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  1. Police Horse Spooked by Inflatable Penis - MTF
  2. New Orleans Officer Fired for Not Discharging Gun Fights Back
  3. NY cop saves sleeping family from burning house
  4. Deadliest Spider found in Oklahoma
  5. Jenna gets a haircut
  6. LAPD officers hold memorial for deceased shoe shiner
  7. New Orleans Officer Fired After Failing to shoot a gunman
  8. Border agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean Appear on Lou Dobbs; Say they are Optimistic About Future after Prison Release
  9. CBO: Obama's New Budget Will Almost Double National Debt; Obama's Budget Director Admits that the Projected Deficits are “ultimately not sustainable”
  10. Drug Suspects Toss Cash During Pursuit
  11. K9 Injured During DV Stand-Off
  12. PEE-EWWW!
  13. New Orleans officer charged
  14. Refreshing: Relatives not angry that relative was shot by police
  15. Police: Naked Teen With Dog Assaults Woman
  16. San Diego Responders Could Leave Over Pension Changes
  17. Kanye West charged with crimes stemming from an incident with TMZ, faces up to 2.5 years in prison. How could he be so heartless?
  18. Teen Girls Taking Medication Used to Induce Abortions in Cows
  19. Sample questions from civil service exam
  20. Teacher Accused of Making Kid Eat From Trash
  21. 5 Horrifying Tales Of 911 Incompetence
  22. Johnson: Cop walks as child wronged
  23. Fired overweight cop gets job back.
  24. Texas lawmakers begin tanning bill fight
  25. When driving drunk, avoid getting pulled over and getting out of the car with a gun, saying you ruined my plan!
  26. Girl tries to get BoyFriend in trouble for Child Porn but gets busted for boinking her dog instead
  27. Chief accused of assault
  28. HR 45 Scarry
  29. Policeman crippled for life while his attackers walk free!
  30. Police: Uniformed Man Impersonating Police Strips Women, Demands Drugs
  31. MI cop shot unarmed, 20-year-old marijuana activist
  32. The American Legion Strongly Opposed to President's Plan to Charge Wounded Heroes for Treatment
  33. Texas jail was an Animal House, authorities say
  34. Police cars get 'black boxes' to reduce crashes
  35. man mistakes woman for a money and shoots her..
  36. MIT cop made drug pickup in uniform
  37. Amtrak train hits car, no injuries. Occupants of car were having sex when the train hit. Occupants were still having sex when Police arrived
  38. Swedish cops 'baked cake' in the nude
  39. Lindsay Lohan wanted by police
  40. Babysitters accused of taping sex with children
  41. arrests made at NYC 'Top Model' auditions
  42. Cities selling police cars, planes, boats, confiscated jewelry and slot machines on internet
  43. Paraplegic man bitten by brown recluse spider can now walk again
  44. Police fly flags in drugs raids
  45. Driver in fatal hit-and-run sues fraternity over hazing, saying his hazing led to PTSD and caused his wreck
  46. When you're out on bail for harassment, it's probably not best to stand at a bus stop and expose your genitals to elementary school kids
  47. Things could get hairy as New Jersey contemplates a ban on Brazilian waxes
  48. High-risk prisoners escaped Canadian jail after 4 months chipping at wall with nail clippers
  49. Woman buys sofa and finds cat inside
  50. Carjackers decide to shoot it out with the cops, get extra holes for their troubles.
  51. Cop's Facebook status: "watching 'Training Day' to brush up on proper police procedure
  52. Police: Son pleasures himself, then punches mom when she catches him in the act
  53. An off-duty cop in restaurant overhears a man tell his female companion, "I can't believe you're so f---ing stupid..." then promptly arrests him
  54. Corporations Eye Lower Tax Rates - in Switzerland.
  55. Arpaio under federal investigation - for enforcing the law.
  56. The Scent of Fear - Confirmed.
  57. Police agencies buried in resumes
  58. Pentagon: 61 Ex-Gitmo detainees have resumed terror acts
  59. Deputy In Undies Helps Track Down Drunk Driver
  60. Photo Motorists Seeing Red over Red Light Cameras
  61. Does video catch cop in DUI lie?
  62. Maine pub gets dressing down 'Skinny Dip' lunch offer taken off menu
  63. `Sex-y' sermons cause stir in rural Alabama
  64. Brooksville man arrested after he shot a man who was trying to enter his car while he was having sex with the victim's girlfriend
  65. Fart In Meeting Brings City Council To Giggles
  66. Grade Obama
  67. Alabama shooting at least 6 dead
  68. Dem opposes new gun laws
  69. Firefighters hot over police ploy
  70. Why I carry my gun in church
  71. 13 year old girl missing in Cincinnati
  72. Jr. high school student goes the extra mile and has sex with two different teachers...
  73. Cops: Posing as ex-boyfriend, Wisconsin woman placed "talk dirty" ad
  74. Come on now........
  75. Man sues Atlanta Transit Authority over gun
  76. Queen City ranked second most manly city
  77. Police dress as firefighters to arrest NH man
  78. Sheriff: Sues Craigslist, Calling It The Largest Source Of Prostitution
  79. Ayers, Churchill to appear at CU student event
  80. Fired narcoleptic police dispatcher sues Hillside
  81. Obama Gives UK Prime Minister Cheezy Gift of 25 Old Movies on DVD
  82. Man Killed After Attacking Judge At Trial
  83. Magic Goat Detained for Armed Robbery
  84. 9 Y/O Rape Victim Has Abortion - Church Complains
  85. Texas woman chases down thief
  86. Barbie Dolls Could Be Banned In W. Va.
  87. Woman has 911 meltdown over McNuggets
  88. Dash Cam Video: Semi on Fire, pulls away from Flying J
  89. Military Jet Had Chance to Land Before Crash
  90. Bus driver roughs up McGruff
  91. Details Emerge on Woman's Beheading in NY: Her Children Were Waiting in Car; Abuse Has Ties Back to Flower Mound, TX
  92. Criminal Justice students helped investigate Chandra Levy case
  93. Determined to be #1 at something, Louisiana's incarceration rate is now #1
  94. “He took the camera off his neck, held his hands up in the air and said ‘I admit it. I’m a pervert and I came here to take pictures of your daughters"
  95. State troopers sentenced for poaching deer on duty
  96. U.S. rattled as Mexico drug war bleeds over border
  97. Rapper Chris Brown & singer girlfriend Rihanna go on Island Retreat after he beats her severely
  98. Mother charged with breast feeding, talking on cell while driving
  99. R.I.P Paul Harvey
  100. Mother goes to jail for beating sex offender
  101. Robbery suspect tries to become a cop--he should have asked in the ask-a-cop about whether this was a good idea
  102. Just Dead Wrong
  103. Officer injured in chase
  104. Emeril replaces pan woman used to fend off attack
  105. Man late for flight claims to be air marshal
  106. U.S. Senate Votes to Uphold Second Amendment in Washington, D.C.
  107. Senator echoes tea party rally cry
  108. HIV Blood Sent to Obama
  109. Eastwood thinks political correctness has made society humourless
  110. Police staff arrested
  111. Civilian staff not properly trained
  112. Lorry driver held after man dies
  113. Hazmat call to KFC becomes suspicious when the naked employees were told to urinate on each other
  114. Ex-National Public Radio Editor and on-air correspondent charged In Child Porn Bust
  115. Edward Graziano, (son of Hulk Hogan) Nick Bollea crash victim, arrested in murder-for-hire plot
  116. Man who goes on Viagra filled orgy dies of a heart attack
  117. Atlanta police look to restore trust after drug raid killing
  118. Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban
  119. Good Samaritan pushes two elderly women away from an accident, and is cited for jaywalking
  120. Graphic Details Released in Charleston Police Officer's Arrest
  121. ACLU Signs Add to Washington State's Immigration Storm
  122. New Web Site Lists Stimulus Pork City by City
  123. Firefighters sue siren company...for hearing loss...
  124. Several shot along Mardi Gras route
  125. Fired Dallas Police Chief Now Fired in Georgia for "Insubordination, Misuse of County Property and Acts Unbecoming an Officer" - Twice a Victim
  126. We're the Government, and We're Here to Help... Washington sends $1 to Food Stamp Recipients
  127. Veteran Police sergeant charged in drunk driving incident
  128. McDonald's employee shot saving a customer at work...asks for workers compensation....McDonald's.... uhhh, sorry
  129. Pa. boy, 11, accused of killing dad's girlfriend
  130. N.Y. Officer in YouTube Shove No Longer with NYPD
  131. Drug Theft at Massachusetts Police Station Still Unsolved
  132. NAACP calls for firing of N.Y. Post cartoonist
  133. Loophole For Leased Vehicles Found In Red-Light Camera Law
  134. Police To Make Arrest In Chandra Levy Case?
  135. Police hospitalised over HP sauce
  136. Jackson, MS Mayor's trial
  137. Firefighter charged / Meth
  138. George Mason picks drag queen as homecoming queen
  139. Woman's face mauled By chimp who had been treated like a human
  140. Facebook item shocks victim's family
  141. Man found not guilty in sexual foursome gone bad
  142. Japs Surrender
  143. Students claim principal canceled edited version of Tony-winning ‘Rent’ because it features homosexual characters.
  144. Noble County Man Strangled Wife, Son Before Killing Himself
  145. ICE Agents pressured to meet arrest quota
  146. In Pittsburgh if you're a landlord who rents to drug dealers and drunks, and bad neighbors, the city will bill you for public safety calls
  147. Skull & Cross bones society sued by Geronimo descendants
  148. Student arrested for texting in class
  149. Fight at AL High School BBall Game
  150. Can't fight City Hall, eh? Don't tell Centerville 17 year old Mayoral candidate
  151. Homeless Man Damages Police Car In Front of Officers
  152. Woman uses wedgie to capture suspected thief
  153. karma catches up to perp
  154. 1 girl dead, another found unconcious at Army barracks
  155. one of my guys
  156. Mullen Principal Addresses Basketball Game Taunts
  157. Ex-ISU Football Coach's Daughter Arrested For Striking and Threatening Officer
  158. No Charges for Michael Phelps
  159. NYPD gets hybrid patrol cars
  160. 28 year old science teacher has 14 year old female student over for tutoring, teaches her about anatomy instead
  161. Dear Mr. Obama, please make it rain candy
  162. DNA on Doughnut Helps Nab Indiana Suspect
  163. Mississippi Traffic Stop Death Ruled Accident
  164. FBI Joins Probe of Philadelphia Officer
  165. Retired Boxing Champion Seeks to Become Massachusetts Officer
  166. Religion of Peace Adherent Beheads Wife
  167. Mom convicted of using cattle prod on daughter
  168. Sex ed teacher tries humor; student posts video on YouTube
  169. School worker's obscene rant about 'fat kid' accidentally left on father's answerphone
  170. Why did you run that light? 'Because it was red'
  171. San Francisco Welcomes Back its Favorite Mascot, The Healthy Penis
  172. Police hospitalize 7-year-old under Baker Act
  173. Border Agent, Mother Charged With Harboring Illegal Immigrants
  174. On top of smoke and flames, sometimes firemen have to deal with drunk hotel guests. "She was mooning the firefighters, asking to see their penises."
  175. Well, this is interesting
  176. Most dangerous
  177. Continental plane crashes into home in Clarence Center, New York; 50 killed
  178. UC Davis Puts Positive Spin On High Sex Crime Rate
  179. Two cops on same force discover they are dad and son
  180. Some Faculty Protest Crucifixes at Catholic College
  181. Impaired man arrested for letting 8-year-old son drive on major road.
  182. The Top 10 Manliest Pets
  183. Teens can now be charged for taking things a little too far
  184. Williamsport officer shoots self after firearms training
  185. NSFW - Nude Sushi Restaurant Proposed In Downtown Baltimore
  186. Cape-wearing man arrested after reportedly robbing adult store
  187. Drunk switches dead passenger to driver side
  188. Lawsuit: 12 year old Girl Forced To Take Pregnancy Test At School
  189. Trooper gets home from work to find an intruder on his couch
  190. Mayor wants escort to rest room
  191. Woman faces prison after shooting at, biting cop
  192. Deputies Appear to Flip the Bird in Department Photo
  193. New study shows men who smoke pot have a higher rate of testicular cancer
  194. Boy plays with oil pump, emergency amputation required
  195. Police officer tases bull, saves man
  196. Mexican drug violence spills over into the US
  197. "Gut Instincts" are Subconscious Memories - Study.
  198. 16 illegals sue Arizona rancher
  199. Parents force son with bad grades to stand at intersection with sign arounds his neck
  200. When victims fight back, criminals die.
  201. USSC to hear Soldier rape case
  202. Breakthrough on law enforcement's 'broken windows' theory
  203. What women want
  204. When trying to take nude photos for a man on the internet, you probably shouldn't ask your 8 yr old, 11 yr old, or 12 yr old to take them
  205. Supreme Court ruling suggests that when underage boys and girls have sex that either they should all be charged with statutory rape or none of them
  206. Senior citizen arrested after calling 911 because Burger King ran out of lemonade
  207. Congressman Twitters an Iraq Security Breach
  208. Bill Gates releases mosquitoes at tech conference
  209. HOLY SHIT! Ebola in the US??
  210. Florida Officer Resigns Over KKK Allegations
  211. Florida Man Issued 50 Traffic Citations in One Day
  212. Forbes magazine’s annual ranking of “America’s Most Miserable Cities.”
  213. Young Marine faces expulsion for fake drill team guns
  214. My new Sheriff gets to work.
  215. 10 Most Ticketed Cars
  216. No wonder
  217. Police shooting in St. Paul leaves one suspect dead
  218. Houston's black firefighters say city's exam for higher ranks is prejudiced against black people because it's a written exam, and studies show...
  219. Cow corralled after mooooving violation
  220. Exotic Dancer Set on Fire
  221. Revenge on police, probably not a good idea
  222. New Jersey Man Stops Sacramento Webcam Suicide
  223. High school student accused of posing as a girl on Facebook, and tricking at least 31 male classmates into sending him naked photos
  224. Octuplets' Mom Wants $2 Million From Oprah, Media Deals
  225. Cops find 60 pounds of pot in double-parked car
  226. Man Attempts to Carjack Dallas Police Sergeant - While in Full Uniform in His Squad Car. Guess Who Won.
  227. Man attacks referee...who happens to be a state trooper
  228. Daschle Withdraws as Cabinet Nominee
  229. Locked Up Abroad
  230. Man in wheelchair allegedly steals purse, spits
  231. Law Enforcement telemarketers keep most of the money they raise
  232. SWAT teams deployed in 911 fraud
  233. Buffalo Wing Sauce Spill Dispatches Haz-Mat Team, Threatens Superbowl Party
  234. Kalama, WA cop in deep doo-doo to rescue dog from sewer tank
  235. Jenna please tell us you are safe
  236. Michael Phelps has admitted to smoking pot and apologized after a picture of the record-breaking Olympian with a bong pipe was published
  237. Boy's wrapped birthday gift is dad back from Iraq
  238. Crossing Kissimmee streets illegally (Jaywalking)? You'll face a fine.
  239. Uzbekistan officials say they have found the world's oldest woman...she's 128
  240. Toilet Memorial Service
  241. Drew Peterson Gets Dumped by Fiancee
  242. Cop Saves life at Midway Airport
  243. Thieves Call 911 on Themselves
  244. Man smears feces on his lawyer, flings it at jury
  245. Boy finds, returns wallet packed with $500-plus
  246. Somebody's Pissed
  247. Military Judge Refuses to Halt Trial of USS Cole Bombing Suspect
  248. Alaskan Volcano on the Verge of Erupting
  249. This one really bothers me.
  250. Two killed in Santa Monica plane crash... My friend was flying...