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  1. Police: Father dunked daughter's head underwater for refusing to say her ABC's
  2. Beer may be good for your bones!
  3. Rep. John Murtha dead
  4. Corpse found in plane after flight from New York to Japan
  5. Man exonerated of rape by DNA evidence after 14 years in prison teams up with his accuser to educate others
  6. Volunteers try to persuade underage girls to leave sex work during Super Bowl weekend
  7. Thoughts about a solution for people like this:
  8. Fugitive posts info on Facebook that enables police to find him
  9. Mid-Atlantic shuts down ahead of huge snow warning
  10. School shooting in Alabama
  11. 11 yr old girl gives birth in NE USA
  12. Sorry Charlie....we all know that game...
  13. Police Officer accused of committing crimes on duty
  14. Woman threatens contractor with a shotgun
  15. Nursing home employeed accused of abusing residents
  16. Family finds murdered sister 22 yrs later
  17. 12 yr old arrested for doodling on desk
  18. Brittany Murphy - Cause of death determined
  19. Obama's Kenyan Aunt Seeks Asylum Again, Awaits Ruling on Deportation
  20. Where's a rookie when you need one?
  21. Police Find Man, 15-Year-Old Daughter Drunk
  22. Milwaukee Mother Shoots Son During Prank
  23. Orlando Cop Accused of Fondling Lactating Woman
  24. Kenneth Shipp found guilty of capital murder
  25. Two-inch LEGO Police gun gets 4th-grader in trouble
  26. Mayor wants trial of accused 9/11 mastermind held in his small impoverished town because it might bring economic boost and lower crime
  27. Strange DUI arrest of Tennessee police officer
  28. Man Threatens Fort Collins (CO) Officer with Knife
  29. 4-6 thousand lbs of marijuana found in one tractor trailer during routine traffic stop by Pennsylvania State Police
  30. N.Y. Elementary School 'Fight Club' Uncovered by Student's Father
  31. Police impersonator allegedly deports woman
  32. Google to enlist NSA to help it ward off cyberattacks
  33. Woman who accused Holland attorney of sex crime still faces drunken driving charge
  34. Man killed by dogs after saving them from death
  35. Woman allegedly groped on Disney park ride
  36. Popular past time can turn dangerous and illegal
  37. Woman arrested for calling 911 four times about her cell phone
  38. France denies citizenship to a man because he allegedly forced his wife to wear a burqa
  39. Toyota Recall
  40. Emanuel Meets With Shriver After 'F-ing Retarded' Comment
  41. Obama responds to ire over 2nd anti-Vegas remark
  42. 2 JSO officers arrested for writing fake report
  43. Woman chases a bra, tuna thief
  44. Child Locked In Closet For Over A Year
  45. Man Hurt As Homemade Rocket Explodes
  46. Census chief works to calm deportation fears
  47. Priests on front lines of drug war in Mexico
  48. 'Obama Girl' Crush On President Faded Due To 'Broken Promises'
  49. Friend of lottery winner arrested on accessory charges
  50. Offender Fresh from Prison Pleads Guilty to Rape
  51. Cops: Mom overdosed with child in car
  52. White House reveals secret cooperation with AbdulMutallab family
  53. Intel chief: al-Qaeda likely to attempt attack
  54. Woman admits causing accident that injured 3
  55. Tailor makes bulletproof fashionable clothes
  56. German couple given asylum because Germany mandates public education
  57. Man burned in rocket sled stunt
  58. Detroit Police/ICE seize $1.3M worth of heroin
  59. Use of Twitter, Facebook rising among gang members
  60. Groundhog predicts 6 more weeks of winter; PETA wants groundhog replaced with a robot
  61. No Child Left Behind to be revamped
  62. Brother of Minneapolis PD Chief sentenced to prison
  63. From Coca to Cacao in Peru: Farmers switch from cocaine to chocolate
  64. Rabies outbreak among raccoons in New York City's Central Park
  65. American church group detained after trying to get Haitian children without passports to orphanage in the Dominican Republic
  66. China hits back at US over Taiwan weapons sale
  67. Puppy found nearly frozen in jet's cargo bay at JFK Airport is rescued
  68. Where there is a will, is there a way? You decide
  69. Actor Rip Torn arrested...again
  70. Controversy over Facebook photos of doctors smiling, drinking, and holding guns while aiding Haitian quake victims
  71. Lottery winner's remains found buried under driveway
  72. 743 lbs of marijuana found in septic tank truck full of human waste
  73. LODD Missouri Trooper's Partner Denied Benefits
  74. Police: Argument over "American Idol" leads to stabbing, arrest
  75. Another Airport Underwear Incident: Man caught at airport with 44 lizards in pants
  76. Survey: Brits think bacon comes from sheep
  77. Kansas Deputy Finds $1M During Traffic Stop
  78. Cell phone bans don't reduce accidents
  79. Political Bureaucracy Run Amok
  80. Man who shot at police refuses to take meds
  81. Police: Brook Park Trucker Watching Porn At Time Of Fatal Crash
  82. Priest accused of shoplifting butter, sofa cover
  83. Driver distracted by porn in fatal collision
  84. Anti-Acorn activists charged with illegally accessing senator's phone system in New Orleans
  85. The "Joker" goes to jail
  86. Deputy pulls man off train tracks moments before the train comes
  87. New federal prohibition against texting for drivers of commercial trucks and buses
  88. Homeless veteran who saved 5 in fire laid to rest
  89. Plane makes emergency landing after passenger tries to open door mid-flight during United flight from DC to Las Vegas
  90. Bank robber's getaway car sells for $165,000
  91. Ohio Wal-Mart Shopper Arrested on Charges of Urinating on $600-Worth of Steaks
  92. Murder okay if verbally abused.
  93. Ohio Police Chief Defends Driver Who Didn't Intervene in Roadside Rape
  94. Comedian Andy Dick Arrested for Alleged Sexual Abuse
  95. Survivor, apparently unhurt, rescued from rubble in Haiti after 11 days
  96. Photographers protest UK terrorism laws
  97. 13-year-old Saudi schoolgirl sentenced to 90 lashes after assaulting headmistress
  98. Teen's Charity Draws Lawsuit from McDonalds
  99. Is Mumia going to be excuted?
  100. TSA Plants Drugs on Passenger
  101. White House lost value in 2009
  102. 'Necrophiliacs' behind Haiti Facebook hoax
  103. A MAN has been banned from a public park - after he allegedly tried to have sex with a TREE.
  104. Package that forced closure of Lafayette's Peak to Peak contained Kermit the Frog
  105. A robbery that wasn't
  106. Police investigate girl's dog bites
  107. Her Crime? Sex Work in New Orleans
  108. Teens Charged In KCK Car Wash Robbery
  109. Couple that crashed White House refuse to answer questions
  110. Virginia shooting suspect surrenders
  111. Haiti
  112. Man Bites Off Cop's Nipple
  113. New law to be used in Peterson trial
  114. UN eyes internet tax
  115. Two "Miracle on the Hudson" flight survivors fall in love with each other
  116. GPS Fail!
  117. Start younger or get into better shape
  118. Is the American economy destined to fail?
  119. Driver with deputy behind him runs red light
  120. Why beer latest hope fight cancer
  121. Haitian Man Behind Second JFK Security Breach
  122. Wal-Mart fires 69-year-old former Marine
  123. Doomsday clock pushed back 1 minute
  124. US embassy apologizes to leftist Spanish politician who is angry that the FBI used his image to help create wanted poster showing how Osama Bin Laden might look now
  125. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to join forces to raise funds for Haiti
  126. Plano, TX: Two officers collide in early morning crash
  127. Sometimes It Does Snow in Alabama.
  128. How not to teach a lesson to teenage CJ students
  129. Florida deputies find 12-foot anaconda snake
  130. Obama Bank Fee to Hit 50 of the Biggest U.S. Financial Firms
  131. Baggy Pants Fail
  132. Earthquake devastates Haiti
  133. Texas executes man who shot Garland cop
  134. N.J. lawmakers approve bill legalizing medical marijuana
  135. Income based Traffic Fines
  136. Kidsí trinkets loaded with toxic metal
  137. Texas Tea Party Candidate Emerges for Governor - A Gun-Toting Registered Nurse
  138. More smaller departments getting K-9s
  139. Stop animation : Art Clokey dead at 88
  140. Judge Dismisses Pot Charge; Order 60#s Returned
  141. Man who caused rescreening of thousands of passengers by ducking under rope and walking the wrong way at Newark Airport arrested and released
  142. Top Muslim clerics issue fatwa against terrorism in Canada and the US
  143. Plane Passenger faces federal charges after writing comment card about fears of ending up on Gilligan's Island with no woman except Mrs. Thurston Howell III
  144. *Raw Video* K9 Apprehends Suspect at End of Chase in St. Paul
  145. Cop, family reunite after New Year's Day birth
  146. Man steals $50 from ex, tries to flee on Wal-Mart scooter
  147. At least 3 dead, 5 wounded in St Louis workplace shooting
  148. Don't speed in Switzerland
  149. No more test to be a Po Po in Chicago
  150. Homeland Security seeking more air marshals and visa screeners
  151. Hackers replace Spanish Prime Minister with Mr. Bean on EU Site and Text on Iranian President's site with note about Michael Jackson and Neda
  152. Balloon Boy's dad claims he was innocent of hoax but pleaded guilty to keep his family together
  153. Now thats a good dog.......:)
  154. Sheriff needed
  155. Why am I a cop? Cops have guns not firehoses
  156. Court upholds police pointing gun at lawful carrier
  157. Mother Accused of Tattooing Children
  158. Man Shoots Burglary Suspect
  159. Man uses baby as taser shield
  160. Biden on 2010: If GOP Succeeds, Itís ĎThe End of the Road for What Barack and I Are Trying to Doí
  161. Come on Man........LOL
  162. Police foil attempted assassination of Danish cartoonist who drew Mohammed
  163. Chinese navy wants an overseas base
  164. All Charges Dropped Against Guards in Blackwater Iraq Shooting
  165. Twitter co-founder new idea
  166. Rush taken to hospital
  167. Victoria police get extra search powers
  168. Party While You Pedal: Beer Biking in Amsterdam
  169. OK! OK! I'll be there in a minute. Geez!
  170. Man stabbed another to "see what it felt like"
  171. Times Square Evacuated due to suspicious van
  172. Christmas Miracle
  173. Debate over full-body scan machines at airports
  174. Robbery FAIL!!!
  175. Man saved by 11 year old granddaughter
  176. K9 Trackr still going strong
  177. Judge arms herself amid safety fears
  178. Elderly couple marries on Christmas Eve at Glen Carbon, Illinois retirement home
  179. LA homeless benefit from knockoff seizures
  180. Passengerís 911 call nets interstate DUI
  181. Inventor spends Christmas with his perfect woman - a £30,000 custom-made fembot
  182. Police: Man Broke Into Officer's Home
  183. Sex attacker, 11, secretly sent to primary school
  184. Come on Charlie.......lol
  185. Kidnapped girl rescued after police chase
  186. Passenger ignites fireworks at end of Northwest flight from Amsterdam to Detroit
  187. Man with Knife in Chest Walks into Diner, Orders Coffee
  188. Pope attacked during Christmas Eve mass by same woman who tried to attack him last Christmas Eve
  189. Driver praised for ramming patrol car in Utah
  190. More guns equal more crime? Not in 2009, FBI crime report shows.
  191. Stay calm, ya right........
  192. Ex-employee Kills two at Baton Rouge construction company
  193. "Balloon Boy" parents sentenced
  194. Man holds 5 hostage in Virginia post office
  195. Addison, TX: Local attorney arrested in Addison murder case
  196. UK fugitive keeps updating Facebook
  197. Woman rips man's genitals by grabbing, jerking
  198. Archaeologists discover home from the time of Jesus in the heart of Nazareth
  199. Pakistan court orders that two men have their noses and ears chopped off, after the two were convicted of doing the same to a young woman
  200. Not Receiving Emails and Internet on your Blackberry? Yeah a Lot of People Aren't.
  201. TOO FAT for a DUI
  202. Cat glued to highway
  203. Police treat 8 children to Christmas shopping spree
  204. NYPD officers rescue Brooklyn Bridge jumper
  205. CA city's police to wear head-mounted cameras
  206. Kansas man lifts car off of 6 year old girl
  207. HR 45? Is it Real & if it is, then what is its impact on all of us?
  208. It is 5:00 somewhere
  209. I want what these cats are smoking
  210. I don't get it
  211. Drunk 4-year-old boy steals neighbors Christmas presents
  212. What a CRAZY decade. Glad it's over.
  213. Money stolen from PA bank is mailed back
  214. Greempeace gets owned!
  215. Even in Idaho police work can be risky.
  216. Drunken Santa can't find his reindeer
  217. You have to love this..........:)
  218. Hahahaha!!
  219. Doctor, Wife Ticketed For Shoplifting At Macy's
  220. Congress Travels More, Public Pays - Lawmakers Ramp Up Taxpayer-Financed Journeys; Five Days in Scotland.
  221. Gun Hidden in Teddy Bear at DFW Airport
  222. Couple allowed children, animals to live in ubelievable filth
  223. Dell tech flashes woman with (her own) jubblies
  224. Judge backs studentís First Amendment rights Cruel remarks online are not unconstitutional
  225. Ok who's up for the next call for service?
  226. Back from combat, women struggle for acceptance
  227. Millionaire who fought off a knife-wielding burglar is jailed (while the intruder is let off) Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1235782/Millionaire-Munir-Hussain-fought-knife-wieldin
  228. Prayer Request
  229. NASA launches telescope to scan for threats to Earth
  230. Colorado's Green Rush: medical marijuana
  231. American hikers to stand trial in Iran
  232. Stephen King to Pay for Troops' Holiday Trip Home
  233. Rottweiler mauls, kills 2 yr old.
  234. 12 Most Creative Indoor Staircases
  235. Pregnant Woman Helps Pull Teens Off Officer
  236. Woman Arrested After Theft of Ambulance
  237. Man shot dead after trying to rob Marrero couple at gunpoint
  238. Man Dies After Choking on Bag of Pot During Arrest
  239. Toby Keith performs at Nobel Peace Prize concert, dismissing criticism about his support for war
  240. Al Qaeda spokesman offers condolences to "unintended Muslim victims"
  241. 46-year-old man tries to abduct 12-year-old girl while dressed as Santa and riding unicycle with Christmas candy
  242. Just When You Thought the Tiger Woods Fiasco Couldn't Get Any Worse: "Tiger Woods hired pricey prostitutes from madam"
  243. Tank fire in Norfolk, Nebraska
  244. The Ultimate In Frightening Cabinet Czars
  245. Deaf student bitten by police dog
  246. Times Square shooting leaves scam artist dead
  247. Officers save man from burning vehicle
  248. Man dressed like woman charged with trying to withdraw cash from motherís bank account
  249. Shooting Video Released
  250. Ohio executes inmate with one-drug injection