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  1. Lawyer wants to sue CT for $100 million on behalf of 6-year-old survivor of Sandy Hook shooting
  2. 3 Cops Shot in NJ Police Station
  3. Stormin' Normin dies.
  4. Administrators at school for disabled children stage a fake school shooting without telling all the teachers and students
  5. Husband of slain Wisconsin police officer arrested in her fatal shooting on Christmas Eve
  6. Man's gas blamed for creating "intolerable" workplace
  7. White Christmas, tornadoes, and storms impending
  8. Man ticketed for driving with 856 Christmas lights on his truck
  9. Other CT LEOs volunteer to cover Newtown shifts so the entire Newtown police force can get Christmas Day off
  10. Two Firefighters Shot Dead
  11. Officer saves baby in runaway shopping cart rolling toward traffic
  12. Holiday Cheer
  13. Brownells sells 3.5 years’ worth of magazines in 72 hours
  14. Officer jumps into frigid water to rescue drowning woman
  15. Pope pardons ex-butler convicted of leaking documents
  16. NRA calls for armed police officer in every school
  17. State troopers help city police patrol high-crime areas of Baltimore
  18. 7th grader finds loaded gun on theater seat
  19. Police respond to crowd fighting for chance to get new Air Jordan shoes
  20. Texas town allows teachers to carry concealed guns
  21. Baby Jesus figurines stolen from 3 different mangers in Wisconsin
  22. Anonymous attacks Westboro Baptist over threat of Newtown protest
  23. Bank robbers escape from Chicago prison
  24. Man charged with manslaughter for giving his despondent wife a loaded gun and teaching her to use it before leaving her alone in their home
  25. Stateless man stuck on island
  26. Supreme Court fight looms over right to carry a gun
  27. Shooting in movie theater parking lot
  28. WBC threatens picket at Sandy Hook
  29. KIdnapping joke leads to wasted investigation by police and arrest of joker
  30. Whos fault is it?
  31. Canadian who stabbed his 2 kids to death is free after 46 months of confinement
  32. And yet still ANOTHER one today!
  33. Officers shot in East Memphis
  34. 12th baby born on 12-12-12
  35. "Bad Barbies" busted in NYC
  36. Fugitive 67-year-old millionaire returns to the US, now trying to get his 20-year-old and 17-year-old girlfriends out of Belize
  37. Officer tucks $100 into traffic ticket for man who said he couldn't feed his kids if he renewed his registration
  38. Spanish police arrest woman at airport with breast implants containing cocaine
  39. Thumbs up?
  40. Hundreds of giant flying squid piling up on beach; no one knows why
  41. Handcuffed man steals police car
  42. Man opens fire in Oregon mall
  43. Woman's remains exhumed for skull reconstruction to determine if she was Mona Lisa model
  44. London police try to identfy jet stowaway who fell from the sky
  45. Macaque In Coat Seen In Toronto
  46. Dallas Cowboy dies in Irving car crash; teammate arrested on manslaughter charge
  47. TSA screener charged with stealing iPads planted in police sting
  48. Man calls police to complain that prostitute owes him 10 minutes
  49. Suicide of nurse who fell for prank call of Australian DJs impersonating UK King and Queen and asking about Dutchess's health leads to condemnations of the parnk
  50. Man steals ex's ring to give to his wife, after thanking ex for not calling police about his daughter's thefts
  51. Guatemala detains software guru McAfee, to expel him to Belize
  52. bizzare DWI arrest
  53. Ex-Pa. Trooper Claims He Was Fired Over Ebonics
  54. Snake on a plane, for real
  55. Legal loophole allows DNA of those who were executed to be added to FBI's national database
  56. Shock me. Obama Moves to ban semi-auto weapons
  58. Busted: Teen Robs Pharmacy of Oxycodone, Passes Out in Store Bathroom
  59. Dog found and reunited with owner 7 years after running away during a thunderstorm
  60. Couple arrested for transporting 5 kids and 18 cats in the storage area in the back of their box truck
  61. NASA claims the world will not end on Dec. 21, 2012
  62. Something's Afoot!
  63. New York City enjoys 36 hours without reported violence
  64. Police shoot loose dog while complainant secretly videos it
  65. Drug and alcohol counselor drove 2 miles with dying man on her windshield
  66. Damn Germans!
  67. Foster family in UK loses kids due to political views
  68. Man Arrested After Telling Kids Santa Isn't Real
  69. Confetti used during Macy's Parade may have included social security #s and banking account info
  70. Joel Boniek, Former GOP Montana State Rep., Leads Heckling Of Judge
  71. Pensioner, 74, grew cannabis worth £12,000 to pay for his son's drug rehabilitation course
  72. China maps path to new conflicts in its passports
  73. Egypt President Mursi defends new powers amid protests
  74. Assistant U.S. Attorney exposed as online troll behind abusive comments about local officials and businessman
  75. 'I sneak boys in at 3am and disrespect my parents': Girl, 15, forced to stand by side of the road with humiliating sign
  76. Cushing man gets jail for striking estranged wife with genitalia
  77. 100-vehicle Texas car pileup kills two and injures 120
  78. Serial killer on death row claims he murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldwin at OJ Simpson's request
  79. Black Friday will be Twitter Friday for Dunwoody police
  80. Oak Creek officer shares story of survival with WISN 12 News
  81. Police and retailers prepare for Black Friday crowds and chaos
  82. Hospital worker swam to work after Sandy
  83. Fugitive blogs about how he evades Belizean police
  84. Feds probe Gulf Coast dolphin killings
  85. sporting your junk banned?
  86. Wisconsin asks hunters to be on the lookout for marijuana
  87. FBI arrests JFK worker in heist of 3,600 Apple iPad minis
  88. Clowns face off against KKK
  89. even hippies can fight
  90. Police risked their lives to save over 1,100 people on Staten Island
  91. Louisiana "Train of Hope" arrives in Newark
  92. Mexican police charged with attempted murder of CIA operatives
  93. CIA Director David Petraeus resigns, cites extramarital affair
  94. Cop pulls over volunteer firefighter running lights and siren - FF suing cop
  95. Tattoo artist banned from career day at his daughter's middle school
  96. Loughner sentenced to life without parole for shooting that left six people dead and wounded former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 12 others
  97. Skeleton of hero World War II carrier pigeon found in chimney with a secret message still attached to its leg
  98. Inmate confesses to murder on "deathbed", recants after surviving, sentenced to life in prison anyway
  99. Police collect winter clothes for the homeless
  100. Illegal marijuana poses threat to environment
  101. Mom whose toddlers drowned in hurricane says she was denied refuge in nearby house
  102. Occupy Wall Street helping hurricane victims
  103. Newark Mayor Cory Booker tweets an open invitation for constituents without electricity to recharge their batteries at his house
  104. Magnetic Buckyballs toys to be discontinued due to pressure from Consumer Product Safety Commission
  105. UK man charged with giving trick-or-treaters cocaine
  106. Bank president catches bank robber and holds him at gunpoint till police arrive
  107. People kayak through streets after hurricane
  108. Clown Car Shooting Leaves One In Stitches.
  109. 3-Year-Old Shot with Taser by SDPD Officer
  110. Galveston County judge accused of profanity, abuse
  111. Police: Gambling Ring Found At Youth Football Games
  112. London police may move out of Scotland Yard due to budget cuts
  113. Drivers on Texas' new 85-mph highway crashing into wild hogs
  114. Eau Claire Police Dept chase/shooting video
  115. 14-year-old Pakistani girl who advocated girls' education recovering from being shot in the head
  116. Hurricane Sandy
  117. 3,000 off-duty Spanish police protest loss of their Christmas bonuses
  118. Al Qaeda leader calls for abductions of Westerners
  119. CHP officer attacked, kills attacker
  120. NY Court allows towns to discipline police
  121. Outdoor fight training in Bismarck...brr
  122. Homeless former gang member body-slams man on PCP who attacked LEO
  123. Strip club dances must be taxed because they don't count as art like ballet does, according to New York's highest court
  124. Scientists convicted of manslaughter for failing to predict earthquakes in Italy
  125. Former CIA agent sentenced to 30 months in prison for leaking classified info to reporters
  126. Ohio voter fraud billboards to come down, sponsor stays unnamed
  127. Gunman shoots at least 7 people at Wisconsin spa; manhunt underway
  128. Costumed girl mistaken for skunk and shot by a relative
  129. Hamster placed in protective police custody after DUI stop
  130. Controversy over program that gives security guards police powers on specific properties
  131. Man videorecords testimony on his deathbed about how he was raped and then burned on his 8th birthday by a 13-year-old who went free due to insufficient evidence
  132. Lib Dem election candidate Vincent McKee jailed for fraud
  133. Victim selectrion: Fail. Cleveland edition.
  134. Virginian Republican Party employee arrested for throwing voter registration applications in dumpster
  135. Students suspended after seeing topless pic of teacher on school-issued iPad
  136. Dad cleared in vibrator case
  137. Apple ordered by U.S. court to reveal iPhone profit margins
  138. Gunman robs Oakland council candidate
  139. "Perversion files" show locals helped cover up
  140. Police to spy on drivers suspected of texting in federal test
  141. Granddads of anarchy--Biker gang members with average age of 51 arrested for gun smuggling
  142. "Batman" arrested for resisting and obstructing police
  143. Air Canada passenger flight finds stranded Australian yacht
  144. ND town destroyed by wildfire
  145. 5 cent per bullet tax
  146. Man arrested for attemping to detonate 1,000 lb bomb at Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  147. Supreme Court to hear cases about how accurate a drug-sniffing dog has to be and whether drug-sniffing dogs can sniff from outside a home
  148. Police use Taser on blind man after stick mistaken for sword
  149. Bank executive was recorded telling police he uses bath salts 2 days before his violent encounter with LAPD, about which he is now suing
  150. Woman Arrested For Spreading Facebook Photos Of Undercover Cop
  151. Controversy over decision to release names of Zumba prostitution clients in Maine
  152. Man punches his lawyer in the face in court after being sentenced to 15 years for robbery
  153. Skateboarders clash with police at Hollywood skateboarding movie premiere
  154. Authorities: Body is that of missing Colo. girl
  155. Feds: Passenger had murder directions on computer
  156. Woman forced to live with squatter in her Detroit home
  157. $100 bills with not-yet-released design stolen enroute to Fed
  158. Former bank robber learned law in prison, had 2 petitions reviewed by Supreme Court, and is now in law school
  159. Secret Service agent found drunk and passed out on the street, charged with disorderly intoxification and resisting arrest without violence
  160. EU wins Nobel Peace Prize
  161. Another DUI death, actress dead not driver
  162. From the local criminals
  163. 2011 NYPD shootings second lowest in recent history
  164. Jail Time for Offensive T Shirt
  165. Police said drunk driver hit guardrail, then drove fiery car to gas station
  166. 14-year-old girl who blogged about her passion for education shot by Taliban in Pakistan
  167. Woman with terminal leukemia says TSA punctured her saline bag and made her lift her shirt and pull back her bandages in public
  168. Massive wedding brawl at Sheraton ends with 3 arrests and a death by heart attack
  169. Burglars steal sidewalk
  170. Bystanders stop thief who snatched wallet from 62-year-old woman
  171. Student Shot/Killed at University of South Alabama
  172. Police impersonator demanded free McDonalds food
  173. Abu Hamza and pals - about time too.
  174. body shop defrauds Troopers (victim fail)
  175. Here kitty kitty!
  176. Prosecutor arrested after dropping joint in court
  177. CT Supreme Court overturns conviction for sexual assault of woman with intellect of 3-year-old who cannot talk
  178. First Funeral For two murdered officers
  179. Farmer eaten by his own hogs
  180. crapogeddon?
  181. Unf'ing believable!
  182. It's time to let the savages tear themselves apart.
  183. Bullied teen elected to Homecoming court as prank gets widespread support at Homecoming
  184. Dog dies of starvation while owners eat Little Debbies
  185. Defense: Navy Actions Led to Pirate Hostage Deaths
  186. Cops save buried puppy
  187. Woman hijacks tow truck, leads police on wild chase
  188. Drunken man on horseback leads police on chase across Florida town
  189. Dumber than a sack of hammers?
  190. AZ man arrested for RPG hoax
  191. Buddha statue acquired by Nazis originally came from outer space
  192. Police chief and officer both lose right to carry guns after committing crimes, leaving a K-9 as the only certified member of New Mexico town's police force
  193. Man pulled over for DUI while his pet squirrel was "eating him
  194. Human finger found in trout; owner not sure he wants it back
  195. NYPD cops charge man in the stray-bullet shooting that wounded a 15-year-old girl as she was doing her homework in the Queensbridge Houses
  196. Toronto school board web link offers kinky sex advice
  197. News Nearby: Man Accused of Stealing Car With Baby Inside
  198. Illinois prosecutor accused of biting store clerk in leg
  199. Snoop Dogg defends smoking marijuana with 18-year-old son: ‘I wanna show him the proper way because he looks up to me’
  200. Self-driving cars now legal in California
  201. Man surrenders to police after standoff in Millcreek
  202. Ex-Marine, bomb-sniffing dog he handled in war are reunited
  203. Centenarian befriended by Prince George’s officers laid to rest
  204. Running on water: The DIY 'human hamster wheel' set to cross the Irish Sea
  205. Ohio teen dies from fall while ‘car surfing’
  206. Homeowner says he shot robber with his own gun
  207. Modesto renters find body on move-in day
  208. U.S. agent spent taxpayer funds on prostitutes, lawyer alleges
  209. Man arrested in DUI case also had squirrel inside his shirt
  210. Volusia deputies: Carjacker was trying to rush pregnant girlfriend to hospital
  211. Blast at Tuthilltown Spirits distillery in Gardiner leaves no one hurt; offices remain open
  212. Foxboro police chief sued
  213. Interstate signs will change speed limit from 45 to 65 depending on traffic volume and weather conditions
  214. Bystanders tackle armed robbery suspect
  215. State dept blasts CNN for reporting on contents of the diary of deceased US ambassador against his family's wishes
  216. MP Swears at police in Downing Street
  217. Florida man calls 911 because daughter refuses to get him beer
  218. Prison for wealthy Seattle couple who took welfare
  219. No complaints about this traffic cop
  220. BATH SALTS The Drug That Never Lets Go
  221. Protester Dies After Inhaling Fumes From Burning American Flag
  222. Flight returns to gate due to fight between flight attendants
  223. S.C. Officer Fired after Posting about Traffic Stop with Clemson Head Coach.
  224. Libyans protest against militias accused of organizing attack on US consulate
  225. Giraffe escapes from zoo in Italy
  226. Man mauled after jumping into tiger cage
  227. Inmates sue jail over dental floss
  228. Crazy Cat Lady: Level 100
  229. LEO pushes woman away from car hurled toward them by driver charged with DWI
  230. Jury finds 16 Amish guilty of conspiracy
  231. Cleric in Iran says girls beat him up when he told one to herself more completely
  232. School district bans dad-daughter and mom-son dances after single mom complains to ACLU
  233. $7 million in gold discovered in home of dead recluse
  234. Couple sold neighbor's lost puppy for $50 on Craigslist
  235. Why?
  236. 9/17 anniversary of Constitution and Antietam
  237. Occupy Wall St to mark anniversary by attempting to blockade the New York Stock Exchange
  238. FBI won't go to Libya until conditions are safer
  239. Police shoot man in exchange of fire
  240. 10-year-old girl charged with manslaughter of infant
  241. Toronto police chief credits police overtime for drop in crime
  242. Anonymous spokesman arrested during online chat
  243. Bank robbers throw cash onto LA streets; police ask passersby to turn it in
  244. Protesters attack US embassy buildings in Egypt and Libya over online film they consider offensive to Islam
  245. September 11
  246. Woman thanks trooper for seatbelt ticket that motivated her to lose 200 lbs
  247. I'll be in pursuit
  248. Best friends 4 Life
  249. Murder trial jurors says they wore color-coordinated clothes out of boredom
  250. Texas approves 85-mph speed limit