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  1. Police funding sought by Democratic Senator Tom Harkin
  2. Girl's blood changes from O- to O+ due to liver transplant
  3. Ask a terrorist! Al Qaeda forum draws 2000 questions
  4. Sheriff emailed political cartoon... religious leaders call for his resignation
  5. Don't mess with a Marine
  6. Police Officer Killed In White Plains Shootout
  7. Utah Trooper being sued for Tasing non-compliant motorist
  8. Man Accused Of Sex Electrocution Of Wife
  9. Fire Breaks Out at Vegas Hotel-Casino
  10. Report: NYC Kindergartener Cuffed After Tantrum
  11. Are Teens today getting crazier than when I was growing up!?!?!
  12. Man Faces Charges Over Nooses on Truck
  13. 'Rogue Trader' Costs French Bank $7 Billion
  14. Way to go Mayor of Detroit
  15. Human pet not allowed on the bus...???
  16. Sorry about that Boss!
  17. Police Protest March
  18. You don't have to be poor or southern, to be a redneck
  19. Former CIM correctional officer pleads guilty to perjury
  20. Man Tracks Down His Stolen Jeep Using Cell Phone.......note the apprehension
  21. Jail really blows!
  22. Notorious Pedophile Dies in Prison
  23. Chief solves theft of his own car
  24. Couple sues after stillborn baby sent to cleaners
  25. USS Pueblo Wives Look Back
  26. IL Trooper in Hot Water.
  27. Audit questions CHP's use of plane
  28. Cat stows away in luggage, passes security X rays, flies from Florida to Texas
  29. Thousands of cops march over pay in London
  30. Minn. officer laying spike strips saved by remembering training
  31. Ponder, Texas: Burglary Suspect Takes Police SUV For a 130MPH Spin
  32. Police to Public: Bug Us Too Often, Expect a Bill
  33. Robber suspects throw money out of car during pursuit... good video..
  34. Officer beat with tire iron...suspect shot...
  35. Ex-PTA President Accused Of Sex With Boys
  36. Heath Ledger found dead in NYC apartment
  37. Thompson Withdraws
  38. Miami to open Law Enforcement high school catering to students interested in law enforcement
  39. Florida Highway Patrol has 200 vacancies
  40. John McCain threatens to sick his 95 year old mother on Chuck Norris, after Norris calls McCain too old to be President
  41. Man on probation who illegally played the lottery and won $1 million allowed to keep money
  42. Michigan auto-worker sues for sexual harassment. Ford motor company says both parties are male therefore it doesn't count
  43. More and more men getting pectoral implants
  44. Guess I am in a secure job
  45. Liberal Media
  46. Booby trap 'was illegal firearm'
  47. Pull your trousers up mate your nicked
  48. Saudi women can now stay in hotels alone
  49. A countybear rant: Cedric McCants
  50. The countybear rant: California's PCT.
  51. Navy Searches For Missing Bomb In San Diego Waters
  52. Pictures Of Teen Water Polo Players Found on P@rn Sites
  53. Nudist Accused of Sex Assault on 8 y.o. and Drinks Her Urine
  54. Robber on probation can keep $1M jackpot
  55. Smith admits London street fear
  56. Ex-Border Patrol agent gets 3 years in prison for aiding immigrant smugglers
  57. 'Castle law' arms Texas homeowners with right to shoot
  58. Officer Kills 17-Year-Old Suspect After Catching Thieves In His Home
  59. Canada to rewrite manual US criticized
  60. Cattle Rustlin' - City Style
  61. 15-year-old suicide bomber plot suspect arrested in Benazir Bhutto's assassination case
  62. 911 operator guilty of blowing off call!
  63. Snow may help Huckabee in SC Republican primary
  64. Rape-accused police officer granted bail
  65. Sex Offender Inmate Sues Over Amputated Penis
  66. Special task force apprehends 160
  67. Warning over contaminated heroin
  68. Spain arrests 14 terror suspects
  71. WPCs call for end to Simon Cowell-style trousers saying: 'They make our bums look big'
  72. Stupid Judge
  73. Police officers son killed in Iraq
  74. 11 year old booked with armed robbery
  75. 'Secret terrorist gets life in embassy plot
  76. CA Governor says he made mistakes
  77. Bobby Fisher dead at age 64
  78. Bin Laden son defends father but wants to be "ambassador of peace"
  79. Police question 13 & 14 year olds over sending nude picture texts to each other....facing possible criminal charges
  80. Gun Battle Erupts in Busy Tijuana District
  81. Policy Change for Huckabee
  82. Somebody needs to buy a lottery ticket....
  83. Vote for taser use
  84. Police Say Teen Fought Intruder With Bat
  85. Father restrains son
  86. Inmate Forgotten, Goes Foodless For 2 Days
  87. Have any nude photos of your wife? No, want some?!
  88. That's not my bag baby!
  89. Ex-Congressman Charged in Terror Case
  90. Prosecutor: 'Systematic Torture And Abuse'
  91. SoCal Teens Accused In Taped Beating Of Retarded Girl
  92. Forced Rectal Exam
  93. Suspects Arrested After Offering Deputies Stolen Doughnuts
  94. Coroner on Ike: Coke Is It!
  95. DEA Agents Sue Over 'American Gangster'
  96. Day Care Fails To Report Missing Child For 8 Hours
  97. Scientists find 2,000 pound rodent - luckily it's a fossil
  98. Aww crap! Pierce County news
  99. 'Cloned' vehicles used for illegal operations: Authorities bust fake FedEx delivery Trucks, fake Emergency Vehicles, even fake Wal-Mart Trailers
  100. Robbery Suspect Shoots Self In Genitals
  101. Murder Suspect Killed Using Child as Shield
  102. Armed standoff results in suicide
  103. Choose the right color car
  104. Trooper tricks speeder, speeder is upset.
  105. Virginia attempts to ban "replica human genitalia" on vehicles
  106. S.F. Zoo 911 tapes released
  107. Westboro Baptist Crock to pick a fight with Marines.
  108. Today's Doofus
  109. MySpace to expand controls on sexual predators
  110. OC Sheriff Carona Expected to Resign Today
  112. Fake Texas DOT truck
  113. Outrageous!
  114. man sodomizes stepson for revenge.
  115. Flight 69
  116. New Chief Asserting His Authority
  117. O.J. Simpson jailed on bail violation
  118. Man found not guilty of DWI after telling Judge in court he was too cheap to buy enough drinks to be a .08% BAC
  119. Judge resigns after hosting a party at which she claims to be having an affair with a public defender
  120. Ontario Police Seek Suspect Who Sexually Assaulted 6-Year-Old Girl
  121. HGTV Dream Hounse Turns Out to be a Nightmare, Thanks to the Tax Man
  122. Drug Cartel Member Arrested For Kidnapping ICE Agent
  123. 17 states stuck in license showdown
  124. Drunkest Driver Ever
  125. Utah Trooper who was on YouTube for Tasing a motorist is back on patrol
  126. Five men guilty of dealer murder
  127. "Little People, Big Asshole"
  128. Marriage Annulled After Separated Twins Marry
  129. Homeland Security to Unveil New Driver's License Rules
  130. Calif. governor proposes deep cuts
  131. 29 incidents of MEXICAN MILITARY ENCOUNTER on US SOIL
  132. San Francisco Gun Ban Ruled Null and Void
  133. Katrina's Victims Demand Huge Checks
  134. Nice call there, "Your Honor"
  135. Man Sees 'Mark Of Beast,' Cuts Off Own Hand
  136. Pregnant Marine Vanishes From Base
  137. CHP top-level abuse found
  138. Golf Channel anchor suspended for remark
  139. Johnny Grant Hollywood's Honorary Mayor has died
  140. One officer shot, One injured...
  141. BP Finds Pot Stash - Laser Provides Clue
  142. Town fires police chief who was convicted of stealing beer from firefighters' fridge
  143. Video of Iranian speed boats
  144. Two Arrested After Wheeling Dead Man To Store, Trying To Cash Check (ONLY IN NEW YORK!)
  145. Dog Saves Boy From Fire by Biting Foot
  146. Police: Man Throws 4 Kids Off Bridge - Another one in the express lane to hell!
  147. Melbourne officer faces rape, drugs charges
  148. Men take corpse to store to cash his check
  149. US worst at preventing deaths in ranking of 19 industrialized nations' rates of preventable death
  150. Boy scout prevents assassination
  151. Beer buckled up...driver not...
  152. Three Dead in Mexico Army Clash with Drug Gang
  153. Officer hits disabled pedestrian w/cruiser...video released
  154. Huckabee Turning a Weakness into a Strength
  155. Sale of majority ownership of booming 5.11 uniform company, buys back 20%
  156. Pot odor wafts to police station--"Dude, the cops will never smell it"
  157. Taser debuts MP3 holster
  158. Mexican boy glues self to bed to avoid school
  159. Dallas PD: Bring Me Your Former Dopers, but Those Over 45 Need Not Apply
  160. Iranian boats challenge U.S. Navy
  161. Less than 20 miles from us
  162. Cops: Man cooked parts of slain woman
  163. Your daily legal advice: Never tell a judge to kiss your ass!
  164. Virginia's Lieutenant Governor calls on General Assembly to repeal speeding ticket tax
  165. Fire Chief suspended for e-mailing topless photos of crash scene victim (who later died) to other firefighters
  166. Wisconsin man convicted of killing dead deer and horse, then having sex with them, back in jail after using marijuana and contacting minors
  167. Al-Qaeda offers cellphone video downloads
  168. Britney Spears has standoff with police over custody battle, put in involuntary psychiatric hold
  169. Dumb Burglar demands ransom, forgets to give instructions
  170. Big Breasts Booted
  171. Woman flies w/TB... looking for other passengers on plane...
  172. Court Mulls Death Penalty for Child Rape
  173. Two officers shot
  174. DUI driver sentenced in officer's death
  175. Man steals toddler's piggy bank money, found through DNA evidence
  176. Surviving a 47-floor fall
  177. Suspected Serial Robber Shot, Killed in West LA
  178. Driver using GPS causes train-car accident
  179. Suspect in cop killing pleads guilty
  180. Cocaine Vaccine
  181. Lewisville, TX: Cabdriver sought in slayings of 2 teen daughters
  182. Tila Tequila and Bobby Banhart call it quits
  183. 4 girls found in police raid of prostitution ring
  184. Use the Force
  185. Officer shot by brother-in-law during joke
  186. Salvatore 'Bill' Bonanno, 75; son of Mafia boss
  187. British cops will help investigate Bhutto assassination
  188. And, in THIS corner...
  189. NYPD Chief "violates" residency rule.
  190. Cops Kill Inmate Who Escaped Hospital
  191. SDSO Adds a New Bird to the Fleet
  192. CHP officer narrowly avoids injury when car veers off CA State Highway 99
  193. Escape Foiled
  194. Clueless Bank Robber
  195. Fugitive From Georgia Killed By NYPD
  196. DA To Drop Murder Charges Against Tankleff
  197. Jail Guard Named By Escapees Commits Suicide
  198. Armed citizen stops robbery cold...
  199. Robots for Sex predicted by 2050
  200. Feds, locals join forces to federally prosecute gang members held in area jails
  201. What's cute, yellow, eats snow and poops out bricks of ice?
  202. snake eats golf balls
  203. Former Beauty Queen Faces Felony Charges
  204. Drunk driver kills 5 people on I-280
  205. Single Bullet Fired Into Colorado Home Kills Woman, Girl at New Year's Eve Party
  206. Tattoo Gun
  207. Drunk Driver Hits Ramsey County Squad, Killing Deputy's Ride-Along Wife
  208. Dallas police chief touts 4% drop in crime for 2007
  209. Internet addict rehab camp in South Korea
  210. Pregnancies outsourced to India
  211. South of the Border
  212. War Memorial Vandalized
  213. "Mom" and "Dad" banished by California
  214. Only known Holocaust survivor in MS dies
  215. Police chief backs instant fines
  216. Benazir Bhutto assassinated
  217. Texas girl wins Hannah Montana tickets, trip with false essay
  218. Toy weapons 'help boys to learn'
  219. Carnation Killers COnfess
  220. Pair of Boobs
  221. Jimmy Leyritz goes the way of Leonard Little?
  222. Hello Kitty for men!
  223. Partying at the Academy
  224. Reporters for a high school newspaper uncover hidden cameras throughout the school near locker rooms and bathrooms placed there by the Superintendent
  225. Brainless idiot caught stealing police issued items from inside a police car from the police station parking lot
  226. New law in New Jersey bans sex offenders from using the internet. Is this constitutional?
  227. Robbery suspect mistakenly released in New Orleans due to misreading of "recuse" as "refuse"
  228. Bush signs, omnibus bill so I don't have to work 30 years!
  229. Pakistan opposition leader Bhutto assassinated
  230. Shark attacks kangaroo in Australia
  231. Iraqi Santa rides around Green Zone
  232. 6 Bodies Found at Washington Property
  233. Tiger Escapes and Mauls 3 Visitors, Killing 1
  234. Bad Santa
  235. "Don't suffer from PTSD, go out and cause it."
  236. Police Shoot Man Driving Stolen Patrol Car
  237. some Russians "Alaska was a lease"
  238. Adult face of FAS
  239. Stay healthy, new study shows sex is good for general health
  240. Kyrgyzstan is the land of Santa Clauses
  241. FBI Plans $1 Billion Bio-Database to Help Identify Criminals
  242. Christmas Tree Survives War, A-Bomb
  243. GI Saves Iraqi Boy in Long-Shot Adoption
  244. A life and death, raw
  245. Theft of Jesus statue from Nativity scene prompts installation of GPS tracking devices
  246. Santa gets nailed
  247. Officer DUI in cruiser
  248. $40,000 in Cash handed out to a congregation
  249. Two inmates found dead in prisons
  250. Officer shot in covert operation