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  1. Big Ben buys his hometown a new K9
  2. balto city off duty shooting
  3. White House memo shows 2 days before stepping down Rumsfeld called for change in Iraq
  4. Tensions rise in the death of the soon to be groom shot by NYPD
  5. Grandma Ran Drugs To Support Bingo Habit
  6. Officers in Albany, New York to be reprimanded after showing up to work intoxicated
  7. Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger buys his howetown P.D. a police K-9
  8. White officer on video lets 2 black men get out of a littering ticket by rapping
  9. Naked teen goes thru McDonald's drive-thru....you guessed it....naked
  10. High school English teacher crashes student party...then hands out beer and weed
  11. New law in redneck North Carolina makes DWI on a lawn mower or bicycle illegal...
  12. 61 year old grandmother busted with a trunk full (214 lbs) of marijuana
  13. Officer subdues python with Taser after it wrapped itself around a man
  14. Agents arrest 26 in bust of Skagit County drug ring
  15. Barack Obama
  16. Danny DeVito drunk @ work
  17. New Federal Rules: Your Company MUST Track Your E-Mails, IM's, Other Electronic Info
  18. Gator Attacks Naked Man On Crack
  19. Teen, preteen ‘model’ sites busted
  20. Mothers Arrested For Selling Drugs
  21. Cracking down on meth labs
  22. Atlanta Drug Raid Update - Complications!
  23. Michigan Woman Gets 8 Years in Jail for Injecting Nephew With Heroin
  24. Why Did Those Cops Fire So Many Rounds?
  25. MN trooper shot suspect during traffic stop
  26. 60,000 Bags of Heroin Seized in N.Y.
  27. Convicted Child Molester Attempts Jailbreak Using Girl, 14
  28. OK then can we kick out all the Imams
  29. Homeless To The Rescue
  30. Mother Microwaves Baby
  31. We got Nailed Again
  32. Former "Growing Up Gotti" reality tv show star, Frank Gotti, busted with drugs
  33. FBI called in to investigate Atlanta PD's shooting of eldery woman during a raid
  34. Professor punishes child by pouring hot sauce on his pecker, butthole & in his eyes
  35. Rep. Charles Rangel slams US Soldiers intelligence and says they come from poor homes
  36. Article on increasing corruption amonst Immigration, Customs, & Border Patrol Agents
  37. Reverend gets drunk, fires gun, threatens store clerk and kicks Deputy in the groin
  38. Mother Accused of Microwaving Baby
  39. Twin Cities Man Kills Burglar
  40. McKinney, Texas Man Hires Hit Man To Kill Pregnant Wife
  41. Size Doesn't Matter
  42. For Norm & TXCharlie!
  43. Free Baby on Craig's List
  44. Store owner fights back with robber's own gun
  45. Officer who tasered woman unruly, intoxicated woman in his custody, is fired
  46. Amatuer videos of police using force doesn't show the real story
  47. Art of Institute student expelled for his Athiest beliefs
  48. 2 suspects attempt to rob an off duty Officer....Officer says, I dont think so
  49. Thoughts on this??
  50. NYPD shoot 50 rounds, killing man soon to be groom at his bachelor party
  51. Grapevine, TX: Volunteers will be 'eyes and ears' for police
  52. Grandma was a suicide bomber
  53. Police Standoff Ends.
  54. Blame the fleeing driver, not police
  55. LVMPD Officer gets robbed and left naked
  56. Police standoff
  57. "Destroy America" Hidden in High-School Word Search Puzzle
  58. Shooting an unarmed subject
  59. Many police officers fear being sued more than being murdered
  60. US and Colombia sign trade deal
  61. Court: Woman Couldn't Withdraw Consent (Maryland) READ TAPOUT!
  62. Teacher brings 11 yr old male student home, and lets him touch and kiss her breasts
  63. Dallas tourism officials attempt to lure gays, TxCharlie up and moves to Dallas
  64. 22 year old charged with keeping 12 year old sex slave in his parents house for 4 yrs
  65. Monk gets erection during meditation, and decides to cut it off with a machete
  66. Inmates enjoying Thanksgiving jobs!
  67. 1 in 4 Maryland Cops Assaulted on the Job
  68. New Technology Reads Hitler's Lips
  69. Trooper, gunman exchange fire
  70. six Muslim scholars are taken into custody and questioned for hours
  71. 92 Year Old Woman during drug raid
  72. US agents 'fail Bush's daughter'
  73. First Daughter Barbara Bush Robbed in Argentina
  74. Investigation shows some Army recruiters talk of gangs and drug use to get recruits
  75. Police Officer assaulted by large group of teens as the rest chanted the suspects on
  76. Britney Spears to leak her sex tape with K-Fed, so K-Fed can't blackmail her
  77. Cameras, More Cameras
  78. Kramer from Seinfeld makes racial epithets to black hecklers during a comedy show
  79. College student refuses to remove hat, saying it's his crown, proceeds to get tazed
  80. Tazered UCLA student now claims racial profiling and is filing a lawsuit
  81. Mass. Governor Wants Gay Wedding Vote
  82. A New Strategy to Discourage Driving Drunk
  83. Group Wants 'Global Orgasm For Peace'
  84. Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY) to introduce bill to reinstitute the draft
  85. Kuppies? Or would it be Pittins?
  86. Portland Police Officer resigns after admitting he asked woman to show their undewear
  87. Parents sue Starbucks over child's burns
  88. Kissinger: Iraq Military Victory Impossible
  89. Man Shoots Himself in Groin
  90. Four Shot In MD. Mall Food Court (Including an Off-Duty Secret Service Agent)
  91. Officer Shot (in good condition) In Dallas Shopping Center - Scumbag Takes Dirt Nap
  92. Chicago Police Hiding Homicides? No Way....
  93. Cop Shoots Man Again...2 Years Later
  94. Leonid Meteor Shower 2006 -- When, Where, and Why
  95. Philadelphia Officer gets caught on video drag racing, on duty, in his patrol car
  96. John Edwards (D) speaks out against Walmart, as he cuts in line to buy a PS3 there
  97. UCLA library tazing
  98. Death Sentence Given To PA Cop Killer
  99. Gunman Robs Teen Of Playstation 3
  100. Clumsy Kiwi cop accidentally stuns himself, teenager before OC'ing innocent woman
  101. Philly Cruiser Caught Drag Racing
  102. Bo Schembechler dies
  103. Georgia Officer Stops Rape
  104. Massive Man Hunt Underway
  105. Pursuit of DUI Driver Ends in OIS
  106. Victim Dies After Suspect Arrested in Hit/Run
  107. Democrats set to attempt to increase minimum wage by $2.00 per hour
  108. Dancing with the Stars screwjob.....WTF
  109. Osu Beat Michigan!!!!!!!!
  110. Manhunt Underway
  111. Watch your butt in Wisconsin!
  112. Gun safety class in S.C. ends with a bang
  113. Mtl police publication suggests women cops respect Hasidic preference for men
  114. 16yo killed in gang shooting at Kentwood roller-rink
  115. What a shock, no talk about vote rigging or voting problems since the Democrats won
  116. Nurses assistant who put a pillow over an 85 yr old man's face says it was a joke
  117. O.J. Simpson to release hypothetical book on if he killed his wife
  118. 300 lb beligerant double amputee stopped for drunk driving
  119. Gun Safety Gone Bad...
  120. Maryland Dispatchers Suspended
  121. Officer involved shooting
  122. Parking wardens drive untaxed van
  123. Jailed For Ged Tribute Attack
  124. Dui/dwi
  125. O.J. Simpson to discuss killings of wife, friend in Fox interview and new book
  126. Japan issues tsunami warning
  127. Farmers Branch, TX Approves Anti-Illegal Immigration Measures
  128. Sanitation Worker's Honesty Doesn't Pay
  129. Cruising for Sexy Women
  130. Pair Accused of 'Overt' Plane Activity
  131. Family Walks on All Fours
  132. Rudy in 2008!!!
  133. 500lb Teen thanks Brad from LEF
  134. Lesbian Fire Chief causing more problems
  135. Armed police thwart bank robbery
  136. Backside firework prank backfires
  137. Chuck Norris braves danger, and heads to Iraq
  138. Virginia State Police get rid of the 10-codes, switch to plain language
  139. Two jailers fired for forcing inmate to run around naked for a cherry pie
  140. I wonder who she called.
  141. Beyonce and Eva Longoria set to star in lesbian version of Brokeback Mountain
  142. Bet you guys are glad you don't have European human rights
  143. N.Y. Trooper Given 'Second Chance at Life'
  144. Citizens of Murphy, TX Protest Child Predator Sting [I am ashamed of these people!!!]
  145. Murder Not Suicide
  146. K-Fed threatens to go public with sex tape unless Brittney gives in to his demands
  147. K-Fed threatens to go public with sex tape unless Brittney gives in to his demands
  148. Judge gets in trouble for announcing to courtroom that he is "locked and loaded"
  149. Landscapers refuse to work for homosexuals, & pick up $40,000 in new business
  150. The mess that is the California prison system
  151. Cleveland Police have a new weapon in crime....an 8 pound Chihuahua!
  152. .22 round found in doorway
  153. Finally ITS HERE
  154. ugh...i hate this
  155. U.s. Supreme Court To Consider Whether A Pair Of Prison Sentences Are “reasonable”
  156. Murder For Hire Plot Against Local Tennessee Investigator
  157. Past War Games Foresaw Iraq Problems
  158. The hottest naughty teacher has been dethroned...
  159. How do you celebrate your dad's Senate victory? By getting pepper sprayed & arrested
  160. 17 yr old runs 100 yards in high school football game...nude, & he wasn't on the team
  161. Indiana Officer Saves Man's Life
  162. Missouri Prisoners Forced To Wear Pink!
  163. Two LAPD Officers file lawsuits against their department for being wronged
  164. Breaking political news: Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld resigns
  165. Brittney Spears files for divorce from K-Fed
  166. Prop 2 passes, banning affirmitive action
  167. As the Senate race closes, it appears the Democrats may tie, or take the Senate
  168. You'll never guess how this inmate, in on check forgery, bailed herself out of jail
  169. Male impales his groin on a fence spike
  170. Doctor busted for drugging patients, taking nude photos and sexually battering them
  171. 9 year old student suspended for refusing to answering test question
  172. 15 year old student videotapes sex with teacher...his parents see the footage...oops
  173. Democrats win control of the House
  174. Dateline NBC's sex predator show claims it's first victim
  175. Woman sexually abuses boyfriend's 2 yr old, videotapes it, then father gets arrested
  176. San Francisco Police Department reaches around to the gay community
  177. Gym Calls Police On Weightlifter Who 'Grunted'
  178. Hot pants and miniskirts will soon be legal in South Korea.
  179. A man who posted his own sex offender photo on myspace
  180. State Trooper who humiliated naked couple pleaded guilty in court
  181. Inventor invents the Pronto condom, which can be put on in less than 3 seconds
  182. Cool game: Name the stupidest thing you've ever done. One answer: Killed a guy..uh-oh
  183. Naked man found masterbating by tree stump. Oh yeah, he had something in his ass too
  184. Neil Patrick Harris, AKA: Doogie Howser, comes out of the closet
  185. Former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor says she fears growing assault on judicial indepen
  186. Do you agree with the court's verdict of death by hanging for Saddam Hussein?
  187. Off Duty Copper Foils Kidnapping Plot
  188. Indian Police Are....Good?
  189. Sadam Gets Death
  190. Ahh Tennessee
  191. If it was my Wife she would have been taken for the "Ride"
  192. Calif. Schools to Fingerprint Students
  193. Saddam, Half Brother Sentenced to Death
  194. Just....Just Funny
  195. At Least Someone Is Using the DOC Website
  196. Flamer?
  197. Justice May Finally Be Served
  198. Should Have Let Him Bleed Out
  199. Police arrest naked man with concealed weapon
  200. Video Shows Philly Officers' Patrol Car Prank
  201. Man On Terror Watch List Arrested In Bank
  202. Dog, Van and explosives stolen
  203. Palestinian women in Gaza help free besieged gunmen
  204. And do we still think that these people want democracy??
  205. Red Light Cams Causing Increase in Collisions At Intersections
  206. Auto mechanic faces arson and murder charges in deadly Southern California wildfire
  207. Score 10,700 for the good guys
  208. njpd, keep your pets under control!
  209. Sheriff and Deputies in Trouble
  210. This shit makes my blood boil...
  211. Oops! This'll up set the Do Gooders
  212. State lawmaker leaves obscenity laced racial messages on colleague's voicemail
  213. Bush tells media he will keep Cheney & Rumsfeld throughout his administration
  214. Ohio Trooper Had No Alcohol
  215. This one made me laugh pretty hard.
  216. Uproar over Kerry Iraq remarks
  217. Man shot, wounded by Police
  218. Police kill 2 suspected gangsters in West Side shooting
  219. Teen with Bible tazered by MO Police for no reason, dies
  220. Border arrests decline
  221. OK, Sister, Drop That Sandwich!
  222. Thieves Steal Guns, Computer from Denton County Sheriff's Home
  223. St. Louis mayor disputes ranking as nation's most dangerous city
  224. Man sentenced to 508 years for posing as youth, then sexually assaulting teens
  225. Hello stupid what part of illegal aliens don’t you understand
  226. Mayor orders cops to write more tickets, so they pull him over and arrest him...
  227. FBI names the USA's most dangerous cities
  228. Colorado State University students come up "short" in world streaking record
  229. A Very Bad Idea!
  230. Technology Helps Tennessee Officers See Through the Eyes of the Mentally Ill
  231. Inmate Charged With Tattooing Killer
  232. Paducah KY LEOs Suspended for Taking Meat
  233. Intervening in Darfur would not be a simple matter of peacekeeping
  234. Deputy shot; suspects caught
  235. Students taught to attack if gunman appears
  236. Shooting at Car Dealership by Employee Asked to Work Security
  237. Kingman Police officer charged W/Felony
  238. Sheriff's Deputy shot and killed by a suspect he was interviewing about a possible...
  239. Officer involved in 2 hour standoff, prompted by a domestic disturbance
  240. Old men take their clothes off for money, for charity....yuck
  241. Poor misunderstood boy can’t catch a break
  242. Remember the Firefighters too.
  243. two chicago officers arrested in F.B.I. sting
  244. "the blood"
  245. McDonald Strip Search
  246. Senior Muslim Cleric Compares Women's Heads To 'Uncovered Meat'
  247. Officials lock down Fla. school after shooting
  248. Homeowner in trouble for defending his home and property...
  249. Beer Keg and Fires Don't Mix
  250. Finally ------ FAT TICKETS!