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  1. Cardiff hit-and-runs: CCTV shows Cardiff 'mayhem'
  2. Teen Punished for Stopping a Knife-Wielding Bully From Attacking a Student
  3. Mom grows nearly 3,000 marijuana plants in Queens warehouse
  4. DNA swab after arrest is Constitutional, Supreme Court rules
  5. Bismarck-area law enforcement agencies struggle to find, keep officers
  6. another school gun policy failure
  7. Loose llama tasered by police in Florida
  8. 8 arrested at kindergarten graduation
  9. Teaching old police dogs new marijuana laws
  10. Al Qaeda leaders lash out at terrorist in 10-page letter about his insubordination, lack of results, and failure to file expense report
  11. Ricin found in letters to NYC Mayor Bloomberg
  12. Man who hijacked plane to Cuban wants to return to the US
  13. Amanda Bynes accuses NYPD of Sex Assault
  14. Geek Pride Day 5/25
  15. There's an app...for that?!?
  16. Civillian volunteers abuse police cars they are allowed to use
  17. London - soldier killed by terrorist suspects
  18. bin Laden death photos can stay secret, federal court rules
  19. Dead monkey, elephant meat and reptile purses seized at LAX
  20. Suspects mistakenly dial 911 as they break into a car and try to get drugs
  21. Tornado watches posted from Oklahoma to southern Minnesota
  22. Man who fired blanks at Cannes Film Festival wanted to change the world
  23. Scandals Threaten Obama's 2nd Term
  24. FDNY rescues cop stuck in tree
  25. Gator bites man escaping from police
  26. VERDICT in Jodi Arias murder trial
  27. Neighbor who helped abducted women escape and call 911 hailed as hero
  28. Holy Sh*t - Ohio Traffic Stop Gone Bad
  29. Breaking news: Teens reported missing in 2003 and 2004 found alive
  30. Reese Witherspoon sports Atlanta Police Dept. hat in LAX after arrest
  31. substitute teacher gone after "creepy" math
  32. PCSO tipped off drug criminals
  33. CA to allow non-citizens on juries
  34. Woman turns herself in 11 years after being declared missing and possibly dead after leaving her preteen children and estranged husband for a life on the streets
  35. Man wins giant banana but loses life savings on carnival game, files police report claiming it was rigged
  36. Supreme Court declines to hear Alabama's immigration law appeal
  37. ‘Soft-Spoken’ Man Saves the Day After 2 Allegedly Break In: ‘I Had My Gun in My Hand in 5 Seconds’
  38. Sheep glow in the dark due to genetic engineering
  39. Stolen Pecan Tree
  40. Washington judge orders police to return confiscated marijuana
  41. Piece of plane that crashed into World Trade Center discovered in alley
  42. Sad Day In Country Music - George "Possum" Jones Dies
  43. Warrant would be needed to read emails, according to bill passec by Senate Judiciary Committee
  44. An artistic statement?
  45. Woman surprised by tiger in restroom
  46. Relaxation of small knife ban on planes temporarily delayed
  47. Men plotting to attack passenger train in Canada arrested
  48. Farrakhan's son a cop?
  49. Brand New TV News Anchor's First Words On-Air: "F**' S**!" (NSFW language)
  50. 4/20 celebration of legal pot draws tourists to Colorado and Washington
  51. Elvis impersonator charged with sending poisoned letters to President Obama, Senator Wicker, and Missisippi judge
  52. West, TX Explosion
  53. Actor blames Boston attack on gun culture: ’2nd amendment must go’
  54. Ricin-laced letter sent to Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss)
  55. Explosion At the Finish Line of the Boston Marthon
  56. State cracks down on absent preschoolers
  57. Video of inmates using drugs, cell phones, beer, and handgun causes political conflicts in New Orleans
  58. Guantanamo Bay inmates clash with guards
  59. Police chief sick after eating cannabis oil cake his daughter's frienhd left on his kitchen counter without knowing what was in it
  60. Man arrested for filming police, phone said to be a weapon
  61. LEOs can arrest those who greet the at the door puffing marijuana, according to New Jersey Supreme Court
  62. Firefighters Taken Hostage in GA
  63. Pilot texting a factor in deadly copter crash
  64. Student stabs at least 14 at Texas community college before being tackled
  65. Margaret Thatcher. R.I.P.
  66. US seeks to ease tensions with North Korea by postponing missile test
  67. Police corporal returning from Hawaiian vacation stops assault while in security line
  68. U.N. overwhelmingly approves global arms trade treaty
  69. Two 'Dangerous' Inmates Escaped From Texas Jail
  70. To many white rescuers
  71. Conn. reaches deal on tough gun laws after Newtown
  72. Trooper fired for offering Florida lawmaker break on speeding ticket
  73. Toy model of Jabba The Hutt's palace resembles a mosque
  74. Ex-CIA Employees Who Garden Indoors Claim Home Was Illegally Searched
  75. 75-vehicle pileup at Virginia-NC line
  76. Texas DA and his wife are murdered 2 months after murder of the DA's deputy
  77. Contempt, or not?
  78. New Roc NY confiscates Gadsden flag
  79. Supreme Court says drug-sniffing dogs can't be used outside a home without permission or a warrant
  80. Sheriff’s deputy wrestles alligator away from middle school
  81. Man fakes mugging to impress his date
  82. Pilot impersonator gets in US Airways cockpit
  83. Man fakes his death so his wife and son can collect life insurance benefits
  84. 'Police Foil July 7-Sized Attack Every Year'
  85. Firefighter on driving ban took colleagues to gym in fire engine
  86. Family Says New Jersey Overreacted to Boy’s Gun Photo
  87. Ind. police: Child safe, bus slaying suspect dead
  88. Civil Rights Group Urges Fox to Cancel 'Cops'
  89. Defiant COWARD gets life sentences in Ohio shooting
  90. Sheriff says missing Mo. mom, daughter in danger
  91. Superman Explains Why He Didn t Destroy Russian Meteor
  92. Citizenship papers a must to register to vote? Supreme Court to decide
  93. Prosecutor: Grandma 'hunted down' teen grandson
  94. Colo. sheriff refuses to enforce gun-control bills
  95. Fugitives caught after escaping prison by climbing a cable into a helicopter
  96. Many roaches crawl all over Greyhound bus passengers
  97. Maryland legislators vote to ban death penalty
  98. Another Carnival Cruises ship stalls
  99. New Pope's selection surprises many
  100. Best Obituary Ever
  101. School confiscates third-grader’s cupcakes topped with toy soldiers
  102. Fake bomb gets through TSA and onto flight
  103. Federal court says border authorities must show "reasonable suspicion" of wrongdoing before searching laptops or iPads of border-crossers
  104. Inmate who was "forgotten" in solitary confinement without a trial for 22 months gets $15.5 million settlement
  105. Senate committee OKs bill curbing gun purchases
  106. FAA, Border Control, and customs agents face furloughs and reduced overtime
  107. North Korea threatens to launch pre-emptive nuclear strike against US and South Korea
  108. One-cop Georgia town considers making gun ownership mandatory
  109. Gun owners arming themselves with lawyers even before shots are fired
  110. Why schools get shot up
  111. Zimmerman won't seek 'Stand Your Ground' hearing in April
  112. Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez dies
  113. TSA will allow small knives on planes; flight attendants' union says that's dangerous
  114. Pilot reports drone over Brooklyn
  115. Police investigating facility where 87-year-old died after nurse refused to give her CPR or find someone else who could
  116. Flipping You The Bird: EXTREME VERSION
  117. Guns kill people
  118. Controversy over police license plate photography in Little Rock, Arkansas
  119. Islamist militant Mokhtar Belmokhtar 'killed in Mali'
  120. Man accidentally dials 911 just before a drug deal a block away from police dept
  121. Man disappears into sinkhole that opened up under his bedroom
  122. Man threatens sub shop employee with knife over the price of a sandwich
  123. South Africa 'police dragging'
  124. parents allege school discrimination against transgender 1st grader
  125. Bikini baristas arrested for putting on strip shows
  126. Police refute MC Hammer's allegations of improper arrest
  127. Police charge Shippensburg mother with unauthorized school bus entry
  128. Kindergarten Teacher, School Nurse Held in Murder-for-Hire Plot
  129. Love hurts: Man arrested for releasing helium balloon with his girlfriend
  130. Mom in trouble for toddler's 911 calls
  131. N.C. driver's license for all non-citizens unique among states
  132. 15 Photos From Florida's Children-With-Guns Survivalist Training Camp
  133. Clearwater police to review Courtney Campbell chase
  134. Missing girl with wanted man
  135. Marine Court-Ordered to Pay Child Support for Child That is Not His
  136. Mom hires strippers for 16-year-old son's birthday party and is charged with endangering the welfare of a child
  137. TSA apologizes for patting down crying 3-year-old girl in wheelchair
  138. Elderly Man Kills Burglar - Burglar's Family Says He Should Have Been Warned
  139. OB-Gyn doctor kills himself after charges he videorecorded and photographed his patients
  140. Drew Peterson gets 38 years in prison for his ex-wife's murder
  141. Vegas woman arrested for sex with pit bull
  142. Hotel guests drank from tank that woman's body was decomposing in for 2 weeks
  143. Mississippi ratifies 13th amendment banning slavery
  144. PC Steven Mullaney cleared of drink-driver assault
  145. Denver seeks to limit police role in schools
  146. Letters John Lennon's killer wrote to arresting officer to be auctioned off
  147. Chicago’s Murder Epidemic Complicates Obama Gun Ban Pitch
  148. Sham marriage mastermind jailed for 10 years
  149. Obama: 'The Problem Is ... I’m Not the Emperor of the United States'
  150. Child murderer Subhan Anwar killed in Long Lartin Prison
  151. Illinois Senate celebrates Valentines Day by legalizing same-sex marriage
  152. Oscar Pistorius 'shoots girlfriend'
  153. Environmental activists arrested outside White House while protesting Keystone XL oil pipeline
  154. Hundreds of police protest Egypt's government
  155. Ex LAPD Officer in Shootout/Pursuit
  156. Pope Benedict XVI will be first Pope to resign in 6 centuries
  157. Tornado hits Mississippi
  158. Samuel Mullet Sr., ringleader of Amish beard-cutting attacks, sentenced to 15 years in prison
  159. Police seize $2.5 million mansion from squatter
  160. Immobile homeless man sent dog to get help
  161. Python hunters rescued by helicopter
  162. Seattle mayor ends police drone efforts
  163. Mom passes drugs to son in kiss while visiting him in jail
  164. Maintenance man quits his job after 666 is stamped on his W-2 tax form
  165. Chicago police union want 12% pay raise over 2 years and $3,000 a year for being forced to live in the city
  166. Manhunt For Ex LAPD Officer in Murders , Officer Killing Underway
  167. Idaho Survivalists Plan Walled Citadel
  168. Obama memo justifies drone-war killing of Americans
  169. Lost on search for strip club, couple finds police station
  170. Pakistani schoolgirl speaks out for girls' education while recovering from shot to her head
  171. British police used dead children's IDs
  172. Man with knives Tasered outside Buckingham Palace
  173. U.S. Postal Service won't pay East Cleveland for traffic camera tickets because it says it's exempt from local laws:
  174. SEAL/Sniper Chris Kyle Dead
  175. Trunk remote triggers car explosion
  176. Illinois Concealed Carry Ban Ruled Unconstitutional By Federal Appellate Court
  177. Unemployment rises to 7.9 percent, economy adds 157,000 jobs
  178. Background checks could be gun control deal breaker
  179. Sylvester Stallone supports assault weapon ban
  180. Police search for accidentally released convicted murderer
  181. Burglars use LA Times suspended subscriptions lists to find homes to burglarize
  182. Obama administration declares suicide bomb killing at US embassy in Turkey an act of terror
  183. Standoff continues into 3rd day as armed man holds boy in underground bunker
  184. Man talks about selling drugs after accidentally dialing 9-1-1
  185. Manhunt underway for 70-year-old Phoenix shooter who killed 1 man and injured 2 others
  186. Tornado hits Georgia, violent storms in South and Midwest
  187. Former police captain exonerated of murdering his wife after 14 years in prison
  188. Boy Scouts considering lifting ban on gays
  189. Brazil nightclub fire leaves more than 230 people dead
  190. Robbery Gone Wrong
  191. 30 die in protests over death sentences of 21 for football riots that killed 73 in Egypt
  192. Biden says Administration Doesn't Have Time to Prosecute People Who Lie on Background Checks
  193. Accused gun dealer carried loaded assault rifle to street-corner sale, surveillance shows
  195. Utah Sheriffs association tells Obama to piss up a rope
  196. Steven Seagal deputized, again.
  197. North Korea to target U.S. with nuclear, rocket tests
  198. Vigilantes harrass Londoners for violating Islamic law
  199. Home invasion victims threatened with knives
  200. 3 shot during argument at Texas community college
  201. British grandmother sentenced to death for drug trafficking in Indonesia
  202. MIchelle, don't you worry your pretty little head.
  203. Inauguration Day/ National Squirrel Appreciation day
  204. Divorce Lawyer Has Sex With Client, Bills Her for Services Rendered
  205. Central Michigan University student's night of terror ends with a Facebook post and a bullet
  206. Farmers wary of growing marijuana in Colorado and Washington
  207. Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin indicted on bribery, money laundering other charges
  208. Y'all come to Texas, state official tells New York gun owners
  209. TSA will no longer use nude body scanners
  210. Dallas police to prioritize warrants for repeat and dangerous domestic violence offenders
  211. Mississippi Governor Letter to Legislature Re: Federal Gun Control
  212. This man helped save six children, is now getting harassed for it
  213. Four released on bail after baby shower brawl in Stoughton
  214. Rep. Carolyn Tomei says she wasn't trying to attract attention by altering word in Pledge of Allegiance
  215. Wisconsin Man To Cop Plea In Couch Sex Case
  216. Homeowner shoots two breaking into SUV
  217. ACLU sues police for arresting man who videorecorded them
  218. Al-Qaida carves out own country in Mali
  219. New Recruits Face Pay Cut
  220. Widow of Aurora theater shooting suing suspect's psychiatrist for negligence and wrongful death
  221. 18 human heads found at O'Hare Airport
  222. DPS Trooper injured in traffic accident
  223. Cops lift taxi off man in Bronx
  224. U.S. states flirt with major tax changes
  225. Reddit co-founder kills himself weeks before his illegal downloading trial
  226. British Army to go Glock.
  227. Biden says consensus emerging on gun safety
  228. Obama signs law giving himself, Bush lifetime Secret Service guard
  229. Student shoots classmate but then surrenders
  230. 70-year-old Saudi man divorced by his teen bride wants his dowry money back
  231. Cat tries to bring contraband into prison
  232. Police investigating cyanide murder of lottery winner day after he received payout
  233. Some gun shows canceling after Conn. mass shooting
  234. NYPD officers shot in separate incidents
  235. Four dead in townhouse shooting in Aurora, Colorado
  236. Man duct-taped to seat after becoming unruly on Iceland to New York flight
  237. Confiscate the guns......
  238. Diners warned of cell phone theft ring
  239. Idaho Inmates Sue Beer, Wine Companies for $1B
  240. State Dept wary of North Korea visit by Google executives
  241. Badges? That don't make no Difference
  242. Kaul: Nation needs a new agenda on guns This time, the debate has to be about more than not offending the NRA's sensibilities.
  243. Police evidence warehouses destroyed by Hurricane Sandy
  244. Man steals golf cart full of champagne, drives it 13 miles before being stopped for drunk driving
  245. Police arrest naked man brandishing Samurai sword after 3-hour standoff
  246. Homeowner sees theft of his trailer while flying overhead
  247. Attackers dressed as Oompa Loompas beat man
  248. Teen finds $800 cash on the street and turns it in to police
  249. Officer and his dad rescue 5 people from burning home
  250. Lawyer wants to sue CT for $100 million on behalf of 6-year-old survivor of Sandy Hook shooting