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  1. Newt Gingrich on World War III
  2. More Terrorist Sympathizers on American Campuses
  3. Jiffy Lube Scam
  4. Nude Olympics on Maslin Beach today
  5. Michigan Court of Appeals rules cursing in a public meeting is okay
  6. Where Did They Find These Kids?
  7. Suspicious package' found in Loop
  8. Ghetto Mother of the Year
  9. Police pull over suspect just after drive-by killing
  10. Crooked cop ordered hit: witness
  11. Dad: Don't bury that man near my daughter
  12. baby found dead on playground...
  13. Do you have panhandlers in your town?
  14. Stray bullet kills Georgia woman
  15. Crash victim says dog saved her life
  16. “Vigilante” farmer, 74, charged after chasing thief
  17. Teacher guilty in Norwich porn case
  18. Woman Sues TV Bounty Hunter Over Injury
  19. Immigrant tent cities under fire
  20. Male Inmate Hides In Female Holding Cell
  21. Police Chief writes himself a ticket.
  22. Papillion Police Arrest Fat
  23. Driver arrested, held overnight; loses premature baby next day
  24. It Is OK Because Oprah said so
  25. The Company should have to pay
  26. Deputy marshal pleads not guilty
  27. Cops seize $22 mil. in drugs from S. Side van
  28. Pittsburgh Police shoot and kill armed wanted man
  29. 100+ Officers perform search, after the death of a Deputy, and a Sheriff's wife
  30. High school Students use weed killer to draw giant penis on school lawn
  31. Teenager charged with assaulting an officer after throwing colostomy bag at him
  32. Nude bowling alley not in violation of law
  33. NY Cop Killer sentenced to DEATH
  34. Parties Mocking Blacks Spark Outrage
  35. 9 Arrested in UK 'Terror Plot' Raid
  36. Shootings kill sheriff's wife, deputy, 2 suspects
  37. Thieves happier than police?
  38. New imigrant sentanced to 17 years for rape
  39. Bulgarian man 0.914% BAC
  40. my town in the news again.
  41. Sheriff's wife, deputy among 4 dead in shooting
  42. Paraplegic guilty in 2 robberies
  43. Michael Vick at a press conference!!!
  44. Videotaped Attack To Lead To Charges For Teen Girls
  45. Woman says she was raped, gets charged, denied pill
  46. Cops Taser Student Running Naked Through High School Cafeteria
  47. Kid Breaks Into The Wrong House
  48. Thanks for saving my Tax Dollars
  49. Suspect nabbed in air duct
  50. Padilla terrorism charge reinstated
  51. Gas Station Explosion Kills 4 in W.Va.
  52. Girl Groundhog
  53. Life in Prison for Road Rage
  54. CHP Recommends Charges for Singer Brandy
  55. Ballistics Data Don't Support Charge Against Border Agents
  56. Another DUI tragedy
  57. Wtf?
  58. Shaq chases down driver, alerts police
  59. FAA bans weather radios from towers
  60. DUI Driver Charged In Officer's Death Released On Bail
  61. OOPS - Car Thief Hits Jackpot, Steals Officer's Uniform, Gun, Badge
  62. Fla. gives gun permits to felons
  63. Fugitive Accused Of Stealing Singer's Bus Nabbed
  64. Girl's rape claim drove stepdad to kill: prosecutors
  65. The mobster who won't die
  66. Murder charge filed after raid on Harvey police
  67. SO trial to get underway Monday (Friday, January 26, 2007)
  68. Body of Missing Boy Found in Septic Tank
  69. Fla. teen gets $35K in topless lawsuit
  70. Six Teen Girls Charged With Homicide Plot
  71. Public Awareness Program Cops
  72. No green card, no free car
  73. Final insult from Chicago's dirtiest cop
  74. $20,200 in unpaid parking tickets?
  75. All the More Reason to NOT Support Obama
  76. Gotta Love this Crooked ass Town
  77. New Breed members arrested in drug market bust
  78. K-9 cop turns up $14 million worth of pot
  79. Saints Fans Cry Foul
  80. News from down under: dozens beaten
  81. 'Dangerous' pitbull is shot dead
  82. Todays Butterfingers Award Goes To...
  83. Ecstasy, the new prescription drug?
  84. There's Something Wrong with the System
  85. ‘Suicide bridge’ hurts workers’ mental health
  86. Ga. Teens Admit to Killing Dog in Oven
  87. Station cleared in grenade alert
  88. update from city council on banning "n" word
  89. MN trooper justified in shooting
  90. Vancouver Man Faces 8th DUI
  91. Innocent Girl Held A Week In North Platte Jail
  92. Car transporter thief on rampage
  93. Brit Soldiers in Contact. Afghanistan. NOT Work Safe
  94. outlawing the "n" word
  95. Illegals Seek Work from ICE Agents
  96. This Was a Long Time Coming
  97. Former Deputy Charged in 40+ Year-Old Murder Case
  98. Anti-war e-mail leads to threats; worker fired
  99. Touched by an Officer
  100. 'canteen' Cops On Notts Streets
  101. Tony did you Get Yours Yet?
  102. Brat holds up flight
  103. Elkhart Lady Found w/kids
  104. Our Police Union Finally Does something Right
  105. Tank can roll to the Bowl
  106. Department cracks down after Sun-Times articles
  107. RIP : Jud Wagner : the last WWI Marine
  108. Worker bought talking trees, charges say
  109. Principal charged with blocking probe
  110. Okla. cops seek two inmates in abduction
  111. Killer convicted after blaming daughter
  112. DNA tests clear men in Georgia, New York
  113. China weapons test shakes up world view
  114. Israeli president facing rape charge
  115. 8 Arrested in 1971 Killing of San Francisco Police Officer
  116. 53 years later, fallen policeman honored
  117. APD shoots, wounds man
  118. Diver Survives Being Swallowed By Shark
  119. Man Shot Inside Police Station
  120. Sundance equals sick
  121. 761 Arrested in Immigration Sweep
  122. Prominent researcher at UNC-Chapel Hill busted masterbating at public unrinal
  123. Football fan goes in for a tattoo of his favorite football team's logo, leaves with..
  124. Man admits to incest with his 3 daughters and offering them up to others for money
  125. Canadian Farmer on Trial for 26 Deaths
  126. Michael Vick Not Guilty
  127. Two off-duty NYPD officers beat up, after traffic collision
  128. Controversial broadway play shows nudity, masturbation, & more, of 17-22 yr olds
  129. President Bush indicates presidential pardon for two former border agents possible
  130. Suspect spits on, and then threatens to kill and eat West Virginia Officer
  131. Officer resigns after tazing suspect
  132. LA vows gang crack down
  133. '12-year-old' is 29-year-old sex offender
  134. Patriotism Banned in Australia
  135. Pilot dies in flight; co-pilot lands jet
  136. "Temporary marriages" ok in Iraq
  137. 19 yr old kills grandmother
  138. The Death Penalty for Child Molesters? Lets Give it a Try
  139. from the 'creepy, sad and somehow funny' file
  140. hehehee stupid crooks steal GPS devices
  141. Who wants to be RoboCop?
  142. Will Duke Lacrosse prosecutor be disbarred?
  143. Iowa woman fired for journaling at work
  144. Start sex on the right key with musical condoms
  145. U.S Chopper Crash In Iraq 13 Killed
  146. Railgun anyone?
  147. Police Officer Called Hero After Rescuing Marshville Family From Burning Home
  148. No-spank bill on way thanks CA
  149. Posthumous Gallantry Medal Awarded
  150. I have seen big brother, and he is....
  151. Police: decision on Michael Vick charges may be weeks away
  152. Bike Cop?
  153. Beyond Stupid!!!!
  154. MI5 unveils e-mail terror alert service
  155. Lakers star Kwame Brown steals man's birthday cake and throws it at another Laker
  156. Town council rules their PD will give taxi rides to drunks year round to prevent DUI
  157. Officer arrests homeless woman, then drags her cart alongside his car to the jail
  158. Popeye's Chicken's secret ingredient...razor blades
  159. Shot Fired In DUI Arrest
  160. See what happens when 2 guys book plane tickets as Al Kyder and Terry Wrist
  161. Handicops (Bull$hit)
  162. DEA comes into California and raids medical marijuana clinics, allowed by the state
  163. The first six officers of the newly formed Miami Gardens PD, sworn in
  164. Man charged in Kan. student's death
  165. Kidnap victim's dad faces drug charges
  166. Officers use taser to free tangled deer
  167. Ten fired after radio contest death
  168. Teens Face Charges Over YouTube Fight
  169. Winter Blast Brings Snow To West LA, Malibu
  170. Eden Police Shoot Man During Chase
  171. Just Some Numbers - In Case You Were Curious
  172. Mexican flag unfurled from Lewisville radio tower was vandalism
  173. Convicted San Antonio cop killer executed
  174. $5,000 Reward Offered in Sexual Attack on Pup
  175. Man Gets 100 Days for Dog Attacks
  176. Shawn Hornbeck & Family on Oprah tomorrow.
  177. "there Are Klingons In The White House"
  178. Lawmaker tells Blacks to "Get over slavery"
  179. UK Mosques
  180. Serial killing suspect pleads not guilty
  181. Israeli drug kingpin pleads guilty in Florida
  182. U.S. arrests 117 alleged members of Colombian drug ring
  183. Ind. police probe homeless killings
  184. Man charged in Phoenix serial case
  185. Majority of US women living without spouse
  186. New Way to use the Apache Gunship?
  187. Man videos torturing wife
  188. Police: Man Posed As Teen Son To Lure Girls Into Home
  189. Tancredo Announces Exploratory Committee
  190. 5 Year Old Searches for Help After Parents Murdered
  191. Man shoots at local Pittsburgh police car
  192. UK Terror Trial
  193. Robbery Leads To Police Shooting
  194. Suicide bomber NSFW- NSFW and NSFchildren
  195. Theves Frequent Police Auto Pound
  196. Castro in Grave Condition After Failed Operations
  197. Another stupid criminal..
  198. Rats surface in toilets in one Midtown area
  199. Coming soon over Texas: Giant banana
  200. Aint love grand?
  201. Cops: Drunk postman delivers hit-and-run
  202. Walgreen selling cigarette in a hand gel
  203. ‘Butt-printing’ art teacher fired
  204. Teen wants armor in yearbook photo
  205. Thieving attorneys vex judge
  206. 7 deaths blamed on icy Midwest storm
  207. Father beheads four year old daughter...
  208. 44 indicted in gang, drug crackdown
  209. Woman unknowingly becomes getaway driver
  210. Homicide Rates Higher in States with More Guns at Home
  211. Local teen killed
  212. Bush to skeptics: What's your plan?
  213. Hunt for Da Vinci Painting Will Resume
  214. Tot Decapitated, Father Arrested in D.C.
  215. Lawyer Arrested for Kissing Employee
  216. Southeast Asian leaders sign landmark pact to fight terrorism
  217. MA State Trooper Protected
  218. Another NYC subway hero saves woman
  219. DA Nifong Wants Out of Duke "Rape" Case
  220. Here's a new one: Firefighter Brutality
  221. Missing boys found -- one missing since 2002!
  222. The Best News Ever
  223. Man Sues to More Easily Take Wife's Name
  224. Burglar Returns Urn With Child's Ashes
  225. Thief Steals Video Dying Mother Made for Son
  226. Pizza Chain Under Fire for Accepting Pesos
  227. If this were my daughter, I think I would have killed this fucker
  228. Air Force SSGT in trouble for Playboy spread.
  229. Just in and hot off the wires!!
  230. Students Barred From Bus For Speaking English
  231. £250,000 cannabis found in raid
  232. Police hunting mystery swordsman
  233. Tragic love triangle?
  234. What will Bush tell us tonight?
  235. New info regarding the Police and the 92 year old woman in Atlanta.
  236. Survey - Very Politically Uncorrect ADULTS ONLY :censored
  237. For sale: World's smallest country
  238. Farmers Branch, Texas: City Bans Apartment Rentals to Illegal Aliens
  239. 'Rooftop Boogler' Strikes Again
  240. Escondido teenager is found
  241. N.Y. To N.J.: What's That Smell?
  242. Leave it to the Firemen
  243. 2800 Lbs of Pot seized over 4 days.
  244. I love it
  245. U.S launches airstrikes in Somalia
  246. Whooaaa there Tigger!
  247. $160K Lenexa KS Drug Bust
  248. Is this how you ask for a goodnight kiss?
  249. NYPD desperate for cops, as many leave their 25k salary for better jobs
  250. Nothing New in Chicago Politics