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  1. Supreme Court deals death blow to antiporn law
  2. 12 year old boy knocks out officer, outruns K-9 for blocks
  3. Hummer SUV drivers more likely to get tickets
  4. Fight For Your Life!
  5. Four Marines Face Death Penalty
  6. 8 Year Old Found Living With Mother's Corpse
  7. Chicago Alderman arrested for DUI, says she was not drunk and was berated by police
  8. Police officer kept chasing a suspect for his first arrest - despite getting a six-inch branch stuck in his eye.
  9. A 24-year-old man was arrested and jailed after allegedly exposing himself to his neighbors, asking senior to have a 3-some
  10. ACLU Sues Muslim School
  11. Another black eye for LEO's
  12. Two officers lose jobs
  13. Spider-Man Creator, Marvel Comics To Unveil World's First Gay Superhero
  14. Bush commutes sentences of former US border agents
  15. This says it all
  16. TV news anchor resists arrest and tries to run from police, ends up with a face made for radio after meeting Mr. Pavement (w/mugshot goodness)
  17. Scientists have found that the pleasure women get from making love is directly linked to the size of their partner’s bank balance.
  18. Tucson police condemn use of photo of slain officer on punk album cover
  19. MMA Fighter defaces the Capital Building with anarchist symbol in front of ESPN while they take pics
  20. Bank bust nabs cop
  21. Asexuals Push for Greater Recognition
  22. Miscarrying mother told 'life's a bitch' by hospital doctor
  23. Ex-officer pleads not guilty in BART shooting
  24. Invisible Surgery: Appendix Removed Through Patient's Vagina
  25. If you have child porn on your computer and are a mayor, you might want to think twice before taking it to city hall for repair
  26. Rapper DMX thinks prison garb "ridiculous"
  27. Former Sheriff Mike Carona
  28. Update on my new and improved Sheriff.
  29. Why would you buy Obama's car online when you could spend your money on this?
  30. Florida teen sent 35,000 text messages in a month - TWICE
  31. 155 survive plane crash in NYC's Hudson River
  32. Victim selection fail
  33. Sheriff pushes girl out of path of gunfire during standoff with armed man, gets his ear blown off.
  34. 40-year-old flashes gang signs at 25-year-old neighbor. Then things get all penisy
  35. BART officer arrested on murder warrant in NY Day shooting
  36. Bwahahahaha update on racist asshat Sheriff.
  37. Lefties slammed Bush's inaugural, now spend, baby spend
  38. Investment banker fleeing felony fraud charges caught by US Marshals after faking plane crash and later attempting suicide
  39. Mexico on the brink?
  40. NY: I-90 shut down after man with AK47 opens fire
  41. Flier headlined "Why I hate Black History Month" was sent home with St. Louis-area schoolchildren
  42. Sexually spread diseases - for years on the decline - are on the rise, with reported chlamydia cases setting a record
  43. Surgeon General Nominee Saved Marine in Baghdad
  44. A man has been arrested for giving his 14 year old teenage son steroids to motivate him about sports
  45. Appellate court rules teachers can have sex with there 18-year-old students
  46. Showing support for the police? That will be a $100 fine
  47. Regional Toll-Free Number for Amber Alerts Unveiled
  48. Well now!
  49. Dad, son arrested after cop said they cut line
  50. Proposed Alabama Law would make fleeing a felony
  51. Life Without Parole for Cop-Killer
  52. Modesto, CA Police officer fatally shoots man with sword
  53. Cops fall all over each other trying to arrest 14-year-old kid who was taking "aggressive stance" at shopping mall, Taser him "as a last resort"
  54. Dad Sells Girl, Calls Cops to Complain He Wasn't Paid
  55. Flower Mound officer recounts brush with death
  56. Aerobics and yoga classes, workout rooms and open-air courtyards were just a few of the amenities recommended for California's hospitalized felons
  57. Rapper Kanye West has revealed that he would like to pose nude one day to “break every rule…of Hip Hop.”
  58. Beer thieves fatally stab store clerk
  59. Fla. sheriff seeks portly ’ninja’ in theft attempt
  60. WTF! Child Rapist wins STAR benefit lottery
  61. Former evangelical pastor Ted Haggard says his sexual identity is complex and can't be put into "stereotypical boxes"
  62. Cop in trouble after women realize that breast and genital fondling while being frisked aren't normal parts of the average traffic stop
  63. Atlanta transit riders celebrate 'No Pants Day 2K9' (with safe for work pantless in public pics)
  64. 5 Somali pirates drown
  65. Restaurant sets 20-pound, 140-year-old lobster free at PETA's request
  66. Texas death row inmate eats own eye
  67. Sheboygan girl, 17, charged for allegedly having sex with boy, 14
  68. Some crazy customer bills the phone company $5,481 for his wasted time. The company agreed to pay it
  69. You shot me, Bro! But it's all good...
  70. Judge releases Ala. sheriff jailed over jail food
  71. State says it was an "accident" that the intersection's yellow time was shortened 1.5 seconds just four days after signing a red light camera contract
  72. Son of famous baseball player shot by police. Allegations of racial profiling incoming.
  73. Officer gets a little to close with inmates
  74. Fitzgerald blows it, again.
  75. Naked man arrested at Walmart looking for an MMA fight
  76. I gotta get to school..
  77. Angry 4 Year Old Shoots Baby Sitter, Cops Say
  78. Taser sets motorcycle thief on fire
  79. Twins Born In Different Years
  80. Decatur, AL PD Narcotics Sgt. Missing - Signs of Struggle in Office
  81. Appeals court strikes down law, strikes own decision
  82. Sheriff speaks out against traffic cameras, saying they're wrong, and rids his county of them
  83. Court rules in internet sex stings, saying for a crime to occur, the victim must be a minor...Chris Hansen looking for a job
  84. Cops place boy, 12, in handcuffs for genital graffiti...mom whines police overreacted
  85. Texas Jail Closed for 'Dangerous Conditions,' Guards Could be Indicted
  86. There is a special place in HEll for this SOB
  87. John Travolta's Son Dies at Age 16
  88. New Clayton Sheriff cleans house!
  89. Pueblo officer shoots wife; apparently an accident
  90. Security guard arrested for wearing 'POLICE' t-shirt at Christmas party sues Belleville, officer
  91. Man arrested for Christmas Day peep show
  92. Anaheim sued in fatal police shooting; Disney statue of deceased requested by his family
  93. Naked Home Invader Nabbed After Senior Citizen Grabs His 'Cahoochies'
  94. Dozens killed in nightclub fire
  95. Maine man faces OUI charge atop Zamboni
  96. Jena Six icon Mychal Bell is in legal trouble again — this time for shoplifting, resisting arrest and simple battery
  97. An atheist soldier suing over prayers at military formations claims a larger pattern of religious discrimination exists in the military
  98. Highway policemen in Thailand now wearing smiley face masks "to lift the mood of motorists"
  99. New Green Bible creates controversy
  100. Firefighters are apologizing after mixing up street addresses during a training exercise in Hamilton and smashing down the wrong door
  101. Ex-Hastings (MN) officer, city reach $105K settlement
  102. Unimaginable
  103. Stanislaus County, CA retakes the No. 1 car theft spot nationwide
  104. Vigilante mother Ellie Nessler dies of Cancer.
  105. Scott Peterson's "If I Did It" book is out. Author says Peterson confessed how and why he killed Laci
  106. It really could happen.
  107. Israel has had 'enough'...
  108. Viagra helping CIA Win Friends in Afghanistan
  109. Amateurs are trying genetic engineering at home
  110. Former JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect John Mark Karr sends new e-mail indicating he has targeted other girls, and will kill again.
  111. Amateur crimefighters are surging in the US
  112. Pilot admits to napping in cockpit during flight
  113. Police called when MJ stolen
  114. Teens torch Ofc's truck for revenge
  115. Millersburg fires police chief with 50 years of experience to avoid tax increase
  116. 'America's Toughest Sheriff' Joe Arpaio to star in new reality show, "Smile: You're Under Arrest"
  117. Operation Santa
  118. Play Station 3 for no money!!!!
  119. A voter-approved law reducing possession of small amounts of marijuana to a civil offense threatens to unravel drug testing of police officers
  120. Santa Invades Home; Three known dead!
  121. 22 Year United Way Employee Let Go - Because Husband Has Cancer
  122. Former Utah trooper is a suspect in Dallas-area shootings
  123. He shot her in her happy place!
  124. Mexican beauty queen arrested with suspected gang members
  125. France seizes 10 tons of counterfeit chocolates
  126. Child porn investigation catches California lawyer
  127. No Merry Christmas Here...
  128. 2 killed after shots fired at 4 North Texas drivers
  129. David Spade helps Phoenix police buy rifles
  130. Shot in the buttock
  131. LAPD Officer Under Federal Investigation
  132. Teens claim pranks on county's Speed Cameras by duplicating enemies license plates
  133. after Police Academy, Matt Grice to return to UFC
  134. Naked man tries to strangle his pregnant girlfriend, cops come and make the arrest. He puts on shorts for the ride, and guess what's in the pockets
  135. City To Ticket Annoying People - NSFW (Language)
  136. Lewisville police officer wins $13 million in Texas lottery
  137. Banks to request removal of hats, hoods, sunglasses
  138. Tumor in baby's brain contained foot
  139. remains identified as Caylee Anthony
  140. alledged victim sues city & NYPD for $200 million
  141. Ultimate Fighter, Wife Shot in Apparent Murder-Suicide
  142. Florida Woman Says Former Church Plans to Make Her Sins Public
  143. Shocking study finds most will torture if ordered
  144. GM and Chrysler Will Get $13.4 Billion in U.S. Loans
  145. Man Pays $21K Property Taxes In Coins
  146. California's Supreme Court ruled that the state's Good Samaritan law only protects people from liability if the are administering emergency medical ca
  147. Drew Peterson's got a new victim.
  148. Rifle and Ammo Stolen From CHP Unit
  149. Newly Erected Barriers Attract Unplanned Attention
  150. Police catch Long Island PTA mom half-dressed and making out with a 13-year-old boy, both naked from the waist down
  151. U.S. soldiers will need search warrants in Iraq
  152. NY Gov. Proposes Obesity Tax on Drinks
  153. Florida police close books on murder of Adam Walsh, son of America's Most Wanted host John Walsh
  154. Officer my be charged in killing another officer
  155. The last thing my Wife worked at this agency
  156. Clayco residents are tired of the crime.
  157. Holland Township family angry that supermarket won't personalize cake for their son
  158. Don't let the media fool you!
  159. Vigil for a CRIMINAL who died shortly after being tased
  160. Some Mexicans leaving US, planning never to return
  161. Iranian woman blinded by spurned suitor's sulfuric acid attack persuades court to blind him as well
  162. Suspects Arrested in Los Angeles County Sherriff's Deputy Murder
  163. Ghost cop keeps burglar stuck in house?
  164. Restoration of Damaged Police Interview DVD Proves Instrumental in Multiple Rape Conviction
  165. A 40-year-old woman is facing charges after allegedly kicking a police officer and pulling and twisting him in his groin
  166. Dumb & Dumber: Burglars hit next-door apartment, escape through hole in closet. Police find matching hole in their apartment after consentual search
  167. $18000 flew off a guy's car
  168. Political Corruption by State map.
  169. Paramedics accused of molesting patients.
  170. Naked clowns and nerd sex
  171. Child's body found near Caylee Anthony's home
  172. G's YouTube Video Gets Him 6+ yrs.
  173. What can Brown do for you?
  174. Queensland Police say it is a crime for anyone to even watch ....
  175. 2 Greek police officers being held in jail pending trial for murder during riots.
  176. Kidnap Victim Rescued During Traffic Stop
  177. YOUNG women are no longer just lying back and thinking of England, they are actively seeking out sexual partners - even more so than men.
  178. Turns out the Bible is actually pro-gay marriage. Huh
  179. Several Richmond County educators are being reprimanded after officials uncovered a sex scandal involving teachers
  180. 24.9 lb giant potato dug up in Lebanon
  181. One of My Former Sgts. Hit by Vehicle While on Traffic Stop
  182. Illinois Governor Taken Into Federal Custody
  183. Same-sex marriage supporters are urging people to "call in gay" Wednesday to show how much the country relies on gays and lesbians
  184. 13 year old boy grabs girls buttocks at school, prosecutors want to make him a sex offender
  185. Fox accidentally airs Vikings players wang on live tv...oops. Apology incoming.
  186. Police say a Muncie woman was arrested after asking a state trooper whether she could smoke -- and then trying to light up a marijuana joint.
  187. Military Plane Crashes in San Diego
  188. Behavioral screening -- the future of airport security?
  189. It's official: Men really are the weaker sex
  190. God is at it again!!!
  191. Former Drug Cop turned anti-cop, anti-drug advocate Barry Cooper sets up cops
  192. Proposed Law would allow officers to arrest illegal alien gang members
  193. Deuce Suspect Arrested Near Scene
  194. OJ Simpson to be imprisoned for 9-33 years
  195. India arrests two in connection with Mumbai terrorist attacks
  196. Horrifying parasitic Guinea Worm illness reaches all-time low with help from Jimmy Carter and Bill Gates
  197. Amsterdam to close up to half its brothels and marijuana cafes to drive organized crime out
  198. Wearing 'almost homeless' sign, ex-executive seeks work in NYC
  199. New Rules Ease Ban on Guns in National Parks
  200. Good News on the Oil Front
  201. Happiness is contagious, study finds
  202. Obama to make Islamic Speech in First 100 Days
  203. Man faces criminal charges for posting negative stuff about his ex on Craigslist in Colorado. The First Amendment cries a little more each day
  204. Red Light Camera Tickets Could Be Null and Void
  205. "Please officer, my wife is in labor." "That's no excuse to use the breakdown lane in bumper to bumper traffic. But I will mail you this $100 ticket"
  206. Man charged with battery after shoving McDonald's cheeseburger into girlfriend's face: Public hopes he 'fries'
  207. Jihad Recruiting Effort May Explain Missing Somalis in Minneapolis Area
  208. Louisiana has displaced Mississippi as the unhealthiest U.S. state and other Southern states were close rivals
  209. An off-duty Harris County deputy constable is recovering this morning after his car was struck by a possibly intoxicated tow truck driver
  210. Filmmaker working on "The Princess Diana Bible" in which "God" ordains homosexuality as the better lifestyle.
  211. CHP shooting suspect found dead on kitchen floor
  212. Plea deal for murder of deputy..
  213. Balfour Charged in Hudson Murders
  214. Nanny rescued child in Mumbai, India massacre
  215. Welfare Brood Mare
  216. Almost one in five young American adults has a personality disorder that interferes with everyday life
  217. This is not a story of a fine bromance. Few middle-aged Maine men would tolerate the text message term (bromance: a close, nonsexual male friendship)
  218. A suburban teacher is arrested and is facing possible drug charges and allegations of having underage parties with former students.
  219. Ex-cop’s retrial in murder case kicks off today
  220. Mother accused of murdering her newborn in 2007 sentenced to life w/out parole
  221. Our Bright and Shiny Youth
  222. Spears, wrestling, Obama lead Yahoo top 10 searches
  223. Doctor 'fondled breast of woman who feared she'd broken a finger'
  224. Cook accused of sexually harassing male employees
  225. Federal authorities arrested the mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, on Monday as part of a corruption probe surrounding the city's sewer bonds.
  226. Man outruns police until he crosses the county line then pulls over, confident that all the old movies were true
  227. There is a God!!! See ya King LaLa!!!
  228. Illegal border crossings shift from Arizona to California routes
  229. Switzerland approves law allowing addicts to be prescribed heroin
  230. Lawyer and inmate in 25 year marriage
  231. California Deputy's Widow Pleads Witnesses to Come Forward
  232. You've heard of the freshman 15. How about the Iraq 20? Iraq Has Its Own Battle of the Bulge
  233. Four Fort Bragg soldiers and a woman arrested for bank robbery plot
  234. 2 Shot Dead at California Toys R Us
  235. Taliban Leader Killed, Dressed as a Woman.
  236. Ohio Chief Gives Safety Lesson, Shoots Self
  237. NOPD Cop turned Cop Killer Spared December Execution Date
  238. Cyber-attack, thought to be from Russia, hits combat zone computers and Central Command overseeing Iraq and Afghanistan
  239. Texas Nano-Research May Have Yielded a Breakthrough in Energy Storage Devices
  240. 8-year-old who shot parents said he was spanked too much
  241. Pedestrian activist pianist killed by SUV-driving rapper in fit of road rage
  242. A standoff at a New Jersey bank is over after police learned a "person" seen inside was actually a full-size cardboard figure.
  243. terrorist seige in India is over, 143+ killed
  244. Officers make guardsmen lick up supposed urine.
  245. 22-year Chicago police veteran fired over $1 bag of trail mix
  246. Mom who helped teen daughter pose as teen boy on myspace to drive 13-year-old girl to suicide faces up to 20 years in prison
  247. Prisoners increasingly use contraband cell phones
  248. Zoo's attempt to force polar bears to gay-marry fails
  249. Nebraska's notorious "butt bandit" was charged today with a public indecency spree in which he allegedly lathered his private parts in baby lotion....
  250. Florida ban on gay adoptions ruled unconstitutional