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  1. Life in prison for murder of woman, child
  2. Paydirt
  3. 3 get life in prison for gang rape of Fla. mother
  4. 6 Year Old Suspended
  5. DNA leads to child rape/attempted murder suspect after 19 years
  6. Plain talk? Or Code?
  7. Roman Polanski - Depressed.
  8. State of WI paying for killer to get a new face
  9. Facial Recognition used to get terror suspects - ACLU unhappy about that
  10. Louisiana Cops Retirement System Probed
  11. Man accidently shoots fiance the night before their wedding
  12. Police searching for shooters in Toledo shootout
  13. Pistol Packing Preacher leaves church to fight for gun rights
  14. Dopers start their house on fire
  15. Police arrest self-styled ninja
  16. Napolitano be damned, Obama strips Arpaio of immigration enforcement.
  17. Napolitano on Terrorism - Al Q-type in U.S.
  18. Woman whose head was trapped under ice for 80 minutes, heart stopped, and body cooled to 56 F is now a doctor at the hospital that saved her
  19. Wisconsin Mom Strips in Front of Kids to Avoid Arrest, Then Exposes herself Again in the Squad Car
  20. Denver Dream - Our newest pro sports team. Women playing football in their undies.
  21. Obama for Heisman
  22. British hacker who broke into Pentagon and NASA computers to find info on UFOs facing extradition to the US
  23. How to turn a petty theft into a Felony Assault against a Police Chief and Felony Eluding... Driver Leads Police on Five-County, Two-Hour Chase
  24. Homeland Security Awards $1 Million Firefighter Grant to A.C.O.R.N., But Recent Halt in ACRON Funding Blocks Funds - For Now
  25. Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
  26. Dallas Morning News Feature Article - Flower Mound Citizen Police Academy
  27. Epic Victim Selection Fail
  28. Little girl doesn't want her father to go to war
  29. Homeland Security considers screening for body signals at airports
  30. Elusive teen burglar becomes local legend
  31. Women spanking the monkey in front of football players is arrested
  32. Marijuana legalization advocates hold daily pot smoking rallies in New Hampshire
  33. "Horrorcore" singer suspected in killings
  34. Farmer sprays milk on policemen during a protest against falling milk prices. The picture on this is priceless
  35. Woman arrested for letting 13-year-old daughter ride inside cardboard box tied to top of a van with a clothes hanger
  36. Crime Prevention : An internet game?
  37. Rate a prostitute?
  38. Pack Of Raccoons Mauls 74-Year-Old Woman
  39. Football Game Ends With Heartwarming Touchdown
  40. Upcoming SCOTUS cases
  41. Star-crossed post-WWII lovers reunite and marry after 50-year separation
  42. Woman whose car sank in flood rescued by stranger whose father had died rescuing people from a sinking car 30 years ago
  43. 11 Things Wal-Mart Has Banned
  44. Afghan policeman fires on US troops, killing 2
  45. Couple Had Sex in Cop Car: Witness
  46. Brooks & Dunn truck breaks law and crashes
  47. non violent marijuana
  48. A small bust
  49. Rio wins host bid; Chicago was first out 2016 Olympics
  50. Bag of cocaine 'shot out' of suspect's body at St. Lucie County gas station when he relaxed, deputies say
  51. 11-Year-old Allegedly Led Police on High-Speed Chase
  52. Fort Pierce woman throws table leg through window, chokes boyfriend when he won't buy her more Natural Ice beer, police say
  53. David Letterman admits that he had sexual relationships with female employees and that someone tried to extort $2 million from him over the affairs...won't give names saying he must protect his family
  54. Woman Finds Officer in Her Bed
  55. Mechanic accused of fondling himself in customer's car
  56. Antartica not always frozen?
  57. Candy-gobbling kids may turn violent as adults
  58. Airplane "Scare"
  59. YIKES!!!!!
  60. Prescriptions now biggest cause of fatal drug overdoses
  61. Man could serve two years in prison for simulating sex act on a gumball machine.
  62. Don't Mess...
  63. Chinese Dwarfs Start Their Own Village
  64. Pranksters put giant testicles on soccer field. NSFW
  65. Man accused of selling steroids to Canby cop arrested on way to court
  66. Decapitation: School fete turns violent
  67. Sarasota man admits he put razor blades on bushes
  68. Ohio Highway Patrol seizes 31 pounds of marijuana
  69. High court to look at local gun control laws
  70. Another round of Victim selection fail...this time EPIC FAIL
  71. American jailed in Japan for trying to reclaim children from ex-wife
  73. Secret Service Probing Obama Assassination Poll on Facebook
  74. Another Shining Light...
  75. Homeless Sex Offenders
  76. 7 people arrested on suspicion of DWI
  77. Baton Rouge murder ranks in top 10 nationally
  78. Terrorists welcome in CA?
  79. Facebook accused of taking sides in international territorial disputes
  80. Deputy's Hand Severed by Axe Wielding Man
  81. Trucker Flips Rig While Masterbating
  82. Don't bring a knife to a soda fight
  83. Another Alaskan politician sentenced- Judge: "You've been partying and prison isn't supposed to be fun"
  84. Manson Follower Susan Atkins Dies
  85. FBI Arrests Man Accused in Dallas Skyscraper Bomb Plot
  86. Elementary School Students Taught to Sing Praises of President Obama
  87. Police in Philadelphia say a white officer who came to work with cornrows was ordered by a black superior to get a haircut
  88. FAIL: Police department discovers that their fancy new mobile command center worth $500,000 is illegal to drive in their state
  89. America, why I love her. Video(s) by John Wayne
  90. Jury: Denver cop not guilty of assault in head-slam
  91. Scientist dies of plague while trying to develop a stronger vaccine for it
  92. 88-year-old man fights would-be robbers ... and wins
  93. One of the Fired ACORN Workers in Video Reported Human Smuggling to Police
  94. Escaped inmate rappelled down building using bedsheets
  95. General Warns of Afghan Loss Without More U.S. Troops
  96. Terror Suspect Had Bomb Guide, Authorities Say
  97. South Carolina Mayor bans police from chasing suspects by vehicle or on foot
  98. EU artificial intelligence to monitor for "abnormal behaviour"
  99. Lucky tortoise survives busy motorway
  100. Firefighters promote Gangs?
  101. Burglar arrested after leaving his Facebook page on victim’s computer
  102. Killer Escapes During Field Trip
  103. Big Screens bad for the Enviroment?
  104. Prison guards demand right to complain online
  105. Bogus 911 call? That'll be $200
  106. WTF? Officer Arrested
  107. Mom panhandles for son's tuition money
  108. Best way NOT to get a cops attention when you have a revoked license: Don't drive naked on a motorcycle and drive drunk down the highway
  109. Muncie Police Department getting new dog thanks to Ozzy Osbourne
  110. Senate passes measure to allow gun transport on Amtrak
  111. Jimmy Carter says that if you call Obama a liar or a Nazi, you're racist.
  112. 12-year-old child bride died in Yemen after 3 days of labor, giving birth to stillborn
  113. Patrick Swayze Dies at 57
  114. Man cited for swearing in public
  115. Cops: (NYS) Trooper who fatally shot driver acted in self-defense
  116. "I would imagine that a lot of people would be wary of having their blood drawn by an officer on the hood of their police vehicle"
  117. One of Ben and Jerry's most popular ice creams 'Chubby Hubby' will be sold under the new name 'Hubby Hubby' for the month of September to celebrate gay marriage in the company's home state of Vermont.
  118. Obama Science Czar’s Plan To Sterilize Population Through Water Supply Already Happening
  119. Armless man led British police on a 100mph chase after jewellery raid
  120. Bank robbed by elderly man carrying an oxygen tank
  121. Comedian saves sheep raised by British primary school pupils from slaughter
  122. Police: 'Vampire Diaries' Actresses Flashed Drivers
  123. Where were you on Sept. 11, 2001?
  124. Not News: Woman gives son up for adoption. News: Ten years later they reunite using the internet. Eww: She has sex with him.
  125. County sheriff tells off woman who whines about being inconvenienced by soldier's funeral procession.
  126. City Council says yes to an officer removing a car stereo that's too noisy.
  127. From New York to Indiana, With Love.....Pedo Style. ---- aka....Kid tested, mother approved.
  128. U.N. wants a one world currency. Says dollar is too unstable
  129. 11 year old girl testifies that an 18-year-old sent inappropriate text messages to her. "Yes your honor. That's the guy who smilie faced all over me"
  130. Protip: Wearing women's lingerie and fishnet stockings and masturbating between cars at the Autoplex is no way to mark your 18th birthday, son. And don't even get me started about that pink dildo
  131. An administrator at the Atlantic High School in western Iowa has been placed on leave, pending an investigation into the alleged strip-search of five female students.
  132. 15-year-old Brooklyn boy shot himself in the penis Sunday after fumbling with a gun that had slid from his waistband
  133. Fuzzy logic: All cops do is bother people
  134. Parents honor dead son's wish with wedding at the end of his funeral
  135. Misprogrammed Fake Flash/Thumb/USB Drives That Misrepresent their Size to Windows are Rampant on eBay, Slipping Into Legitimate Supplies - Massive Data Loss is Result
  136. A road smooth as glass - because it is
  137. New giant rat species discovered
  138. Guy gets into girl's social network accounts, threatens to steal her identity if she doesn't send him nude photos. Dude, she's your cousin.
  139. Green Jobs Czar Resigns
  140. Libya paid Docs to say Lockerbie bomber had three months left
  141. Officer who wrote on his Facebook page that there should be a law allowing police to take people to jail for being "stupid" has resigned.
  142. If You're Going To Break Into A Car, Avoid The Ones In The Police Station Parking Lot
  143. I see your ping pong ball in anus and raise you an ass beating with a cheese grater
  144. Get Ready This Sunday In Philadelphia For The Tour De (No) Pants: Philadelphia's naked bike ride held this Sunday at dusk, finally uniting testicle with crepuscle
  145. Levi Johnston Accepts Offer To Pose for Playgirl Magazine
  146. Dying marine's photo published against will of family
  147. Baltimore PD, which claims its budget is so tight it can't afford radio batteries, provides 2,000 its cops with Smart Phones
  148. In case you're wondering, at a teen drinking party, pulling down your passed out friends pants and sticking a beer bottle in his butt and taking a picture, is not okay.
  149. Vermont teen gets reduced sentence in ‘sexting’ case: State recently decriminalizing sexting
  150. French lose their minds as schools ban traditional kisses on cheeks over swine flu: "If kissing is dangerous, are we to ban making love, or ask people to do it several metres apart?"
  151. Stranger slaps toddler in Wal-Mart
  152. Nun Charged with DWI after nearly Running over Kids
  153. Osage County Kansas Deputies
  154. If you see a bicyclist riding your son's stolen bike, don't run him over. Because you'll be pretty embarrassed if you're wrong about the bike
  155. Just for you Jenna: Teenagers 'filmed sex act fearing Large Hadron Collider doomsday'
  156. Can't afford gas, no problem...........:)
  157. Great job by a 4 legged LEO
  158. Good read on Traffic Stops
  159. How NOT to Rob A Jewelry Store with Sledgehammers
  160. Student suspended after telling Muslim student to stand up during the Pledge of Allegiance. Bonus: Also told her to "take that thing off her head"
  161. Darwin Award Of The Month
  162. The next gay rights movement?
  163. Envious of multitaskers? A new study says you shouldn't be
  164. Bill would give president emergency control of Internet
  165. Kidnapped Girl Re-Surfaces after 18 Years, Raised by Sex Offender
  166. Stimulus Checks Went to Inmates
  167. Atlantic City mayor halts use of police dogs
  168. Man Arrested For His 22nd Drunk Driving Offense
  169. Sex offender challenges "500 foot child safety zone" ordinance stating children could be anywhere
  170. 25 year old Deputy busted on-duty in Sex-For-Soda Prostitution Sting
  171. Goat found in trunk. painted purple and gold with a "4" shaved into it's side
  172. Ex Officer arrested for robbery
  173. Infant Skeletons Found in Tarrant County, Texas
  174. The Los Angeles County coroner has ruled Michael Jackson's death a homicide and a combination of drugs was the cause
  175. Iloilo farmer molests, kills neighbor's goat
  176. Breaking News: North Carolina Senator Shoots Man In His Home....The Man In His Home Accused Him Of Sexual Abuse A Decade Ago
  177. VA's "Death Book for Veterans" Renews Fears that the "Death Boards" Sarah Palin Fears May Take the Form of the Government Shaming the Seriously Ill Into Not Seeking Treatment Because They Are a Burden
  178. Oklahoma City police officers face charge in drive-by shooting
  179. Police: Officer Pretended To Be Twin For Sex: Victim Says She Was Held Down After Realization
  180. 'Cash for Clunkers' Program Benefits Foreign Automakers More, Reduced American Automakers' Overall Market Share, Data Shows
  181. Passersby try to rescue injured squirrel in Los Angeles
  182. Giant carnivorous plant discovered
  183. Reality show contestant charged with murdering former model and mutilating her so badly she could only be identified by her breast implants
  184. Iraqi FM warns of bigger, more powerful attacks
  185. Man rescued wife and child from fire only to murder his wife a month later
  186. Cop fired after waitress poses with rifle on car
  187. Former Lover of Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff Tells All in Book About Him.....HOLY TMI
  188. Company creates first ever recycled sex toys....go green for sex
  189. Study finds the average age at which low-income kids became sexually active is 12
  190. 2 fired from Best Buy for tackling knife wielding shoplifter
  191. Pack of abandoned pet dogs killed two people who walked by
  192. Novak Dead
  193. Deputy honored for saving woman's life
  194. Sex offender can't worship due to state law - is this constitutional?
  195. A Fitting End!!!
  196. Levi Johnston: "I'd pose nude if the price was right." Unzipped magazine: We'll give you the cover story, a full nude layout, and lots of cash. Oh boy...
  197. Research finds 90 percent of U.S. bills carry traces of cocaine
  198. Future of America College Student Races Down A Highway, Passing a Deputy at 153 MPH, And Crashes As He Attempts To Elude...He Wasn't Injured...go figure
  199. love seeing our olympic hopefuls getting arrested on multiple warrants
  200. how does this happen?
  201. courtroom basics
  202. Maricopa County Superior Court to review Sheriff Joe’s takeover of computer system that interlinks police and court agencies
  203. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps to be cited by Maryland police regarding a wreck
  204. Two Ohio Police Dispatchers Suspended For Forwarding Racist Obama Emails At Work
  205. Oklahoma Deputies Honored
  206. Burglar turns over stolen laptop to PD
  207. Girl, 13, accused of killing man after fight over milk
  208. Nobody recognizes Bob Dylan anymore
  209. Old Geezer teaches punks a lesson
  210. Mom in minivan tasered twice in Salina traffic stop; camera captures deputy's rough roadside arrest
  211. Spanish police have arrested an 18-year-old for allegedly trying to sell nude photographs of his 11-year-old sister in exchange for a car
  212. Thank You Denver-Area Cops
  213. Women Krazy Glue Mans Penis Over Cheating
  214. Yawn in Court - Get locked up
  215. British supermarket launches extra-large condoms just in case submitter decides to visit their country
  216. Man ticked for open carry
  217. Oregon Man Gets 19 Months For Killing Intruder
  219. Man impaled on shop window dies
  220. Get ready, Obama is promising an immigration reform bill this year
  221. Judge Reportedly Questioned Whether Woman Was Raped Because She Was "On Top"
  222. Formerly homeless concentration camp survivor bequeathed $150,000 to Hebrew University
  223. Lewisville, TX man accused of impersonating federal officer
  224. 7 Killed by Fleeing Driver
  225. Students who graduate early from high school will not receive a diploma, as it lessens the achievement of those who attend all four years. Way to punish the smart people.
  226. Random drug tests for athletes are approved in Illinois. Apparently high school students don't have as good a union as pro athletes do
  227. "All you people who drive gas-guzzling SUVs out there, you are all terrorists. You need to be immediately arrested, jailed, sent to prison and have your vehicles forcibly confiscated."
  228. The family of TV pitchman Billy Mays said they were never aware that he used cocaine and they were considering whether to have an independent review of an official autopsy.
  229. US and Britain plan to spend millions to get Afghan farmers not to plant opium poppy
  230. 9 missing after helicopter and small plane collide over the Hudson River
  231. Kenyan offers to trade goats and cows for Chelsea Clinton
  232. The cat made me look at child porn
  233. Officer investigated for background check on Obama
  234. Cocaine killed TV pitchman Billy Mays, autopsy finds
  235. 8-year-old son of Iraqi policeman home after terrorists abducted and tortured him for 2 years
  236. Hey, Sarge, I found this gun....
  237. LAPD Chief William Bratton Resigns...
  238. California Ordered By Federal Judicial Panel to Get Rid of 40,000 Inmates
  239. Don't tase me on my tractor, bro
  240. 5 die in gym shooting near Pittsburgh
  241. Young girls for centuries have used dolls to simulate motherhood, but one toy company may have taken it too far..Baby Glutton the breastfeeding doll
  242. Relatives of hatchet-wielding man who police shot say he wasn't violent and was only holding a tool he uses for his job
  243. Police: Bexar County "Deputy of the Year" was drunk and pulling people over in his patrol car
  244. Bride to spend honeymoon in jail because her behavior on "Bridezillas" was so over the top it violated her parole.
  245. Finally someone has the courage to say it: "MADD is no longer an organization that opposes drunk driving, but an anti-alcohol group that has been hijacked by the modern day temperance movement
  246. N. Korea releases 2 US journalists
  247. Terminator's women were not pleased.
  248. 19-year-old wraps cat in duct tape and blows it up with a firecracker under a traffic cone
  249. Nevada Supreme Court considers releasing O.J. Simpson from prison
  250. Vermont man misses his deceased dad so much, he digs him up and brings him back home. To his living room