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  1. Cops: Mom threw self, kids off overpass
  2. Top U.S. military officer concerned about China
  3. Colorado Woman Faces $1,000 Fine for Dyeing Poodle Pink to Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer
  4. Roaming Gnome
  5. Top UK police chief is found dead
  6. Meadows Class A drug charges
  7. Preschoolers parents suing the city after school safety officer kicks 4 year olds out of class and handcuffs them for refusing to take a nap
  8. Dallas Police and Fire claim public safety is at risk due to problems with a newly installed dispatch system
  9. K-9 officer charged with animal cruelty
  10. Sex to be allowed in parks
  11. Date ends when man collides with overpass
  12. Bulletproof vest wearing student charged with carrying gun at school.
  13. New York Governor Eliot Spitzer (D-NY) busted in prostitution ring
  14. Hottest Gov'n now Hottest Preggo gov'
  15. Villagers claim police harassment
  16. Vasectomy anyone?
  17. Strip-search cameras
  18. Saudi woman defies driving ban to mark Women's Day
  19. Officers being issued speeding tickets while on duty by speed cameras. Officers claim citations should be paid by their agency, not them
  20. Police testing out cameras mounted on duty weapons
  21. FBI begins Countrywide criminal inquiry
  22. Google pulls some map images at Pentagon's request
  23. Woman earns Silver Star in Afghanistan
  24. Drunk man took lawn mower to liquor store in a snowstorm.
  25. 2 N.C. firefighters killed in blaze
  26. Police call UNC students death random
  27. Hippies All Over Again?
  28. Pro golfer kills hawk with golf shot.
  29. Mother punishes her kid busted by the cops doing 107 mph in a 55 mph zone by making hold an "I was stupid" sign
  30. If you're going to expose yourself at a coffee shop, don't buy a coffee using a credit card
  31. Gary, Indiana Police Chief arrested after assaulting and violating the civil rights of two people who broke into his house
  32. Pregnant Houston Woman Kiled with Baseball Bat after Police Clear Minor Traffic Accident in Park
  33. Democrats Tramble Cemetery During Tuesday Caucus
  34. Lewisville, TX: Motor Squad Takes their Last Ride: Escorting the Funeral Procession of Dallas Motor Officer who Died in Cinton Procession
  35. I.R.S. Rebates
  36. Syrian Man Decapitates Nephew in Grocery Store
  37. Indian authorities to poison 100,000 stray dogs
  38. Teen says he killed dad over Internet ban
  40. Monk internet flirting investigated by Thai government
  41. Mayor forbids dying in French Parish with overcrowded cemetary
  42. No cussing in South Pasadena this week
  43. 40,000 people learn a Las Vegas clinic they were treated at re-used syringes and vials of medication and might have given them Hepatitis C or HIV
  44. Actor Patrick Swayze diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and told he has five weeks to live...
  45. Former Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney, who was accused in 2006 of assaulting a US Capital Police Officer, to run for President as Green Party candidate
  46. Worcester, MA Shooting
  47. FBI acknowledges it violated citizens rights by improperly accessing telephone records, credit reports, and internet traffic
  48. Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons & Dragons, has died.
  49. Women-only gym hours stir debate at Harvard
  50. Huckabee dropping out of race
  51. BANG, you're dead
  52. 6 people found dead in Memphis
  53. Live Barricade...
  54. MOH awarded 25 years posthumously
  55. Marines investigate puppy hurling video
  56. Shootout in TJ
  57. Global warming anyone?
  58. 12 people converge on patrol car; forcefully remove officer.
  59. Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick
  60. Talk about bad timing for a burglary...
  61. Blind rock and jazz musician Jeff Healey Dies
  62. AGAIN!!!! Miami Dade Cop Shot
  63. Angels planned to kill Jagger
  64. ICE agent snaps, shoots at police, then kills himself
  65. Wisconsin women given jail time for failing to return overdue library books
  66. Corruption in Mandeville, Louisiana. City Officials and top cops use Toys for Tots fund to buy each other gift cards
  67. Spammers beware: Virginia Supreme Court rules spamming is illegal, and not freedom of speech
  68. Nursing Times claims almost one in ten Nurse's have an affair with a patient in their care
  69. Cop writes 2,400 traffic tickets, totalling $21,562.15 in overtime pay. News media investigating.
  70. Junior High students protest school's no hugging policy...man hugs still allowed
  71. school teacher sends topless pics to boy
  72. Bad Traffic Crash
  73. Man strikes woman at bus stop on his way to anger class
  74. Man takes bullet to avoid drug test and get time off work
  75. No text messages or calls for NJ drivers
  76. Police raids seize drugs and guns
  77. Twin porn stars suspected in burglary
  78. Ricin found in Vegas Hotel room
  79. Hooters Swat Team
  80. Kudos to ICE/DRO's Fug Ops
  81. Drunk hit by car thief
  82. Oregon inmate loses sex-change lawsuit
  83. Whip it!
  84. FBI: Drug informant in Ohio lied about police officer
  85. Just In
  86. Soldier's letter arrives 56 years late
  87. Son's tooth in eye of blind Irishman restores vision
  88. Demolition of shooting spree site at Northern Illinois University planned
  89. FBI investigating whether baseball star Roger Clemens lied to Congress when denying taking steroids
  90. Jails/prisons hold 1%+ of Americans
  91. Staten Island nightspot cancels dwarf-bowling event for Saturday
  92. Man on mower, plowed.
  93. Another OI shooting
  94. Ohio: Teens accused of beating disabled woman
  95. Honda to end motorcycle production in U.S.
  96. Al Qaeda responds to losing Libi
  97. Earthquake in the UK!
  98. Police Dogs to Wear Shoes
  99. Maxim Magazine Says Sorry
  100. Drowning Likely Cause Of Childrens' Deaths, M.E. Finds
  101. Police K9-s: Don't swear at them
  102. Man shot by police naked, raving
  103. McCain retracts on comment he could lose on Iraq
  104. Snafu In Dispatching System Delayed Help to Fallen Dallas Motorcycle Escort Officer
  105. Truck Rams Patrol Car, Pinning Deputy Inside
  106. Deputy's Car Rammed in San Marcos
  107. Manhunt
  108. Bug to ease famines and feed astronauts proposed
  109. LAPD arrests Japanese businessman in Saipan for his wife's 1994 murder in LA, for which he was tried and acquitted in Japan
  110. Unforgiven
  111. A mother's love
  112. Deputy fires his gun in the potty
  113. Woman Charged In Bus Crash
  114. UK Prisons now 'over capacity'
  115. Would you sterilize your teenage daughter?
  116. SBS Get Top Taliban man in Afghanistan
  117. Illegal 'meth' ring busted on JFK Blvd.
  118. Officials want 'road rage' law on the books
  119. Supreme Court to review 'exclusionary rule' on evidence
  120. NYC man who gained notoriety in police gunfight killed in jail
  121. Video: FW officers rescue man from flaming SUV
  122. Not Looking Good for Drew Peterson
  123. H&K shocked its products used as "weapons"
  124. Man drives stolen car to police station
  125. Orange cop killer sentenced to 40 years in prison
  128. U.K. spy agency denies Diana assassination
  129. Google to store patients' health records
  130. Pcs' 'squabble' over police van
  131. Russia and China Should take Notice
  132. WTF? Cali couple ordered to cut down trees
  133. Dog Walks 70 Miles Through Desert To Find Marine
  134. DVD Saves Hoser from Bullet
  135. Amtrak will screen passengers' bags
  136. Great Election Season Article
  137. Newark police officers save toddler's life
  138. COUNT ME IN
  139. A would-be robber injures himself, gets punched and leaves with no cash.
  140. Confrontation in Park Leads to Arrest in Shower
  141. Driver suspected of DUI Rams Patrol Car During Pursuit
  142. Prolific 911 cell phone caller arrested
  143. Illinois' new gun law under scrutiny
  144. Fidel Castro resigns Cuban presidency
  145. Cat flees fire, ends up 240 miles away
  146. Van Buren Twp Cop figures out
  147. Man killed by police 'had swords'
  148. Controversial, old documents linked to slaying of President John F. Kennedy unearthed
  149. CIA's post-9/11 spy plan crumbles
  150. Man kills daughter for text-messaging boy
  151. Deputy who dumped quadriplegic from his wheelchair arrested on a felony "abuse of the disabled' charge
  152. Less-lethal weapons endorsed for police
  153. Now THAT's Embarassing! - "Just look down the chamber to see if it's loaded"... But do it from the OTHER END next time.
  154. Is This Really News??? All Men Do this, but Some Aren't as Organized :D
  155. Miami's Police Chief calling for ban on assault rifles in the city
  156. Final Farewell to Fallen SWAT Officer Randal Simmons Today
  157. Details about Ill. Shooter Emerge
  158. Ohio ex-cop convicted in lover's death
  159. The U.S. is gonna shoot down a spacecraft!!!
  160. "choking game" killed 82 kids since 1995
  161. The Strong Arm of the Law: Firm gets millions to defend cops
  162. Skater In Baltimore Cop Video Says He Knows He Was Wrong
  163. Northern Ill Univ shooting
  164. Good Job
  165. Wire could have decapitated Border Patrol agents
  166. Can you say "McStupid"
  167. Another Navy SEAL killed...Training accident in AZ.
  168. Former NFL Player Subdued by Taser
  169. Police Hunt Man Who Hacked Psychologist to Death With Meat Cleaver
  170. O.J. Simpson's Girlfriend Hospitalized With 'Severe Head Injury'
  171. Another Dumb Crook Story
  172. Police Seek Couple After Man's Body Found in Towed Vehicle
  173. Two Navy SEALs Killed in Iraq
  174. Off-Duty LAPD Officer Shoots, Kills Home Intruder
  175. Internet sex auction causes paternity suit
  176. The World is a Little Cleaner Today
  177. Science of fairy tales
  178. Deputy winds up stuck for 14 hours in underground tunnel at S.O. after door gets locked behind him
  179. This is unreal
  180. CHP commissioner steps down
  181. Red roses banned in Saudi Arabia ahead of Valentine's Day
  182. Meth ATM deposit gets woman in trouble
  183. Police foil plot to kill Muhammad cartoonist
  184. Hate Group to Protest Slain Officer's Funeral
  185. Worst Parent of the Year Award
  186. Stuck Wiener!
  187. Pew Research Center projects by 2050, white people will be the minority race
  188. La Habra Police shoot man threatening officers with a tire iron. Korean community claims cop was too quick on the trigger.
  189. Town council changes streets speed limit, then tells the Police Chief to write tickets there. Chief says, umm, sorry, can't do it.
  190. New York Police Detective Charged With Forcing 13-Year-Old Runaway to Work as Prostitute
  191. NRA Officially Joins in the DC Gun Ban Case Before the Supreme Court
  192. Flower Mound, TX: Witnesses help police nab 2 robbery suspects
  193. Yet ANOTHER anti-Marine town!!!
  194. Voter Information
  195. Police Swabbing Mouths During Traffic Stops In Serial Killer Hunt
  196. ACLU suing State of Indiana to prevent the revocation of driver's licenses. ACLU claims "you're entitled to have a driver's license..."
  197. Teen claims first case of "DWR" (Driving While Republican)- You'll nev
  198. Hillary Clinton's campaign staff rented building, then trashed the place and skipped town without paying
  199. North Carolina man charged for performing circumcisions on his children with a utility knife
  200. Farting banned from Maine Middle School?
  201. Judge cuts 34 year old perverts sentence in half after deciding there was "real love" between him and the 13 year old girl
  202. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee vows not to quit presidential race
  203. Prostitute murder suspect claims deaths of 5 women after he had sex with them were "coincidences"
  204. Flirting women swindle well-dressed men
  205. Kidney theft suspect arrested in Nepal
  206. Why more of us are being killed !
  207. Arizona Officer saved by bystanders
  208. Survey: Domestic Violence
  209. Jena 6 Teen Arrested... Again
  210. Local Reporter Goes to Pursuit Driving Class
  211. Two Officers Killed...Shooting Rampage at MO City Hall
  212. Once again the Darwin Awards
  213. death sentence for distributing anti-polygamy article in Afghanistan
  214. 77 Mafia suspects arrested in US and Italy
  215. $1 million to buy an "s" to add to an website address
  217. 2 cops fired after having heart attacks
  218. Border Patrol kills suspected smuggler
  219. Two SWAT officers shot in Valley standoff
  220. Heavy cell phone use tied to poor sperm quality
  221. Teacher who ordered class of teenage (underage) boys to research porn on-line allowed to keep teaching
  222. For those who think we're in a police state....23 yr old Iranian to be executed for drinking alcohol
  223. Crisis with law enforcement in Alaska. Many areas have no police and response times are lengthy. Rape/Assault in progress took 4 hours.
  224. Heath Ledger died from an accidental overdose
  225. Jury asked to weigh deputies' conduct against suspect's
  226. 3-parent embryos created
  227. 9th Circuit Court fumbles the snap
  228. MN Deputy charged
  229. Sorry, you’re too fat to eat here
  230. Suspect In Kansas Killings Caught in Denton, Texas
  231. Baby's body found near dog
  232. Teen Blinded by a Frog Flying at 400 Feet Per Second (yes, a frog)
  233. Police Search for Gunman Who Killed Five Women in Illinois Strip Mall
  234. Dear Shit Face, you still owe us money!
  235. Agreement reached between Indianapolis' Mayor and Marion County's Sheriff to transfer Metro PD authority from the Sheriff to the Mayor
  236. 13 year old charged with assault after sticking a sharpened pencil up the butt of a classmate. Part of the pencil was lodged in his rear.
  237. Senator John Kerry's sister mugged in downtown Manhattan
  238. Policeman banned from driving after going through a speed camera at over 70 mph, while giving the thumbs up
  239. Police arrest man who stuffed 15 plastic bags of crack cocaine up his butt
  240. Wanna dial 911... its gonna cost ya!
  241. Medical marijuana vending machines take root in Los Angeles
  242. Stolen laptop contained profiles of state job applicants
  243. Go get 'em Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  244. 2 cops in shootout.. with each other?
  245. Convicted cop hired as Maywood police chief
  246. New Type of ID Card
  247. Missing woman declared 9-11 victim
  248. Border Patrol Agents Fire on Pickup
  249. Florida Highway Patrol...
  250. Can We Say It Now? Al Quaeda = Spawn of Satan?