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  1. Double Cop Killer Gets Another Life Term
  2. Lawyer to RIAA: Sue the First Twins for copyright violations!
  3. Beer for flooded Australian town
  4. Facts show reporters give more to democrats than republicans...duh, really?
  5. 2 mothers arrested-fatal fire claims 5
  6. 15y/o performs C-section
  7. Mayor crushed by dumptruck
  8. Amid the carnage of the 7/7 bombing a unique friendship was formed
  9. Poland blames Germany for reduced population.
  10. I would NOT ride this!
  11. Chaining up kids in court...
  12. Security guards get into arguement...decide to fight it out with guns at Walter Reed
  13. Aspiring model who rang in the new year by driving drunk and grabbing a Trooper's genitals gets jail time
  14. Man bursts into flames after being shot by a taser gun
  15. Hospital Tech Steals Dead Cop's Credit Cards, Goes on Shopping Spree
  16. Sewage flows down aisles of trans-Atlantic flight
  17. Cops: Fire crew used hydrant for pool
  18. Pair of boobs arrested
  19. New findings from FBI about cop attackers & their weapons
  20. Guard opens fire outside Walter Reed
  21. Rant-Where's Jesse and Al??
  22. Citizens to Film St. Louis City Officers
  23. Violence in Today's Youth
  24. Former Police Officer accused of chasing after black couple while shouting racial slurs and pointing a gun, seen in KKK picture
  25. U.S. circumcision rate drops
  26. Americans are now the shortest population in the industrialized world...a growing problem as we have problems growing
  27. Vatican issues Ten Commandments for drivers
  28. 17-year-old shoots carjacker who pulled gun on youth's mother
  29. Teenager From Elkton Fights Off Alleged Kidnapper
  30. Three Die in High-Speed South Dakota Police Chase
  31. S.C. Warehouse Fire Kills 9 Firefighters
  32. Experiment to Pay NYC Poor for Good Behavior
  33. Body missing at M.E.'s Office
  34. Supreme Court rules that passengers have the right to challenge police stops of vehicles they're in
  35. Milwaukee Police Officer going to jail, and will be deported. Yes, deported...he's an illegal alien, and stole his dead cousin's identity
  36. Monument For Fallen Officer Unveiled
  37. Texas Floods Kill At Least 2
  38. Police smash global live child sex pedophile ring
  39. Future breast implants from grow-your-own technology
  40. Utah cop killer dead approx. 9 years. YAY!!
  41. Woman, 9 months pregnant, is missing
  42. Firefighters banned from speeding to fires because it's 'too risky'
  43. Topless Stroll Settlement
  44. Shootings in Melbourne, Australia -Work for Wombat?
  45. Deputy rescues, recognizes, returns boa
  46. 1 car, 2 thefts, 2 arrests in 1 day
  47. WP: System ill equipped for PTSD
  48. Police K-9 escapes from his kennel, chews his way thru the patrol car seats, chokes and dies
  49. Pit bull rescued from heartworms and kept alive by Viagra...now needs 1 Viagra pill a day to survive, donations accepted
  50. New job???
  51. Oh my . .
  52. Data on 64,000 Ohio state workers stolen
  53. Pig born in Croaita with 6 legs, 2 penises, and 2 anuses
  54. Survey shows 8% of dreams swirl around sexual situations
  55. Gay and lesbian gang warfare, leads to stabbing and assault
  56. Teen arrested for sexually assaulting a horse
  57. Deputy who won high praise from MADD fired, after internal investigation makes scary discovery of his DUI arrests
  58. Huge Marijuana Bust
  59. Police Chief, Mayor, and Board
  61. UK: Bin bag 'spy camera' to enforce trash rules
  62. Man finds snake head in beans
  63. Kudos to my @$!&*% teacher
  64. Bob Barker endorses Rosie O'Donnell to host The Price is Right
  65. Nifong found guilty of ethics violations
  66. Naked couple in SUV arrested, accused of drinking, "embracing" on I-90
  67. Man Gets 2 DUI's in Day From Same Cop
  68. Ft Worth Pastors Not Amused by "Knappy-Headed Ho's"
  69. Unborn Baby Killed in Elevated Freeway Shooting While Mother Sleeping in 3rd Floor Bedroom
  70. What Are They Thinking
  71. Motel patron uses Bible to set blazes
  72. If You Do a Hit-N-Run, Don't Do It In the Police Parking Lot
  73. 14-year-old Girl Killed After Sneaking Out of House
  74. Sex Offender Ordinance Would Ban Offenders from Most of Town
  75. Teen caught on camera sexually abusing horse, arrested
  76. The words "natural family," "marriage" and "union of a man and a woman" can be punished as "hate speech"...
  77. DC post office "bomb"
  78. Perry signs Medicaid reform bill
  79. Blind, drunk, banned driver go on guess what he did?
  80. Another Police Shooting
  81. Familes want punishment for clerk who sold rum to minor before crash
  82. Former Teacher Gets 3 DAYS In Jail For Sex With Student
  83. Virginia Game Warden indicted in shooting death
  84. Deputy's patrol dog eats cruiser seats, dies
  85. Justice or Judicial Tantrum?
  86. Senior prank gone wrong
  87. Man arrested in attempted kidnapping of woman and baby at DART station
  88. Security guard shoots one of two attackers
  89. Missing Fort Hood Soldier died from hyperthermia, dehydration
  90. Flower Mound, TX Man Accused of Trying to Buy Girl Re-Arrested on Child-Porn Charges
  91. VIDEO- dashcam footage of shooting
  92. Caught On Tape: Disabled Man's Slaying
  93. DWI Defendants In Tarrant Co. To Serve Time In Jail
  94. Boy Throws Baby Sisters Down Stairs, Killing One
  95. F-16s Scrambled Due to "Hostile Takeover" Remarks
  96. Study proves girls more likely to marry man who reminds them of their dad
  97. 'Chemical castration' option for sex crimes
  98. Cajun Town Bans Saggy Pants (DELCAMBRE, LA)
  99. Man Finds Jewelry Worth $266K In Road
  100. PC bitten as he made arrest
  101. Court of Appeal Increases Sentence
  102. CDC Received Little Help From TB Patient's Family
  103. Another Mother-of-the-Year Nominee
  104. Couple Found Dead - 1000 Miles Apart
  105. Ex-Children's Hospital Therapist Pleads Guilty
  106. Al Roker (who pushed for Imus' firing) jokes about epileptic seizures, denies it, then apologizes saying it was a joke
  107. Nosy man records friend being stopped by police...gets arrested on felony wiretapping charge
  109. Friend questions police shooting
  110. Forces plan single firearms unit
  111. I guess "Sorry" would be too little here?
  112. New sign for your car says move over, left-lane hogs
  113. Georgia judge voids 10-year sentence in teen consensual sex case
  114. Hilton Says She'll No Longer `Act Dumb'
  115. Typical Englewood Ghetto Crap
  116. What the Hell?
  117. Damn Poleeces Do it Again...
  118. Nevada Bans HOA Speeding Tickets
  119. Roller Coaster Riders Stuck Hanging Upside Down
  120. Troopers Ban Non-English Speaking Trucker
  121. Man Wearing Diaper Exposes Himself in Tulsa-Area Grocery Stores
  122. Thefts in Frisco Post Office To Be Investigated by Feds
  123. Denton County Constable Who Solicited Sex with 8-Year-Old Returns to Texas
  124. Dallas County Deputy Narrowly Escapes Death from Swerving Driver
  125. Free Street-side Criminal Rehabilitation Class
  126. A cop on a Segway vs a car thief in a Mercedes. Who wins?
  127. "Man crushes"
  128. Alabama Senate floor brawl. Democrat Senator Lowell Barron calls Republican Senator Charles Bishop a son of a bitch. Bishop promptly punches Barron
  129. Maryland Police raid house with flash grenades, kick resident in the nuts...it was the wrong house, oops
  130. US Navy discharged openly gay sailor, then recalled him, then discharged him, now recalls him...
  131. 30,000 Apply For Police Department
  132. Woot about time...they start cracking down idiots at my city
  133. FN-5.7 hits Chicago
  134. The City That Blows
  135. Police Recruit Convicted
  136. Sheriff calls for guns on campus and mental health reform
  137. Sex sting nets Livingston deputy
  138. Escapee crashes car into building
  139. Rev. Al Sharpton says Paris Hilton was released early from jail because she's white
  140. Sex in relationships- the penis rules
  141. Uhhh... You're blaming the police WHY???
  142. Semi takes wheelchair-bound man on 50 MPH ride
  143. Cars will have black boxes to send crash SOS by 2010
  144. City wants you to slow down; in fact, it's asking for your pledge
  145. Paris Hilton - A free woman
  146. Police Encounter Ammunition Shortages
  147. More WBC Shit: Boy Stomps Flag At Soldier's Funeral, Mom Arrested
  148. Dallas Police Release Dashcam Video of Chase
  149. Girl Missing For Nearly A Year Found Locked in Hidden Room
  150. Not A Good Week for Lovely Young Women
  151. Charges filed for "looking at a dog" ????
  152. Plane Carrying Transplant Team/Organs Crashes in Lake Michigan
  153. Man gets prolonged erection, sues drink maker
  154. Volunteer rescuer worker, patient facing charges
  155. Three Deputies and K9 Shot During Family Dispute
  156. Experts cast doubt on credibility of JFK terror plot
  157. Did you hear the one about the retired cop, the Marine and the airline passenger?
  158. Police Search For Kidnapped Teen
  159. Gangsta shootin' trends cause inaccuracy
  160. Can you read between the lines?
  161. Addictions...
  162. Tragedy Of Fall Death Dad Fleeing Police
  163. The origin of the names of all 50 US states
  164. John Ramsey (JonBenet's father), and mother of Natalee Holloway now dating...
  165. Connecticut becomes the 13th state to allow medical marijuana
  166. Sexiness is power in a porn-driven, "look-at-me" culture
  167. Mancations becoming more popular
  168. G-Spot injections- they swell the g-spot to the size of a quarter
  169. Scientist discover global warming has accelerated much more than anticipated
  170. Expertise Improves Shoot-No Shoot Decisions In Police Officers And Lessens Potential
  171. Finally home after 42yrs in Vietnam
  172. Judge cites 42 Beatles songs to teach beer thief a lesson
  173. Operation Rebound Goes The Extra Mile
  174. Guitar Heaven
  175. Firefighters mowing lawns
  176. Cop recieves a "not-so-happy" meal, sues McDonalds.
  177. Feds take aim at crime in "The Big Easy"
  178. Impersonator charged with additional crimes
  179. Vermont faction threatens succession! (Should we invade them?)
  180. Representative Jefferson? A crook? Say it isn't so!!
  181. Putin threatens to target Europe
  182. Those wacky Muslims
  183. Pricy San Diego hotel sets racy atmosphere with group showers & firemen poles
  184. Drunk driver arrested after crashing into the back of beer truck
  185. Meet KCPD's newest officer Jessica Renee, formerly known as Officer David Renee
  186. 15 year old boy urinates in a ketchup dispenser at school
  187. Los Angeles County taking applications- pot anyone?
  188. Senator's staff member sends out shitty press release on 1st responders
  189. 12 year old jumps naked from 2nd story to foil robbery attempt
  190. Police department broken into, suspects steal marijuana from evidence storage
  191. Chicago Police Rededicate Statue
  192. Not so fast: Police use more gun restraint than civilians
  193. 3 arrested in alleged plot
  194. Police dogs get stab-proof armour
  195. Man arrested for 28th DWI...quite a system they have there in New Mexico
  196. Man claims the woman he brutally killed died from "rough sex"
  197. Study claims nearly half of all men are unhappy with the size of their willies
  198. I made the paper.
  199. Officer arrested; citizenship questioned
  200. Sci-fi writers join war on terror
  201. Close Call
  202. "Right" to a divorce attorney?
  203. Firemen feel the heat for sleeping on the floor
  204. C String NSFW
  205. Terrorists Make Dry runs on Airlines
  206. Texas woman on death row still represents rarity
  207. Ailing 'Dr. Death' to leave prison
  208. Customs agent shortage at airports may cost travel time
  209. Helping a Colleague
  210. A little interesting case...
  211. Local cops make the front page.
  212. The TB Terrorist
  213. Gang members using MySpace to recruit new members
  214. Lunatic seriously assaults Maryland State Trooper while being given a courtesy ride
  215. LAPD Chief states his officers made mistakes during May Day Riots
  216. Officer shoots his daughter, mistaking her for an intruder, after she snuck out
  217. High School Valedictorian under fire after sending religious message during speech
  218. 10 reasons why good sex makes you healthier
  219. Study claims now 4- in- 10 Americans have close friends or family that are gay
  220. Deputy attends wedding and handcuffs couple as joke, but didn't bring cuff key
  221. Who wants to win my.... Kidney?
  222. NBC "To Catch a Predator" producer quits and sues, claims shows violates ethics
  223. Your husband or your job
  224. Stupid Recruits
  225. New Website Launched - Check Status on TRO's
  226. Justice Cheated?
  227. Nutjob liberal Cindy Sheehan resigns as protest leader
  228. Texas mother hangs herself, 3 children
  229. Death for Ecstasy
  230. Local Police Officer injured
  231. Uh Joe, whats that on the hood?
  232. Geopolitics at Miss Universe contest :D
  233. Arrested Leaving a MADD Meeting - DUI #8
  234. Vandals descrate soldiers graves
  235. Flap over fat in Los Angeles Police Dept.
  236. Once again let's blame the police!
  237. Jail for 3some
  238. Record Turnout Marks Rolling Thunder Ride's 20th Anniversary
  239. Medical experiments to be done without patients' consent
  240. Accidental Shooting
  241. Ice Cream Theft Leads To Fatal Shootout With Police
  242. U.S. Frees 42 From Al-Qaida Prison
  243. Legal Immigration doesn't make headlines, but isn't that the point?
  244. Dr. Jack Kevorkian to be paroled next Friday..plans in the works for a "KILLER" party
  245. Attorney sues family who's dog bit him on the nipple...claims loss of sex desire
  246. Sex crime victim fired for taking time off work to report a man who tried to rape her
  247. Most popular ice cream truck in town is selling pot-sickles, not ice cream, oops
  248. Hardee's sues Jack In The Box, after they implied they use cow anus to make burgers
  249. A plea for school bus driver who made rescue
  250. Turn the power off before you steal copper wire!!!