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  1. Partying at the Academy
  2. Reporters for a high school newspaper uncover hidden cameras throughout the school near locker rooms and bathrooms placed there by the Superintendent
  3. Brainless idiot caught stealing police issued items from inside a police car from the police station parking lot
  4. New law in New Jersey bans sex offenders from using the internet. Is this constitutional?
  5. Robbery suspect mistakenly released in New Orleans due to misreading of "recuse" as "refuse"
  6. Bush signs, omnibus bill so I don't have to work 30 years!
  7. Pakistan opposition leader Bhutto assassinated
  8. Shark attacks kangaroo in Australia
  9. Iraqi Santa rides around Green Zone
  10. 6 Bodies Found at Washington Property
  11. Tiger Escapes and Mauls 3 Visitors, Killing 1
  12. Bad Santa
  13. "Don't suffer from PTSD, go out and cause it."
  14. Police Shoot Man Driving Stolen Patrol Car
  15. some Russians "Alaska was a lease"
  16. Adult face of FAS
  17. Stay healthy, new study shows sex is good for general health
  18. Kyrgyzstan is the land of Santa Clauses
  19. FBI Plans $1 Billion Bio-Database to Help Identify Criminals
  20. Christmas Tree Survives War, A-Bomb
  21. GI Saves Iraqi Boy in Long-Shot Adoption
  22. A life and death, raw
  23. Theft of Jesus statue from Nativity scene prompts installation of GPS tracking devices
  24. Santa gets nailed
  25. Officer DUI in cruiser
  26. $40,000 in Cash handed out to a congregation
  27. Two inmates found dead in prisons
  28. Officer shot in covert operation
  29. Nuns leave their brains to science
  30. Bizarre rooftop rampage
  31. Ask a Terrorist! Al-Qaida invites questions on its internet forums
  32. Lakota Sioux Indians Declare Sovereign Nation Status
  33. Fire Sale
  34. Man in the Netherlands arrested for growing marijuana gets special lunch time jail cell treat; a cake laced with hashish
  35. FBI investigating Sleepy Hollow (N.Y.) PD after allegations of police brutality
  36. 9th Circus Court rejects probation requirement that would have forced a man on probation to not drink alcohol
  37. Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney's sister, pregnant at 16
  38. CCW parking permit
  39. Disclose your income!
  40. Officer from my district injured
  41. Dad and 3 Kids Missing in Calif. Snow
  42. Duluth man accused of assaulting cop (PJMN's town)
  43. Shot fired at Officer's home
  44. Troopers fired upon
  45. Assault on TJ police station leaves one officer dead
  46. USS Ronald Reagan Rescues Teen
  47. Addicted doctors allowed to practice
  48. OHP SWAT Team Shoots and Kills Suspect
  49. Married couple banter, exchange personal shots
  50. I know oil prices are going up, but...
  51. Can you beat .602 BAC?
  52. Church Of Satan Helps Authorities Arrest Army Recruit
  53. Botched SWAT Raid - wrong house
  54. Santa's chopper shot up over Rio slum
  55. Dad sells pot-smoking son's video game as punishment
  56. Boil Water Order Issued For Nudist Resort
  57. New Jersey abolishes the death penalty
  58. Child shot protecting mom hailed a hero
  59. They Must Have Watched "Shawshank Redemption"
  60. I love the holidays and alcohol . . .
  61. 90 Year Old in Fatal Standoff
  62. Body Located in Wrecked Car at Tow Yard
  63. Wifes Agency involved in a shooting yesterday.
  64. student loses job over VT shooting victim costume.
  65. 2 Minneapolis police shot, not injured
  66. Not even the Chinese will buy..
  67. AK-47 Bandits Captured
  68. Another China Product Recall
  69. Glowing cats cloned in South Korea
  70. Dutch cops let man off the hook(er)
  71. 10y/o arrested
  72. What does a nutt look like?
  73. CHP Sergeant Receives National Medal of Valor
  74. Angry truck driver tries to tow cop car
  75. Milwaukee police officer who lied to federal investigators to protect his illegal immigrant LEO brother, will be allowed to keep his job
  76. Arrests Made in Malibu Fire
  77. Dimpled cheeks
  78. Three Plead Guilty To Supporting FARC and Alien Smuggling
  79. Trading Drugs For A Gun Does Not Constitute “Use Of A Firearm”
  80. Son Arrested in Police Officer Killing
  81. Mesa Drug Bust - 2,300lbs. of Marijuana
  82. No sense in wasting Vodka
  83. Guns N' Roses Lyrics Cause Teacher to Lock Self in Classroom
  84. North Carolina Sheriff's Deputy in critical condition after being shot by 60 year old woman
  85. Chief/only officer on leave.
  86. On my way to work yesterday
  87. Shootin' Santa Turns Heads
  88. 2 Million in Cocaine Seized in Ohio!
  89. Fast Food Shooting!
  90. Ike Turner dies at 76...
  91. pink panties
  92. Arrested Jefferson Parish Deputy tied to missing man
  93. Alvin Cheerleader's Dad Outraged by Suspension
  94. Houston PD Cadet Busted After Traffic Stop
  95. "Avoid Death" label on tractor named wackiest warning label by anti-lawsuit group
  96. Gunman killed himself after being shot
  97. Donation jars for family of slain officer are stolen
  98. In news sure to make LEF legend "Star" happy, "Woot" has been added to the merriam-Webster's dictionary
  99. Northern Lights
  100. Youtube motivates Dunkin Donuts employee to fight robber
  101. Police Officer Accused of Killing K-9 Partner
  102. Here's how to get out of jury duty
  103. No Sex Offenders in this neighborhood...
  104. Cops on stakeout stymied by a parking ticket
  105. Michael Vick sentenced to prison
  106. Cougar nearly joins SD woman in hot tub
  107. Shorter Sentences for Crack Cocaine
  108. ABC News reports Santa is bad for kids.
  109. Man Defends Family; Shoots Robber During Holdup
  110. Report: Top Members of Congress Were OK With Waterboarding in 2002
  111. Operation Impact May Have To End Because Of Hiring Shortage
  112. Unemployed military veteran who robbed 18 businesses still pursuing police career with agency that arrested him
  113. Chicago PD's new Superintendent might have to go back to the academy to become sworn
  114. Chicago Mayor wants PD to permanently retain disciplinary records, drug/alcohol test officers, and make them give electronically recorded statements
  115. Gunman walks into Christian Missionary training center and opens fire, wounding four
  116. Dog Held for Ransom
  117. British Man Charged Over Fake Death
  118. Friends of Mall Shooter speak out
  119. Pasadena police say Horn shot 2 men in the back
  120. West Memphis Police Chief Asked To Resign
  121. 15 year old expelled from school for making masturbatory gestures in class, while the class listened to rap music
  122. Ex-wife campaigns against Hugo Chavez
  123. Father hacked to death with machete
  124. Great Doughnut Chase Caught On Tape
  125. Gunplay the family way
  126. Experts on youth violence: Intervene early or pay dearly later
  127. Racial relations on the A train
  128. The truth behind the Environmentalist Movement
  129. WBC whiney bastards at it again
  130. Survives Iraq, killed by a moose
  132. Officer's husband held in pornography case
  133. FBI Impersonator Killed in Bizarre Freeway Accident
  134. New York police officer charged with off-duty shooting of drunk illegal Honduran
  135. NYPD Detective to be charged with perjury after suspect produces MP3 player at trial busting the officer
  136. U.S. Capitol Police Officer charged with setting fire in the women's bathroom of the senate office building
  137. Miami Police caught on tape kicking and punching armed robbery suspect after vehicle pursuit
  138. Funny DUI Test
  139. Conservative newspaper reporters not allowed to cover and attend U.N.'s climate change meeting
  140. Albuquerque Police Officers fly in police helicopter to pick up donuts at a donut shop
  141. Real victim in Jena 6 case sues the six suspects who assaulted him, there parents, and the school board
  142. UK police force now teaching police k-9's to headbutt instead of bite due to fear of infringing on criminal's human rights
  143. Phoenix police recruit shot on the range...
  144. Can You Spell D-U-H
  145. St. Paul named Hockeytown
  146. Yay Coast Guard!
  147. FBI investigates Minnesota Sheriff Dept.
  148. Mall Shooting in Omaha, NE
  149. Here We Go Again
  150. Greatest Article of All Time
  151. The Job Should Go to a Black Man
  152. Police are now Garden Police.
  153. Wisconsin now has a Christmas Tree
  154. CBP Violated Federal Laws Governing Work Schedules
  155. inflatable Frosty the snowman stolen from tree farm
  156. Debra Lafave Arrested on Probation Violation for Talking to Teen Girl
  157. Drug sweep yields toad
  158. Man flees traffic stop, shaves, reports truck as stolen
  159. Retired cop fights to keep ‘GETOSAMA’ plates
  160. Cell phones to replace boarding pass?
  161. Husband wakes to hot grease from wife
  162. NFL to probe Rolle's referee allegation
  163. Alaska Man Charged in Violent Rampage
  164. Medical Helicopter Missing in Alaska
  165. Kangaroo chase...
  166. Black Panthers Protest the Shooting of the Texas Burglars
  167. Jailers Fired for Encouraging Female Inmate Bikini 'Fashion Show'
  168. Palm Beach County Deputies LOD deaths
  169. Chavez denied re-election
  170. Taunting thieves steal 16 tons of ham
  171. Connelly Springs embraces dedicated deputy
  172. NYPD Recruits Given iPods To Study For Exams
  173. No Charges in MySpace Suicide Case
  174. TX Burglary Suspects Shooting Protest
  175. 'Who Wants to Marry a U.S. Citizen?' Reality Show
  176. Lojacked!
  177. Police Chief leaves his gun at home (France)
  178. Republicans Report Having Better Mental Health Than Democrats
  179. Person killed after falling from U.S. 60 overpass, hit by police van
  180. Hershey candy looks like drugs
  181. Cops break door, nab alleged pizza thief
  182. Four arrested in shooting death of Taylor
  183. Taser Probe: Trooper Acted Reasonably
  184. Rights 'denied'... Border Patrol agents..
  185. Daredevil Evel Knievel dies at 69 yoa
  186. Man shot by agents continued to smuggle
  187. Cops: Mother killed 2 in store bathroom
  188. Some people's kids............
  189. Teddy Bear Teacher Gets Jail Time; No Whip
  190. Stabbing suspect confesses to murder of mother of 911
  191. $7M Stolen From Armored Truck Company
  192. Rodney King Shot In San Bernardino
  193. Lottery winner wasn't supposed to gamble
  194. BS CNN Republican Debate
  195. One illegal I have respect for
  196. Surprise Marriage Proposal on Spanish TV Turns Tragic
  197. New policy states North Carolina Community Colleges now required to accept illegal immigrants to attend college at taxpayer's expense
  198. Dallas Toll Road Speed Limits Illegally Set
  199. LAPD Officer Christina Ripatti
  200. DHS Revising Its "No Match" Rule
  201. More Huckabee News
  202. Speeding N.M. truck holds half ton of marijuana
  203. Man with $1M bill busted at bank
  204. Papa Pilgrim sentanced for raping daughter
  205. Playing Cards May Help Solve Crimes
  206. DNA Home testing...
  207. Milwaukee LEO who is an illegal alien to be deported.
  208. Baby Grace
  209. Western Union
  210. Wounded Soldier: Military Wants Part Of Bonus Back
  211. Clinton interned for Communits
  212. Unsecure Border = National Security Threat
  213. Minneapolis Officer Shot in Ankle During Fight
  214. Thes Punks have no respect!
  215. Washington Redskins-Taylor in critical condition after shooting
  216. Illegal went for officers gun
  217. Prayers for Officer Bezdek
  218. Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says America is enslaved to Saudi oil
  219. I-10 in Louisiana opening at 7:00 PM tonight.
  220. ABC World News Tonight Feature: "Officer Down" - Why are our cops getting killed at an alarming rate?
  221. Lawmaker pulls a Brittney
  222. Paramedic PO shoots then saves suspect
  223. Man tries to stop friend from driving drunk by punching him in the face, drunk friend sues and wins $138,000
  224. High school student suspended for admitting he knows how to tie a noose
  225. Are black audiences ready for Republican candidates?
  226. Addison Arms Officers With New Fire Power
  227. Addison, TX Police Chief: "There is a Nationwide Police Shortage"
  228. Illegal immigrant rescues boy in desert
  229. "First ever texting ticket given"
  230. State wants to redesign flag...
  231. Illegal immigrant breaks law to become Milaukee Police Officer
  232. L.A.'s Mayor, Tony V, affair over
  233. Party of the "Evil Rich"
  234. Blind Detective Specialist in Analyzing Recordings
  235. Officer charged in crash
  236. Phone sounds alarm dialing 9-1-1
  237. Race Crewman Reports Latest Baja Robbery
  238. A Tough Decision for a Tough Little Guy
  239. Ultimate Mens Christmas Gift?
  240. Here's A Protest I FULLY Support!
  241. Nebraska Police Chief Indicted.........
  242. Woman, Child Ejected In Horrific Crash
  243. Mike Tyson gets to wear pink undies for Joe Arpaio
  244. 3 suspects re-arrested over Holloway’s death
  245. Natural gas well erupts
  246. Ritual of Harassment At Jets Games
  247. Boy saves choking friend
  248. Triple-murder suspect escapes & commits suicide, Chief gets called on the carpet for it
  249. Overturned truck spills 150 yards of nails onto U.S. 75 in Anna, TX
  250. This officer is to be commended for his attitude