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  1. Two Mexican State Officers Killed in Gunbattle
  2. Man Killed Wife Thinking She Was a Burglar
  3. Gunmean, I mean shitstain from VA TECH sent message to NBC
  4. Bears Urlacher fined $100,000 for Super Bowl hat
  5. Two sheriff's cars hit by suspected drunk driver
  6. Accidental Discharge in White House...
  7. Do violent plays by VA Tech mass murderer reveal signs of murderous tendencies?
  8. N.J. governor still on ventilator as he recovers from 91mph crash
  9. Copycats
  10. Foreigh View Point
  11. Imus and Disney in the same boat.
  12. Philadelphia Police Outraged Over Firefighter Rapper's Lyrics
  13. Man gets convicted of road rage murders, gets two life sentences + 26 yrs!
  14. '' Victim " wants cops to get his drugs back
  15. Seattle Man Charged in Bizarre Duck Case
  16. At Least 1 Dead In Virginia Tech Campus Shooting
  17. Dumbarse. Next time Wear a Seat belt.
  18. Fido Saves the Day
  19. Only a Threat....
  20. Kansas: Big Rigs Equipped with Ticket Cameras
  21. Buh Bye
  22. Gotta Love the "Ghetto Scene"
  23. Helped by a Bear, police take to gridiron
  24. Murder/Suicide Leaves 6-Year Old Girl Dead, 13-Year-Old Girl Clinging to Life
  25. Man Attacked by Gang of Lesbians
  26. Chicago Wins Olympics Bid
  27. Geraldo calls Sharpton "Greatest Civil Rights Leader"
  28. Child Of 10 Gets Shotgun Licence
  29. English Cops launch massive round up of illegal aliens!
  30. Boycotting sponsers that dropped Imus.
  31. Good Police Work
  32. Woman accused of spraying cop with breast milk
  33. Two face money laundering charges
  34. 'Geek Squad' Technician Accused Of Recording Video of his Customer Taking a Shower
  35. Very Sad
  36. Police raid ex-Rastafarian temple
  37. Daughter handed to paedophile
  38. PSA for doper chicks : Don't mess with man's best friend.
  39. Imus Banned From Msnbc
  40. Waltrip charged after rolling car in accident
  41. Gunman 'shot at police officers'
  42. Rent a Wife
  43. You're going to hear about it somewhere. 911 call gone bad.
  44. Combat Global Warming. Have a Cold War.
  45. The ticket you write may be your own.
  46. Do bank robbers think twice if hit with ****?
  47. Frisco, TX rape/multiple-stabbing home invasion linked to series of attacks
  48. Mom Places Ad on MySpace: Kidnap Son for $500
  49. Family: Surgery While Awake Caused Suicide
  50. Global Warming and Crime
  51. Tears of Yolanda: Undocumented, Unheard, Abused. Will she Find Justice in America?
  52. Another Mother of the Year... Woman says she doesn't know how infant ingested Meth
  53. About time media did this...
  54. What's the most time wasting task you've been assigned?
  55. Restaurant Chain Hires Corporate Chaplains
  56. Unprovoked beatings of homeless soaring
  57. Undercover reporter arrested during hospital probe
  58. Infant Killed While Mother Fleeing Police
  59. To all you Liberal hippie pantywaists...GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK
  60. Man gets jail time for abusing puppy
  61. Naked Woman Decoy In Dallas Home Invasion, Police Say
  62. Cruise Ship Sinks in Greece
  63. A man and his dolls...
  64. Thief trapped by 95-year-old woman
  65. YouTube Banned In Thailaind
  66. MPLS photocop program shot down
  67. Real jail for spitting on Probation Ofc.
  68. Hose drag-er
  69. A case of one horse's ass leading another
  70. Three strikes yer out.
  71. Dems don't want to use GWOT phrase
  72. The man who turned his Land Rover into Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  73. "men admit they like sleeping with teddy bears...
  74. NASA Hacker Loses Extradition Appeal
  75. I'm a federal phone cop and you're under arrest
  76. Deputies Put Toe and Tow Together
  77. Stopping a beer run with a .45
  78. Shots Fired at CNN Center in Atlanta
  79. Preservation Of Civet Cats for Coffee
  80. Suicide missions to stop terror?
  81. 41 y/o virgin in search of husband
  82. Results of what happened with the crime rate, with Minnesota's new CCW law
  83. 2 Missing Boys Found Encased in Lake Ice
  84. When it's time to cut and run in a relationship
  85. Restaurant Worker Asks Son To Punch Her In Her Face To Depict False Robbery
  86. 101-Year Old Man Gets New Driving License
  87. Chicago Police head retires amid scandal
  88. Jobless Male Londoner Rechristened As Fertility Goddess In Indian State
  89. Chinese Woman Fakes Pregnancy To Please Husband
  90. Pa. city defends illegal immigrant crackdown at trial;
  91. Web Video Shows Mexico Man's Beheading
  92. BE QUIET or I'll put you in the trunk!!!
  93. TASER cleared again
  94. Police Officer Mown Down By Stolen Car
  95. Teachers' rights law takes effect
  96. American Super Heroes Museum Opens in Indianapolis
  97. Fraternity House Destroyed
  98. ....r....e....t....a....r....d ....e....d....
  99. Texas grand jury indicts woman after husband kills her lover
  100. Proof People Are Getting Dumber
  101. Great Job on Double Checking
  102. Shocking Run Time
  103. Wish the Guys In Chicago Would do This
  104. I have a Problem with this.
  105. Our Boss is Losing It
  106. Google announces motto change...
  107. Muslims pulled from flight may sue passengers
  108. Heroin Shipped To NYC Disguised As Beans
  109. '911 Closed, Everyone at Doughnut Shop'
  110. Jail Shower Shows Adult Charged As Man Is A Woman
  111. Texas Bill Increases Penalities for Drunk Drivers Who Kill Police Officers
  112. Website Directs Pedophiles to Children's Events
  113. Did you need another reason to hate Rosie O'Donnell?
  114. Disabled Lawyer Fined for Suing Closed Store
  115. ID Fraud Scheme - 1 Million in Loss
  116. Teen Steals Patrol Car
  117. Blair wants to monitor all children for signs of criminality
  118. Pennsylvania: Proposal Mandates Ignition Interlocks for All Cars
  119. New arrest made in Sean Bell casePolice: Arrest has to do with 11th hour witness
  120. Draftee retires, 9 still serving
  121. Cop Shooter held for court
  122. Miami-dade Law Enforcement
  123. madam abducted by Muslim women in Pakistan
  124. This Just Gets Worse Everyday
  125. Texas' "Castle Doctrine" Bill Signed By Governor
  126. Iraqi police go on killing spree
  127. Stupid people
  128. This is quite impressive...
  129. Skydiver arrested for mooning Fla. cop
  130. Court bans smoking while driving...
  131. Enough is clearly enough....
  132. MN trooper cleared in shooting
  133. How is THIS news???
  134. Good Ol' Panda Porn
  135. Dealer: I was shot by Bell
  136. Texas Deputy sentenced to Jail...
  137. Goose leads officers on wild chase
  138. A&M Female Student's Body Cooked On Grill
  139. shes back
  140. Entrepreneur Sells Paper Filled With Mug Shots
  141. Online suicide
  142. Hidden Camera in the SGT's Office
  143. Police introduce 24-hour patrols
  144. Passenger Finds Bullets On Cruise Ship
  145. Woman convicted of murder by antifreeze ó again
  146. World's Smallest Horse
  147. Sister refuses to save brother
  148. Brazilian housewife convicted of killing, cooking husband
  149. Baby born at 100 mph
  150. If you try to BBQ a Keg or Beer, Punch some Holes In It First!!!
  151. Village People Cop Arrested in San Diego
  152. Anna Nicole's DNA Test
  153. POS Ex-Cop leads police on ANOTHER high speed chase...this time he kills two.
  154. Heroes And 'heroin' At Bronx Blaze
  155. Troop Withdraw Wins House Passage
  156. British Saliors Detained by Iranian Forces
  157. Man Allegedly Hides Camera In Shampoo Bottle
  158. 21 Tons Of Cocaine
  159. Student Maced
  160. 10-13 NYPD Detectives Legal Defense Fund
  161. Border Crossers Arrested..........
  162. Passport to Hell?
  163. Dammit I missed The News
  164. Firemen Story....Amusing
  165. Wisconisn, Need I say More?
  166. Haven't Heard This Excuse Before
  167. "Drunk On The Job"
  168. We all Could be Millionares in 1 Tour
  169. Interesting
  170. This one Is Just Funny
  171. Glad They Give My Tax Money Away
  172. Cardinals Manager Arrested
  173. Good Guys Score Bad Guy Loses
  174. VIDEO- 2 Cops drag man out of his car
  175. Win My House
  176. Prison guard claims he had sex with female inmate so she would leave him alone
  177. Pittsburgh Mayor gets drunk, flies on private jet wasting taxpayer money, and more...
  178. Eight grader pees in teachers coffee pot....in MUNCIE, INDIANA
  179. Knife-obsessed pothead jailed for life for brutally murdering his two best friends
  180. Everything is bigger in Texas, including the gay churches
  181. Parents convicted for having sex in front of 9 yr old daughter to teach her about sex
  182. Conservative Activist charged with stealing Mexican flag and other crimes on Mexicans
  183. Man claims erectile dysfunction after watching Prince's halftime show
  184. Granddaughter of NASCAR founder arrested for impersonating a Deputy
  185. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger calls Rush Limbaugh "irrelevant"
  186. Mesquite, Texas: Missing Terrell Women Say They Were Kidnapped From Movie Theater
  187. Texas "Castle Doctrine" Bill Goes to Governor for Signature
  188. Messy
  189. Officer extorted money, drugs at traffic stop.
  190. Boy, 7, arrested for riding dirt bike on sidewalk
  191. Heaven's Gate - 10 Year Anniversary
  192. War bill includes tempting projects
  193. Alzheimerís rate to hike as boomers age
  194. Don't drop the soap, young fella!
  195. FBI file links Kennedy to Monroe's death
  196. If you're psychiatrist is jamming a toilet brush up your ass, YOU may be the normal 1
  197. The perils of a hypersexualized society
  198. Burglars Steal 220-Pound Gold Bar
  199. Guilty plea in deadly accident
  200. YMCA near synagogue removes frosted glass, installs blinds
  201. Man involved in airport scare faces deportation
  202. Woman upgraded after dying in coach
  203. Should 'DWT' be new 'DWI'?
  204. Woman Dies After Mass. Cops Restrain Her
  205. Man Freed by DNA Found Guilty in Slaying
  206. Stress damages nerve cells
  207. More than 50 snakes and lizards stolen from Australian wildlife park
  208. Pet Food Recall
  209. thoughts on slavery apology?
  210. lockin up youngins...yay or nay?
  211. Target Stores
  212. Minn Trooper Shot and Killed a motorist
  213. Life for baby killer
  214. 2 arrested for posing as police at airport
  215. More Cameras
  216. Climate change shifts sheep shape
  217. Police officers indicted for murder
  218. Flight Passenger Urinates In Air-Sickness Bag
  219. Discount to senior citizens for sex in the afternoon...
  220. Unconstitutional DC handgun ban struck down
  221. Free land in Alaska
  222. Another reason for fuel alternatives
  223. N.M. Man Arrested on 28th DWI Charge
  224. Polish Man Cuts Off His Genitals In A Fit Of Anger
  225. Another teacher makes sweet love to a student
  226. NYC Sean Bell Grand Jury Reaches Decision...
  227. Just Do Drugs
  228. Virginia newspaper publishes list of all permit holders
  229. What's that smell? Oh, it's the police
  230. Drunk Driver Taunts Police In Colorado
  231. Moral of THIS story? I DUNNO....
  232. Donuts that are good for you
  233. Dog's head left on owner's doorstep
  234. Burglary 101: Donít forget ID
  235. Elevator bombing kills 2 near Boston
  236. Texas and 12 Other States Formed Coalition to Defeat DC Gun Ban
  237. Have You Seen My Sub?
  238. Moral of the story? HIT THE lil Rodent
  239. Nine hurt in asylum centre riot
  240. Portland Police Taser Aggressive Diabetic Woman
  241. 'Execute Republicans,' says college prof
  242. 'no-go Areas' For Officers In City
  243. FHP Trooper Accused of Attacking Pregnant Wife
  244. Mexico Objects to Alleged Border Incursion over Fire
  245. Tenn. State Trooper Owed $185; Late Fees Make It $12K
  246. Jaywalk Your Sorry Ass Straight to Jail
  247. Standoff on Reservation
  248. Interstate full of CUCUMBERS!
  249. Campus gun victim talks to police
  250. Snoop Dogg arrested in Sweden this time