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  1. Pizza Chain Under Fire for Accepting Pesos
  2. If this were my daughter, I think I would have killed this fucker
  3. Air Force SSGT in trouble for Playboy spread.
  4. Just in and hot off the wires!!
  5. Students Barred From Bus For Speaking English
  6. £250,000 cannabis found in raid
  7. Police hunting mystery swordsman
  8. Tragic love triangle?
  9. What will Bush tell us tonight?
  10. New info regarding the Police and the 92 year old woman in Atlanta.
  11. Survey - Very Politically Uncorrect ADULTS ONLY :censored
  12. For sale: World's smallest country
  13. Farmers Branch, Texas: City Bans Apartment Rentals to Illegal Aliens
  14. 'Rooftop Boogler' Strikes Again
  15. Escondido teenager is found
  16. N.Y. To N.J.: What's That Smell?
  17. Leave it to the Firemen
  18. 2800 Lbs of Pot seized over 4 days.
  19. I love it
  20. U.S launches airstrikes in Somalia
  21. Whooaaa there Tigger!
  22. $160K Lenexa KS Drug Bust
  23. Is this how you ask for a goodnight kiss?
  24. NYPD desperate for cops, as many leave their 25k salary for better jobs
  25. Nothing New in Chicago Politics
  26. New TASER C2 Personal Protector
  27. Dallas Police Searching For Fake Female Officer Who Robs Drivers
  28. Will the Israelis destroy Iran's Nuke facility?
  29. Fort Worth sees fewest murders since 1963
  30. New Orleans Eyes Curfew After 8 Slayings
  31. Avalanche on I-40 - Colorado
  32. Cartoons protester found guilty
  33. Ponch swearing on "Armed and Famous"
  34. Rome to Support Death Penalty Moratorium
  35. Intruder Tries To Exorcise Devil From Actor
  36. Texas Child Hangs Self After Seeing Saddam Video
  37. Hyatt hotel screws up wedding plans
  38. Mansfield Bobby Is 'top Of The Cops'
  39. Interesting Read from Glenn Beck
  40. Another reason the police are often shorthanded, overworked
  41. Did the President make the right decision?
  42. Cheerleaders in Trouble - Principal Resigns
  43. Father leaves his 3 yr old in his car for 40 min while he goes inside adult bookstore
  44. Police boss calls for dog amnesty
  45. Sports Announcer Arrested In Encinitas
  46. Police force axes officer jobs
  47. Pgh. P.D. officer shot....
  48. Witnesses Corner Driver After Crosswalk Hit-And-Run
  49. Undercover drug sting nets 15 high school students
  50. Pcs face public discipline probes
  51. Nine injured in National Guard copter crash
  52. 'Cuz We Rock!
  53. Raw Deal!
  54. 'Try our jobs' say armed police
  55. Woman Injured By New Year's Celebratory Gunfire
  56. Jail deportation effort surges
  57. 3 y/o Rescued While Playing on Freeway
  58. Boy Dies After Being Shot With Air Rifle
  59. Man Holds Pig Races To Protest Mosque
  60. Children Being Identified by new Iris Scan "CHILD" Project
  61. Britney collapses at New Year's party
  62. In the sky! A bird? A plane? A ... UFO?
  63. Dallas Murder Rate Down 25% Since 2004
  64. Death By Monoxide
  65. Carjacking suspect calls 911 on himself
  66. Woman charged with malicious castration
  67. A one way ticket on the long black train
  68. This guys deserve to be beat
  69. Stupid news report
  70. Mike Tyson arrested
  71. All bad guys get caught; some sooner, some later
  72. Duke lacrosse DA accused of ethics violations
  73. Carjacker Gets Lost, Calls 911 On Himself
  74. Saddam to be hanged by Sunday
  75. Sorry but...
  76. 2 ex-deputies pled guilty
  77. NYC's homicide rate and others up for 2006
  78. Man attacks deputies during arrest
  79. Mom sues Police when son dies being taken into custody
  80. Airman sues over shooting
  81. New Orleans Police charged with murder
  82. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has been born
  83. Deputy who arrested Mel Gibson claims his agency is harassing him
  84. New Year's without "Ho-Ho-Ho-ing."
  85. Woman fakes kidnapping to avoid work
  86. Atlanta Gets Dallas' Reject Chief
  87. "Self-proclaimed best narcotics officer in the country" joins LEAP!
  88. Man lights himself on fire to protest religious based decision by school system
  89. Police obtain warrant to remove bullet from teen murder suspect's head
  90. Senior citizens pants burglar to slow him down...it works
  91. Former President Ford dies
  92. Deputy Comes Through For Cancer Patient
  93. Godfather of soul dies at 73
  94. Purse-wielding women bag suspect
  95. Trump sues town over flag citation
  96. Terminator breaks leg skiing
  97. 'Bad heroin' claims eighth victim
  98. Ministers 'braced for crime rise'
  99. Officers Shot
  100. A pretty tough 911 call
  101. Miss Nevada apologizes??? NOT
  102. Police want bullet from teen's forehead
  103. MPLS fire chief demoted not fired
  104. DUKE rape charges dropped
  105. Security guard accidentally shoots himself
  106. Christmas Spending sucks
  107. Ex Cop plans don't get busted vid
  108. YouTube helps police find murder suspect
  109. Thieves Target Tamales, Leave Cash - For 2nd Year in a Row
  110. Not the Best Way to Stop a Robbery...
  111. Police Department Logo Pint Glasses
  112. Who is going to get Sued? Bic or Sharpie...
  113. Benefits for San Diego police not competitive
  114. Police help Marine hit by burglary
  115. Donald Trump versus Rosie O'Donnell- celebrity fued
  116. Lubbock Cop's career over after getting busted for drunk driving....in his patrol car
  117. Gynecologist to be counselled after making inappropriate sexual comments to patients
  118. Jacksonville Police looking for two men flashing young kids at school bus stops
  119. 17 yr old boy sentenced to 10 yrs for having consensual sex with 15 yr old girlfriend
  120. 2 men pass themselves off as Doctors, then give "official" breast and pelvic exams
  121. All boys school closes early for holidays after wrestling team gets herpes
  122. Taser Bill in Michigan
  123. Warning Labels Advocated for Plus-Sized Clothing
  124. Woman Complains To Deputy About Inferior Quality Crack
  125. Baby OK After Going Through X-Ray At LAX
  126. Inspector General Says Former NSA Sandy Berger Hid Classified D
  127. Bah Humbug From Property Rights Advocate
  128. Sick and Tired of P.C. bullpoop!!!
  129. Indiana Town Swears In D-List Celebrities as Cops So They Can Carry Guns for Reality
  130. Republican presidential candidate...
  131. I was hoping I'd never have to respond to this but...
  132. "Bucky" Phillips gets life
  133. I'd Vote For Him in 2008!
  134. Men being Raped..
  135. More proof that NBA players are just thugs
  136. 'Santa' charged with kidnapping girl
  137. This Just Makes Me Boil!!!!!
  138. Time magazine “Person of the Year”
  139. Man strangled by pet snake
  140. Judge’s gift to 23 convicts: Christmas behind bars
  141. ICE raids Swift Beef Company
  142. Unemployed German Man Stirs Debate
  143. Close to Home
  144. 2 ATF agents shot during warrant
  145. 22 year old abused woman weighs 43 pounds
  146. Balsillie refuses to buy Penguins
  147. Houston police kill armed man while rescuing ex-wife
  148. Semen-Contaminated Dressing May Have Been Eaten by Students
  149. Governor Suspends All Florida Executions
  150. Deputy arrested in fatal shooting of wife
  151. Illinoisans to Pay With our Taxes for Illegals
  152. Bears' Johnson facing numerous gun charges after police raid
  153. Needy Children Shop With A Hero
  154. Former Border Patrol Agent gets 14 years
  155. Talk about HOT cars !!!
  156. Bears player Tank Johnson's home Raided
  157. Pennies, Nickels Worth More Melted Down
  158. Glass floor lets you see staright down 4000 ft!
  159. Taco Bell = E. coli (per this story)
  160. This will get the liberals up in arms again.
  161. I knew Utah people were weird.
  162. Bears playoff tickets to go on sale to public
  163. US Customs seize 600,000 tabs of Ecstacy in Detroit
  164. Tillman blasts city's garage deal
  165. Teen Charged With Shooting Cop
  166. Officer Arrested during to catch a predator Sting
  167. Hornady 'hot' about criticism of police chief
  168. Deputy Dresses as Elf to catch Speeders
  169. Big Fine for Underage 'Girls Gone Wild'
  170. Internet gangs hire students for cybercrime
  171. Smoking, or not, as the case may be.
  172. Jack (aka:The Ripper) is back
  173. More dumbasses messing with mother nature
  174. Complaints about police up by 15%
  175. This is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS!!!
  176. Anti-Gay Church Must Pay Marine's Family
  177. Ohio Officer Saves Boy Who Fell Through Ice
  178. Man Drove Parade Float While Drunk
  179. Cop impersonator "I only did it so I can bowl"
  180. Police Groups Angered by 'Terrorist' Honor at New York College
  181. Police Chief in trouble for writing love letter to one of the FBI's Most Wanted
  182. Witnesses interviewed state their was no 4th, possibly armed man, in NYPD shooting
  183. Burglars get the shock of their lives, an eldery couple who fights back and wins
  184. Nicole Richie arrested for DUI
  185. Troopers have DWI competition....misconduct is alleged...one guy is real mad
  186. National drug survery shows drug use up 63% amongst people in their 50's
  187. Chicago Police Officer Wounded
  188. I will Shoot people Because You wont Patent My 18 Wheeler Crapper
  189. Deputy to be charged with murder !!!
  190. Boy, 19 months, missing from crib
  191. Cindy Sheehan Found Guilty Of Trespassing
  192. Buy a house, get a free gun
  193. Man gets mad that Police won't ticket him for speeding so he rams a patrol car
  194. Happy Festival for the Souls of Dead Whales day
  195. Mothers Against Drunk Driving pocketing 81 cents of every dollar to their pockets
  196. Attorney argues 2nd Ammd't applies only to militia, not individuals
  197. LAPD Officer arrested for beating handcuffed teenager in a holding cell on video
  198. Actor Wesley Snipes arrested at Orlando International Airport
  199. John Travolta busted kissing another man
  200. Wanted Man Attacks Cops, Disarms One; 3 Cops Seriously Hurt After Crash Through Floor
  201. China Leads Death List
  202. USA = #1, beating China and Russia (in number of people incarcerated) :p
  203. Cop pledged love to top polygamist
  204. More home grown terrorists
  205. I think he wanted to get caught..
  206. Condoms 'too big' for Indian men
  207. Border Patrol Seizes 6.5 Tons of Marijuana
  208. 5 Shot 4 Dead. Chicago SWAT Gets First Kill
  209. Cop killer gets death sentence
  210. Alleged Terror Plot in Chicago
  211. A four year old
  212. Police Shootout
  213. Taser wins again
  214. You can get anything at Wal-Mart
  215. Be Careful Please
  216. Houston suburb angry over mosque plan
  217. Thou Shalt Not Convet Thy Neighbors Wife...
  218. Hatch is tired of his bed and breakfast
  219. Somali cleric's choice: Prayer or beheading
  220. What the hell Nevada cops haven’t enough to do.
  221. Reality show features gun-toting celebs
  222. Nurses threatened by 'armed man'
  223. Knife amnesties 'have no effect'
  224. Plane diverted after passengers smell burning matches
  225. Serious Use for Silly String
  226. Great Article
  227. Teen killer wants out of jail, "It's too hard"
  228. A Good Night in the North
  229. Forensics Under Fire 1
  230. Mom has kid arrested for opening X-mas present early
  231. Half-wolf saves elderly owners
  232. What the hell; I just call it good police work.
  233. Overseas Pirates Selling Hacked $400 Windows Vista RTM for $3.50
  234. Whacked Again
  235. Baby Alcohol Content .364
  236. Robbery Suspect Accidentally Shoots Himself
  237. At least 3 of missing family of 4 found alive after more
  238. Why you should be armed off duty
  239. Sad Incident
  240. Man Dies After Being Shocked By Police
  241. Homeland security vs. garage door openers
  242. Support officer stabbed in neck
  243. Probe into fatal fireworks blaze
  244. Cuffed teen said to leap to death fleeing police
  245. W.Va. City's Xmas Scene Has No Jesus
  246. Man Allegedly Tries to Put Wife in Oven
  247. Mother accused of microwaving baby to death
  248. I thought I smelled something rotten.
  249. Cops: Driver kills egg-throwing teen
  250. Scouts Volunteer Arrested for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Minor