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  1. New York judge denies request to dismiss charges against 3 NYPD officers charged with manslaughter in on-duty shooting incident
  2. Study of traffic stops is derailed
  3. The Chaser's war on APEC
  4. 70 cars burglarized overnight in small Texas town of Denton
  5. Grand Prairie, TX police befriend future recruits on MySpace
  6. Anti-immigration forces warn of Mexican conspiracy to retake Southwest
  7. Paris Hilton Sues Over 'That's Hot' Card
  8. Minister arrested on kiddie porn charges told authorities he was doing research to get some web site shut down
  9. Police bugs put up for sale
  10. Here We Go Again (Be Warned, Mentions Violence May Have to Be Edited In The Public Area)
  11. UPDATE....Noble Ok, police officers , charges have been filed...
  12. Want to Talk Shite about Your Bosses? Think about it B4 You Do.
  13. Too sexy to fly? Young woman takes on airline
  14. Rudy Guiliani says illegal immigration is not a crime during Glen Beck interview
  15. Deputy Bitten on While Trying to Arrest Boy
  16. Some tips on when to call 911
  17. Larry Craig's daughter goes on TV to stick up for her father, forgets she has an outstanding warrant for her arrest
  18. Police make 7 arrests after chase
  19. Fake motorcade breaches security near Bush
  20. Officer accused of leaving police dog in hot car
  21. This is probably one of the most important decisions.
  22. Theft Suspect Hits Girl With Prosthetic Leg
  23. Convicted Peeping Tom Demands Police Returns His Massive Porn Collection
  24. Gotta love the dummies
  25. Italian Tenor Pavoratti dies at 71
  26. Today's stupid criminal story brought to you by Poland
  27. BP Agents Rescue Man Left in Car Trunk
  28. Border Agent Stabbed During Marijuana Bust
  29. I am betting Al does not step up for this victim...
  30. "No one steals my heat and laugh about it!"
  31. On her first day as a co-host on "The View," Whoopi Goldberg defends Michael Vick
  32. Republican Representative Paul Gillmor found dead in his apartment.
  33. Did steroids make Benoit kill his Family.
  34. Gas price advertising : Is this legal in your state? Should it be?
  35. Dirty Secret: Green Cars Automakers Won't Sell You
  36. Man Charged With Trying To Ram Cruisers During Chase
  37. Truck drivers end pursuit
  38. This is getting bad press here
  39. Being stupid gets musician killed
  40. Wouldn't this make for an interesting discovery during vehicle inventory??
  41. DOH'!
  42. Yonkers Police face brutality complaint while already being probed by the Justice Department for brutality complaints
  43. "But you promised that you wouldn't give any tickets for the first thirty days"
  44. Indicted Bexar County sheriff resigns
  45. Policeman injured in gun accident
  46. Man dies after being entangled in Mich. car wash
  47. Drunk Dad has 11y/o drive him home
  48. D.C. Firefighters being investigated for sexual misconduct, for allegedly running a prostitution ring out of their firehouse
  49. Rookie San Francisco Police Officer who shot himself to death while impressing a girl with officer safety tactics, was legally drunk
  51. Ambulance crew besieged by gang
  52. City Council to declare baggy pants 'nuisance'
  53. Superintendent mulls fate of E. J. Gay Elementary School after melee
  54. Some Wealthy & Powerful Drive On Dallas Tollways For Free
  55. 13-Year-Old Arrested For Fort Worth Shooting
  56. Football Coach Beats Wife with Concrete Block
  57. Texas gets new Castle Doctrine, Sexual Predator Execution Laws
  58. Cat Stuck in Tree - Big Cat
  59. Local Deputy stabbed in leg, perp shot
  60. Greatest. Prank. Ever.
  61. Senator pleads guilty to soliciting restroom sex from undercover officer after claiming entrapment
  62. St. Louis PD officers take hard line against chief
  63. Colorado school bans tag on its playground
  64. Fairfax Officers Cleared In Lawsuit
  65. Bulldozer Driver Rams Police Station
  66. WWE suspends 10 wrestlers for Roids...
  67. "Attorney did not die? I must be a bad shot"
  68. Pregnant woman Tasered in north FL
  69. 150 MPH motorcycle crashes
  70. Olympics bombing figure dies
  71. Missing soldier killed himself, Army officials confirm
  72. Serial Child Killer slips up!!
  73. Who's the fattest state in the USA? If you guessed a southern state, you'd be correct
  74. Diaper free babies?!
  75. Picky Eating is in the Genes
  76. Idaho Senator Arrested in Airport
  77. Seismologist 1st 911 Call After Mine Collapse
  78. Sheriff Opens Office in County Library
  79. Man Who Cut His Own Throat Dies After Hostage Standoff
  80. Drug cartels put hit squads in Laredo
  81. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigns amidst controversy
  82. Sheriff Adopts Paperless Crime Report Database
  83. Text message tips working well in Boston
  84. Customs/USCG pops "Smuggle-sub"
  85. Worlds smallest police K-9
  86. USA wins 3rd straight Little League word Series with a walk off homer.
  87. Crushed Glass to Be Spread on Beaches
  88. One Winning Ticket for $314M Powerball
  89. Man runs into mounted patrol horse and officer.
  90. Hulk Hogans son hurt in car crash
  91. Demoted customs agent sues, says mistake-filled shift not his fault
  92. $100 bill gets amazing new micro-lens security device
  93. Pedophile to leave Cali
  94. Boiling Point - Desert Training to Prepare for Iraq
  95. Murder for Holiday
  96. Police Drop Lauded Street-Racing Unit
  97. Question and answer on ethics from a newspaper...involves a judge, lawyer, and genital herpes
  98. Woman pays £1,800 for chicken leg (that's about $3,600 US)
  99. Government Faux Pas
  100. Arlington, Tx: Another court employee arrested in ticket-fixing scam
  101. Fort Worth purges dismiss millions in parking tickets
  102. Frontier Passengers Subdue Man During Flight
  103. Man chain son to bed, guess what happens next?
  104. Russian woman sets fire to ex-husband's penis
  105. Aunt Charged With Hiring Prostitutes For 12-Year-Old Nephew
  106. Oklahoma crackdown sends illegal aliens running
  107. Teen killed in skateboard stunt
  108. Man Accused of Beating Mom Flashes Camera
  109. Need more judges like this
  110. Mother Teresa's Crisis of Faith
  111. National Guard member files complaint against sheriff's dept.
  112. Ohio Officer pleads not guilty to murder!
  113. 2 Officers injured during pursuit!
  114. Man Handcuffed,arrested After He Objected To A Public School Teaching His Kindergarten Son About Homosexuality
  115. Death sentance for Couey
  116. 82 Minutes in Jail for Nicole Richie
  117. Who's sick of all this weather
  118. Police Shooting On the West Side
  119. Harlem Residents Outraged by Sale of Major League Baseball Caps With Gang Colors
  120. Jury awards WHITE man $150,000 in lawsuit
  121. Possible Ban on Baggy Pants in "Hot-Lanta"??
  122. Hot Summer Indeed
  123. Taser incidents renew debate over police usage
  124. Manhunts are starting with a peek at MySpace
  125. Chief Detective Indicted
  126. Man Gets Life for Murder of Broward Deputy
  127. Is a Device to Combat Drunk Driving Underused?
  128. Two Kids Rescued after Driving into Canal
  129. 60 Gang Members/Illegals Caught in Sweep
  130. Blind golfer hears shot of her career
  131. School Suspends Boy For Sketching Gun
  132. More Bad food for Dogs!
  133. Woman Abandoned by Smugglers Dies
  134. Copper Thief Electrocuted
  135. NAACP official: Vick shouldn't be banned from NFL
  136. Police Chief fired (presumably) for serving in Iraq
  137. Philadelphia Officer Walter Barclay/ Death of Officer 40 Years After Shooting May Bring New Charges for Gunman
  138. Interesting take on the High School Musical movie
  139. It now appears drunk and coked up Lindsey Lohan will not be charged with felony cocaine drug charges. Talk about special treatment!
  140. More than half of black and hispanic teaching applicants fail the Massachusetts state licensing test..attorney files a discrimination lawsuit
  141. "To Catch a Predator" founder almost arrested for solicting minors, even thought he was doing it to bust predators
  142. Man gets 35 years Plea Bargain for killing and robbing cop, one other man.
  143. Two Injured in Police Pursuit on I-5
  144. Sneaky hose draggers
  145. Three People Shot in Trailer-Park Brawl
  146. Obesity virus?
  147. 8 top traffic ticket myths
  148. Police Chief's Stripper Wife Arrested In Drug Bust
  149. Getting hammered by Satin
  150. Illegal Presence in US Not A Crime, Court Says
  151. 'Self-defense' found to be 2nd-degree murder
  152. Police car, van collide, officer is ticketed
  153. 10 questions the mainstream media needs to ask Hillary Clinton
  154. California House of Reps Democrat Bob Filner facing assault & battery charges after pushing a baggage claim employee
  155. Deputy's wife charged in prostitution operation
  156. Cop cutout reminds drivers to slow down
  157. Rain, rain, rain....and flooding
  158. Immigration "Activist" Taken Into Custody Sunday Afternoon
  159. Dads push bulletproof backpacks in schools
  160. DWI - Driving While Illegal
  161. Stab-proof vest saves policeman
  162. Mob lays siege to police station
  163. St. Louis Police too short handed to ride in partners, causing unnecessary line of duty injuries and death
  164. Police confiscate $10 million worth of pot from an outdoor growth operation, which was tapped into the city water tank, used to put out fires
  165. Have a partner with an opposite sex friend, then read this...
  166. Girl Punctures Skull After Riding Bike Into Metal Rod
  167. Burglars Unable To Crack Safe, Take Beer Instead
  168. Car Catches Fire After Butane Cigarette Lighter Explodes
  169. Amite Police Officer cleared by Grand Jury.
  170. Dean incoming?
  171. David Dadante pleads guilty to fraud
  172. North Royalton couple accused of using tattoos to lure girls
  173. John Edwards money linked to losses of homes from Hurricane Katrina foreclosures
  175. New Orleans crime wave intensifies, and is on the way to making New Orleans the 2007 murder capitol, per capita
  176. 3 rescue workers killed at Utah mine
  177. "Jimmy Justice"
  178. Chris Benoits mother-in-law seeks estate
  179. Protesters at Police HQ
  180. Baseball player charges mound with bat and is arrested on assault charges
  181. Taser guns targeted towards women
  182. BP Agent Dragged Trying to Stop Runaway Truck
  183. Man upset at BJ's results in another man going down
  184. Gun show sting nets felon
  185. Man dies after swallowing cocaine
  186. SoCal Border Patrol Rescues Three People
  187. Judge who sued cleaners for $54 million over his missplaced trousers, appeals his losing verdict
  188. Proof of the New York Times political bias...they got busted editing the President's Wikipedia page, calling him a "jerk"
  189. Member of the Rutgers basketball team files lawsuit against Don Imus
  190. Young Nicaraguan man in illegally hiding in Canada fearing his country will kill him because he's gay
  191. Passport rules snag child support cash
  192. Taser used on man holding newborn
  193. 'Duct Tape Bandit'
  194. Pistol, Permit, Panhandling, Priors, & Posthumous Pettifogger
  195. Hip-Hop Artist's say "Stop Snitchin'"
  196. Deputy Arrests His Deputy Wife for DUI
  197. Going out with a bang
  198. Man Kills 6 Year Old with Cleaver
  199. Babies on the Beat
  200. US life expectancy ranked #41 in the world
  201. Knew it was coming
  202. Woman who thought she was in labor cited for speeding 57 in a 35 mph zone on the way to the hospital. She claims it's unfair. What do you think?
  203. Convicted New Hampshire tax protestor increases tension by making threats against law enforcement
  204. Another Church shooting...
  205. How do they know it wasn't a lawyer getting a tan?
  206. Motorcyclist murdered on motorway
  207. How Does Your Department Handle Gun Crime?
  208. 3 dead, officer shot on I-35E. Citizen kills shooter
  209. Porn star date leads to teacherís resignation
  210. Father Attacks Sons Killer IN Court
  211. Detective arrested in underage sex case.
  212. Policeman stolen
  213. I take a day off and this is what happens...
  214. Drunk driver wins the right from the Minnesota Supreme Court to get the source code for the Intoxilyzer 5000
  215. Black Entertainment Television's read a book campaign
  216. Latino organization creates a hotline to report racial profiling incidents by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Deputy's
  217. Governor Bill Richardson makes a debate flub, says gayness is a choice, then quickly backtracks
  218. Stolen Ambulance Leads Police on a Wild Chase
  219. Breaking news....
  220. You are only worth $400
  221. Attorney general to step in to resolve IMPD oaths
  222. Copper Theives Stealing Live Fiber Optic Cables (which contains no copper, but causes large phone, data, and TV disruption)
  223. Farmers Branch, TX lines up legal team to fight for ban on renting to illegal immigrants
  224. Space shuttle flies
  225. Dying Patients barred from obtaining experimental drugs
  226. This story will be on America's most Wanted on Saturday
  227. Another Taser Investigation
  228. Outrage Over Police Shooting
  229. Police were searching for same suspect during two gun battles
  230. victims fight back
  231. Hurry, someone give me $90,000
  232. MC Pursuit Caught on Tape
  233. Two KC police officers, one suspect wounded in gunfire exchange
  234. Fight over guacamole lands one in jail, one in hospital with serious injuries
  235. Pursuit Ends with Discovery of Child's Body
  236. Dog Leads Cops on Low-Speed Chase
  237. "Puke Saber" to debut by 2010
  238. Police seek 'professionals' who removed St. Paul man's testicles
  239. Woman who claims she was raped by police is charged
  240. Bad Thai Cops to Endure Kitty Shame
  241. This is going to be BAD...
  242. Loose Monkey
  243. Halting Halfnaked Hosedragers.
  244. Giant panda gives birth at San Diego Zoo
  245. Police close S.C. highway after finding explosives, with mid-eastern driver by one report
  246. 110-year sentence in Iraq rape-killing
  247. Great Dane Accidentally Shoots Owner In Back
  248. Kansas Police Chief arrested for stealing beer from the fire department
  249. Happy Trails to a Hero
  250. Man Brawls with Chula Vista Cops, Ends up Dead