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  1. Capitol Police Officer Suspended in Connection With Senate Bathroom Fires
  2. Kindle: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device
  3. Supreme Court Will Hear D.C. Guns Case
  4. Soldier Decries AWOL Arrest at Hospital
  5. Neil Diamond reveals `Caroline' inspiration
  6. Clinton donor charged with impersonating lawyer, police officer
  7. Former news anchor takes heat for endorsing Clinton
  8. 'You're dead' boom: 911 call from Pasadena shooting
  9. Woman Pleads Guilty in Stepdaughter's Death
  10. Don't squeeze the Charmin actor dies...
  11. Sex Scandal Rocks Megachurch
  12. New York DMV Bans 'GETOSAMA' License Plates
  13. Mexico Security Memo
  14. From the State Dept
  15. Police: Man abandons injured kids after crash
  16. Saudi woman gets 6 months and 200 lashes for being gang raped
  17. Suburban Atlanta Police Charge 3 Boys, Ages 8 and 9, With Rape, Kidnap of Girl, 11
  18. Family of Tawana Brawley Wants to Revisit Infamous Rape Case
  19. Effectiveness of D.C. gun ban still a mystery
  20. Mission Viejo, CA. ranked as safest city in the U.S.
  21. Paroled Arsonist served as Volunteer Firefighter
  22. Spanish-Language Radio Station Slams Police for Describing Suspect as 'Hispanic'
  23. Mankato Sorority Sister Dies After Getting Struck by Car
  24. Junior Olympic Skeet Shooter Suspended From School for Having Shotgun Shells in her Car
  25. Officials Work to Coax Doomsday Cult Out of Russian Cave
  26. Veteran paramedic suffers ER heart attack, then heeds his own advice
  27. Myspace hoax causes suicide of 13-year-old girl
  28. Hi Sheriff...er Chief I mean.
  29. Demorat in action
  30. Driver Dies After Tanker Truck Explodes, Shuts Down I-35E
  31. Morale of the Story: Don't Lead Protests Against the Police if You Have Outstanding Warrants
  32. Fort Worth, TX: Cop Killer gets Life in Prison
  33. How civilized are they, really?
  34. Like father, Like Son....
  35. Drug Smuggler Indicted - Finally!
  36. ‘Too sexy for Southwest ... perfect for Playboy’
  37. Let's take a hint
  38. Police shooting near Orlando FL caught on tape
  39. Two 8 year old boys charged with sodomy
  40. Reputed prison gangster killed
  41. Orange County (CA) Deputy Accused of Assault
  42. North Carolina Deputy shot by 73 year old, escaped death from wearing bullet-resistant vest
  43. Former Boston Police Officer blames his department for allowing him to work while taking drugs
  44. New Jersey Police Force's SWAT Team busted having fun with Hooters Girls on duty, making racist comments
  45. Lambeau Creep: Manhunt for infamous Packer perv
  46. Doctor Reuses sryinges, puts patients at risk.
  47. Atheists Sue Over Road Crosses For Troopers Killed In Line Of Duty
  48. Newborn Found at Recycling Center
  49. Fatal Hit & Run/DUI Driver Had 2 Y/O Son in Car
  50. Car crushed on judges order...
  51. Homerun king Barry Bonds indicted for perjury, and obstruction of justice
  52. Noose hung in Minnesota college newsroom fuels campus debate about sensitivity
  53. Minnesota bank held up twice in one da
  54. Santa saying "ho ho ho" not politically correct?
  55. Happiest Place on Earth... for your ashes?
  56. 3 Children killed in accident... Mom having triplets
  57. Troubling Sign in Baja
  58. 2 headed baby
  59. POS raped daughters/shocked them with dog collars
  60. Women Rescue Injured Officer From Mangled Cruiser
  61. Slain deputies widow awarded 5 million in civil trial
  62. Tancredo Terror Ad
  63. Good Read on Voter Fraud
  64. NSFW naked fire chief back to work
  66. Police complaints on the increase
  67. Huckabee Surging in Polls!!!!
  68. Shootings towards officers on the rise...
  69. Man Fleeing Police Killed By Alligator
  70. If he was sex victim, boy may get U.S. visa
  71. Let all blacks speak for themselves
  72. Woman finds boyfriend dead in cat door...
  73. Very interesting, if not negative news story of troubled officers in the St. Louis Area.
  74. Missing Wife Found - Buried in the Backyard
  75. Hilton Tries to Help Drunken Elephants
  76. Cursed man marries dog to reverse curse
  77. Officer Accidentally Uses Taser On Self
  78. Police shoot, kill man holding hairbrush, witnesses say
  79. Online chats between Finnish school shooter and US would-be school shooter
  80. Mexico Invades US...Citizens Take Note
  81. Illegal Alien Reports Stolen Drugs In Texas
  82. Omen of the coming Hilldabeast!!!
  83. Man hurt using gun to change tyre
  84. Attorneys file racial profiling lawsuit against Maryland State Police, say training documents contain examples of racial profiling about Hispanics
  85. Head Cheerleader's mother accused of fondling football player
  86. Serial killer is security guard, kiiled his partners
  87. Ailing 5-year-old girl is sworn in as police officer
  88. Officer takes plea deal in threatening of boy
  89. L.A. County sheriff moves to fire deputy
  90. Duluth PD Officer shot (he's okay)
  91. Disneyland Closes Ride For Renovations
  92. Opps! Someone is in trouble!
  93. Burned/Beheaded Sex offender
  94. The Mafia's 'Ten Commandments' Found
  95. DC Tax Official Held, Tally of Stolen Funds at $20 Million
  96. VA Deputy charged with kiddie porn
  97. Man hit by vehicles during arrest
  98. Finally Justice for a fallen comrade!
  99. That's nuts..
  100. Police station no place to smoke weed
  101. The ever-present terrorist threat this Christmas
  102. LA Detective catches Deputy Impersonator..
  103. Stripper Spanks Teen In Surprise Blunder
  104. 200 orgasms a day......even you're not this good Term
  105. Hulk Hogan's son Nick finally arrested for the wreck he was involved in which seriously injured his passenger
  106. Comedian/Actor Damon Wayans goes on The View, riles up women by saying Imus was justified in what he said, & women should also get back to the kitchen
  107. Illegal Immigration
  108. So there I was, motoring along . . .
  109. School Shootings, Finland.
  110. Twin girl with eight limbs to have surgery
  111. Florida Deputy Shot, Tossed Out of Prisoner Transport
  112. Britain's silliest laws
  113. lower enlistment standards considered
  114. Cookie Torture
  115. Policeman Fired Over Noose Incident
  116. This Just In!......
  117. Butthash
  118. Philly cop killer caught
  119. Eight teens who took part in brutal rape and assault of teenage girl while videotaping it, have avoided jail and been placed in rehab
  120. Sheriff requests county rent house so Deputy's with long work commutes have a place to stay
  121. 8 limbed girl to undergo surgery
  122. Wounded Soldier loses 3 children in wreck
  123. A major sex scandal involving a leading presidential candidate is believed to soon be published by the L.A. Times
  124. ABC television network conducting social experiment to guage the public's reaction to same sex kissing
  125. If you've seen a 1998 FCVPI Park Police K-9 car, you might want to call 911...it's been stolen
  126. Orange County rules money generated red light cameras unlawful. Let the ticket dismissals begin.
  127. Father tackles teen he thought was breaking into his house. Police arrive and arrest the father for assault.
  128. Youth Minister arrested for allegedly having sex with children and paying them hush money
  129. Investigators issue arrest warrant in Philadelphia Officer's line of duty death...reward of $153,000 for suspects conviction
  130. Family of shooting victim speaks out
  131. Saves brother, dies in fire
  132. Ozzy Angered by ND Sheriff's Sting
  133. Fabulous Moolah has died.
  134. More fun than an overturned truckload of monkeys
  135. Anybody wanna buy a cave?
  136. Snakes on a Bus
  137. Officer Survives Teen with Gun
  138. Another Weird Judge
  139. Drunk Driver Sues Police for Car Crash
  140. Pet rats popularized by "Ratatouille"
  141. DOG pulled from A&E
  142. More On The Dog!
  143. anybody catching Tyran Banks on Monday?
  144. Cops learning how to extend beats online
  145. Judge booted for flipping coin to decide
  146. Man defecates in the middle of McDonalds
  147. Report: Pilots slept on overnight flight
  148. Arizona nuclear plant on lockdown
  149. Arlington (Texas) Police Chase Leeds to Teen Sex Offender
  150. Police shoot suspect while he reaches for sex toy
  151. The beatings will continue...
  152. Officer hit by car during arrest
  153. KCAL9 Report On CHP Training
  154. St Louis Police: Off-duty officer kills teen who turned gun on him
  155. It's confirmed that Duane "Dog" Chapman's son taped their infamous conversation, then sold it to a tabloid for lots of money
  156. Dallas: Convicted Cop Killer Illegal Alien Sentenced To Death
  157. Hose job leads to death
  158. 11 Tons of Cocaine Seized
  159. North Carolina Fire Dispatcher Receives Threats
  160. Teacher and 13 Year Old Student Missing
  161. Crown Vic prepares to give up its scepter
  162. Philadelphia officer dies; police hunt doughnut shop gunman
  163. "Dog" Chapman apologizes for profanity laced tirade, where he used the "N-word" six times
  164. Anyone seen PJMN lately.........
  165. Child Sex Predator Suspect Arrested In Statehouse Sting
  166. I disagree with Mayor Bloomberg
  167. Minneapolis Hooker Offers Services of Her 5-year Old
  169. Philly cop shot in HEAD
  170. Investigation Reopens Into Death of Cop's Third Wife After Fourth Wife Disappears
  171. Boy playing w/matches blamed for one CA wildfire
  172. Officer choked in jail escape attempt
  173. Cop shoots unarmed motorist, locked up his grieving family members. (sarcastic Liberal headline parody)
  174. Guard shoots robbery suspect
  175. New Orleans D.A. resigns
  176. Orange Co. Police Force First To Test 'PistolCams'
  177. Traffic stop yields embalmed heads
  178. Dogs shoot man on hunting trip
  179. Remember the troop surge that "would never work?"
  180. Teen charged in death of Minnesota woman who answered Craigslist ad
  181. Bill O'Reilly's film crew ambushes Roise at book signing to confront her about her 9/11 statements
  182. Sydney political candidate busted for exposing his weiner on the internet
  183. Another "not gay" Republican lawmaker busted during gay sex scandal
  184. ?????
  185. No charges for :Don't Tase me Bro" guy
  186. Drunk Speeding dad turned in by daughter
  187. Orange County (CA) Sheriff Indicted
  188. WARNING. "Golden compass" movie
  189. Good Samaritans Stop Rape In Progress [With Mugshot Goodness]
  190. Forget gas $, beer $ climbing
  191. Customs seizes 145lbs of Marijuana in Detroit
  192. Hmm Customs does military style searches??
  193. Gerald Ford's ex-presidential gossip published posthumously
  194. Video of Cleveland school shooter released (not graphic)
  195. Ban on leaded petrol 'has cut crime rates around the world'
  196. Sick perverted teacher arrested after playing "tasting game" with his students
  197. 21 year old running for schoolboard seat, has 18 criminal convictions since graduating high school, sounds like a typical politican.
  198. CA Gov says MJ "not a drug, it's a leaf"
  199. Bombs hit Mexican Consulate in NYC
  200. Lifelike female android developed in Japan
  201. "Miracle" dog helps Autistic boy
  202. WBC sued by KIA marine's family
  203. Adult doll and naked man found 'together' in restroom
  204. Burglar-in-a-box cut glass to break into stores
  205. L.S.P. seize $ 25 mill. in drugs.
  206. Glare of Fires Pulls Migrants From Shadows
  207. "Mr. Middle Class America" John Edwards called out for luxurious campaign headquarters in affluent area...his staff makes threats in response
  208. MN Trooper's Squad Torched: In His Own Driveway
  209. 4 children under 2 y.o.a test + for cocaine!
  210. Police Dangers Increasing Dramatically
  211. How to tell if your jail is too nice
  212. What has this world come to?!?! WTF
  213. Teen goes for midnight swim after police chase...
  214. Kansas Police Officer Pulls Over Speeding Car Only To Deliver Baby
  215. Hillary Clinton Accuser Claims New Evidence of Fraud in Documentary
  216. Lawyer "It's not my coke, it's my client's"
  217. Be friends with a TC Judge for only $20
  218. Officer writes City Hall a ticket
  219. Schwarzenegger Signs New Gun Law
  220. Opps! Notice how the guy wants to sue already.........pathetic.
  223. Chi-mo self castrates himself
  224. Students Strap On Empty Holsters to Protest Gun Restrictions on Campus
  225. Injured Buffalo, New York police officer returns home
  226. One of the reasons why people make me sick!
  227. Office Of Highway Safety Director Arrested for DUI
  228. Judge bars use of partial prints in murder trial
  229. 71% of Virginians unaware of Move Over law
  230. DNA leads to suspect in teen's 1978 killing
  231. Vancouver, WA Police Dog Shot to Death
  232. Revving engine considered racist?
  234. Dont tase me Bro cops cleared
  235. WA state troopers named best dressed
  236. CIA's "terrorist buster" logo
  237. What to do if monkeys pick on you
  238. FBI:Study on cop attackers and their weapons
  239. F this old bag!
  240. Looking for attractive people? Don't go to Philly
  241. Your Government at work
  242. Injured Bliss soldier's kids killed on way to hospital
  243. Rape? Nope. Theft of services
  244. Mother drowns infant inside suitcase in lake
  245. So Cal is on fire.... AGAIN..
  246. WHAT hidden WHERE ?
  247. Detective 'hit in groin with used syringe'
  248. 2 Teen Girls Held in CarJacking/Kidnapping/Murder
  249. Child abuser excuse: "Not a morning person"
  250. Arrests in officer murder attempt