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  1. Arrests in officer murder attempt
  2. Long Beach PD (CA) Officer
  3. Officer injured in Taser demo
  4. Someone's not the optical illusionist he thinks he is....
  5. Two of 'Jena Six' defendants present BET award
  6. Couple make burglar clean up at gunpoint
  7. Pedophile caught in Thailand
  8. San Francisco Considers Nation's First Safe Injection Site for Addicts
  9. "Hard" of hearing?
  10. Officer Shot...
  11. F-Yeah! Swearing At Work Is OK, Study Finds
  12. Maine Middle School to give out birth control to students who want it- Should this be allowed?
  13. Screeners Miss 75% of Test Bombs
  14. 19 year old hacks into 911
  15. Abso-lutely priceless!
  16. Indy Police-Oath Case Going To State Supreme Court
  17. NYPD's new breath test rule for on-duty shooting incidents being challenged by the union
  18. The entire Ohio University Police Department quit on Friday
  19. The breakdown of what countries google what, the most...interesting
  20. Grandma arrested after 35 years on the run...
  21. Hillary Clinton was involved in illegal wiretapping
  22. Gilmer Hernandez Released!
  23. Woman Overheard Yelling Obscenities at Toilet Could Face Jail Time
  24. Woman Held After 5th DUI Arrest Since May
  25. Kidnapped Spanish Tourist Found Blindfolded/Bound
  26. Marine's Career Ended During Training Film
  27. Teen shot while reaching for cell phone
  28. Explosive study claims affirmative action doesn't work, shows facts
  29. Wisconsin Court of Appeals rules on traffic stop case
  31. Man who video taped himself with Vegas girl...
  32. Anchorage PD overbudget, 2nd year running
  33. Coke vs Pepsi (this is retarded, but gave me the giggles)
  34. Farva Beans and a nice Chianti
  35. EOW - Farewell to Lawyer Who Fought for Officer's Rights
  36. Are you kidding me?
  37. Phillippine Police Get Friendly Makeover
  38. Cops catch burglar with a mouthful
  39. From this year's IgNobel Prizes:
  40. Officer: Felons policy unfair to black cops
  41. Woman uses child...
  42. NOPD Officer Shot
  43. $20 mill. in drugs seized on I-12
  44. Handyman
  45. Kansas City Chiefs suspend practices
  46. Standoff Ends As Man Drives Car Into Lake
  47. Think you like Chinese food? Think again
  48. Student suspended for gun rights email
  49. Police Chase Ends in Head-on Crash - Officer Not Injured
  50. Mother arrested after holding her son outside of an SUV because he was causing a disturbance
  51. Jena Six teen back in jail after Judge revokes his probation due to an old drug charge he was never tried on...any comment Rev. Al?
  52. Democrats recommend congressional aides get hepatitis shots before going to Nascar race
  53. Bootcamp guards, nurse, found not guilty in teens Death.
  54. 'Saggy pants' law goes into effect next month
  55. Cops Pull Over Boy, 3, Driving Along Highway in Toy Mustang GT
  56. Colorado Troopers..
  57. In Custody Death #s for 2003-2005
  58. Al Gore and UN win Nobel Peace Prize
  59. Another Teacher/Student Sex Scandal
  60. 'Bullied' Home Schooler Arrested After Cops Find Weapons Cache in Pennsylvania
  61. Hit attempt on Corrections Officer
  62. Shooting at LETC ruled accidental
  63. Media over exposure...
  64. How To Kill Public Relations 101:
  65. What this means to YOU
  66. Vicente Fox confirms long-term deal worked out with President Bush
  67. Gunfire erupts at Cleveland high school
  68. St. Paul PD K9 Shot; Still Slows Suspect
  69. David Spade just went up in my book.
  70. Oklahoma Officers Fired In Boy's Death
  71. More About The Shooting In Wisconsin
  72. Losing your mind...
  73. Pursuit with 11 y/o
  74. 400 Pounds of Cocaine, $1.5 Million in cash discovered by Constable serving civil papers at Carrollton home
  75. Boy Drives Family's SUV Through Garage Door
  76. 25yo Michigan City Officer told he has cancer, days to live
  77. Cop saves woman from attacker, forced to submit to sobriety test!
  78. Study finds Tasers safe for those they are used on
  79. Ohio Pursuit...
  80. Sad Price of Gang "Rent"
  81. Sheriffs Deputy Goes On Shooting Rampage
  82. Police: Child takes bus, leads chase
  83. Tresspassing & DC ? Gimme' 50 !
  84. Off duty cop shoots attacker
  85. LA. Standoff 2 killed 3 injured
  86. Soldiers Win Drug Battle
  87. Cop saves skunk with head trapped in jar by shattering the jar with a BB gun shot
  88. Indiana K9 Cop Saves Partner with CPR
  89. 6-Year-Old Girl Killed In Omaha Drive-By Shooting
  90. Meth Detector
  91. Screaming 15-Year-Old Girl Pepper Sprayed After Biting Officer
  92. Woman finds fortune, turns it in
  93. Ky. officials sue makers of OxyContin
  94. Footlong Sponge left after surgery
  95. 13y/o kills over dessert
  96. District officials standing by a Marietta (Ga.) High School's decision to not censor an article in the school paper calling homosexuality a disorder
  97. Bizarre, scary quotes from animal rights activists
  98. U.S. Troops given a cold Welcome Home in CA
  99. All I can say is "WOW".......
  100. Mexican Flag flown over U.S. Flag in Reno
  101. Man pleads guilty to taunting police
  102. Mother makes daughter hold sign that says 'I steal'
  103. NYC Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Sex With Underage Girls
  104. Dem shows nude pics to students
  105. Man on Lawnmower tries to outrun Police
  106. 10y/o gives birth
  107. Hooker snorts cocaine off baby's stomach while breastfeeding
  108. St. Paul students rushed to hospital after ingesting meth
  109. Phone call from a killer
  110. Amputated leg at center of custody dispute between man who wants to be buried whole and man who wants the leg as Halloween exhibit
  111. Sheriff Offers To Marry Fugitives If They Surrender
  112. 16 Indicted in Dallas Corruption Case
  113. Custody problems
  114. Two High School Students Killed in Crash
  115. Man eats 21 pounds of grits for title
  116. A Surge in Cop Killings
  117. Inmate facing assault, gun, and drug charges escapes during inmate bible study session
  118. 3 out of 4 people arrested by Australian Police found to be under the influence of marijuana
  119. 7 year old forced to strip naked and stand on her desk in front of her whole class, as her classmates were ordered to boo her by the teacher
  120. University of Northern Colorado Housing Department Director nixes campus sex toy slumber party
  121. 1,400 Speed citations in excess of 100mph last year in the Buckeye State
  122. Daughter-In-Law Of New York Politician Found Dead In Phoenix Airport Holding Cell
  123. Man divorces "slut" wife
  124. Best reason ever to be charitable
  125. Railroad Psuedo-Policeman Charged In Officer Motorcycle Crash
  126. Humorous stop signs in Oak Lawn, Illinois
  127. Hack Hack Cough Cough
  128. They found her!
  129. Airport to make stalls less inviting
  130. Man charged with crime of burning cross into his own yard
  131. Brother acquitted in attack on off duty deputy...
  132. Man Tries To Declare Himself "Not Dead"
  133. Virginia’s “move over” law is widely ignored
  134. US-led forces kill a top al-Qaida leader
  135. 50cent/gallon gas tax
  136. Brain-eating amoeba claims 6th victim
  137. Gotta love the lack of news this is recieving here
  138. 29 September ~ National Police Remembrance Day
  139. ACLU Calls for Police Review Board
  140. Mother Faces Murder Trial in Tot's Death
  141. Federal Court Rejects Claim in Civil Rights Case
  142. Silly hosedraggers....back to your recliners!!
  143. Burglary Suspect Arrested Wearing Loincloth
  144. Police Officer sprayed with chemicals in his face during traffic stop fired his gun during the exchange
  145. New report suggests low to moderate drinking may enhance memory
  146. Bush tells crowd at No Child Left Behind event "Childrens do learn"
  147. Young punk who egged on cop in Missouri claims police are now stalking him
  148. Federal Judge rules parts of the Patriot Act are unconstitutional
  149. Lab tech bites 3y.o. boy during blood test
  150. Cop Plots to kill Cops
  151. N.J. students ticketed for jaywalking
  152. Armed Man Arrested At St. John's University
  153. Police Need Help Identifying People In Pornographic Tape
  154. Sucky way to go
  155. a VERY brazen theft
  156. Better be a Hate Crime
  157. Here's The Bill
  158. Scientists create transparent frog
  159. The Blue Front Line in the War on Terror
  160. France Prime Minister declares France is bankrupt
  161. Iraq: Blackwater guards fired unprovoked
  162. DumbArse
  163. Every Pothead's dream....
  164. Officer who went ballistic on punk kid is fired by the city council
  165. Universities who don't allow Campus Police to carry weapons are rethinking the firearms ban...duh
  166. Burglars break into abandoned building to steal copper wire only to find officers and K-9's conducting a training exercise inside...oops
  167. N.Y. Drops Citizenship Proof For Driver's Licenses
  168. Sheriff Deputy's wife gets arrested after having sex with a 16 year old, and videotaping it
  169. Bill Clinton jokes on the Daily Show that he may slit his throat if Hillary is elected
  170. Ohio Taser Incident Caught on Tape
  171. Clinton: I am not a lesbian
  172. Struggling NYPD mother caught in welfare bust
  173. Guns on Campus
  175. How can anyone not help a drowning child!
  176. HBO sports special on wrestling.
  177. Gozzling....Your area is getting real dangerous lately!!!!
  178. CHP Trooper returns to work on two "Bionic" Legs!!
  179. Man killed by police in St. Paul had long rap sheet
  180. Amish Bishop's mouth writes checks his ass can't cash. Film at 11
  181. Here's one for the "only in this job" files....
  182. Savage bashes cops...
  183. 'Car Wreck Saves Life Of Choking Man'
  184. DUI, Evading and Assault on Officer
  185. Blaming the police once again.
  186. Killed by an unarmed man
  187. Arlington County Police Officer charged with sexually assaulting two fellow officers on duty
  188. The ACLU steps forward to defend Republican Senator Larry Craig
  189. Where do you serve the papers?
  190. Psst... Hey, Wanna buy a country?
  191. For you Aussies
  192. Oil above $80/barrel USD
  193. Infant Executed
  194. So you think that you had a bad day?
  195. Nine Year Old Calls 911 - Mom and Grandma Murdered
  196. Don't Taser me brah!
  197. Abizaid: World could abide nuclear Iran
  198. 911 Prankster Made 2,000 Calls in 6 Months
  199. ACLU Fighting Teacher Drug Testing
  200. "Joke" Autograph lands Yankees rookie in hot water
  201. OOOOPS!
  202. Taser ban for illegals blasted by Tancredo
  203. How About This
  204. WTF - Haltom City, TX Mom Sets Her 3 Girls On Fire with Gasoline
  205. Chicken Shit Arrest
  206. Neighbor's burn down "pervert's" home
  207. Police Arrest Accused Peeper
  208. Dallas School DISD police response team armed to the teeth
  209. Off-duty deputy robbed of standard-issue gun
  210. Dallas officers investigated over inconsistent statements about shooting
  211. Budweiser Commercial
  212. O.J. Simpson suspect in break in
  213. Fire Chief charged in fundraiser theft.
  214. Three suspected of torturing woman
  215. New York Times Gave MoveOn.org Discount for 'Betray Us' Ad
  216. 3 officers just shot at my work
  217. Two shot dead in bank robbery
  218. Commish wants 10000 volunteers
  219. Police Officers In Trouble After Wrestling Alligator
  220. Interpol wants cybercrime combat centers
  221. Surfer rescues dog swept off Mich. pier
  222. No hate crime charges in torture case
  223. Fake Or Real? Mpls. Looks At Toy Gun Ordinance
  224. Man Convicted In Beheading of 3 Children Freed By Texas Court
  225. Mom Kidnaps Her Kids So Her Boyfriend Can Molest Them
  226. Not Guilty
  227. American citizen murders Dutch civilian as a "war protest"
  228. Article concerning car chases
  229. NorCal Child Killed, Buried In Apt. Complex
  231. UK criminals are already using stun guns (Before the police)
  232. Children 'drawn into turf wars'
  233. Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan arrested near the hearing room where U.S. Army General Petraeus testified on the situation in Iraq
  234. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign headquarters broken into
  235. Woman arrested after child found wandering the streets.
  236. Kid Rock cited for battery after punching Tommy Lee. Now the circle of Hepatitis is complete.
  237. The ten best places to live, in the USA
  238. Hawthorne woman is killed in front of her daughter in standoff early Sunday
  239. Whale of a tail
  240. One burger, hold the salt, it's for a cop.
  241. Dead Venomous Vipers Found In Luggage At Georgia Airport
  242. State program, which explores disproportionate number of minoirty drivers pulled over hasn't produced comprehensive results due to lack of cooperation
  243. Dealing with the Public
  244. Calif. carpenter can work in the buff
  245. Racism in the criminal justice system? "Face the facts."
  246. Police records show how and when cops used Tasers
  247. Albany Police Detective accidentally shot with friendly fire during marijuana growth operation investigation
  248. New York judge denies request to dismiss charges against 3 NYPD officers charged with manslaughter in on-duty shooting incident
  249. Study of traffic stops is derailed