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  1. Raleigh city councilman wants to make it illegal to park on your lawn.
  2. Mystery substance sickens La. cops
  3. German Autobahn: Pile-up Accident of 259 Cars injures 60 people, Cost Estimated at $2 Million
  4. $79 Billion and counting: Global Warming.
  5. Drunk driver parks on Michigan police post's lawn
  6. Any democrats here? Help me understand what the hell is happening.
  8. Dallas Man accused of locking kids ages 6, 10 and 11 in motel bathroom, starving and raping them for a year says he's the victim
  9. Pot Debate
  10. Beauty Pageant Gone Wrong
  11. Library of Congress Investigators: GIVE US OUR GUNS BACK!!!
  12. Burrito Bound ? Taco Bell Chihuahua Dies.
  13. National Concealed-Gun Carry Law Fails by 2 Votes in Senate - The Exact Number of Republician Defectors: Richard Lugar of Indiana and George Voinovich of Ohio
  14. Off-duty firefighters save boy from burning SUV
  15. Big Ben say it aint so
  16. Man Catches Fire After Being Tasered.
  17. Black scholar's arrest raises profiling questions
  18. LA State Troopers help family pay for son's funeral
  19. High School Wrestling Team Banned From Wearing Bikinis To Gather Attention To There Carwash
  20. Young kids busted by cops for selling lemonade without a permit
  21. Very simple "A HERO"
  22. Milan to enforce teen drink ban
  23. Wienermobile crashes into house
  24. O/R Member?
  25. Legendary TV Anchorman Walter Cronkite has died
  26. ATM Pepper Spray Defense
  27. Police Constable testifies how a 16-year-old girl kicked his arse eight ways to Sunday.
  28. Teen Eggs Cop Car With Cop In It.....high speed chase ensues
  29. Calling a coworker your "hottie honey," wanting wet t-shirt contests, and referring to a meeting that "was as much fun as the inside of a prom queen's thighs on prom night." It's good to be the boss.
  30. Terroist group to hold meeting at Chicago suburb Hilton..babysitting provided
  31. Old and busted: sexual harrassment. New hotness: textual harrassment
  32. Getting drunk at a resutarant, then exposing your buttocks and shaking your butt at families is a bad idea if you're a cop
  33. When a cop catches you and your teen girlfriend "parking" on the side of the road, it's probably best not to run over the officer about to bust you
  34. Man Breaks Into House and Has Anal Sex With Homeowner's Male Dog....Homeowner walks in and sees this sick freak in the act
  35. Police Chief denounces 'cowardly' iPhone users
  36. How Sacha Baron Cohen (AKA: Borat, AKA: Bruno) Keeps From Getting Sued
  37. Police shoot and kill man near US Capitol
  38. Criminal Cops without a Dash Cam BEWARE!!!
  39. Bank gettinbg robbed. Don't call 911, post about it on Twitter as it happens
  40. NYC invests nearly $1M in … typewriters
  41. Obama Loses His Words , Literally
  42. Wheels enable 3-legged sheep to keep walking
  43. Taekwondo athlete opens brothel to pay fo training for next Olympics
  44. America's next police car? GM to rebadge Pontiac G8 as Chevrolet Caprice
  45. 27,900 counts Accessory to Murder
  46. Kim Jong Il has pancreatic cancer.
  47. Texting Teen Falls Down Open Manhole on StatenIsland - Family Plans to Sue the City
  48. Study : Smoking Too Dangerous For Soldiers
  49. Mexico: police ambushed by gangs
  50. Not news: Police spokesman sends out mugshot to a TV station. News: It was the wrong photo. Oops: It was a naked woman.
  51. 56 year old nudist allows 15 year old to be nude around him, is accused of having sex with him
  52. Medicaid Defunding of Non-therapeutic Infant Circumcision - How your State can save $1,000,000 every year
  53. Sotomayor backers go after firefighter.
  54. This is wrong - American flag flown upside down as a protest
  55. Man Faces 99 Years for $3 Robbery, Gets Shot On Top of That
  56. NYPD Apprehends Superman
  57. If caller says to trash your hotel room, think twice
  58. Woman Sues Photography Company for Turning Over her Pot harvest Pics to Cops
  59. Numbers lining up...........:)
  60. Marijuana causes violence
  61. Lady hits worker, blames worker
  62. "America's Toughest Sheriff" Joe Arpaio refuses to cooperate with DOJ investigation on whether his office racially profiiles
  63. Investigators able to smuggle bomb-making materials past security at 10 federal buildings
  64. Put this in your pipe and smoke it: MPP running ad campaign suggesting decriminalization would be kind to cash-strapped California government
  65. ACLU sues city so that Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church can continue to yell 'God Hates Fags' at military funerals
  66. US officials eye North Korea in Cyber Attack on U.S., S. Korean Government Web Sites
  67. Auto Burglary Suspect Fatally Shot
  68. Drunken Breast-Feeding Arrest Touches Off Debate
  69. Officer Fired After Caught Kissing Chief On Dash Cam
  70. 7 USPS Employees Arrested In Drug Investigation
  71. Orem, UT police officer is a Crook
  72. Gwinnett police recruit has been charged with burglarizing an acquaintance's apartment while in uniform.
  73. NC Serial Killer Suspect Killed by Police
  74. British spy chief's cover blown on Facebook
  75. Caffeine Reverses Memory Impairment In Mice With Alzheimer's Symptoms
  76. Michael Jackson Wanted To Buy Octomom's Babies
  77. Woman calls 911 demanding "You got to round up all your cowboys" to pick up her loose cows, swears at 911 operator, gets ticket for 911 abuse
  78. Soldier who fought in pink boxers home for the 4th
  79. Safe Surrender: Fugitive program sees positive results
  80. Baaad news? Global warming now shrinking sheep
  81. Cops & Donuts
  82. Schwarzenegger wants to reduce auto theft crimes to a misdemeanor in CA.
  83. North Korea Launches, According to South.
  84. Teacher gives kids X-rated DVD
  85. Boston Police Officers punished in steroid inquiry after three year investigation
  86. Teacher Reprimanded For Sending Student Home With A Backpack Full Of Feces
  87. Police charge 'local artist' for drawing large phallus on the screen of a pricey plasma television inside a Colerain Township Sears store.
  88. There's No Such Thing as Free Health Care: A look at so-called free health care programs
  89. Unclassified FBI interviews conducted during Saddam's incarceration at a U.S. detention center show Saddam said he had WMDs out of fear of Iran
  90. California-based 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Judge admonished by Council for having "sexually explicit photos and videos" on his web site
  91. NYPD cop makes arrest moments after graduation
  92. Breaking News: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Resigns
  93. Police should translate DWI instructions into Spanish
  94. Idiot thought he could mess with squad car
  95. Healthcare Reform Plan - Compulsory Insurance
  96. The Infamous 2009 LimeWire Pizza Fiasco
  97. Daycare death
  98. Is This The Beginning Of The End Of The Obama/Mainstream Media Love Affair?
  99. Police dogs die in parked vehicle
  100. Britain Most Violent Country.
  101. By-the-mile road tax could replace by-the-gallon federal fuel tax
  102. Mississippi's still fattest state but Alabama closing in
  103. Daily sex makes for healthier sperm
  104. Cop who wrote tickets as the US Capitol was being evacuated and the World Trade Center burned retires after 34 years
  105. Man upset by McDonald's order calls 911 repeatedly
  106. An angry mob of around 60 people attacked several deputies attending a medical call at Manna Christian Mobile Home Park
  107. Internal EPA Memos Reveal the EPA May have 'Suppressed' Climate Change Report - GOP Senator Calls for Inquiry - "Cap and Trade" Energy Tax May be Dead
  108. High Court Rules Against Sotomayor Decision
  109. Officer Injured by Fleeing Suspect
  110. Fan says Phillies pitcher assaulted him over steroids remark
  111. The D.C. Department of Employment Services fires contractor who works with inner city youths, calling where he works the ghetto on Twitter, plus more
  112. Walter Cronkite’s Family Says “He Is Not Expected To Recuperate”
  113. Duke U. Official Caught in Alleged Child Sex Sting
  114. Billy Mays here, for Bakersville Casket Company!
  115. WTF! House holds moment of silence for MJ
  116. Pirate Hunting Cruises
  117. Teacher has sex with 12 year old student after family allows her to move in to there house
  118. Calling 911 For A Police Escort To See Rapper Lil' Wayne, Not Such A Good Idea
  119. America's most monitored city
  120. Terrorists Mirandized
  121. Faarah Fawcett succums from Cancer
  122. Breaking News: Michael Jackson Dead From a Heart Attack at 50 Years Old
  123. French Tourist Get Exciting Welcome
  124. Crock of Sh*t
  125. Swedish parents keep 2-year-old's gender secret
  126. Deputy takes mom to concert, vomits on concertgoers, refuses to leave, watches as mom gets into altercation with police officers.
  127. Iranian Election Protests, Pro or Con?
  128. Officer of the Year seriously injures Police Chief after finding him in his estranged wife's home
  129. You'll never guess what train needed a brake inspection???
  130. Firefighters accidentally set fire to their own station
  131. Terry Nichols Sues Over Prison Food
  132. High-Tech Crime Fighter Pays Off - Lewisville, TX Tests Automated License Plate Scanner Merged with Wanted/Stolen Database
  133. One of the problems with CA
  134. Sheriff's Dept suspends DNA testing
  135. 'Jon and Kate': The Big Announcement...We're Getting a Divorce
  136. Pic of Board Attorney Gets Officer in Trouble
  137. While Detroit Flounders, Louisiana Announces New Concept "V-Car" Factory. T. Boone Pickens said to be planning new enery distribution system for V-Car
  138. Rogert Ebert: "I am more concerned about the danger he (Bill O'Reilly) and others like him represent to a civil and peaceful society"
  139. OJ's last female girlfriend tells all in book detailing 13 years of abuse, cocaine, abortions, jealousy, possessiveness, manipulation, & rage
  140. Man arrested after using his "Geek Squad' employee badge to impersonate a state police officer and allegedly coerce a woman into sexual acts
  141. Borat star Sasha Cohen making waves in the gay and lesbian community with his new movie, Bruno
  142. Ender's kinda job
  143. Barbara Boxer Doing What She Does Best
  144. US Deploys Defenses for Possible N. Korean Missile Launch
  145. Should the city have your O/R login?
  146. K-9 Handlers Take Note: EPA Investigating "Spot-On" Type of Flea, Tick Meds for Side Effects Including Seizures, Death
  147. PETA Denounces Obama "executing" a fly during TV interview
  148. CO's not paid enough to endure this...
  149. Arizona Senate OKs guns in eateries serving booze
  150. Victim Fail...Man Impersonating Cop tries to stop dispatcher
  151. Pa. windfall: Cop finds $100 bills blowing in wind
  152. The rest of the story...in the case of the Trooper who stopped an ambulance with a patient on the way to the hospital
  153. First 'anti-stab' knife to go on sale in Britain
  154. Another Damn Susan Smith
  155. Security Guard Shoots Himself in the Buttocks
  156. Arizona Drunk Drivers Face Arrest at Fast Food Joints
  157. New city dress code requires employees to use deodorant and wear underwear. The mayor voted against the changes
  158. If you are working the drive thru window and are gonna spit in a cop's Egg McMuffin, don't leave 'stringy mucus' behind as evidence
  159. Gar Balls for everyone!!! - Fish that the "Swamp Mafia" will salivate over
  160. Another Border Tunnel
  161. Amish Homicide
  162. Sacramento Co, CA may get CCW permits.
  163. Video: Local Couple Gets Caught in Tornado
  164. Tucson police: UMC staff photographed patient's 'ambiguous genitalia'
  165. If you're going to stop your truck on the interstate and attack the man behind you with a weapon, make sure he isn't Secret Service first
  166. Teen with 47 IQ gets 100 years for fondling 6 year old neighbor
  167. Police ticket bicyclists who run stop signs...during a multiple sclerosis charity ride
  168. Dreamboat files lawsuit against Match.com after realizing all his witty emails that weren't getting a response were going to inactive profiles
  169. Police Station invaded by...Don't Look Lew!
  170. Man accused of exposing himself to small children through fence
  171. 6 Jacksonville police officers fired only one day after receving them, for conduct unbecoming an officer
  172. Body of Missing 5 Year Found in Shallow Grave
  173. 72 Year Old Woman Hit with Taser During Traffic Stop
  174. Ashton Kutcher calls for special ops action against North Korea
  175. Shock, awe greet Schwarzenegger's proposal to end welfare
  176. Solar panels help Ohio State Highway Patrol get green
  177. 10-Year-Old Girl Charged with Family Violence Assault for Fighting With Her 13-yo Sister in a Park
  178. Loan Officers Detail Wells Fargo's Blatantly Racist Subprime Loans
  179. AIDS infected, bloody, naked man trashes church....welcome to Seattle
  180. Safe Grad party to allow high school graduates to drink up to 10 alcoholic drinks with parents permission
  181. Police Records Clerks Fired For Searching For A Date
  182. New Orleans Mayor Held in China
  183. Think twice about "green" transportation
  184. Officer Tribute
  185. Strange: NY parking tickets pile up on van with dead driver
  186. Nevada brothel features male prostitutes
  187. Golfer busted for throwing a teen by the neck and crotch into a bush and then hitting him with a golf club. The price is wrong, biatch
  188. A recent study on racial preferences of online daters provides some interesting findings
  189. Officer's Wake
  190. Man Guilty In Wife's Honeymoon Death
  191. NY EMT Accused Of Posting Corpse Photo On Facebook
  192. Patient learns the female phlebotomist who had just kissed and groped his exposed penis was really a man.
  193. Tourette's most common in white kids, boys
  194. R.I. has highest rate of illicit drug use, survey finds
  195. Ruling allowing Taser use to get DNA sample
  196. Gang member sentenced to life in cop killing
  197. Did Someone Kill Bill ?
  198. U.S. Government Releases Locations of Nuclear Stockpiles
  199. 10,000 bees crowd wing of plane at Mass. airport
  200. Armed storekeeper stops would-be robber, gives him $40 and bread, and converts him to Islam
  201. Teen given citation for "imprudent speed" after crashing dad's Audi. Then has license suspended after posting video of wreck, where he was doing 160
  202. Student smokes a joint while reading a pro-marijuana essay to his class. Teacher not impressed
  203. New "anti-prison" lives up to its name as inmate escapes day after opening
  204. $1M bond for Trooper's death
  205. Two Persons Held in Officer's Murder
  206. California Officers Subdue Passenger on Flight
  207. Young Con Anthem
  208. An Aloha man, upset over juice missing from his order at McDonald's, calls 911 to complain
  209. Cops: Man arrested after putting video of robbery on YouTube
  210. It turns out that calling police to brag about slashing the tires on four patrol cars isn't such a good idea.
  211. Hello 911, I smell Insecticide!!!
  212. Oregon sheriff ordered to be a cadet again at 70
  213. Pizza man helps save Rape victim
  214. Threats against judges increasing
  215. Union leader says mayor is playing politics with injured officers
  216. State: We can't afford to pay police officers more. Cops: OK - well we'll stop issuing petty traffic violations and speeding tickets to raise revenue
  217. (NSFW) The Wet Spot: The truth about Asian massage parlors
  218. Trooper pulls over Ambulance en route to Hospital with a patient, arrests EMS worker
  219. Bible study prohibited in the home
  220. Teens everywhere rejoice as "Pulling Out" Rivals Condoms, according to one study
  221. Drew Peterson calls radio talk show from jail and ad-libs Mastercard commercial on-air, claiming you didn't do it but having to sit in jail: Priceless
  222. Police write 233 tickets before someone notices town's "No Parking" signs are fake
  223. Website runs an article on bicycle shops and events, with the cheeky headline "Put the fun between your legs." The sponsor, an anti-rape group...oops
  224. Report: British Teacher Fired for Writing Racy Novel About Her 'Favorite' Students...............WTF
  225. 911............:)
  226. Openly gay teen male voted prom queen at LA high school
  227. Texas Jury Rules that Frisco Man's Penis is a Deadly Weapon
  228. Tasing Minorities
  229. Detective, Suspect Shot In Calaveras County, California.
  230. Drunk guy gets into multiple wrecks, tries to escape from police. Hope he knows a good attorney. Oh wait, he is one...
  231. Woman blasts off boyfriend’s penis with firecrackers
  232. Man charged in repeated elevator urination in IRS building
  233. Houston Police Chase Car with Hood Over Windshield
  234. Father Killed Over Dinner Rolls
  235. Red light camera > Red and Blue
  236. Verizon Refuses to Connect Sheriff to Suicide Victim Till Phone Bill Paid
  237. Don't just talk about it, DO IT already!
  238. Police Officer, Civilian Injured Saving Child
  239. World's longest insect, smallest snake, caffeine-free coffee, and hairspray bacteria among new species found in 2008
  240. Computer Virus Strikes U.S. Marshals, FBI
  241. San Antonio Officer Pleads Guilty in Death of fellow officer
  242. protestors rally against ammunition bill in NY
  243. Neb. boy, 6, takes wheel after dad passes out
  244. Critics blast Milwaukee cops over serial killings
  245. Man Mows Down Traffic Cop to Avoid Parking Ticket
  246. Officers Find 555 lb Boy!
  247. Troops make large drug seizures in Afghan fighting
  248. Wash. state woman 1st death under new suicide law!
  249. Babies as Weapons...
  250. No Dress Code....