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  1. Searches of unidentified suspects' felon relatives' DNA records authorized in California
  2. Off duty Baltimore officer shot, killed by another officer
  3. Fatal Shark Attack Off San Diego Coast
  4. NYPD Detectives Not Guilty in Bell Shooting
  5. Legally blind man teaches alleged intruder a lesson
  6. Maybe he was just gathering evidence?
  7. Moo...
  8. Snob magazine set up by Russian billionaire
  9. Laser pointer ban in Australian state
  10. Prince William lands copter in girlfriend's garden
  11. LASIK Eye Surgery
  12. "Semi-Pro" Bear Kills Trainer
  13. Want a new car? Have an old junker you'd like to get rid of? Texas Offers Thousands of Dollars For Drivers To Dump Dirty Cars
  14. 15% of Americans were drunk drivers in the past year
  15. Officer Shoots Man Trying to Drown Baby
  16. Court upholds cellphone ban
  17. CA Parole Agent Attacked At Traffic Signal
  18. Drop in LEO deaths attributed to better tactics and training
  19. Rash of Shootings Is Seen in Gun-Free Chicago Over Weekend - 26 Shootings, 9 Dead
  20. Priest carried aloft by balloons missing off Brazillian coast
  21. Faulty Flash-Bang Grenades Relabeled for Sale To LE Agencies
  22. Salute to a Hero
  23. Cop pries python's mouth open to prevent it from eating store owner
  24. Citizen uses little known Oregon statute to charge on-duty officer for illegal parking violation
  25. Police Chief stripped of his gun following a domestic dispute with his wife
  26. New Jersey Officer accidentally shoots his 6 year old son in the face with his duty weapon
  27. Man in prison for murder beat and rapes on-duty female corrections officer
  28. Man stuck in elevator for 41 hours still unemployed after quitting job and settling lawsuit
  29. Dial 800-Cocaine
  30. Aftershocks Felt in Chicago
  31. California Senate Rejects Badge Bill
  32. Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Will Begin Collecting DNA From Everyone Arrested
  33. Walking on the flag??
  34. This Officer could use your help!
  35. Sheriff Ran Sex-Slave Operation, Police Say
  36. Student Attacks Police Officer with Bat; Is Shot and Killed
  37. Chicken sh** weed arrest
  38. GI Lost Brothers in War, Then His Benefits
  39. Shock jocks suspended
  40. Castration bill passes
  41. 8y/o divorces 28y/o husband
  42. Big Cat In Da City
  43. Sheriff Dept forced to Layoff employees!
  44. Deployed dad calls son, son gets suspended
  45. Ohio Considers Allowing Concealed Weapons On Campuses
  46. Some people's kids.....
  47. Israel snubs Jimmy Carter, refuses to protect him because of planned meetings with Hamas
  48. Ohio Trooper suspended for being photographed in a handmade KKK costume while on duty
  49. The gene pool
  50. Marine murder suspect captured in Mexico
  51. Scumbag who burned woman still on the loose, makes DFW Most Wanted list: Patrick Sanders.
  52. Sheriff Joe is pissing of Liberals again
  53. Yankees Curse
  54. Oh boo hoo... A Frightening Incident at Vista Ridge Mall
  55. Sheep shearing contest banned at county show in Britain because animal welfare activists say clippers harm the sheep
  56. CHP Recommends Prosecution of Deputy
  57. 1,300 Iraqi troops, police dismissed
  58. Dr. Phil posts bond of the ringleader of the 8 teens accused of seriously injuring a girl, and holding her against her will
  59. Iowa University to pay up to $600 for students to smoke there pot, to study its affects on brain function and cognition
  60. Singer Alicia Keys tells Blender Magazine that 'Gangsta Rap' was a ploy to convince black people to kill each other
  61. Oviedo PD suspends officer for posting that he's a "super-trained killer ninja fighter" on his MySpace page as a joke
  62. Deadly food riots cause Haitian lawmakers to dismiss Prime Minister
  63. Inmate serving life sentence may have been falsely convicted due to lawyers keeping cop-killer's confession secret for 26 years
  64. Predicted Famine
  65. Driver Arrested for Conducting Top Secret Military Experiment in Presence of Highway Patrol
  66. Gas at $0.35/gallon
  67. Cop uses Taser on 2 year old
  68. Lawsuit against 911 dispatcher
  69. Marine Murder Suspect caught in Mexico
  70. Masseuses told to padlock their pants to avoid being mistaken for prostitutes in Indonesia
  71. Homeless man was up a tree until neighbors stepped in
  72. Army officer charged for attempted kidnapping at MSP
  73. Bible is favorite book of Americans, followed by Gone with the Wind
  74. Carroll County K9 Deputy Injured!
  75. Florida lawmakers pass "take your guns to work" law
  76. Computer Viruses Expected to Hit 1 Million This Year
  77. Wisconsin Prison Guard accused of bringing in contraband for prisoners, in exchange for performing oral sex on them
  78. Off-duty Fort Worth Police Officer drives drunk in his patrol car, gets arrested
  79. Two-faced baby born in India
  80. City Bans All Retired Officers from Carrying
  81. Operation Payback
  82. Two Dumbasses tracing a .357 Magnum for a tattoo accidentally shoot themselves
  83. Still an Aryan Blood Brother
  84. Sex Offender Sues Every Prosecutor And Sheriff In Indiana
  85. Olympic Flame Protest, London
  86. US defector freed by North Korea is now a celebrity in Japan
  87. Standoff with polygamous sect in Texas
  88. Charles Heston, former President of the NRA, dead at 84 years old
  89. Glenville Police Officer resigns after shooting out a streetlight with a potato gun on duty
  90. ICE Agent pleads guilty to raping illegal immirgant
  91. Worst pick up line ever?
  92. Pizza Hut Suspends, May Fire Delivery Man Who Shot Robber
  93. Seattle Police Department Recruits In NYC
  94. TSA deploys airport behavior screeners
  95. Results in on latest "Taser death"
  96. Racism during DWI arrest revealed in court documents
  97. Interesting way to wake up
  98. O.C. deputy found dead, faced molestation charges
  99. Crackdown on witchdoctors after albinos killed to harvest body parts in Tanzania
  100. Convict releases proposed due to budget cuts
  101. UK police escort Naomi Campbell off plane
  102. Human-cow hybrid embryos created
  103. McCain, Letterman make fun of each other on "Late Show"
  104. S.C. Troopers video troubles
  105. Cop scares off car thief... by being naked.
  106. Evolution of religious bigotry
  107. This is a direct result of a messed up system
  108. Report: Non-Muslims Deserve to Be Punished
  109. Feds balk at Gas Prices. WTF?
  110. Driver convicted in crash that killed MN Timberwolf Malik Sealy is arrested again on DWI charges
  111. High school root beer keg party busted
  112. Missing NY pastor found at Ohio strip club
  113. $10,000 found in mailbox by unemployed Japanese man
  114. Daughters sold to pay debts of opium farmers in Afghanistan
  115. 23rd Car Arson Case in a Month Causes Dallas Citizens to Go on Patrol
  116. Pres Bush movie expected to begin shooting next month
  118. Meth trafficer busted
  119. Lawsuit to prevent universe-destroying black hole from possibly being created by European physicists filed in Hawaii
  120. Male Denver Sheriff's Deputy suspended for slapping a male colleague on the butt at work
  121. Man arrested for having sex with his picnic table. Added bonus: He videotapes the acts
  122. NOPD investigating complaint that officer pulled down 17 year olds pants on a street corner in broad daylight, then felt between his bare buttcrack
  123. Fulton County Judge orders all honkies out of his courtroom.
  124. "What Were They Thinking?" Department - Dallas Fires 2 Senior Officers, Suspends Two for Harassing Homeless People With Fradulent Citations
  125. Family of Louisiana burglars attract the attention of Ouachita Sheriff's Department
  126. You all need to look at this guy
  127. In case there was any doubt that my County Sheriff is an asshat.
  128. Now I've heard it all...
  129. Nipple ring removal required by TSA leads woman to demand an apology and a civil rights investigation
  130. "If You Want Closure in Your Relationship, Sart With Your Legs" wins contest for oddest book title
  131. Puerto Rico governor facing corruption charges
  132. 11 year old tasered after punching Deputy
  133. Parents pick prayer over docs; girl dies
  134. Now this is how to carry out a Raid.
  135. Who's your daddy?
  136. FDA Investigating Possible Link!
  137. Dallas cops caught shopping for DVD's/Video Games, on the clock.
  138. Judge orders criminals to learn english or go to prison
  139. Ultimate fights expand to include kids
  140. Radical Muslim website
  141. Wal-Mart takes brain-damaged former employee's long-term care trust fund to recoup costs of money it spent on her medical bills
  142. Man Accidentally Kills Wife During Botched Satellite TV Install
  143. Alleged safe thief asks for phone call
  144. 70-car pileup on the autobahn... Inclides movie of the aftermath
  145. Pregnant man
  146. LeBron James' Vogue Cover Called Racially Insensitive
  147. USSC: President Cannot Order New Trial for Condemned Illegal
  148. Top 10 Signs She's Cheating On You
  149. Paralyzed Dallas PD officer helps capture armed robber
  150. Famous New Orleans Chef Struck by Bullet
  151. La. governor Bobby Jindal VP?
  152. Sex Offender Attempts Kidnap of Two Boys
  153. There's another department wanting to try.
  154. $204,060 to raise child born in 2007 to age 18 in middle-income family
  155. Man declared dead now feels "pretty good" 4 months after being declared "brain-dead" and prepared to have organs removed for transplant
  156. 'Praying' dog at Japanese temple
  157. Saudi 11-year-old marries 10-year-old cousin
  158. Prostitution sting
  159. Jury Deliberating Microwaved Baby Case
  160. Family's Home Ransacked After Craigslist Hoax
  161. Pilot's gun discharges on US Airways flight
  162. Heartbroken man puts house, car, job and even friends on the cyber block
  163. Federal trial for Austin, Texas Police Officers accused of beating and tasing suspect to begin
  164. 6th grade substitute teacher's classroom sex talk, covering masterbation, condoms, and pubic hair, angers parents
  165. Why gorgeous girls are happier with plain guys
  166. Police Officer admits to drinking 18 beers, then going on duty to make an arrest. This officer was NOT disciplined.
  167. Registered sex offender running for Mayor in Wilmer, Texas.
  168. Ohio Trooper arrests off-duty D.C. Police Officer for DUI only 5 days before he was set to retire
  169. Felony Charges for Detroit Mayor
  170. Darwin Award Runner Up
  171. War Protesters Disrupt Easter Mass
  172. The Darwin Award Goes To
  173. New Terrorist Weapon? Minced Onions Cause Airplane Emergency, Forced Landing
  174. Cow Chase Ends in Gunfire
  175. 21 Amazing Alternative Uses For Vodka
  176. Former Municipal Court judge charged with 7 counts of judicial misconduct and disorderly conduct
  177. JK Rowling was suicidal in her 20s
  178. Company marketing colorful paint for real guns causing major stir in New York City. Company now takes aim at NYC's Mayor, Michael Bloomberg.
  179. Flakey News Story
  180. Three Arrested For Kidnapping - Victim Arrested For Car Theft
  181. Robbers nabbed by cops driving getaway taxi
  182. A Special Homecoming
  183. Woman's Torture Death Shocks Town
  184. Failed suicide bomber pleads for peace between Israelis and Palestinians
  185. Time to Get the Doughnuts
  186. Dallas woman set on fire during robbery
  187. Jail, or church?
  188. flying ray kills boater
  189. Fake cop, sirens blaring, pulled over by the real thing
  190. Do red light cameras work too well?
  191. Inmates train dogs to help wounded Marines with chores
  192. Speak English
  194. Al-Qaeda hard for US spy agencies to infiltrate
  195. The Big Dog- Quadruped Robot
  196. Louisiana moves from 10th to 2nd-most dangerous state
  197. Man arrested for PI attending DWI classes.
  198. Army recruiter post vandalized
  199. Man gets 100 years for shooting NOPD officer
  200. Contaminant Discovered in Chinese Heparin May Have Killed 100 Hospital Patients in the US and Germany
  201. Assesing Clinton's "experience"
  202. Two Dispatchers Killed in Five Vehicle Accident
  203. Marine that Defended Flag will not face charges.
  204. Yet Another Stupid Crook
  205. Man Encounters Orca Pod off San Diego Coast
  206. Woman files lawsuit against AMR because passenger next to her masturbated while she slept
  207. Supreme Court to decide if gun bans are constitutional
  208. Phoenix man causing quite a stir after drawing a large male sex organ on his roof
  209. Police Chief leaves his duty weapon, money, and other police equipment in his patrol car over the weekend, at his house. Guess what happened?
  210. Naked stabbing suspect shot by police, witness doesn't understand why police shot her
  211. Newly sworn New York Governor David Paterson, taking over for Eliot Spitzer, admits to marital extramarital affairs during press conference
  212. Detroit City Council makes no confidence vote against city's Mayor, asks him to resign immediately...
  213. Ex-cop PIs seek UFO photographer who vanished from online UFO forum
  214. Crappy way to die
  215. Confession to cats about murder of girlfriend not enough to convict 73-year-old British man
  216. Only in tennessee..... lol
  217. IL State Trooper Indicted in Crash
  218. 36 bodies found in mexican backyard.
  219. Double Murder Suspect Arrested
  220. Mayor arrested, accused of threatening to shoot council member
  221. Police not amused by naked ride
  222. Seminars offered to strengthen police officers' marriages
  223. Dallas police, firefighters frustrated with automated dispatch system
  224. Britain makes camera that "sees" under clothes
  225. Mouse Holds Plane Hostage For 5 Hours
  226. Images of Sex Acts with Toddler Discovered on Used Cell Phone
  227. Supreme Court Hears Washington, D.C. Gun Ban Case Next Week
  228. 'Hilary in da' howse!!'
  229. Tornado Strikes in Downtown Atlanta
  230. House of Representatives goes against Bush on terrorism surveillance liability
  231. 20 year old Kansas man caught sexing up his dog for the second time
  232. Australian police officer caught with more than 8,000 child porn images avoids jail after claiming it was an accident
  233. Woman in motorized wheelchair gets ticketed after driving it on the road
  234. Teacher suspended after telling his 13 year old student in class that she had "nice, perky tits."
  235. Spitzer's prostitute threatens lawsuit over media's use of her suggestive photos
  236. $12,000 engagement ring flies off in helium balloon
  237. Ignorant Letter to the Editor
  238. Toddler Toy Teaches Alphabet, Drops F-Bomb
  239. D.C. Seeks Consent To Search for Guns
  240. YouGov poll states nearly half of the UK population doesn't know what the Magna Carta is
  241. When you're going to committ burglaries, don't forget to take off your electronic monitoring bracelet
  242. Syphilis rate rises for the seventh straight year
  243. TV Truck Drag Race
  244. Just Plain Odd
  245. Severed fingers of 5 hostages delivered to U.S. officials in Iraq
  246. Las Vegas man paints his car like a police car, with full police marking...and it's not considered illegal.
  247. Woman rescued from being stuck on the toilet for two years
  248. Cops: Mom threw self, kids off overpass
  249. Top U.S. military officer concerned about China
  250. Colorado Woman Faces $1,000 Fine for Dyeing Poodle Pink to Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer