privacy concerns about police technology tracking drivers
  135. For hire: professional liars for job seekers
  136. Happy birthday, Irishmick!
  137. Boom !! There It Is !!
  138. Happy birthday, Aegis!
  139. Happy birthday, Ducky!
  140. CIA allows 9/11 mastermind to create new vacuum cleaner design plan in prison
  141. How to wash your hair in weightless environment
  142. Happy birthday, BigDawg!
  143. Mother receives message in a bottle sent by her daughter (who died at age 18) when she was 10
  144. Wife of hero NYPD officer who got stabbed in head joins Police Academy
  145. mids
  146. Happy birthday, Buttercup!
  147. Happy birthday, ManImBored!
  148. Happy Fourth of July!
  149. Buttercup the duck gets 3D printed foot
  150. Police overloaded with 911 calls
  151. Pittsburgh police and paramedic motorcyclists compete on 10 obstacle courses for charity
  152. Police train educators with school shooting drills
  153. Remote-controlled cockroaches created for search-and-rescue missions
  154. Prosecutors portray Zimmerman as vigilante who profiled Martin before killing him
  155. Biggest moon of 2013 will appear tonight
  156. Monkey attacks cop during traffic stop
  157. Happy first day of summer!
  158. Happy Birthday, MacLean!
  159. Doomsday preppers selling space in underground shelters and opening one as a tourist resort in the meantime
  160. Happy birthday, NavLaw!
  161. FBI uses drones in the US
  162. NASA wants you to help prevent asteroids from destroying Earth
  163. Small Ohio town's police Facebook page gains popularity
  164. Controversy over police use of state photo id databases
  165. Happy Father's Day!
  166. Firefighters and fire engines cut by federal budget sequester
  167. Teacher fired because her school fears violence from her abusive ex-husband
  168. Mom's got breast cancer
  169. Law allowing LEOs to look cell phone of driver in car accidents proposed by New Jersey state senator
  170. Deputy removes Doritos bag from endangered deer's head
  171. Article about your arrest not accurate
  172. How humans might look in 100,000 years
  173. Want to know why?
  174. Cat caught smuggling cell phones into Russian prison
  175. TSA won't allow passengers to carry small knives, souvenir bats, golf clubs and other sports equipment onto planes
  176. Bronx "ghetto tours" for Europeans canceled due to outrage
  177. Rat or rat-like rock found on Mars
  178. Controversy over teapot that looks like Hitler
  179. Tornadoes threaten Kansas, Oklahoma, and neighboring states
  180. Police herd sheep
  181. Rescuer of captive women doesn't want free burgers
  182. Lew's Next Vacation!
  183. Oregon counties' LEO shortage prompts governor to consider legislation declaring public safety emergency and imposing temporary income tax on counties to pay for more public safety workers
  184. Boy Scouts will accept openly gay boys
  185. Memorial Day
  186. Chicago puts rookies on foot beats
  187. Happy birthday Wolven.
  188. Collecting Donated Cell Phones For Domestic Abuse Victims
  189. Man kicked out of frequent flyer program for complaining too much takes case to Supreme Court
  190. NYPD's Low Arrest Rate From Stops Troubles Judge
  191. Hofstra student shot during hostage stand off - (Public Side)
  192. Astronaut sings "Ground Control to Major Tom" in space
  193. Happy birthday, narcodog!
  194. Dear Police Officer...
  195. Police cutbacks can decrease home values
  196. Girl with rare disease gets visit with police horses
  197. ‘World’s first 3-D printable handgun’ under fire
  198. A lighter moment at work...
  199. One-man police force protects small Michigan town
  200. Happy Star Wars Day
  201. Happy birthday, GirlinBrown!
  202. Amazing shadow show
  203. Sloth plays with cat--creepy or cute?
  204. How Law Enforcement can help Fight Childhood Cancer in 60 Seconds
  205. Fat kid tendencies.........or
  206. A lifetime first for me..........or
  207. Men deported from Saudi Arabia for being too handsome
  208. Happy birthday, Deputy29!
  209. Duty Gear Question
  210. But I just want to help people
  211. As a Cop, How Far are You Willing to Fly?
  212. One-way trips to Mars planned as reality show
  213. Happy Earth Day!
  214. Home sick
  215. The why and wherefores of emergency services...
  216. Happy birthday, pc830cop!
  217. Happy birthday, IMGreat!
  218. 3 planets that could be habitable discovered
  219. Rat-sized snail that eats car tires and can infect humans with deadly brain disease invading Florida
  220. Make Them Mad - Make Them Learn
  221. Happy Tax Day!
  222. Winter Storm Xerxes - April 14th, 2013
  223. Controversy over NYPD's "baiting" of thieves by leaving unattended items in public places
  224. Happy birthday, iso607!
  225. Smartphone lets NYPD see arrest files, police photos, and DMV data all at once
  226. Boot Polishing
  227. "Swatting" of celebrities endanger police and waste resources
  228. MSG Roy Benavidez MOH Recipient
  229. Forums Upgrade
  230. Police wear video cameras that upload automatically to central server
  231. Sing along songs
  232. Happy birthday, Code6!
  233. Super Police Instructor Man
  234. Eulogy to Del
  235. Saudi women now allowed to ride bikes but only in parks and recreational areas, while covered head to toe and accompanied by male relative, for recreational purposes only
  236. Happy Easter!
  237. Snap chat
  238. Pandora complaint
  239. In Charlotte
  240. Have a blessed Good Friday!
  241. Va. Officers refused service at restaurant
  242. Good News
  243. Happy birthday, Delon!
  244. Happy birthday, jcsdscott!
  245. As of today......
  246. Happy Passover!
  247. Happy Holy Week!
  248. Imagine a world without hate
  249. Happy birthday, 121Traffic!
  250. This is an outrage!