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  1. U.S. Customs seize drugs in gas tank in Detroit
  2. Update in Turlock, CA baby killer case
  3. Man found in WI basement covered in BBQ sauce
  4. LAPD Officer Under Investigation for Felony DUI/Hit and Run
  5. Global Warming claiming flatscreen TV's now?
  6. Teen attempts to sell vote
  7. Uncle of Missing Vermont Girl Took Her Home for Initiation Into Sex Ring
  8. Is Watermelon A Natural Viagra?
  9. Local Band Member Found Dead
  10. U.S. leads world in substance abuse, WHO finds
  11. Baby Cut out of Murdered Pasco Woman
  12. Dallas-Area Roadway Shooter May Be Linked to 5th Shooting
  13. Sometimes you can't save them from themselves
  14. Police killing suspect's jail death ruled homicide
  15. Gas Prices Hurting Brothel Business
  16. Police mergers not all ideal
  17. 16 Accidentally Wounded by French Military in Shooting Demo
  18. Any Swamp Mafia Members Missing their Ride?
  19. Gen. Clark blasts Sen. McCain's military record
  20. Just a kiss - or was it?
  21. When Pros Drink, These Cops Drive
  22. Teen decapitated by 6 Flags coaster...
  23. Louisiana legislator pay increase
  24. "Kill cops" rant lands man in jail
  26. Down Time Required To Maintain Performance
  27. Driver arrested after speeding 22 times in 45 days
  28. Duhhh.... Dallas Police Allowed to Chase ATM Smash & Grab Thieves Now, Because They May be Armed
  29. Obama Condemns Supreme Court Decision in Child Rape Case
  30. Homeles2 man arrested
  31. Second Admendment Supreme Court Ruling
  32. Obama's Space Policy
  33. Great story!
  34. Shaq stripped of his badge!
  35. Case against fake police officer upends Mo. town
  36. Wounded and still fast, cop chases down suspect
  37. Sanger, TX: Police Officer Arrested for Trying to Steal $3 Panties from Wal-Mart
  38. Just sick and wrong
  39. Former NFL Star Walks Coast-to-Coast For 9/11 Responders
  40. Thousands sign petition to make Texas an open-carry state
  41. Crude Could Drop By Half?
  42. I wouldn't count on Publisher's clearinghouse showing up anytime soon Ed.
  43. O......K......here's a new one..
  44. George Carlin dead
  45. Police cut frontline jobs to save on fuel costs
  46. Man shoots 2 BR officers
  47. Northwest starts service to DBQ - I'm in the paper
  48. The gradual fall of American Patriotism continues
  49. Ice on Mars?
  50. Saudi summit aims at oil prices
  51. Guy leaves door unlocked and the cops wake him up to tell him
  52. Photobucket Website Temporarily Hijacked by Turkish Hackers
  53. Unbelievable (news story)
  54. Orange County's (CA) First Female Deputy
  55. Man dies after accidental shooting
  56. 93-year-old Terrell woman beaten during robbery in her home, possibly with a hammer
  57. My township and tasers make the news
  58. News from my neck of the woods.
  59. 12y/o girl chases robber
  60. CCW Holder Gives Bank-Robber a Time-Out
  61. Man arrested after getting tail...
  62. Police detail scene of woman's grisly slaying and dismemberment in Richardson, TX
  63. More quality parenting
  64. Dallas Police Release Shootout Video... PETA NOTICE: No criminals were harmed in making this video
  65. man killed while beating toddler to death
  66. Bush's War?
  67. Cops: Beard Ban Is Discriminatory
  68. Cops Release Sketch in Connection with Slain Oklahoma Girls
  69. 'Drunkenstein' Found Guilty of Plotting Super Bowl Massacre
  70. Tim Russert Dies at 58
  71. Talk about a double standard
  72. An article done on me.
  73. Stalker Sends Victim Sex Video as She Files Police Complaint
  74. Marijuana Potency
  75. Woman Pulls Fake Gun on CHP Officer During Stop
  76. ---Taser looses law suit---
  77. What a tragedy....
  78. Baby discovered in car, hospitalized
  79. Police: Mom forces son's hands into boiling pot
  80. 2 Girls Shot Dead on Rural Road
  81. Naked Man Rescued from Porta-Potty!
  82. Armed, Retired CHP Officer Confronts Delaware State Police
  83. Shootout Caught on Police Surveillance Camera
  84. *Story Update* Mom Facing Felony Endangerment Charges
  85. Nine meals from anarchy
  86. Church and State
  89. Forget something???
  90. Traffic police catch hen rustlers
  91. End cheap alcohol - police chief
  92. NYPD expanding use of tasers.
  93. WTH is wrong with people?
  94. Child molestor gets prison time. 588 years
  95. Wonder Woman finds body
  96. Child Molester Arrested After Knocking On Officer's Door
  97. New Version of the Gpcode PC Virus May Be an Elaborate Blackmail Scheme
  98. Son of injured cop gets help from Big Brown
  99. 1 Killed After Alleged Drunk Driver Plows Into Bike Race
  100. Police: Toddler Steered Car For Drunken Mother
  101. New York Man Paralyzed by Police Bullet Loses Award After 20 Years
  102. Brazil Authorities Investigate How Inmate Got $173G, Guns, TV in Cell
  103. CA Police Chief Under Investigation
  104. 2 animal abusing kids
  105. Man, 71, and friend in wheelchair subdue suspect
  106. Don't Buy Tobacco Products in NYC
  107. If only Darwin had intervened...
  108. A Valid Panic Alarm
  109. And another from the WTF files...
  110. Passenger Says He Was Stopped at Heathrow Airport for T-Shirt Showing Cartoon Character With Gun
  111. Surgeons Remove 16 Steel Washers From Man's 'Nether Region'
  112. This happened in my town!
  113. Thousands of Web Sites Down After Electrical Explosion at Houston Data Center
  114. A Shootout in Tucson
  115. Scarecrow Bandits Arrested After Chase
  116. Dallas Police Shoot, Kill Amarillo Bank Robbery Suspect
  117. Thong masked robbers
  118. New Congressional "Carbon Cap" Energy Bill May Mean $8.00/gallon Gas Prices and Corporate Failures
  119. The Largest Tax Increase In History Is Looming, says the White House
  120. Mankato, MN teen found dead
  121. Fellow Deputies daughter murdered
  122. So What!!
  123. Here's a DUI excuse you don't hear everyday
  124. Detroit Customs seizes 72,900 tabs of X and 11lbs of meth
  125. MN Supreme Court Gives Officers More Leeway in DWI Cases
  126. Brazil Discovers Uncontacted Indian Tribe in Amazon Jungle
  127. Wardens paid 'per litter ticket'
  128. 2 sides of a speeding ticket
  129. Officer jailed for sexual favours
  130. Off Duty Incident - LAPD
  131. LAPD Medal of Valor Awards
  132. Grunt and Center: Victim Says Workout Shouts Led to NYC Gym Assault
  133. As gas prices soar, thieves grow more brazen
  134. Could US lose the King of Beers?
  135. Police patrol car in arson attack
  136. Why not to hire a nude maid while your wife is out of town.
  137. Sheriff: Family Members Found Dead in California All Wearing Black
  138. Police: Two Brothers Shoot Same Man 5 Years Apart
  139. Florida Teacher Allegedly Lets Kindergarteners Kick Autistic Boy Out of Class in 'Survivor'-Like Vote
  140. Feds Arrest Medical Pot Owner/Wife
  141. City Council Demands Woman Get Insurance, Lifeguard for 2-Foot Wading Pool
  142. This Whole Story Stinks
  143. Woman Wakes After Heart Stopped, Rigor Mortis Set In
  144. Vets Install Pacemaker In Search-and-Rescue Dog
  145. Rising Gas Prices Forcing Some Cops Out of Cars, Onto Feet
  146. Texas seizure of polygamist-sect kids thrown out
  147. Free Gun with Car Purchase
  148. O.C. (CA) deputy faces charges over false reports
  149. Former Maywood (CA) officer accused of sexual assault
  150. Chain saw decapitator gets life.
  151. Texas Declares Tax-Free Weekend for Energy-Efficient Appliances
  152. Creative home security device....
  153. its a weird world
  154. U.S. shooters feel pinch as ammo costs soar
  155. 3 Ladies inside sinking car
  156. Gas Station Employee Fired for Fighting Off Robber
  157. Just Announced On My Local News
  158. Meet Black Eagle
  159. More Proof that "Duty to Retreat" Laws are Crap - Woman Shot in Face Trying to Escape Carjacker. Reward up to $40,000
  160. Brain-Damaged Boy's Family Sues Bat Maker
  161. Will work for Gas
  162. Got Milk?
  163. One Lucky Cop
  164. Quran For Target Practice
  165. Perrilloux News for the Swamp Mafia
  166. AK gas tops 4 average
  167. Wis man goes on gas strike
  168. Burglar Done In By Half-Eaten Snickers Bar
  169. Missouri Woman Indicted in MySpace Cyber-Bullying Case That Ended in Teen's Suicide
  170. CBP in Detroit seizes $5 million worth of Ecstasy
  171. 911 operator fired after cursing
  172. Now THIS is cool!
  173. Investigation After Judge Tells Underage Drinker to Commit Suicide
  174. Texas Substitute Teacher Arrested After Coming to Class Drunk
  175. Cool Picture
  176. 'Jane Doe Rape Kits' Going Nationwide
  177. Police Search for Arsonists in Florida Wildfires That Have Scorched 100 Homes
  178. Two More OIS Incidents
  179. Apparently it ain't safe for Washington peeps in NC...
  180. A Day with Prisoner Transport
  181. Talk about a crappy seat....
  182. Report: 17 People Arrested After House Party Turns to Hostage Standoff
  183. Pittsburgh, PA police dog shot
  184. Dead in bathroom fo 2 months
  185. Jenna is getting married
  186. Handcuffed Suspect Steals Police Car
  187. 13-Year-Old Baseball Player Suffers Heart Attack Rounding Bases
  188. Man Saves Own Life, Uses Steak Knife for At-Home Tracheotomy
  189. Dash Cam Video Released from MN Taser Death
  190. Swamp Mafia - You can have this one back
  191. Eddy Arnold Dead at 89.
  192. Los Angeles Police Hire Dietitian to Combat Pudgy Cops
  193. Political Correctness AGAIN
  194. College Drup Rings Easily Penatrated
  195. What a joke!!
  197. Officer killed driver fined 310 dollars
  198. Al Sharpton just got arrested.
  199. Illinois Man Orders Custom Beer-Can Coffin
  200. Stop and Frisk Challenged in NY
  201. NY Police Impersonators
  202. Driver kills dog, sues dog owner
  203. News out of Philly
  204. Police fill D.C. streets for All Hands on Deck weekend
  205. Police clock driver going 138 mph on I-205
  206. TV dramas raise bar for trial evidence
  207. Police academy drop-out rate hits 50 percent
  208. Dietitian hired to arrest officer obesity
  209. At least SOMEONE over there gets to carry!
  210. GI's Graphic Afghan Firefight Recorded on Family's Voice Mail
  211. Man Shoots Girlfriend, 2 Kids, Self in Virginia Home
  212. 96 Students, Others Arrested in Massive Drug Raid at San Diego State University
  213. Boy saves girl
  214. 1.06$/gallon gas
  215. Pregnant officer's light duty request denied
  216. Thief....WELL DONE
  217. Jenna Bush to marry at Texas ranch
  218. Hunter Shot Son While Under The Influence
  219. Man Faces Trial for Torture of His Family
  220. 3 Year-Old Hospitalized After Drinking GBH
  221. RedSox-Yankees murder
  222. Pipe Bomb Damages Federal Courthouse
  223. Teen Gives Birth in Shower, Walks to Hospital
  224. Man Asks Court to Change His Name to 'In God We Trust'
  225. Retired Police Officer starts business that pays off fines of traffic offenders
  226. Pink Poodle
  227. Wife Convicted after Husband shoots Lover
  228. Inmate beating
  229. Scout who returned wallet with $800 gets own wallet returned
  230. Killer Reveals Graphic Details in Shooting Wife and Two Children
  231. Swamp Mafia: The End Is Near!!!
  232. Killer gives interview
  233. Big story in Seattle Area - Sex web site murder
  234. Things that make ya go.......................DUHHH HH
  235. Ohio Teen Hiding in Bed Foils Intruders With Text Message
  236. Video played of trooper kicking dog.
  237. Murder/Suicide in PD parking lot
  238. Cool miracle
  239. 1,000-pound squid corpse thawed by New Zealand scientists
  240. Spitzer call girl sues 'Girls Gone Wild' for $10 million
  241. Baby Geese Killed
  242. Images emerge from 'house of horror'
  243. Student "twitters" his way out of Egyptian jail
  244. Private eye acts as own lawyer in federal trial in which he is accused of wiretapping celebrities
  245. Dallas police get OK to test system for detecting gunfire
  246. Whistle at woman triggered fatal shooting, Dallas police say
  247. Wounded Dallas police officer receives Roosevelt award for courage
  248. Rising food prices cause hunger and instability worldwide
  249. Soon I will no longer be an habitual offender...
  250. French police come to California to investigate death of engineer with French-US dual citizenship