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  1. Cook accused of sexually harassing male employees
  2. Federal authorities arrested the mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, on Monday as part of a corruption probe surrounding the city's sewer bonds.
  3. Man outruns police until he crosses the county line then pulls over, confident that all the old movies were true
  4. There is a God!!! See ya King LaLa!!!
  5. Illegal border crossings shift from Arizona to California routes
  6. Switzerland approves law allowing addicts to be prescribed heroin
  7. Lawyer and inmate in 25 year marriage
  8. California Deputy's Widow Pleads Witnesses to Come Forward
  9. You've heard of the freshman 15. How about the Iraq 20? Iraq Has Its Own Battle of the Bulge
  10. Four Fort Bragg soldiers and a woman arrested for bank robbery plot
  11. 2 Shot Dead at California Toys R Us
  12. Taliban Leader Killed, Dressed as a Woman.
  13. Ohio Chief Gives Safety Lesson, Shoots Self
  14. NOPD Cop turned Cop Killer Spared December Execution Date
  15. Cyber-attack, thought to be from Russia, hits combat zone computers and Central Command overseeing Iraq and Afghanistan
  16. Texas Nano-Research May Have Yielded a Breakthrough in Energy Storage Devices
  17. 8-year-old who shot parents said he was spanked too much
  18. Pedestrian activist pianist killed by SUV-driving rapper in fit of road rage
  19. A standoff at a New Jersey bank is over after police learned a "person" seen inside was actually a full-size cardboard figure.
  20. terrorist seige in India is over, 143+ killed
  21. Officers make guardsmen lick up supposed urine.
  22. 22-year Chicago police veteran fired over $1 bag of trail mix
  23. Mom who helped teen daughter pose as teen boy on myspace to drive 13-year-old girl to suicide faces up to 20 years in prison
  24. Prisoners increasingly use contraband cell phones
  25. Zoo's attempt to force polar bears to gay-marry fails
  26. Nebraska's notorious "butt bandit" was charged today with a public indecency spree in which he allegedly lathered his private parts in baby lotion....
  27. Florida ban on gay adoptions ruled unconstitutional
  28. Batman rumored to be killed off after Robin takes a turn to the dark side
  29. Fake penis drug test creators face jail
  30. Group of fifth graders discovered snickering at drawing of a penis on school bathroom wall. Time to call the sheriff's department
  31. Bee Gees star involved in airport stand-off
  32. New Orleans takes first as the nation's most crimey....crimeiest.......crim e ridden city
  33. Three men accused of trying to dig up a grave in Wisconsin in order to have sex with a dead woman entered not guilty pleas, claiming they used condoms
  34. So it begins: Banks force customers to take off hats so surveillance cameras get a clear shot of your face
  35. Two Boston police officers have filed a lawsuit against the city alleging they suffered harassment, retaliation, and discrimination
  36. The U.S. Conference of Mayors today sharply criticized the latest release of city-by-city crime rankings by CQ Press as "misleading"
  37. SWAT Oops....
  38. Hannity and Colmes split up
  39. Mail for mending G.I.s swamps Walter Reed
  40. Cops Eye Web Site's Role In Streaming Video Suicide
  41. Carjacker goes cold turkey
  42. New Bank Policy : Topless Only
  43. Police: Wife shot and killed at New Jersey church
  44. Man shot, killed at Scientology building in LA
  45. After Trooper crashes killing two, Illinois State Police drastically changes there emergency driving policy
  46. PRISON bosses have set up poker schools for inmates...at taxpayers' expense. ..thank God it's the U.K.
  47. Former elementary school teacher sentenced to 30 days in jail for having a sex with a 13-year old student
  48. The Medina County sheriff's department said a standoff with the Brunswick Hills police chief has come to an end without incident.
  49. More than 5 million marijuana plants were seized in California during 2008, breaking the previous record for pot plant seizures in a single year
  50. A thief who robbed a general store apologized to the owner and left the singles behind so workers on the next shift would have something in the till.
  51. Atlanta Foundation Helps Officers Go Back to School
  52. A Halifax County man was turned away from a local mission when he refused to remove his turban while trying to make a donation.
  53. Two year old takes Viagra up to six times a day to stay alive
  54. Dumb: Killing a guy - Dumber: Making a rap song about it and subsequently getting arrested
  55. NYC Woman Loses Hands, Feet In Hospital 'Mistake'
  56. Wild Chihuahuas
  57. Safe Haven Law
  58. Teenager commits suicide live online
  59. E! names sexiest woman!
  60. People magazine has named Australian actor Hugh Jackman the "sexiest man alive"
  61. Bad day: You're a cop charged with sexually assaulting 3 young girls. Very bad day: Investigators find your stash of homemeade cow porn videos
  62. SUV clocked at 120 MPH hits bridge..
  63. Breathalyzer Device Is Racist
  64. Diddy and Beyonce moved to tears by Obama's victory
  65. Astronaut who lost tool bag admits making mistake
  66. The West Virginia Legislative Auditor announced yesterday that a performance review of the West Virginia State Police found evidence of ticket quotas
  67. A feisty Harlem woman turned the tables on three subway muggers, chasing down two of the thugs
  68. Undercover officers use Taser on pallbearer
  69. Mexico arrested its head of Interpol on Tuesday for allegedly working for a powerful drug cartel
  70. 'Cool kids' tricked accused sex offender
  71. Volunteer firefighter decides show off town's $165,000 specially customized fire truck to his lady-friend, resulting in epic fail (w/pic)
  72. MacGyver tops TV tough guy poll
  73. Not a Polish Joke
  74. Suspect in boy's slaying avoided deportation
  75. Drug Cartels Flex Muscle In Southwest
  76. Veterans Helped by Healing Paws
  77. Town divided after schools stop making kids recite the Pledge over concerns that it holds children who don't participate up to scorn
  78. Federal auditors have concluded the Rev. Al Sharpton's 2004 campaign owes the government nearly $500,000 for illegal donations
  79. Ann Dunwoody becomes first female 4-star general
  80. Pursuit of Child Molester on the Freeway
  81. Words can't even describe how terrible this is.
  82. Family Dog Shot
  83. From the WTF Files
  84. Police chief arrests 48 relatives
  85. Canadian prisoner, too fat for cell, released early
  86. Google tool uses search terms to detect flu outbreaks
  87. Ore. sheriff fights disclosure of concealed gun permit info
  88. Spec.Ops Rescue American Hostage
  89. Police arming residents with radar guns
  90. San Diego Officer Honored
  91. Missing Girl, 1, Found Alive Under Floor
  92. Sheriff to ban deputies from mixing drinking,guns
  93. Man says he could have died after an operation on his penis left him bleeding heavily.
  94. Prosthetic penises that will be supplied free to eligible transsexual men next year are under attack for staying limp.
  95. The Top 10 occupations in General Happiness
  96. Gang Member Found Guilty in Officer's Murder
  97. Only in Alabama
  98. Bringing more Terrorists here, WTF???
  99. Democratic leaders in the U.S. House discuss confiscating 401(k)s, IRAs
  100. IDIOTS!
  101. Great Job by the NYPD Emergency Services Unit
  102. child rape suspect ARRAIGNED at a school
  103. Worst Fears Realized: Woman who cut off her baby's arms to be released from mental hospital back into society
  104. I wish I were there...
  105. Netherlands may soon force "unfit mothers" to take contraception
  106. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad congratulates Barack Obama on his win
  107. Sixteen gun toting Manhattan Court Officers caught turning there lunch breaks into frat house drinking parties
  108. High Conservative Court Rules in Favor of Banning the "F-word" and "S-word" on Television and Radio Broadcasts
  109. "America's Toughest Sheriff" wins 5th term as Sheriff in a landslide
  110. Yes We Can.. (pay you later).
  111. Stray 50-Caliber Bullet May Have Traveled 5 Miles Before Hitting Woman at Texas Motor Speedway, Breaking Her Arm in Three Places
  112. In his first move as President Elect, Barack Obama names Illinois Representative Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff
  113. For all of you who hate G.W. Bush... I offer a big F**K YOU!
  114. RIP United States of America
  115. Woman Drives Her Rapist to the Police Station After He Falls Asleep
  116. San Jose P.D. to use Segways
  117. And on the lighter side....wait...maybe not
  118. Black Panthers Block Polls In Philly
  119. Four Marines Arrested for Murder
  120. Wow...that poor little kid
  121. Probe: Palin did not violate ethics law
  122. Servicemen, Women Come Home To Lost Jobs
  123. Golfer John Daly spends night in jail after passing out at Hooters
  124. Shooter Said He Feared Trick-Or-Treaters Were Robbers
  125. Chowchilla bus hijacker approved for parole
  126. San Jose dentist accused of fondling patient's breasts on pretext of performing exam
  127. Dozens mark 7th anniversary of San Jose's officer's death with protest of trial delay
  128. Barack Obama's Aunt is discovered to be in the USA illegally, Obama claims he had no idea
  129. PETA Wants Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus to Use Robot Elephants Instead of the Real Thing
  130. Small Earthquakes hit Dallas Area, Generate 911 Calls
  131. Republican John McCain has pulled back within the margin of error, and in Friday's national poll he held a 1% lead over Obama
  132. Governor Schwarzenegger thinks Obama is a girly man, says he's going to do something about his skinny legs
  133. While speaking with Obama at a Rally, Bill Clinton pipes up to say Obama went to his economic advisers and asked what was the right thing to say
  134. Middle school student sent home after showing up to school on Halloween dressed as the ever offensive.....JESUS!
  135. Nudist community requests clothing optional polling site
  136. Battalions of lawyers sent to Florida for the Presidential election
  137. Democrat Ohio Secretary of State says cross checking voter registrations will have to wait until after November 4th.....hmm
  138. Riviera Beach Cops crack down on crack showing suspects with controversial new law
  139. Police Department won't play health tab for retired K-9 who sustained a spinal injury while tackling a criminal
  140. Elizabeth Edwards kicks John Edwards to the curb
  141. Smug Obama campaign boots journalists
  142. Two arrested in connection with Obama effigy (Damn I hate always being right)
  143. perp convicted of murdering NYPD officer
  144. Republican tired of having his McCain/Palin sign stolen, hooks his sign up to a power source with electric charge...along comes Obama supporter
  145. Scientists find that love and hate activate same brain activity patterns
  146. al Qaeda wants Republicans, Bush "humiliated"
  147. Shoplifter steals male enhancement cream, applies it in the store, and then heads to the toy isle
  148. Drew Peterson to missing wife: 'Show yourself'
  149. Man arrested after stolen truck passes officer owning it
  150. Ferrari in pole position
  151. Ugg - They Just Don't Make Swingers Like They Used To!
  152. Officer's POV Torched
  153. From homeless to Narc dog!
  154. Effigy of Sarah Palin hanging by a noose creates uproar in West Hollywood
  155. LA Times Refuses to Release Video of Obama Praising Controversial Activist
  156. Arrested For Throwing Beer At Deputy, Fleeing
  157. It's Over - McCain has won!!!
  158. It's Over - Obama has Won!!!
  159. Internet changing the way brains work
  160. Warden's wife accused of helping prisoner escape and living with him for over a decade
  161. Retired NYC Cop "Mustached American of the Year"
  162. 8 year old boy accidently killed by an Uzi at a gun show
  163. White supremacists plotted to kill Obama and 100 other African-Americans
  164. Sen. Stevens Found Guilty on all Charges
  165. Another campus shooting????
  166. Egyptian suspected spy may have been murdered in London
  167. Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle puts out the word to his officers: "Do not drive above the speed limit unless lights and sirens are activated."
  168. Tatoo Parlor Worker Alleges 5 NYPD Officers Sodomized Him With a Walkie Talkie in a Subway Station
  169. No need to vote, America, the AP has decided it all.
  170. Retired Sacramento Officer Passes
  171. Top 5 Most and Least Vulernable City's in the USA
  172. Traffic Waves - How One Driver Can Unclog a Traffic Jam
  173. Raccoon unfazed by cop's Taser during wild chase
  174. Woman killed by pet 13-foot python
  175. FBI removes the controversial term “honor killing” from the wanted poster of a suspect who killed his two teen girls for dating non-Muslims
  176. Two Dallas Women First ID'd as Men Are Charged with Capital Murder, Believed Responsible For Two Murders and Multiple Robberies
  177. "You've got STDs"! E-cards may aid in STD notification
  178. Study: Coverage of McCain Much More Negative Than That of Obama
  179. Republican HQ Manager's Home Shot Up Over McCain Signs
  180. What if SNL' mocked Michelle Obama?
  181. Knife-wielding madman robs McCain-Palin campaign volunteer and carves a "B" (for Barack) in her face
  182. SF to Make it Illegal to Enforce the Law?
  183. Miss Teen Louisiana arrested for leaving a restaurant without paying and carrying marijuana (which was in the pocketbook she accidentally left behind)
  184. Prison inmates in Maine and Vermont now allowed to vote
  185. Good bye tin foil hello scotch tape!
  186. Police prepare for unrest
  187. state prison blames inmates' contraband cell phones for escapes
  188. Man wins $400 for eating 15 lb burger in food contest
  189. 60 Californian motorcycle gang members arrested in federal sweep after 3-year undercover investigation
  190. Web site linked to al-Qaida backs McCain--Posting says the network would welcome a pre-election attack on the U.S.
  191. Two New York Police Officers Shot on Subway Platform
  192. Michael Vick plans to plead guilty to dog fighting
  193. Suspect Dies With Son In Deliberate Crash
  194. Teens Use Family's Home As Hangout After Reading MySpace Post
  195. Biden might have more sense than we thought...
  196. Dallas Police Officer Who Hit Boy Was Driving 67 MPH At Time
  197. U.S. pilot was ordered to shoot down UFO
  198. 89-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Taking Ball
  199. Well....it would "suck" to handle this call...
  200. Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama
  201. Al-Qaeda's web forums abruptly taken offline
  202. Tradesman burgs police station
  203. Well...aren't we rather persistent??
  204. Touching Story from Work
  205. CPR works when done to beat of "Stayin' Alive"
  206. Dad names baby Sarah McCain Palin without his wife's consent
  207. Houston Police Kill CIA Imposter
  208. Sex Offenders must post "No Candy" sign for Halloween
  209. Carbon E7- CopCar of the future
  210. Jessie Jackson on Obama's America
  211. Eye see where you are coming from...
  212. Boy, 12, Accused Of Killing Neighbor Gets $2.2M Settlement
  213. 'Obese' Inmate Dies Of Lethal Injection
  214. McCain vows to whip Obama's butt in Wednesday's debate..
  215. Voodoo Store's Candle Sparks Blaze
  216. Magic Johnson Faked AIDS, Radio Duo Says
  217. Transgender Arrested, Accused Of Killing Husband
  218. The latest on the liberal corrupt group, ACORN
  219. Judge wants to ban all cops from packing heat in court after one cop leaves his gun in the bathroom
  220. Two suspects who robbed a conveniance store get arrested after asking police officers for directions
  221. Baseball player who exposed steroids in baseball detained at the border for posession of a drug that restores and maintains testicular size
  222. Chicago Alderman written ticket for driving while talking on a cell phone...political games incoming
  223. Alaska Probe Says Palin Abused Her Authority Alaska Probe Says Palin Abused Her Authority
  224. North Korea barred U.N. monitoring at its nuclear complex on Thursday
  225. Chicago to open city's first high school for gay, lesbian, and transgender students
  226. Dallas Drivers Line Up For $2.74 Gas
  227. Chicago sheriff refuses to evict in foreclosures
  228. Off Duty Chicago Cop - Kickin' ass and taking names
  229. Skull found in luggage at Tuscon airport
  230. woman threatens to post nude pics of 13yo
  231. Penguins nursed back to health and returned to the wild in Brazil
  232. Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant again
  233. Nepalese girl becomes living goddess
  234. Fannie Mae forgives loan for woman who shot herself
  235. Driver hits child, 8, flees from scene
  236. Wanted crack head parent kicks toddler in head; doesn't call 911 because of warrants.
  237. Only in Tennessee..... dead fox rescue
  238. New Texas License Plates Feature On-Line Designer Software
  239. Teachers screwing students...old news. Teachers screwing teachers in a faculty sex ring.....cool
  240. New Florida law makes speeding 50+ mph over the limit a $1,000 fine, with a third offense being a $5,000 fine
  241. Shoot-out before stunned onlookers
  242. "Artist" allowed to trawl for kids in school ground
  243. Police Officer Honored
  244. Pirates? Are you kidding me?
  245. Homemade Flamethrower?
  246. 20 year old student sets off homemade bomb on campus to get out of school for the day...5 students injured
  247. Teacher discussing Obama writes "change" as an acronym on the board and then writes a word under each letter. Guess what he wrote under the "N".
  248. Drunk Firefighter exposes himself at a pool hall, pissing on a citizen's shoes in front of family
  249. Police Officer and his girlfriend indicted for molesting three female minors and performing sex acts on cows
  250. O.J. Simpson found guilty on all charges, now facing life in prison