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  1. Barricaded Gunman in my city
  2. Where do the worst drivers live?
  3. "Unraise" for APD
  4. Who woulda guessed it
  5. Finally! The right kind of Gun legislation
  6. 5 B'ham Officers Fired
  7. Sheriff: Four were targeted
  8. Child rapist gets 29 years
  9. “Dog the Bounty Hunter” chases fugitive and causes rollover crash; suspect escapes
  10. Buffalo man endures three days in jail, $21,000 in legal fees and permanent nerve damage to thumb defending a friend from an off-duty cop.
  11. 19 stuns from Tasers not excessive in Patrick Lee's death, jury says
  12. Military Mom Refuses To Remove Flag From Window
  13. Sometimes we have to substitute parent adult children too...
  14. Sheriff: Louisiana Eighth Grader Planned School Shooting
  15. Tweet: We need an ambulance
  16. Mexican Officers Accused of Protecting Drug Cartel
  17. "We got horny and just wanted to fuck." That's no way to explain why you were having sex in a car while two little kids were in the back seat
  18. Washington Times Editorial: Cops gone wild; Too many police break the law during Police Week
  19. A suspected burglar was shot to death this morning after an encounter with police inside a Colorado Springs home
  20. Senate cuts police funding; shortly after cop tickets cars parked near statehouse....incoming
  21. N.C. teen accused of using banana in robbery attempt
  22. Kicking Cop Sells Gang-Life Clothing: Report
  23. Seattle wants more gay, lesbian tourists
  24. Lawmaker asks drug makers to tone down erectile dysfunction ads
  25. Scouts Set Leader Weight Limit
  26. Biden, well-known for his verbal gaffes, openly confirms the location of a secret hidden bunker that Cheney used after the 9/11 attacks
  27. Kidnapped Three Y/O Found in Mexico
  28. Smelliest..crook..ever..
  29. Price of Marijuana unfairly raised
  30. A party celebrating a candidate's mayoral victory ended with nearly a dozen police cars at the scene
  31. Marijuana potency surpasses 10 percent, U.S. says
  32. Where would you take a $100,000 check that is also a suicide note - to the cops or to the bank?
  33. Blue Jeans Get Police Chief Suspended
  34. Pastor gets the fear of God tasered into him by Arizona Border Police
  35. Chicago police: Chicago cops to be reviewed on attitude
  36. Men should hold onto dongs, due to recent slashes
  37. Craigslist dropping 'erotic services' ads - In other news, they're about to lose 90% of there site traffic
  38. White African-American sues for discrimination
  39. Hamburgers, hot dogs, brats and guns at picnic
  40. Partier busted for impersonating cop - by real officer
  41. 9/11 Police Aid Foundation on youtube
  42. Lucky Boater
  43. Guy tries to swim for it but it didn't work out too well!
  44. Pennsylvania bill would ban use of welfare benefits to buy alcohol
  45. A marijuana tax as the next new revenue stream?
  46. BREAKING NEWS: Drew Peterson arrested and charged with murdering his 3rd wife
  47. Grove City student suspended over gay porn video
  48. Click here to find out more! Text size: increase text sizedecrease text size Police goof in raid, city stalls on damages
  49. Nude photos of Former Police Chief Tumble from City Hall Ceiling in Krum, TX
  50. POT...the answer to our problems!
  51. Student Tased in Schoolyard Fight
  52. Drugs in Portugal: Did Decriminalization Work?
  53. Two other Florida prisons zapped visiting kids with stun guns
  54. Maine approves gay marriage...New Hampshire House to vote on gay marriage next
  55. Congressman sleeps on cot to save cash
  56. Fugitive robbery convict caught after 29 years on the run
  57. Gunshot victim gets face transplant
  58. Man begs doctors to undo penis enlargement surgery
  59. Man Arrested for Throwing Infant from Car
  60. PETA offers to spend six grand to fix potholes in city... if they can spraypaint "KFC Tortures Animals" on the repaired surface.
  61. Miley Cyrus Vows to Stay Virgin Until She Weds
  62. declared firearm stolen at airport
  63. "He [the officer] put my life in danger... I could have shot my shotgun... To me it's racial...": Cop puts a neighbor's old goal post on Craig's List
  64. NY Gov. settles racism lawsuit
  65. Girl beats off muggers with marching band baton
  66. Hydroxycut Herbal Diet Pill Recall Due to Liver Injuries
  67. Doylestown chief pleads guilty to assault
  68. Didn't take long for someone to try to cash in....
  69. Man Makes Four-Day Trip to Save Life of Badly Injured 6-Year-Old Girl With Intestines Exposed
  70. Woman, 2 Kids Found Dead In Gas-Soaked Wis. Home
  71. Impostor wanted by Dallas police also responded to calls in Arlington
  72. Wackjobs or Superheroes? You decide.
  73. Man struck and killed by Deputy's cruiser minutes after being released from jail
  74. Lazy Iraqi Police get Motivational Speech
  75. F-16s Buzz Lady Liberty, Put City on Edge
  76. Very dirty sex indeed.
  77. Illegal Aliens Delivering Prescription Drugs to Walmart Pharmacy...no wonder there drugs are cheap
  78. Old fart takes care of business
  79. Oregon Trooper Hits Speeding Jackpot
  80. Vanity plates catch ACLU's eye
  81. Wisconsin AG: Open Carry Allowed
  82. N.J. may renew effort to extradite fugitive Joanne Chesimard
  83. Michael Phelps is doing the breast stroke on Miss California
  84. Man arrested with child pornography after leering at children outside Covington library
  85. While you celebrate Earth Day, thank co-founder Ira Einhorn, who killed his girlfriend and hid her decomposing corpse inside his apartment
  86. "...a stripper allegedly used a vibrator to anally penetrate a fraternity pledge during an initiation party."
  87. Freddie Mac CFO David Kellerman Commits Suicide
  88. Teacher sends boy, 5, home with bag of poo
  89. Dog the Bounty Hunter' shot at in Colo. Springs
  90. Scientists discover a nearly Earth-sized planet
  91. Twelve year old boy is not only in college already, he's double majoring and has a 3.83 GPA, no chance of ever getting laid
  92. Police: There are 20 underage kids drinking in your house and your son wont let us in. May we enter?" Parent: "STFU and go away"
  93. Ex-Deputy Accused of Kidnapping, Assault
  94. Somali pirate arrives in NYC, awaits court hearing
  95. Gay Judge Perez Hilton: 'The Way Miss California Answered Her Gay Marriage Question Lost Her The Crown'
  96. Boy Allowed To Wear Rainbow Wristband Following Demands From The ACLU
  97. Baltimore is charging 1,200% annual interest on unpaid parking tickets. Naturally, someone has a problem with this
  98. Second Cop Killer Convicted
  99. With Presidents like this, we don't need spies: Obama Releases Classified CIA Memos
  100. Jamaican police end airliner hostage siege
  101. Dad's prostitute present for his 14-year-old son
  102. It's getting Warm Around Here
  103. Jackie Chan: "I'm not sure if it's good to have freedom or not."... "If you're too free... It's very chaotic."
  104. April Fools Joke Gone Bad
  105. MLK, Jr's children are shaking down the MLK Memorial Foundation for a $1 million "licensing fee" to print excerpts of his speech on the memorial
  106. Man charged for making phony bomb threat 911 calls because he wanted to see police and fire respond in real life like he sees on tv
  107. NYT columnist admits that "fag" is not necessarily an insult to legitimate butt pirates
  108. Captain Richard Phillips
  109. DHS Report on Right Wing Extremism Leaks to the Internet, Lumps 50% of the USA Population In with the likes of Tim McVeigh
  110. Mayor gets speeding warning, demands ticket
  111. Young girls walk in on four people having sex in Taco Bell bathroom
  112. After 22 years, unlikely duo crack murder case
  113. Man Bites Python
  114. Washington Judge busted for having sex w/ male prostitute
  115. Stockton man organizing militia if police layoffs happen
  116. Child abuse cases increasing
  117. NASA names treadmill after Colbert
  118. Snakes on a plane!
  119. Caveman stops armed robbery.
  120. School principal issued a citation for noise
  121. Another reason to hate television
  122. If the cops finally do manage to catch you after a high-speed pursuit, taking off all your clothes will not help
  123. If you've been waiting for the latest "how smoking marijuana led to my being an out-of-control drug addict whose life spiraled into the gutter"...
  124. Douchebag of the Year Contestant...
  125. Passenger lands plane in Fla. after pilot dies
  126. Reality show on DNA exoneration stirs ethics issues
  127. YouTube riddled with drug cartel videos, messages
  128. US sending in the Marines to deal with the pirates off the coast of Africa. No, this isn't a repeat from 1805
  129. Pirates...WTF???
  130. Dearborn College Shooting.
  131. National Guardsman wounded in gas station shootout.
  132. Man causing real stink in motel room gets stabbed
  133. Today's News Headlines....WTF???
  134. Teen punks murder American hero's dog
  135. Teenager arrested for wearing baggy trousers cites Prince Harry and David Beckham as evidence the trend is 'cool'
  136. U.S. middle-school youth engaging in sex
  137. Indiana lawsuit stimulates debate on Taser training
  138. Seattle business focus is on world's most perfect food!
  139. Firefighters fired... WTF ?
  140. Man tries to sell stolen car to its owner on Craigslist
  141. U.S. highway deaths in 2008 fell to their lowest level in nearly 50 years
  142. Pittsburg P.D. returns fire
  143. Murfreesboro, Metro teacher arrested on charges of secretly filming teenagers having sex
  144. Firefighter arrested for...starting a fire?
  145. Student arrested on suspicion of stealing police bike
  146. 911 worker didn't warn Pittsburgh police of guns
  147. New Dialogue with Iran: Use our Banks for Nukes
  148. "I am shooting people... and have a nice day."
  149. Reggie Williams takes the ride
  150. Getting the Axe
  151. K-9 shot, suspect killed
  152. Man gets drunk, strips naked, runs down the street claiming he's an illegal alien, and nearly punches a cop in the face hoping to get deported
  153. USSC Upholds Mumia Conviction
  154. Again with the Don't Ask, Don't Tell
  155. Long Trip on Horseback
  156. Sex offenders on probation in Britain will have to take lie detector tests
  157. FBI suspects long-haul truckers murdered hundreds of prostitutes, hitchhikers and stranded motorists
  158. More Mass Shootings. This time Washington State
  159. Farrah Fawcett, Star of the 1970's Detective Show "Charlie's Angels", Unconscious in Critical Condition
  160. Philly cops enter store and arrest owner for selling small plastic Ziplock bags. Owner has it on tape & caught them cutting the cables with a knife.
  161. 100mph chase criminal inherits £50k
  162. Ticket Issued by Houston (AK) Mayor Dismissed
  163. Official: Hostages held after 'multiple' shootings
  164. Lead Foot Granny
  165. administration inflating number of US guns used in mexico
  166. Miss Universe visits Guantanamo Bay
  167. Police officer assigned to ticket other officers who park in handicap spaces and other tow zones finds 20 violations in six weeks.
  168. SC exhumes tall body rumored cut to fit in coffin
  169. FBI investigating who leaked "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" digital video to the internet
  170. "Hey Ya!" I'm the fastest rapper alive . . .
  171. Testing testing 123 testing
  172. ShamWow guy gives hooker the Slap Chop
  173. Pimp paid prostitute with chicken nuggets
  174. "Growing Up Gotti" star Frank Agnello, busted on drug charges
  175. Should all males be circumcised? Dr. Wang thinks so
  176. "A Bristol secondary school has tried out a new style of sex education by letting teenage pupils examine a line-up of naked men.
  177. Sheriff's deputy hospitalized after exposure to toxic fumes in drug lab, says it was his understanding that there would be no meth
  178. Police arrest three on charges of selling 14 bags of pot at a school. An elementary school. And it was two 10-year-olds and one 9-year-old
  179. Zeta Gang
  180. 9 Texas E.R. patients account for nearly 2,700 emergency room visits
  181. NFL player Donte Stallworth charged with DUI Manslaughter
  182. If you're a cop and you're driving around a college journalism student to show them what life on the job is like, don't do this....
  183. Drunken Bar Stool Driver
  184. Officer, dog against mob of 60
  185. Taliban vows another attack on D.C.
  186. When San Francisco State University student Joseph Yoon walks into the Taraval Police Station to complain, ends up in handcuffs
  187. Nagin could lose Dallas home
  188. Apples caused failed drunk-driving test?
  189. Sweet revenge
  190. Good hands.............:)
  191. Eight dead in North Carolina nursing-home shooting
  192. Man kills sisters on 5 year old's birthday
  193. Best Places for Business and Careers
  194. Free NRA memebership
  195. Vigil for a cold-blooded murderer and baby-raper.
  196. Police Union To Picket Olympic Visit
  197. Videos and Story of 4 slain Oakland Officers
  198. Dumbest crook in PA.
  199. 'Dumbest criminal' nabbed in cop convention holdup
  200. Maclean! Are you guys gonna be smugglers too?!?
  201. Cruelty to Crustaceans! Science calls for new laws...
  202. Karma. Sometimes she is funny.
  203. Woman arrested after sending obscene video to friend
  204. State Trooper pulls the Facebook trifecta: brags about wrecking his patrol car, desire to shoot the homeless, & holding a .357 to a buddy's head
  205. Pull Up Pants Day at Plantation High
  206. man awoke in his home Sunday morning to a rude surprise — a 19-year-old man asleep on his couch with his pants around his ankles.
  207. Paradise goes bankrupt
  208. Pa. court OKs removal of officer who can't smell
  209. "Officer, my mom is dying!!!"
  210. Several Pro-Gun Bills Being Considered in Texas - Workplace Bill Passes Senate Unanimously
  211. Two Wives, Same Complex = Busted!
  212. Skewered
  213. Police: Man threatened neighbors, exposed himself
  214. Spy Planes Snooping on Homes Wasting Energy
  215. Ex's can you say damn
  216. Thai fireman in 'spider-man' rescue of autistic boy
  217. Ya Gotta Be Kiddin
  218. Cop-Killer Susupect in Rape of 12 Year Old
  219. He didn't get it his way!
  220. Nanny State Health Service handing out 6-inch rubber penises to 13-year olds at health workshops. What could go wrong...
  222. Middle school students catch drunk teacher on video stripping down and grinding on students
  223. Man Finds Backpack Full of Pipebombs, Turns it in to Sheriff's Station
  224. Transit Empolyee Shoots Co-Workers, Killing One
  225. Video shows Fort Worth officer's high-speed, rollover crash
  226. Police Horse Spooked by Inflatable Penis - MTF
  227. New Orleans Officer Fired for Not Discharging Gun Fights Back
  228. NY cop saves sleeping family from burning house
  229. Deadliest Spider found in Oklahoma
  230. Jenna gets a haircut
  231. LAPD officers hold memorial for deceased shoe shiner
  232. New Orleans Officer Fired After Failing to shoot a gunman
  233. Border agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean Appear on Lou Dobbs; Say they are Optimistic About Future after Prison Release
  234. CBO: Obama's New Budget Will Almost Double National Debt; Obama's Budget Director Admits that the Projected Deficits are “ultimately not sustainable”
  235. Drug Suspects Toss Cash During Pursuit
  236. K9 Injured During DV Stand-Off
  237. PEE-EWWW!
  238. New Orleans officer charged
  239. Refreshing: Relatives not angry that relative was shot by police
  240. Police: Naked Teen With Dog Assaults Woman
  241. San Diego Responders Could Leave Over Pension Changes
  242. Kanye West charged with crimes stemming from an incident with TMZ, faces up to 2.5 years in prison. How could he be so heartless?
  243. Teen Girls Taking Medication Used to Induce Abortions in Cows
  244. Sample questions from civil service exam
  245. Teacher Accused of Making Kid Eat From Trash
  246. 5 Horrifying Tales Of 911 Incompetence
  247. Johnson: Cop walks as child wronged
  248. Fired overweight cop gets job back.
  249. Texas lawmakers begin tanning bill fight
  250. When driving drunk, avoid getting pulled over and getting out of the car with a gun, saying you ruined my plan!