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  1. Caught in the cross hairs, magazines put Tucson on the cover
  2. Wisconsin expected to expand gun owner rights: paper
  3. Parents of dead Mexican teenager sue U.S. government
  4. Off duty carry questioned?
  5. Woman charged with battery on a police horse
  6. Scientists trying to clone, resurrect extinct mammoth
  7. Report about zodiac signs shifting by a month causes kerfluffle
  8. company sees opportunities in putting ads at bottom of airport security line bins
  9. Man fired shotgun at ceiling after catching ex in 'sexual encounter' with another man
  10. VA: Slap, not eat, kids okay
  11. Fox is responsible for shooting
  12. Proof a gun ban works....oh wait...
  13. City of Minneapolis challenging juries ruling in police shooting
  14. Authorities Search for Suspect in Wayne Co. Double Murder
  15. Mayor faces charges in sexting case
  16. 'Save My Brother First' Boy, 13, Sacrifices Life In Australian Flood
  17. Des Moines robber gives up on hold-up after clerk walks away
  18. OH man says he didn't know woman was dead during sex
  19. Church agrees to not protest slain child's funeral
  20. Southwest Airlines pilot holds plane for murder victim’s family
  21. Wife Shoots Husband In Genitals
  22. Electric motorcycles used as stealth crime-fighting tool
  23. Police Probe Wild Melee Caught On Tape NSFW video at link
  24. Justices to pot users: Be careful when you flush
  25. 1/12/2011 South Carolina Legislature Takes Aim at Renegade Mayor
  26. It's the Mental Illness, Stupid
  27. Lawmakers vote to ban picketing at Tucson funerals
  28. gold hollow points?
  29. Los Angeles gang police quit over financial rules
  30. One of the worst I've seen
  31. Judge sentences Tom DeLay to 3 years in prison
  32. Dallas man sues after what he thought was 'clean' alias lands him in jail for months
  33. Giffords shooting sparks gun law debate
  34. RIP Maj Winters
  35. Headless bodies found in Acapulco
  36. Sham wedding bride caught in bed with real boyfriend
  37. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot
  38. Dildo Bombs
  39. Incredible!
  40. School Shooting in Omaha Nebraska
  41. Disturbing video shows attacks on disabled victims
  42. Job Security
  43. Residents Stand Behind K9
  44. SWAT Sent To Winnetka School During ‘False Alarm’
  45. 'Fed up' 82-year-old nabs accused thieves
  46. Clowns Killed In Alleged Drug Gang Hit In Mexico
  47. Bad guys claiming to be cops kicked in the doors of at least two homes in Detroit robbing everyone
  48. Those crafty Jews!
  49. Man cited for speeding driving his pregnant wife to the hospital
  50. Disorderly Camel
  51. Burglar dies at scene
  52. No Charges for Cursing
  53. Self correcting behavior
  54. Hucklberry Finn - Censorship or a sign of the times?
  55. 30 days in jail for driving a cop killer
  56. Men accused of sexually assaulting a woman with a snake
  57. Slain Filipino councilman caught killer in family photo
  58. Really?! C'mon Trooper...
  59. Body Of Former Federal Official Found At Landfill
  60. Officer Shot During Attempted Sex Offender Arrest
  61. Increased Enforcment = Less Fatalities
  62. Mom Dead, 10 year old Son Suspect
  63. Navy Commander Revealed As Mastermind Behind Raunchy Videos
  64. New Breed of Brazen Criminals Killing Police - Article
  65. 2010 - A Deadly Year for Police (Preliminary Report)
  66. 'Repeat' Burglary Suspect Back In Jail
  67. Deputies: Fla. dad stabs 6-year-old son 20 times
  68. Discovery cancels Michael Jackson autopsy TV show
  69. Police called to Ford open prison after rioting
  70. Man Suspected of Firing at Ohio Police Dept. is Wounded in Shootout
  71. Flier Blames Tabasco Spill For Lewd Act
  72. "30 Rock," "Grey's Anatomy," "CSI," and "House" rank at top of list of shows that portray workplace ethics violations
  73. Sisters released from life sentences on the condition that one donate a kidney to the other
  74. High School student suspended, criminally charged for having a knife in her lunchbox
  75. DUI Checkpoints or Roving Patrols?
  76. Man playing real-life 'Frogger' hit by SUV
  77. Armed Citizen Story
  78. Mesa police find car in middle of the street, driver asleep
  79. Man forced to write apology letter to '(expletive) drug dealer'
  80. 'Green River Killer' Could Face New Murder Charge
  81. Drug gang suspects threaten 'war' in Guatemala
  82. Purse-Snatching Victim Chases, Kicks Thief
  83. Officer Saved by Body Armour
  84. Man Stole Video Game System From Teen's Casket
  85. Dayton Officer Thanks Good Samaritan
  86. Last Police Officer In Mexican Border Town Missing
  87. Not a good year...
  88. A teenager's simple act elevates all...
  89. Gunman dies following house siege
  90. Cops Use of Illegal Steroids A ' Big Problem '
  91. New mother surrenders infant to firefighters on Christmas Eve
  92. Alabama Town’s Failed Pension Is a Warning
  93. Police kill shotgun-toting man near Mormon temple
  94. Playboy's 84-year-oild Hugh Hefner engaged to 24-year-old former playmate
  95. Female suicide bomber kills 46 people in Pakistan
  96. Brave Staffordshire police dog starts retirement
  97. Mexico says its troops killed US man
  98. Litherland pensioner and his dog tackle burglar
  99. Suffolk prison absconder recaptured in Milton Keynes
  100. DUI task force draws scrutiny
  101. Mary Jane helps property values
  102. Deputy Threatened
  103. 'Idiot' firefighter ruins career by setting fire to colleague's house while playing a prank
  104. Swiss and Chilean Embassies suffer explosions
  105. French village which will 'survive 2012 Armageddon' plagued by visitors
  106. 2 Chicago Firefighters killed, dozen injured in a wall collapse
  107. "Noooooo!!!! Not the XBox!"
  108. Suspicious woman arrested in baby ward
  109. Need a Ride? Ask a Cop -- but You Might End Up in Jail
  110. Anonymous thief pays for stolen hammer, decades later
  111. Total lunar eclipse tonight
  112. Nonprofit hosts fundraiser for laid off cops
  113. Police Stripped of Tasers
  114. Another Armed Citizen
  115. DREAM act goes down in flames
  116. Congress approves repeal of DADT
  117. No action against farmer who accidentally shot burglars
  118. Man Castrates His Daughter's Boyrfriend
  119. Video Released of Robbery
  120. I gonna baste yo a**!
  121. kudos to WA Governor
  122. American Accused Of Trying To Sell F-5 To Iran
  123. What's Wrong Here?
  124. Another installment of "Making the criminal the victim"
  125. 'Queen' attempts to serve judge, threatens Troopers
  126. Florida HS basketball player could face charges for assaulting a ref
  127. Going postal...
  128. Police Officer Helps To Make Sure Family Has 'Blessed Christmas'
  129. Police officer cleared over Doncaster death crash
  130. Be careful about dating younger women...
  131. Pilot error blamed in July C-17 crash
  132. Robber killed at video store...
  133. Great story about Birmingham PD officer
  134. Vikings Metrodome collapses
  135. Another Darwin recipient...
  136. 16-year-old stowed away inside plane's wheel well and fell to his death
  137. Camaro Police Chase
  138. Man jailed for stabbing officer in Bracknell
  139. Southern cities hope to recruit officers from pool of recently axed N.J. police
  140. The duty of information
  141. Son drives SUV from restaurant into lake and saves parents trapped in their van in the lake
  142. Just when you thought you had heard it all
  143. Honor Roll student suspended for having hunting rifle in her trunk
  144. Burning Down the (Bomb) House
  145. “Charity Sex”: During The Holidays, Should Sex Be Treated As A Gift?
  146. We can't make this stuff up...
  147. Woman bites husbands tongue off
  148. Police find 3-foot gator during random license check at McDonalds
  149. 11 year old shooting champ - 1 Home invaders - 0
  150. Darwin claims another.
  151. Woman starts her house on fire, pounds a screwdriver into her chest with a hammer
  152. Have you been Naughty or Nice
  153. WikiLeaks fights to stay online amid attacks
  154. US deploys 'game-changer' weapon to Afghanistan
  155. Droid Does: Recover Stolen Cars
  156. Student finds out his name and picture were mistakenly put on wanted poster for murder suspect after googling himself
  157. Maine man with bombs, marijuana plants says firefighters wrongly entered house
  158. He couldn't see it coming
  159. Drunk-to-keep-warm defense works for Jackson man in DWI trial
  160. Female police chief killed in Mexico
  161. Man aims to cash in on Marine's storage-unit treasures
  162. Official: Student has hostages in Wis. high school
  163. Slick Willy...
  164. Surely you can't be serious
  165. All for the love of...
  166. Feds: Somali-born teen plotted car-bomb attack in Oregon's biggest city
  167. Some odd police calls stick with you, officials say
  168. Report: N Korea deploys missiles near S Korea border
  169. Saints Will Smith.......
  170. I simply do not have enough words
  171. Land of the Free (caution-this may be offensive to some)
  172. Home invasion fail
  173. "911 do u hv an emrgncy" ???
  174. 39-year-old man lives with his mom in a house the size of a parking lot in Japan
  175. TSA pat-down leaves Mich. man covered in urine
  176. North Korea artillery hits S.Korea island
  177. TSA agents talk about travelers smuggling a live penguin, a dead body, etc.
  178. Whatever works
  179. Dear Idiot Robbery Suspect, bet ya didn't see THAT coming!
  180. F22 found, Pilot still missing as wx delays search
  181. Couple Found Passed Out in Car As Baby Played with Methadone Bottle
  182. Suspected bomb bound for Germany found in Namibia: police
  183. Sheriff Joe's New 'Posse' Includes Hulk Lou Ferrigno, Steven Seagal
  184. America's Third War: Texas Strikes Back
  185. Homeless man turns in backpack with $3,300
  186. Clown Robs Woman on Toilet
  187. RIP Target
  188. Clearwater Man Posing As Police Officer Arrested
  189. Salvatore Giunta
  190. Teacher finds 17 bags of crack cocaine in 3-year-old girl's shoe after she complained about her foot hurting
  191. Teen Bake Sale Cut Short
  192. TSA Video
  193. Mother and two children killed, one in serious condition. All because some moron doesn't know how to slow the f*ck down.
  194. A New Jersey man gets seven years for being a responsible gun owner.
  195. Westboro protesters face jeers and slashed tires
  196. NYPD Iris Scanners
  197. O/R is not suprised, and quite pleased. POSER charged.
  198. Disturbing missing persons case in Ohio.
  199. Man attempts to run over woman after she says no
  200. Marine Runs Marathon in a Gas Mask to Raise Awareness for Disabled Veterans
  201. School Forces Boy To Take Flag Off Bike Officials Seek To Avoid Tension On Campus
  202. Open missing endangered child. ATL West Coast
  203. Inquest rules man shot by Sussex Police lawfully killed
  204. Arrest over fire extinguisher throwing at student march
  205. New Iowa Gun Law
  206. Robbery victim not such a victim after all
  207. Get an AK-47 With Your Truck Purchase at One Florida Dealership
  208. Goldfish will protect world leaders' water from terror attacks
  209. Scientists discover new self-cloning virgin birthed lizard species at Vietnamese lunch buffet
  210. Retired police dog with spinal cord disorder receives special wheelchair
  211. Veteran eat free at Applebee's on Veterans Day
  212. OnStar giving back.
  213. Man stabbed in the testicles in Chelsea bar attack
  214. Teen gets 12-month sentence for minor offense - and thug gets probation for raping her
  215. No one seems to know where mysterious missile launched near L.A. came from
  216. yet another taser death
  217. Witnesses, survivors rally to recognize WWII pilot's heroic act
  218. Man arrested after exposing self to deputy
  219. Accidental firing outside Taj
  220. Mom admits letting boy drive after she drank
  221. Cops: Schaumburg man charged with DUI after his car hit squad
  222. Mother of convicted pimp faces felony charges for linking to an explicit Internet site featuring son's 15-year-old victim
  223. Another "Taser Death."
  224. Simply a reason to rob and destroy....
  225. Exclusive: Man in disguise boards international flight
  226. Taunton man charged with hitting cop with SUV
  227. Pictured: The mother aged 10 who had baby with her 13-year-old cousin
  228. Third night of riots at prison complex near Doncaster
  229. Calif. Parole Jumper Tracked Down Via Facebook Page
  230. Oklahoma Voters Decide
  231. Police officer rescues dog from burning truck
  232. Oregan Man Wins Right to Flip Off Cops
  233. Photos of a grizzly bear chasing a bison down the road in Yellowstone
  234. Cheshire loan shark Paul Nicholson stripped of £1m
  235. Teen shot for prank
  236. Marine dies after defending his wife
  237. Uniformed Officer Denied Vote
  238. Thug who kicked terminally-ill grandfather in attack walks free from court
  239. Woman charged with neglecting elderly relative
  240. Afghan President Karzai criticises US-Russia drugs raid
  241. EDL To Join Far-Right Rally In Amsterdam
  242. School Trial Firearms Football
  243. Suspicious packages found on UPS aircraft
  244. 4-Year-Old Can Be Sued, Judge Rules in Bike Case
  245. Cotswold flasher bitten by victim's dog
  246. Aldgate firefighters were 'hostile', 7/7 inquests hear
  247. Women killed baby for interrupting facebook
  248. Wounded soldier returns home
  249. Two blondes, one dress - a recipe for a catfight
  250. Victoria police break up brothers' violent fight over size of steak