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  1. Md. Prison Guard Sought in Wife's Death
  2. 2 deaths, 2 outcomes in heated car cases
  3. ATM gives out too much money
  5. Another Victim Fights Back
  6. Rio police arrested for mugging U.S. cops
  7. Parking scam victims keep getting the boot
  8. Two News Heli's Collide Filming Police Chase.
  9. Cops Bust 14 Year Old Boy's Shugga Momma
  10. Thieves break into Spy Supply store, get caught on 17 surveillance cameras
  11. Boozing before blastoff?
  12. Dash Cam flashed
  13. Prankster Dentist profits BIG TIME
  14. DWI Murder Convict Faces New Charges
  15. Simple Life Ex-Con friends
  16. Man, who is free to go from traffic stop, still decides to shoot it out. Cops 1, Shithead 0.
  17. Nifong apologizes
  18. Man burns down trailer over online feud.
  19. Scum of the earth
  20. Pulling out the weeds
  21. Goodbye Jake
  22. Inmate found guilty in masturbation trial
  23. Citizens defend attacked officer, Passers-by restrain assailant, call for help.
  24. Off-duty Cop takes a splash
  25. Items Made To Resemble IED's Seized At Four Airports
  26. "Hilarious
  27. Sexual Assault Suspect Killed
  28. Grand Jury declines homicide charges
  29. New Haven, Conn
  30. Newest Chandler cop is just 9 years old
  31. Humble Hero
  32. Rev. Sharpton backs idea on rap lyrics
  33. Johnny Cash to receive pardon
  34. Suspect ran just to videotape it
  35. Funeral Escort Crashes when SUV Tries to Cut through Procession
  36. 5 shot, 1 dead after myspace party...
  37. Mom Shoots 9 Year Old Son
  38. 'Shawshank'-style jail escape plot revealed
  39. Line Drive Kills Minor League Coach
  40. Man flashes gang signs at wrong car
  41. City Councilman tells drug dealers he's dumber than mud
  42. Suspected Shoplifter Kills Security Guard at Kmart
  43. Miami Tops Road Rage Survey; Portland Most Courteous; Dallas/Fort Worth 5th Most Courteous
  44. Doctors removed five small growths from President Bush's colon Saturday, after he transferred power temporarily to the Vice President
  45. Tammy Faye Messner (formerly known as Tammy Faye Bakker) has died at age 65
  46. Woman leaves kids to pose nude in woods
  47. Don't burglarize a K-9 training facility
  48. Baton Rouge Police Officer Fired
  49. NC Cop With No Feet Earns His Job Back
  50. Mexican Envoy Hits Own Policies
  51. "John Doe" Protection Removed from Pending Legislation
  52. Kuddos to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd
  54. Tank chase in New South Wales
  55. Police Deaths Up Sharply
  56. Steampipe Explosion causes Evactuation in Midtown NYC
  57. Man Held in Assault on a Child
  58. I think this chick was on crack.
  59. Boy Sleeps in Tent to Avoid Flies - Inside Own Home
  60. Ex-Cop shoots officer
  61. Man With 33 pound Tumor On His Face
  62. Imprisoned Cunningham Outlines Depths of Corruption to FBI
  63. The toxicology results are in for the bodies of wrestler Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy, and their son Daniel
  64. Hunt for sharpshooter who murdered wife
  65. For Those Keeping Score
  66. Live Newborn Found In Trash Can Near Disneyland
  67. Money for pet projects
  68. Stealing Copper isnt always Easy
  69. Convicted Cop Killer Gets 90 Day Reprieve
  70. Stolen Police Vehicle
  71. Man Shot Dead Near Colo. Governor's Office
  72. Slaying Cover-Up Gets School President Fired
  73. Man who begged cop for ride home ends up in jail after a pat down yielded marijuana and an admission of a pot growing operation
  74. Fatal Shootout
  76. Police: Fake cop pulls over real cop
  77. Man who killed hunted and killed a gay man claims he was called by God to be a prophet
  78. When your wife cuts off your member, and you get rushed to the hospital, don't forget to bring your member with you
  79. Wisconsin Senator (D) accidentally runs over his granddaughter, killing her...proving Democrats can't govern or drive worth a damn
  80. Please help our soldiers
  81. Car crashes into police vehicle
  82. Nation Faces Shortage of Police Recruits
  83. James Cirillo died in a car accident
  84. Never Walk Toward a Texan Holding a Shotgun!!! - Texas Homeowner Who Shot Unarmed Thief Walking Toward Him Will Not Face Charges
  85. Another Mother of the Year: Boy dies after mom fails to seek help
  86. West Baton Rouge Deputy arrested
  87. Jim Cirillo killed in car accident
  88. Dumba$$ crooked cop
  89. Ex-Marine tackles, lectures bank robber
  90. Tired of lawyers, Wis. lawmaker wants to cut law school's funding
  91. Man Freed After Flag Desecration
  92. Marijuana plants found near DEA offices in Dallas
  93. Lawmakers block access to gun sales data
  94. Elijah Page Executed
  95. A Porn Star Stole My Name
  96. Widow Must Pay Man After Acquittal
  97. Prince William County officials pass resolution that requires their Police to ask suspected illegal immigrants of their immigration status
  98. Grand Jury refuses to indict former Deputy Sheriff in shooting death. Unfortunately, it's too little too late, as this guys career is over.
  99. MySpace's rival Facebook doesn't allow people with the name "Gay" to join...but of course you can join if your name is Hitler
  100. Athiests at the University of Texas putting novel twist on Urban Police Department's toys for guns program, by starting a bibles for #### campaign
  101. Republican State Representative from Florida arrested after soliciting an undercover male prostitute for sex at a park
  102. CNN's list of the Top 12 jobs that will always be needed. Law Enforcement Officer is number...
  103. U.N. World Drug Report shows Canadians smoke more pot than any other industrialized country...
  104. 51 year old British woman marries 27 year old son of Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden's son applying for Visa to go to Britain, terror alert on the rise
  105. Man's smelly feet trigger police raid
  106. La. Police find pot, bomb and 6 kids in RV
  107. Wow, another WTF!!!
  108. Al Qaeda Cell in the U.S. Or On Its Way, According to New Intel
  109. Officials worry of summer terror attack
  110. Congress Approval Rating Drops to 25 Percent
  111. Congressman asks Congress to investigate steroid use in professional wrestling
  112. Man charged in Brooklyn cop shooting
  113. Taser International Announces New XREP, Shockwave Military Device
  114. Forceful Complaint, Deaf man shot with beanbags at traffic stop sues Modesto Police
  115. 20 year old man arrested for dancing naked in the street, and pulling a cloth back & forth, between his legs
  116. Border Patrol Agent shoots unarmed Mexican (who was coming towards him). The Mexican was illegally crossing the border. Human Rights group in outrage
  117. Faced with a huge bill from Broward S.O. town says it might be trading in the blue lights for security guards
  118. Fort Worth Officer accused of using police resources to find a romantic rival, fired, after guy gets shot
  119. AMBER ALERT - Tacoma, WA Area
  120. Mother-Son Rape Update
  121. Teacher REALLY supports the Troops
  122. Reverend Al embraces mother & sister of a 17 year old in prison, for consensual oral sex with a 15 yr old...wait, what...
  123. 34 yr old woman busted for having sex with 13 yr old because one of his friends filmed it with his cell phone
  124. Teenager busted having sex with cow
  125. Durex condom company looking for a few good men.........to test the product
  126. Male volunteer firefighter busted driving drunk, and being indecent in a public park...all in woman's clothes
  127. Pink pistol-packing lesbians terrorizing America
  128. Man who failed the bar exam because he refused to answer gay marriage question is now suing, claiming the test violates his rights
  129. Mother raped, son force to join in....Horrible crime
  130. Some People Dont Deserve To Be Parents
  131. They were how old? They did WHAT?
  132. Eleven year old arrested for DUI.
  133. Toledo cops begin selling ads on police cruisers
  134. What's in YOUR freezer?
  135. MoD trial police boat prototype
  136. Brief test
  137. Dead man's father slams rescue bid
  138. An "Inconvenient Truth"...
  139. The Horses Of Arlington
  140. 5-year-old pins rabid fox during cookout
  141. U.S. Pilots Make Daring Escape in Iraq
  142. Woman held in assault on son
  143. Scientist Tests DNA on Husband's Underwear for Signs of Cheating
  144. Kansas Store Video Captures Five Shoppers Stepping Over Dying Stabbing Victim
  145. What do you think of President Bush commuting Scooter Libby's sentence?
  146. Border Patrol Agent Chases Down Hit-And-Run Suspect
  147. Boy Nearly Dies From Water Intoxication
  148. Woman Sues After "Hostage" Call
  149. Off-Duty Deputy Saves Toddler
  150. NOT in the news... Iraq
  151. New British Stealth Boat
  152. British police investigate hospital terrorist cell
  153. Doctor arrested in Australia over UK bombs
  154. The Job - Met Police Newspaper
  155. ATF no longer does routine gun checks
  156. 'Uncle Sam' Tickets Hundreds Of Speeding Central Floridian Drivers
  157. Murder rate on the rise on the east coast corridor
  158. New Orleans Police Officer accused of assaulting school teacher has charges re-filed against him
  159. Wrestler Chris Benoit's Doctor charged with improperly dispensing painkillers and steroids
  160. Police officer rescues woman from burning car
  161. Blaring stereo leads officers to heavy back seat artillery
  162. Fine leves where you are
  163. Delware replaces Crown Vics with Bucket Trucks.
  164. Toddler forces plane to land :D
  165. What Paris really said
  166. Man sought by Police after getting a birdie
  167. Minutemen + Day Laborers = Extra Work for Deputies
  168. Troubling Signs in Kidnapping
  169. BULLSHIT!!! - Harry Reid: "Immigration is going to have to wait until we get a new president and a new Congress"
  170. iPhone buyer gets pwned- as they say.
  171. Glasgow airport
  172. Fast Food Employee Urinates in Cop's Food?
  173. Save a life - Lose your job
  174. Subway customer lauded as hero for gunning down robbers in Plantation [Concealed Carry, Marine]
  175. A year after Millstein murder authorities remain optimistic case will be solved
  176. Man with a habit for speeding sues DOT to get speed limits raised
  177. Gold Hill, Oregon dismisses entire police department
  178. Immigration Crack down... Interesting!
  179. Barbie Cummings blows it again
  180. Astronaut DIDN'T wear diapers
  181. Wiener Whistles?
  182. A "massive" explosive device found in a car in central London...
  183. Robots and Tasers to be paired
  184. Steer's owner ticketed for "Excessive Mooing"
  185. Officer fired for ordering two female arrestees to put on a sex show
  186. Dateline to catch a predator sting goes bad...
  187. Teacher facing charges for smoking pot with her Junoir High students
  188. Deputy found not guilty...
  189. Senate blocks Bush's immigration reform bill
  190. Mother Of Drowned Boy: Firefighters 'Killed My Son'
  191. Rosie O'Donnell Posts Photo, Video of 4-Year-Old Daughter Dressed as Guerrilla Fighter With Bullet Bandolero
  192. Police Shoot Man After He Holds Gun On Woman
  193. Man killed as more storms threaten Vic
  194. Parolee Jabs Cop With Hypodermic Needle
  195. CIA planned "gangster-type action" on Castro :D
  196. Loaded gun found in jail cell
  197. Male nanny sexually abuses boy he is watching for years...father says about nanny "he's got game"
  198. Man accused of trying to kill officer is convicted felon
  199. West Monroe man arrested after paying only $4.88 for plasma TV
  200. Senate kills republican bill that would require all adult illegal immigrants to return home so they could later qualify for permanent status & return
  201. Marine, 72, fights off pickpocket
  202. Dallas: Flooding Leads To Evacuations, Rescues
  203. Good friend of mine is now a felon.
  204. For our over sea's LEF'ers
  205. Death Row Jokester executed
  206. Prosecutor Falsely Accuses Officer, Resigns
  207. Woman arrested after she and her "female friend" allegedly had sex in a bathroom as a woman and child walked in on them
  208. Florida man arrested for assault after pointing his finger and yelling at an off-duty Sheriff's Deputy
  209. Nude driver accused of trying to hit troopers
  210. DENVER: Officer, man hit by car during foot chase
  211. How about competitive sleeping?
  212. Australian drivers hit below belt
  213. Mass killer fights to say sorry
  214. Call for calm over custody death
  215. Supreme Court rules against student's "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" banner
  216. An English summer
  217. Jesse Jackass Arrested
  218. Falcon in Downtown Chicago
  219. Americans give record $295B to charity
  220. WWE Professional wrestler Chris Benoit and his entire family, found dead in their Atlanta home
  221. Blind Baseball Tournament held on Long Island
  222. Texan set for execution wants to die laughing
  223. Paris Hilton's Prosecutor under the gun now.
  224. Woman who injured Pc goes missing
  225. Anger at 'lenient' rape sentence
  226. Radical overhaul of Indigenous welfare
  227. Illegals Dying from Red Bull, Ephedrine, and Asprin Cocktail
  228. Dallas County Sheriff's outside hire plan stalled
  229. Fort Worth Officer Survives Crash
  230. Rev. Al's at it again...claiming people care more about missing white girls than missing black girls
  231. Study - Cops suffer sleep disorders
  232. Beavers Win!
  233. My Dog in the News!
  234. Police seek options to lethal force
  235. Police stops can be challenged
  236. Nine out of 10 town fires 'arson'
  237. Five arrested over weapons haul
  238. Man dies on tracks fleeing police
  239. One dead at Glastonbury Festival
  240. UK: Teen Girl Banned From School for Chastity Ring Heads to Court
  241. another bad cop
  242. Arrested, cleared, and all set to sue
  243. Gay pair's photo blacked out of yearbook
  244. America's anti-police professional agitators
  245. Anyone care to guess where Bin Laden is hiding?
  246. Remember the "Iraq has nothing to do with Al Qaeda" babble?
  247. Weapons expert arrested in death of peace activist brother (Damn - Does this mean our shooting range won't be built)?
  248. Scores arrested in California immigration raids
  249. Plane crash leads to marijuana
  250. Double Cop Killer Gets Another Life Term