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  1. Police Chief Diagnosed with Alzheimers
  2. US Customs seize 83 kilos of Ecstasy
  3. Baby hit during playground shootout
  4. Rosie no longer on "The View"
  5. Congress has voted on the bill to fund the Iraq War..guess who voted no
  6. Another stupid judge
  7. 70% - Support Affirmative Action Programs
  8. What Gasoline Costs in Other Countries
  9. TV Cop Charged With Impersonating Officer
  10. Largest Cheating Scheme In History Busted
  11. Man Charged with Kidnap/Torturing Wife
  12. Drunk Idiot Baseball Player's Family Sues
  13. Suppression Not The Proper Remedy In A Federal Knock-and-announce Violation
  14. Genital-Tazing cop reprimanded
  15. Molester claims innocence because he was sleepwalking
  16. Bone Marrow Donor Needed
  17. Beer, anyone?
  18. Underwear Theft
  19. House passes gasoline gouging bill
  20. ICE raid leads to more than 100 arrests at poultry plant
  21. ?? why
  22. DPD Cop Removes Online Ad to Sell Police Car
  23. Dallas Cop On Restricted Duty for Being Stupid
  24. MySpace Finally Bows to Subpoenas To Turn Over Sex Offender Info
  25. Men Caught after Crawling into McDonald's Drive-Thru Window, Stealing Cash Register
  26. Bomb Squad Called after 12 Pounds Of Pot Mailed To Elementary School
  27. FW Police Officer OK After Rolling Cruiser, Hitting Light Pole
  28. Arlington, TX To Host Super Bowl XLV
  29. Murder/Suicide Claims 3, Including 7-year-old Child
  30. Paula Abdul Trips over Chihuahua, Breaks Nose
  31. Sheriff's Deputy attacked at Disney World
  32. 3 People Shot During Bank Robbery
  33. Wacko Jacko's personal possessions auctioned...contains sick shit
  34. APB put out for teen condom theft suspects....suspect pictures enclosed
  35. No more nice guy....the republicans take their gloves off and debate
  36. Gas Prices Out of Control
  37. A bank robber goes first class: Flowers and a limo
  38. Hypocrite state senator rear-ends woman while talking on cell phone
  39. 8 Wives Not enough
  40. It's the Boss Fooling You -- for Safety's Sake
  41. WTF - Bad Tires May Have Caused Irving Officer's Fatal Crash
  42. Tough On Morals Law
  43. Police Release Sketch Of Armed Robber
  44. Ambush
  45. Hamilton (NJ) cops come to aid of ill student
  46. Deputy of the Year
  47. Former Jail Counselor Sentenced
  48. Three teachers, and a minister arrested for having sex in a park
  49. Man forges war record
  50. Lincoln County, MO Deputy Not Guilty!
  51. Looking for a change of scenery? MI6 is hiring!
  52. 9-Year-Old Charged With Poisoning Family
  53. Man Put Feces in Ticket Payment, Police Say
  54. WBC at it again
  55. Disgusting...
  56. Prison manager hangs out with all the boys
  57. Street lockdowns proposed for Baltimore
  58. One more cop killer burns in hell tonight
  59. Several Police Week Officers Caught Misbehaving
  60. 'Married With Children' Star Arrested ("Bud" found with some bud)
  61. Robbery, Carjacking Leaves Store Owner, Suspect Dead; Officer Hit
  62. OUCH - Motorcyclist wrecks, falls off bridge
  63. Police stun gun expansion planned
  64. Man shot dead by police officers
  65. Youths killed for not joining gangs
  66. Police: 2 Shot, Injured In Burger King Parking Lot
  67. Met Police Shoot Suspect.
  68. Sealing-off of Major Tijuana-U.S. Tunnel
  69. Woman Survives Internal Decapitation
  70. Rev. Jerry Falwell found dead this morning, in his office
  71. Defense Department Blocks MySpace From Military Computers
  72. Search on for Missing Constable
  73. Rude Drivers
  74. Police condemn 'target culture'
  75. Police: Child Gunned Down By Friend's Dad On Mother's Day
  76. Calderon changes Mexico's drug war strategy
  77. Father leaves toddler in car overnight
  78. Marine Shoots Cop-Killer
  79. Baby issued FOID card in Illinois
  80. Teachers Stage Fake Gun Attack on Kids
  81. Man Had Loaded Gun In City Police Chase
  82. Teens Arrested in Chicago Bus Shooting
  83. Police not certain 4-year-old pulled trigger
  84. 10 y/o beats Veteran
  85. Chi-mo nabbed after six years on run
  86. School sued for Brokeback Mt. viewing
  87. Teachers Stage Armed Attack
  88. Greener pastures for police horse
  89. Officer stabbed in police station
  90. Texas town upholds immigration law
  91. Texas town bans illegals from renting
  92. Critics Bash 'Warrior Culture' of LAPD
  93. Officer slain by Ski Champs cousin
  94. Mother cuts off sons genitals with sharp instrument
  95. Former ACLU President busted on kiddie porn charges
  96. Texas mother accused of mutilating baby
  97. Parks Canada.....
  98. Indianapolis metropolitan police dog killed
  99. Taught them a lesson......
  100. Rickey lights up, again
  101. Gangs going Cyber!!!!
  102. Two injured in Santa Cruz gang shooting
  103. Chat! Now!
  104. New Jersey moves on .50 caliber gun ban following Dix arrests
  105. Jacksboro, TX.
  106. Panty-clad man tries robbery with lighter
  107. Michael Moore Faces U.S. Treasury Probe
  108. 'Terminator' back for a new trilogy
  109. Tony Bliars Leaving Date Announced
  110. How little They care.
  111. Sometimes theres justice, sometimes there is just the giraffe
  112. Piracy and kidnapping...
  113. Judge orders shoplifters to wear 'I'm a thief' signs
  114. Teen accused of growing marijuana on cop's land
  115. Gas Station Owner Told to Raise Prices
  116. Dover man arrested for taping his DWI investigation in Rochester
  117. Poll: Police Officers Come Out Against Gun Control, Yes to Training
  118. You go old man!!!!
  119. Charges filed
  120. Corrections officer charged with dealing meth
  121. SWAT Ends Standoff
  122. Good way to get Killed......
  123. Guard rescued by Inmates
  124. Elevator 1, bad guys 0
  125. 12 year old girl shot in BX
  126. I cannot Believe this Article Was Published, but it is True.
  127. Spider boy
  128. Evidence missing in capital murder retrial found in old jail cell
  129. Police officer shot dead at house
  130. Cute Pictures of the Day: UNT Students Discover Another Albino Squirrel
  131. Cross-Dressing Student Returns To School
  132. Felony For Fighting Animals
  133. Threat Against Sen. Hillary Clinton
  134. Anything for a buck
  135. Don't Check Cars Parked In The Alley?
  136. Another Waste of Taxpayers Money By Dems.
  137. Police close down rap gig venue
  138. Happy Birthday, I got this Cap for Yo Ass.
  139. More Unconstitutional Cameras
  140. Will These Morons Ever Learn?
  141. What a Day!
  142. Glad To See We Need Passports To Get Out of the Country
  143. God I wish it Was That Easy
  144. Paris Hilton off to jail
  145. Killing of 3 ducks
  146. Sad, but not shocking...
  147. Man On Trial For Sex With Dog
  148. Our Homicide Rate Just Jumped by 80
  149. Wisconsin, in the news again
  150. C.O. Helps Juvenile Escape
  151. Ticked troopers threaten ticket blitz
  152. Lawmakers wants VA to explain bonuses
  153. Judge abuses the system-Tort reform NOW!
  154. Officer Hurt After Being Hit By Car During Traffic Stop
  155. Naked man superglued to exercise bike
  156. Farewell to a National Hero
  157. Go Protest in Mexico then
  158. I hope they beat him first
  159. Ahhh Wisconsin, You all can always make me laugh
  160. U.s. Sentencing Commission Votes To Reduce Sentences For Crack Cocaine Offenses
  161. Cop Shootings Increase
  162. Everyone wants to be spiderman...
  163. 1-year-old Tenn. boy dies after being left in hot car
  164. Ex-officer acquitted of kidnapping, rape
  165. Man threatens officer with painted flare gun
  166. Police say: Fake Officers Carjack 2 Men On N.J. Turnpike
  167. American Idol reject Sanjaya Malakar's mother busted for growing pot two years ago
  168. 8th grade school teacher orders 14 yr old to pee in gatorade bottle in class
  169. Bank robber who lost job wins court's sympathy
  170. Picking on our NFL pick
  171. Confused? Then Ask a Mexican!
  172. NAACP gets involved in pissing contest at local school
  173. miss america??????
  174. Texas Governor: Allow Guns in Schools!!!
  175. Gator parks on freeway, snarls traffic
  176. Toddler calls 911 after mother collapses
  177. Virginia Governer Closes Gun Loophole
  178. YEAH! Good news
  179. Woman's Town
  180. Slim and Sexy Pill
  181. Tanker explodes/freeway collapses
  182. Shooting at KC mall
  183. A very disturbing rape/murder in Knoxville
  184. Robbery Suspect Shot By Police
  185. New Law Has Some Teens Riding Dangerously
  186. Sex Theme Park Debuts in London
  187. Man, 82, hits robber with lettuce
  188. Drug probe leads to discovery of ailing dogs
  189. Student charged for writing violent essay
  190. "Disarming America"
  191. Utah Allows Guns on College Campuses
  192. Media hoaxed, Proof They Will Print Anything
  193. Woman poses as lawyer, sneaks into prision
  194. Monkey Bites IRS Agent
  195. Taxi Drivers Have to Speak english to keep license
  196. another LA car chase
  197. Man says officers chased him up tree
  198. Australia bars Snoop Dogg from entering country
  199. Dallas Police Association To Hold 'No Confidence' Vote Against Chief
  200. A boy dies, and a gun debate is reignited
  201. Wiccan symbol OK for soldiers' graves
  202. I think there's a problem with METH out here..
  203. Rosie leaving? Heartbreaking...
  204. I can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  205. Another Payout
  206. Hate When That Happens?
  207. You got to Be Kidding Me
  208. Another Miss America in the news : This one lures pervs
  209. DNA left on cinnamon bun nabs car thief
  210. Horsing Around Under the Influence
  211. Sgt. Imus of NYPD
  212. Urine purifies...
  213. Riot at prison in New Castle, IN.
  214. N. Korea getting stupid again...
  215. Superintendent Cline Nabs Suspect
  216. Four Year Old Tackled During Scrimmage
  217. Ham Sandwich = Hate Crime
  218. My weakness has been discovered
  219. "Cocaine", the drink
  220. 2 officers replace little boy's stolen bike
  221. Man cuts off penis in restaurant
  222. Bit Its A Mace +5 of Teacher Slaying!!!!
  223. An Absolute Tragedy
  224. Our New Boss?
  225. No one Will Ever Be Happy.
  226. A Nice Light Sunday
  227. Study: Lethal Injection Method Flawed
  228. Teenager shot dead as rival gangs
  229. Teen Driving Law - MN
  230. Closing The Door On the Duke Lacrosse Rape Claims
  231. Police officer took a bullet to keep family safe
  232. Police hold former cop in record DUI case as precaution
  233. Dip
  234. Car theft victims pay police 105 to investigate
  235. Monday 7pm Central on CNN: Paula Zahn Addresses CHL Carry in Schools
  236. Solicitor's Jail Term 'a Lesson'
  237. Police scrap arrests league table
  238. Driver swerves while blowing nose, gets busted with 20 lbs. of pot
  239. Tech Gunman Bought Ammo Clips on EBay
  240. Pirates or the boogeyman?
  241. Blue Angel crash in S.C. kills 1
  242. Never go thru the drive-thru, you always get ******* in the drive-thru...
  243. Armed Miss America 1944 Stops Intruder
  244. Organization Makes it a Goal for Dallas to be America's safest city in ten years
  245. Unfortunate Coincidence... In Slightly Bad Taste
  246. Gunman At Johnson Space Center
  247. Principal in trouble for settling bet w/Students by kissing their feet
  248. "Gun Town" Celebrates 25 Years of Peace
  249. Montana First In Nation To Enact Law Rejecting Real Id Act
  250. Sutter And Yuba Schools On Alert After Threat