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  1. Maryland state delegate who called for 'DUI' license plates for convicted drunk drivers, gets arrested for DUI
  2. Driver Arrested for Farting on Officer
  3. Police Release Video Of Woman Thrown Into Freeway
  4. Soldier's Car Vandalized and Spray-Painted with Anti-War Messages At Dallas University
  5. 9-11 suspect grills judge on religion
  6. "May God bless you my brothers, but the password is wrong:" Web problems hit release of al Qaeda 9/11 video
  7. J.K. Rowling gives £1 million to Labour Party of UK
  8. Retired CHP Sergeant Killed
  9. Dallas cab driver charged with attempted child kidnapping in Flower Mound
  10. Enouth is Enough
  11. Porn declining on internet as social networking rises
  12. Hackers break into Sarah Palin's Yahoo! account
  13. New I-35W Bridge Opens in Minneapolis
  14. Kat Deluna National Anthem Booed at Texas Stadium
  15. Safe Haven Law in Nebraska
  16. Texas Jury Takes Two Minutes to Convict Father Who Killed His Kids
  17. Local Police Chief Confronted by Armed Burglar at the PD - Burglar tries to Fire, but Forgets to Disengage the Safety
  18. Mother steals daughter's identity to become cheerleader
  19. Very Sad Story
  20. Ballot measure to decriminalize prostitution divides liberal San Francisco
  21. Driver who hit 5-year-old high on marijuana
  22. Car To Car Shooting
  23. Man Shoots into Home of Sheriff's Sergeant
  24. It's sport, not sex say Europe champion pole dancers
  25. Update on CHP Officer Pedeferri
  26. Gas prices in my area
  27. Deputy and Two CHP Officer's Injured in TC
  28. OUCH! That Had To Hurt...
  29. Mom kept dead son in trunk
  30. Craigslist Sellers Robbing Instead of Selling, Police Say
  31. Kim Jong Il may have suffered stroke
  32. Thai leader forced to resign over TV cooking show
  33. Book looks at how miraculous survivors survived
  34. Polar bears turn green from algae in Japanese zoo
  35. McCain Camp ‘Rescues’ Flags Discarded By Obama Rally
  36. Loaded police gun found in London Starbucks
  37. Man In Wheelchair Robs Store of Condoms, Energy Drinks
  38. "Myspace for spies" launched by CIA, FBI
  39. Oprah... The Queen "B"
  40. Bear says no to drugs!
  41. Suicidal Woman Killed by Police
  42. Buh Bye Kwame!
  43. Ok you guys in LE, whens the last time you did this?
  44. Robbers Pick the Wrong Home to Invade
  45. Doughnut Exec Pleads Guilty In Immigration Case
  46. Dallas County Sheriff's Department Embraces "Big Brother" Car Monitoring System
  47. Shooting rampage - deputy dead
  48. Singer/actor Jerry Reed Dead at age 71
  49. Movie Trailers will never be the same
  50. Sudden death after arrest may be new syndrome
  51. Man tries to amputate own arm
  52. Bristol Palin, 17, Pregnant
  53. Deferments, asthma kept Biden out of Vietnam
  54. Two Democrats say "God is on their side".
  55. WI Judge: Go to jail, or admit to being stupid
  56. Sarah Palin's staff accused of getting Palin's ex-brother-in-law fired from state trooper job, and then firing police commissioner who defended him
  57. McCain names Palin as VP pick
  58. Okay, Guys and Gals, Check . . .
  59. Pranksters With Stolen Radios Tie Up Dallas Police Channels
  60. Man successfully sues for return of his DNA sample return after investigation
  61. A New Cold War Rising?
  62. Dallas Police Investigate Storage Unit Filled With Porn
  63. Witness Contradicts CHP Account of Shooting
  64. Off Duty LAPD Officer Shoots Motorist in Road Rage Incident
  65. Michelle Obama's Thesis on blacks and whites
  66. Appropriate Use of Force?
  67. They still have a few left at Wal-mart
  68. New Nebraska law allows parents to abondon kids under 19 years old at hospital with no questions asked
  69. Court grants authority for school to put GPS ankle bracelets on students to monitor them
  70. Jumping into a cop car and fighting the Deputy while telling him your high on mushrooms is a bad thing
  71. Blogs Explode with News of Lawsuit Claiming Obama is not a Natural-Born Citizen Therefore Ineligible for Presidency
  72. Meth arrests deliver $1.2M
  73. Sheriff checked hiimself into jail....just because
  74. NYC Cops settle a contract!!!
  75. Did you know they posed for Playboy?
  76. Dallas Police: Murders Down 25 Percent
  77. 5 Killed In my neck of the woods
  78. Worry over cost of event policing
  79. Plane Crashes Into CHP Inspection Facility
  80. Georgia police officer loses job over Big Foot hoax.
  81. Armed Grandma Forces Burglar To Dial 911 At Gunpoint
  82. Stupid Criminal of the Day
  83. Police Officer Faces Charges When Limo Gets Stopped
  84. DNA from love letters helps identify remains of Air Force fighter pilot MIA in Vietnam
  85. Is Anyone following this case? (missing Caylee)
  86. Lets HELP make our kids dumber???
  87. Armed Auto Theft Suspect Arrested in Stolen Vehicle
  88. $4 Million Bail for Man Who Shot at Cop
  89. BP Agents Not Fooled - Seize 200+ Pounds of Pot
  90. Motorist arrested after slamming into 2 police cars
  91. Strangers lift bus off pregnant traffic cop: Baby saved, mother died
  92. Detroit Mayor Bound Over For Trial On Assault Charges
  93. Off Duty Officer Wounded In Shooting
  94. Bigfoot body?
  95. Is the Alpha Male making a comeback?
  96. Cop accused of fake sex exams
  97. Obama Endorsement Shocker!
  98. Google's Street View captures the moment a drunken Aussie keeled over outside his home
  99. Dallas police officer arrested in connection with Sam's Club robbery
  100. Which one of you is it??
  101. Street name changed to honor slain officer
  102. Actor Accused Of Attack On Ex-Girlfriend
  103. Man demanded porn videos, claiming he was a detective with the police department's "age verification unit"
  104. Groom arrested for being too close to bride on wedding day, in violation of order of protection
  105. Another reason to feel naked without your cell phone--you might miss Obama's text about his VP choice!
  106. Spilled cash causes free-for-all on California highway
  107. Death toll in Texas church bus crash rises to 17, exposes unlicensed charter bus operation.
  108. Olympic shooters hug as their countries war against each other
  109. Singer, songwriter Isaac Hayes (Voice of "Chef" on SouthPark) dies at age 65
  110. What A Mess!
  111. Apparently we invaded Canada.
  112. At a campaign rally Obama tells supporter he should go on Fox News and tear Sean Hannity up
  113. Supremacists hope for boost from Obama win
  114. Man impaled during Philly police chase
  115. John Edwards finally comes clean on extra-marital affair after lying about it. I'm sure his terminally ill wife is very proud.
  116. Detroit Mayor faces felonious assault for pushing a police officer
  117. Drunk guy arrested after vehicle ramming spree, damages totalling $75,000
  118. Barack Obama inserting foot in mouth again when not reading from a teleprompter
  119. Two arrested after using barbecue pit as a weapon
  120. Mayor of Detroit thrown in jail
  121. 6 year old shoots and kills 3 year old brother
  122. Anthrax
  123. Woman buys clones of her deceased pitbull terrier Booger
  124. Poop protests barred during Democratic convention in Denver
  125. St. Paul Police Officers Injured in Squad Car Collision
  126. Another Armed Citizen Victory
  127. Mary Kate Olsen refuses to speak with investigators about Heath Ledger's overdose unless she gets immunity
  128. Nipple cover-up ordered by Italian Prime Minister
  129. Man calls 911 after Subway left sauce off sandwich
  130. Driver filmed himself masturbating at 150km/h
  131. 16 police dead in pre-olympic terrorist attack
  132. McCain and Obama in a Dead Heat!!!
  133. Obama's Trip to the Middle East
  134. McCain donor Kathy Hilton's offended at McCain ad using her daughter Paris Hilton to make fun of Obama
  135. Corrections Officer arrested- Cook County
  136. Obama trying to win Alaska, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Montana, and North Dakota
  137. Police test Tasers in Australia. WTH???
  138. Be Careful Out There! - Six Fort Worth Officers Collapse in Heat
  139. Felons Challenging gun Ban In Wake Of Supreme Court's Landmark Ruling
  140. Anthrax Mystery
  141. Cops attacked by bedbugs..
  142. This is seriously f*$$%ed up
  143. Inmates To Get Free Condoms In Solano County
  144. ER docs warn against texting while walking, skating, or cooking
  145. Monster Washes Up on Beach
  146. Ex-pest exterminator survives being lost in the Outback by eating termites
  147. Body found in plane restroom
  148. In my County last night
  149. Beware of "Change"
  150. 'Extreme Makeover' Doom
  151. Troubles for church
  152. Buried loot
  153. Church Shooting
  154. Florida Woman Attacked by Fox, Then Shot By Husband
  155. New Orleans Dismisses Two and Rights a Wrong
  156. Detroit Mayor Shoved Me, Detective Says
  157. Bin Laden driver liked fries with that interrogation
  158. Astronaut claims alien coverup.
  159. Schwarzenegger threatens to pay state employees minimum wage
  160. "Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii" is a name so weird it constitutes child abuse according to New Zealand court
  161. Help Five-0's Agency Out
  162. Buffalo Police Car Crashes in Pepper Spray Mishap
  163. Burglary Suspect to Minnesota Cops: 'Dude, I Can't Talk, I'm Being Chased by the Police'
  164. Man had .491 BAC
  165. Off-duty Denver Police Officer in Serious Condition After Traffic Crash
  166. Firefighter Shot to Death While Responding to Fire Near St. Louis
  167. Skydiver Killed by Spinning Aircraft Propeller
  168. Italians Shocked After Sunbathers Relax on Beach Near Dead Bodies
  169. Rescued Man Attacks Rescuers
  170. Another Expectant Mother Murdered for her Child
  171. NOPD Chief addresses the force after three officers were disciplined for everything from running from cops to assaulting officers
  172. Milwaukee Sergeant on leave after shooting suicidal officer
  173. Father grabs baseball bat and attempts to beat the homosexuality out of his 18 year old son
  174. Laugh Factory owner calls out Jesse Jackson after Fox News confirms Jackson used the "n-word" while criticizing Obama during a commercial break
  175. San Francisco puts measure on ballot to name new sewage plant after President Bush
  176. Washington State Supreme Court rules marijuana odor doesn't warrant search and handcuffing of passengers
  177. Missing Female Ft. Bliss Soldier 4th Female Soldier to go Missing. Others Found Dead. Fellow Marines, Husbands Were Usual Killers.
  178. Stupidity Hurts
  179. DUI Crash - 3 Cars+2 Houses
  180. Sheep sex suspect banned
  181. Mall Shooting Luckily Averted
  182. If you're going to run, don't skimp on gas...
  183. Beware flooded roads...
  184. Here's another stupid
  185. Nevada HP Sergeant charge with DUI/drugs in fatal accident
  186. DPS Facing Trooper Shortage Across Texas
  187. This is too funny
  188. No Town Hall Forums
  189. NFL and Gang Signs
  190. Officer uses patrol car to stop burning motorhome
  191. Officer's car wrecked before first day on job
  192. Natalie Cole Dx With Hepititis C
  193. Burglary Suspect Tries To Outrun Dogs and CHP
  194. Teen Suspected of Stabbing Friend's Father
  195. Rampage Jackson arrested after police chase
  196. Manson Murderer Denied Compassionate Release
  197. Lowering Oil Prices will not take 10 years
  198. Denver Police trying to keep the man down
  199. Miss Universe says being kidnapped taught her to remain poised under pressure
  200. As gas prices go up, auto deaths drop
  201. Black Hole is a racist term???
  202. Former Bush Spokesman Tony Snow Dies at 53
  203. Dallas Cop-Killer Sentenced to Death
  204. Ford Mustang GT no match for GSP Dodge Charger
  205. US Olympic Boxer Kicked Off Team for Caring For Sister's Family While She was in Rehab
  206. Cookies weren't laced
  207. How Confidential Are Your Personnel Files?
  208. Fontana (CA) PD Officers set off illegal fireworks
  209. Men working signs "discriminatory"
  211. Des Moines Police Ban New Tattoos
  212. Bank Robbery Suspect Shot, Killed By Police
  213. NOPD officer punished for wearing the wrong uniform
  214. I love stories With Happy Endings.
  215. A final Farewell to a Hero
  216. Woman shooting at mice hits self, one other
  217. Assassin has a nice ring to it.
  218. Big Brother Watching? Cities Add Cameras
  219. LSD lced cookies delivered to LEO's
  220. Officer involved shooting in my area
  221. Soldier whose photo touched many dies in N.C.
  222. YouTube Video of SEAL Michael Monsoor's Funeral
  223. Congratulations Gordon Family
  224. For $50, some spend night in Roseville, CA jail
  225. U.S. Customs seize drugs in gas tank in Detroit
  226. Update in Turlock, CA baby killer case
  227. Man found in WI basement covered in BBQ sauce
  228. LAPD Officer Under Investigation for Felony DUI/Hit and Run
  229. Global Warming claiming flatscreen TV's now?
  230. Teen attempts to sell vote
  231. Uncle of Missing Vermont Girl Took Her Home for Initiation Into Sex Ring
  232. Is Watermelon A Natural Viagra?
  233. Local Band Member Found Dead
  234. U.S. leads world in substance abuse, WHO finds
  235. Baby Cut out of Murdered Pasco Woman
  236. Dallas-Area Roadway Shooter May Be Linked to 5th Shooting
  237. Sometimes you can't save them from themselves
  238. Police killing suspect's jail death ruled homicide
  239. Gas Prices Hurting Brothel Business
  240. Police mergers not all ideal
  241. 16 Accidentally Wounded by French Military in Shooting Demo
  242. Any Swamp Mafia Members Missing their Ride?
  243. Gen. Clark blasts Sen. McCain's military record
  244. Just a kiss - or was it?
  245. When Pros Drink, These Cops Drive
  246. Teen decapitated by 6 Flags coaster...
  247. Louisiana legislator pay increase
  248. "Kill cops" rant lands man in jail
  250. Down Time Required To Maintain Performance