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  1. LA County considering reopening Hall of Justice
  2. Marijuana is a peaceful drug
  3. Wounded K9 released from hospital
  4. Chase involving taser, bean bags, and a dog
  5. Police ready for 'perfect storm'
  6. Introducing,,,,, a genius
  7. What Huckabee has to say about the WA shootings
  8. Lester Shubin, Developer of the Kevlar Vest and Drug/Explosive-Sniffing Dogs, Dies
  9. Suspect a moose...............
  10. Coloroado drivers beware..........:)
  11. Five dead in crash
  12. Gunman shoots mother and children before being killed by off duty officer
  13. Another officer throws it all away
  14. Text-a-Tip programs allow tipsters to help police
  15. 17 year old arrested for shooting mom with arrow
  16. Body of trapped spelunker won't be removed from cave
  17. Tiger Woods injured in Car Crash
  18. Overweight police sgt becomes competitive bodybuilder
  19. Dad locks kids in trunk while he runs an errand
  20. Shaq pays for funeral
  21. Whoopsy
  22. Toledo man fined for fake distress calls
  23. Wow....I wouldn't have guessed this.
  24. Ex-Doctor Injured After Bomb Explodes In Apartment
  25. T-Shirt Glorifying Cop Killer
  26. Navy Seals Charged in Capture of Terrorist
  27. Man spits toilet water at cop
  28. Another BART Officer, Suspect Bloodied In Scuffle
  29. TN Judge Blocks Law Allowing Guns in Bars
  30. Latest Tactic Against Taliban? Trash Talking!
  31. Facebook page encouraging beatings of redheads may have led to beating of 12-year-old
  32. Oldest female Marine laid to rest
  33. Upper-Bracket Tax May Be Needed for Afghan War Cost, Levin Says
  34. Delray, FL police officer fired over Ben and Jerry's ice cream
  35. Jenna! You ok?
  36. Thug gouged ex-girlfriend's eye and threw it off 8th-floor balcony in attack branded 'medieval in its barbarity' by judge
  37. Police: Money from Patterson ‘fundraiser' misused
  38. Police catch accused red-handed bank robber who fled by bus
  39. Shocker of the week: Movie Popcorn Has Lots of Calories, and If you Add Butter You Add Calories
  40. EWWWWW!
  41. No More Letters To Santa?
  42. Policeman missing as bridge collapses in Cumbria floods
  43. Video from CT police crash that kills two
  44. Not leaving a tip? You may be arrested
  45. Insect curator helping police with investigation of when 11 women were murdered
  46. Former Marine granted special request
  47. Father kills 15 year old son for molesting 3 year old
  48. Why War criminals should not be tried in Civilan Court
  49. Science confirms it: Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution
  50. Remote Control Ass- Just don't press eject on accident
  51. Patient cop vs tenacious kitty.
  52. Cincinatti Officers Involved in Suicide by Cop Incident
  53. Corpses to be flogged
  54. Police: Would-be ninja impaled by metal fence
  55. Georgia high school teacher accused of pursuing 'hit' on student
  56. Arkansas cop tases a 10 yr old girl
  57. Officer enters sewer to save kitten, who is then named after him
  58. Drilling for whiskey in the arctic
  59. Gasp, Racism during Walmart Arrest
  60. Cop car war heats up
  61. Secrecy raises fears of more Iran atom sites: IAEA
  62. Tenn. Trooper Suspended over Email
  63. NJ State Trooper Starts Coat Drive for Kids
  64. Gunshot query leads to drug bust
  65. Manager trains employees for hold up situations by hiring man to burst in during buisness hours and put a gun to someones head.
  66. L.A. County sheriff's deputies arrest 73-year-old tagging suspect
  67. Texas officer's partner describes gun battle with Fort Hood shooter
  68. East TN woman mistakes officer for Sonic waiter, faces DUI
  69. Police stop counting after discovery of 8,000-plus illegal mushrooms
  70. There's benefits to using the real thing
  71. Man fatally shot in apparent road rage clash
  72. This guy apparently doesn't know what alot of dispatchers are REALLY like.
  73. Fort Hood Shooter Paralyzed
  74. Ex UK soldier faces jail for finding a shotgun
  75. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed ect to be tried in N.Y.
  76. Students Arrested for Food Fight
  77. Facebook update provides alibi for robbery suspect
  78. Microsoft bans 1 million Xbox Live players
  79. Police: Mike Tyson In Scuffle At LA Airport
  80. Politicallly Correct: The end result?
  81. NJ Judge Says Quadriplegic Man Can Have Guns
  82. Ex. of a Hate Crime?
  83. Ohio Trooper Charged With DUI Once Honored By MADD
  84. Patrol: Abduction Suspect Arrest After Chase
  85. Florida Marine Reservist Allegedly Attacks Priest He Thought Was Terrorist
  86. John Allen Muhammad, D.C. sniper, loses Supreme Court appeal
  87. Lil Boosie back in jail
  88. A drive in the country put woman in a bullet's path
  89. Fenty uses police escort, clogs traffic on bike rides
  90. Connecticut's gum control laws are having little effect on the state's gum crimes
  91. Framed for child porn by....computer virus?
  92. Colo. Homeowner Finds Dead Body in Front Yard
  93. Topless Coffee Shop Owner Wants to Re-Open in Office Trailer
  94. 3 Women Shot to Death as They Sat in Car With Kids
  95. Asst. Fire Chief dinged for speeding to a fire call
  96. Man attends his own funeral after mix-up over identity of disfigured body in car crash
  97. Giant snake capture was a hoax?
  98. Cops: Wife Faked Own Abduction To Scam Hubby
  99. Police Officer Jumps Into River To Save Man's Life
  100. SUV almost hits elephant
  101. Man steals car to go to court on theft charge
  102. Van stolen 35 years ago in Wash. state recovered
  103. Here We Go Again , Mass Shooting In Orlanda, Fl.
  104. Cops Find Missing Baby Under Sitter's Bed
  105. Inmates save jail deputy from fellow inmates' attack
  106. 13 Dead , 30 Injured in Shooting at Fort Hood, Texas
  107. Tim Tebow Costume Winner
  108. Man stabs himself to get out of work
  109. Bubba the deer causes havoc on Halloween
  110. Two Detroit officers injured during arrest
  111. Off Duty Officer Beaten
  112. Feminine Hygiene Products Stolen
  113. Self Reporting DUI
  114. 1 dead in officer involved shooting
  115. Cincinnatti Officer Flips Vehicle
  116. Gun dealer doing his part to keep firearms in responsible hands
  117. Dallas SWAT Has More Gear Stolen - Part of a larger trend?
  118. School Nurses Give H1N1 Shot to Wrong Students
  119. 2 Women Accused In Death Of Underage Drinker
  120. Mugshot fun!
  121. Yale University Student Found Dead on Campus
  122. Arizona Jails Iraqi Driver Accused of Running Down Daughter With His Car
  123. Ohio Coroner's Office: 6 Bodies Found at Rapist's Home are Homicide Victims
  124. Canadians Beware!
  125. Well, here we go again.
  126. CNN: Dallas police cite drivers for not speaking english
  127. FBI investigates forgery claims against La. couple
  128. Military plane, helicopter collide off California
  129. Retired police officer attacked by bulldog
  130. Whizzinator leads to failed drug test, probation violation
  131. Et tu, Rahm?
  132. 2 Officer Attempt to Cover Up Wreck
  133. Murder victim identified 55 years later
  134. 106 Sex Offenders Arrested
  135. Copying & Pasting News, Content,
  136. So I asked myself what could be better than an actual headline reading "Unused bestiality law put to the test" and I have to say none. None more better
  137. If spending your lunch break in a cemetery with an 18-year old stripper and a box of sex toys is wrong, then subby doesn't want to be right
  138. You get pulled over for an illegal left turn. Do you C) Spit on the officer, make a racial slur, threaten him with the KKK and pee in the patrol car?
  139. TV presenter making documentary about badly-behaved students duck-taped to wall by badly-behaved students
  140. Chicago researcher invents bra that, in an emergency, can be removed to become a face mask. Disasters are going to be so much more fun from now on
  141. Man fights with sister, accidentally shoots his mother. Oh man you are SO grounded
  142. Obama honors fallen Americans at Dover
  143. Four Teens Facing Life For Richmond, CA Gang Rape
  144. Birmingham Mayor Guilty on 60 counts
  145. Even robbers are feeling the recession; opting for sharpies instead of ski masks
  146. Armed Men Steal $11,000 From Poker Game
  147. Too Fat To Kill? Man Uses Weight As Defense
  148. Technician Accused Of Taking Nude Photos Of Adults, Kids
  149. Fire Lt. Admits Trying To Set Up Akron's Mayor
  150. Suspect in Killing of Missouri Child Reportedly Is Teen Girl
  151. Police to Public: You May Know Killer of Florida Girl Found in Landfill
  152. Bigfoot Hunters Turn to Rugged W.Va. Wilderness
  153. A Subtle Hint From The Governator of CA
  154. 1 killed, 11 arrested in FBI raids in Dearborn, Detroit
  155. Five Virginia correctional officers charged in K-9 fondling
  156. Phillies fan arrested for sex-for-tickets offer
  157. Couple alive with only minor injuries after car pinned them to their bed for almost an hour
  158. Stupid Criminal #2
  159. Stupid Criminal #1
  160. No Right to Self Defense
  161. Laptop use blamed for Northwest plane overshooting its destination
  162. Convicted murderer sues former hostage
  163. Murder rate is down in Detroit
  164. National Breaking News search News News 'Incompetent' woman caused two fatal crashes at same spot
  165. 5 Charged With Torturing Home Loan Agents
  166. Now that's determination
  167. 2011 chevy caprice PPV
  168. FBI: 50 Children Rescued From Prostitution in National Sting
  169. Profit Margins of Health Insurance Companies
  170. House bill to ease retired LEO concealed carry
  171. Vomit Alert
  172. I would've paid to be there
  173. That boy ain't right
  174. Ohhh.....it's on now
  175. Ahh....yeah.....ok
  176. Victim fail
  177. Police respond to hair salon robbery, thankfully nobody dyed
  178. Bears at Yosemite prefer mini vans over picnic baskets
  179. Man who listed "robbery" as his occupation sent to prison
  180. Concealed Carry permit holders adopt a MN highway
  181. Man drops his pants and flees from the cops
  182. Hotel owner requires employees to speak english
  183. Death row may go private in Arizona
  184. Tired From A Tough Hike? Rescuers Fear Yuppie 911
  185. Harvard: Lab Workers Poisoned By Tainted Coffee
  186. 7 Injured In Gunfire At Ohio Bar
  187. Off-duty British LEO reports strange figures at crop circle to paranormal experts
  188. 60 lashes ordered for Saudi woman journalist
  189. 2010 Masters Cancelled
  190. Sex offenders have mandatory meeting on halloween
  191. LAPD Opens New Building
  192. Teen girl found on NY streets says she can't remember her name or anything about herself
  193. Dallas Police Chief: Dozens of tickets written for not speaking english
  194. Cross Admits Coke Use Near Obama
  195. Kidman: Hollywood May Contribute to Violence.
  196. MN Man Admits to Driving Drunk......
  197. 70 year old motel guest shoots and kills armed robber.
  198. Woman Makes Fake 911 Call , Then Dies
  199. Driver downs drink as cops arrest him
  200. 92 year old woman in wheelchair arrested in Spain for smuggling cocaine
  201. Bullet-resistant clothes to go high fashion?
  202. Robber hugs and prays with clerk, leaves with $20, and then turns himself in
  203. Crime-fighting leech cracks case
  204. Anti-Death-Penalty group releases report arguing that death penalty wastes money
  205. Top US scientist charged with trying to sell secrets to Israel
  206. Obama's New Marijuana Policy
  207. Firefighter suspended for refusing to peel American flag sticker from locker
  208. Gangsters shot down police chopper in Rio, 12 killed
  209. Global Warming?
  210. Trooper recieves shock
  211. Woman busted trying to educate kids
  212. 6-year-old sells her toys to buy bullet-proof vests for K9 division
  213. Dallas UT college Police Officers sue for jobs back, after being fired for reporting Police Chief's misuse of State resources
  214. Officer on foot catches fleeing motorcycle
  215. Update on 5 B'ham Officers
  216. Woman Had 15 Abortions Over 17 Years
  217. Autistic boy saves his teacher's life
  218. Baby survives after falling under train
  219. Interracial couple denied marriage license in La.
  220. 6-year-old boy floats away in balloon
  221. ‘Lottery winner’ causes riot at Ohio coat store
  222. Don't want an MIP ticket? Just call 911.
  223. Talk About Laying Down on the Job
  224. Life in prison for murder of woman, child
  225. Paydirt
  226. 3 get life in prison for gang rape of Fla. mother
  227. 6 Year Old Suspended
  228. DNA leads to child rape/attempted murder suspect after 19 years
  229. Plain talk? Or Code?
  230. Roman Polanski - Depressed.
  231. State of WI paying for killer to get a new face
  232. Facial Recognition used to get terror suspects - ACLU unhappy about that
  233. Louisiana Cops Retirement System Probed
  234. Man accidently shoots fiance the night before their wedding
  235. Police searching for shooters in Toledo shootout
  236. Pistol Packing Preacher leaves church to fight for gun rights
  237. Dopers start their house on fire
  238. Police arrest self-styled ninja
  239. Napolitano be damned, Obama strips Arpaio of immigration enforcement.
  240. Napolitano on Terrorism - Al Q-type in U.S.
  241. Woman whose head was trapped under ice for 80 minutes, heart stopped, and body cooled to 56 F is now a doctor at the hospital that saved her
  242. Wisconsin Mom Strips in Front of Kids to Avoid Arrest, Then Exposes herself Again in the Squad Car
  243. Denver Dream - Our newest pro sports team. Women playing football in their undies.
  244. Obama for Heisman
  245. British hacker who broke into Pentagon and NASA computers to find info on UFOs facing extradition to the US
  246. How to turn a petty theft into a Felony Assault against a Police Chief and Felony Eluding... Driver Leads Police on Five-County, Two-Hour Chase
  247. Homeland Security Awards $1 Million Firefighter Grant to A.C.O.R.N., But Recent Halt in ACRON Funding Blocks Funds - For Now
  248. Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
  249. Dallas Morning News Feature Article - Flower Mound Citizen Police Academy
  250. Epic Victim Selection Fail