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  1. Officer dead after Bush's cousin, a Judge, hits him with a car
  2. Drunk sales manager pulls down his pants and simulates sex with an animal statue
  3. Father gunning for more Football playing time for son gets in trouble
  4. Cop accidentally shoots 2
  5. One Alabama Cop Killed, One Wounded in Shooting
  6. Sheriff's deputy fights transfer after he pulls over NAACP president
  7. Dallas Onlookers Aid Officer in Fight Against Robbery Suspect
  8. Smokers Beware of The Nicotine Police!
  9. Standoff @ Penn State
  10. A true idiot..
  11. Cleveland city schools will begin sex education classes for Kindergarten students
  12. Interesting editorial on why Target is better than Walmart
  13. High school water polo coach fired after over reaction to supposed hazing incident
  14. Defense may appeal conviction
  15. Another stupid law for cops to put up with.
  16. If I was him I would be checking in for a Viagra addiction
  17. Two police ambushed, gunman kills himself
  18. Officer once gave first aid to his accused killer
  19. Citizen mistakes judo class for hostage situation and calls 911....hilarity ensues
  20. 10 year old refuses to ride with parents because they were drunk and smoking pot
  21. 4 US Army soldiers court martialed for rape and murder of a 14 yr old and her family
  22. Judge grants man's stay of execution because he is "too fat" to die
  23. Judge grants man
  24. Music store owner changes his name to Andy Griffith and runs for Sheriff
  25. Students take purity test...parents guess students answers showing that they're lost
  26. Iraq: Views of a Marine on leave.
  27. Chris Rock's mother says Cracker Barrel racist & she's suing.
  28. Bush Says U.S. Can Keep Hostiles From Space
  29. Elementary School Teacher arrested for having sex with 11 year old student...
  30. Pastor pursuades 15 year old to strip naked by recounting the story of Adam and Eve
  31. Wow. Lunch anyone?
  32. Survey proves yankees are smarter....states ranked by intelligence level.
  33. Rapper alleges police made racial remarks and tazered him without provocation
  34. New research predicts human advancement by the year 3000
  35. Officer Fired, Rehired, then Suspended Over MySpace Page
  36. Caught On Tape: Gas Pump Catches Fire
  37. 2 Ohio State Troopers wreck, and die...Trooper driving had a BAC of .08%
  38. Police to Muzzle Dog Squads!
  39. Blather from A Terrorist Supporter
  40. Officer accussed of pulling his gun on family of 7, off duty, because of road rage
  41. Long but interesting read on criminal taking advantage of the ADA laws to get money
  42. Nebraska Deputy Sheriff Arrested For School Threats
  43. Polygraph Use Does Not Violate Constitution
  44. Family murdered
  45. Yankee’s plane crashed into home of woman hurt in '97 Macy’s parade
  46. Texas Officer Suspended Over Graphic MySpace Page
  47. Is this a great country or what!
  48. Birds and bees might be gay...
  49. Numbers prove federal deficit shrank to it's smallest in 4 years last fiscal year
  50. Preeeetttty creative....
  51. Teen Plays 'Space Invaders' Using Only Brain Waves
  52. Cute Compilation
  53. Town Marshal Arrested For Impersonating Police Officer
  54. MO. Chief's Son Charged With Playing Cop
  55. Man dead after being tazed. Family cries foul.
  56. Retired police Sergeant arrested for having sexual encounter with two 12 yr old boys
  57. plane crash in new york
  58. New birth control...for men
  59. Wopper with cheese, hold the Weed...
  60. Lightning exits woman's bottom
  61. 'Runaway bride' Jennifer Wilbanks suing former fiance
  62. Nice goin' "Poot"!!! - Texas Teen Shoots, Kills Home Invader
  63. Mom Uses Baby as Weapon
  64. Cops take CCW'ers guns, again!
  65. Back in the news, again (Video)
  66. CCW in action!
  67. Teen fires AK-47 inside school
  68. Killer Moms Form Strong Friendship in Looney Bin
  69. Report: NK Tests Nuke
  70. Law locks up 80 year old WWII Vet widower
  71. Running AT the law
  72. France's undeclared civil war
  73. Columbia University Riot Against Minuteman Project
  74. Random Weird Stuff
  75. Hazardous Waste Plant Fire in N.C. Forces 17,000 to Evacuate
  76. Burleson, Texas Schools Training To Defend Against Gunmen, Receives $95,000 Grant
  77. Should teachers be allowed to carry guns?
  78. Man at kid's football game tazered
  79. Sick and Twisted
  80. PC given permission NOT to do his job!
  81. Strangers Try to Stop Attack
  82. Video of Cop shot in face released at sentencing
  83. Wtf?
  84. Family 'shock' at shooting probe
  85. Failed burglar died crossing M25
  86. Pressure mounts on German opera company
  87. The media machine, look what we did
  88. war zone
  89. Lets hear it for freedom of speach!
  90. Green peace ain't gona be happy about this.
  91. Doing what he loved, a Jerseyan dies in Iraq
  92. Stupid Crooks
  93. Woman saves baby from 3 story plunge
  94. Nevada Schools on Lockdown- shooting avoided
  95. Another school shooting - this time PA
  96. Settled out of court
  97. Prison Justice
  98. A Story to Warm Ones Heart
  99. Theft Ring Busted
  100. Coyote Gets Prison Time for Hoax
  101. Olympic Hopeful Gets Life
  102. Captured!
  103. Kids, 14yo, 12yo & 9yo held up video store
  104. WI Principal shot by former student -breaking
  105. Cop tried to deposit $1 million check
  106. Clinton's Braggadocio Will Haunt U.S. in War on Terror
  107. Montgomery Police Officer Shot
  108. Woman shoots herself in Deputy's car after finding his back-up gun under the seat
  109. Shooting In Florida
  110. Fake Police Prank Hits Internet
  111. Another SD Charger in the News!
  112. 7-Eleven Stores will Stop Selling Venezuelan Citgo Gasoline
  113. Slave descendants attempt to revive reparations suit
  114. Dallas: Police Bait Car Stolen, Goes Missing
  115. Me find reason me no smart!
  116. School shooting in Colorado?
  117. Good idea: Don't flag down a cop for a ride when you've got marijuana in your pocket
  118. Terrell Owens hospitalized after attempting suicide
  119. Man sues penile implant manufacturer after glitch causes him to have a 10 yr erection
  120. University gives Professor the okay to smoke marijuana on campus
  121. Police: Man Killed When Suspects Tried To Flee Police
  122. An actual obituary from the Denver Post....oh my God.
  123. Cheap and readily available drug could reverse liver disease caused by alcoholics
  124. Judge's Sentencing Comments to Shoe Bomber
  125. Yeah, More Illegal Alien News
  126. Girl Once Locked Away in Closet Is Again Victimized
  127. shots fired
  128. Don't miss Fatwa Fridays!!!
  129. DO YOU SEE THE LIGHT? We are on a mission from God.
  130. How is this the polices fault?
  131. Everyone Makes fun of me about my fear of the dentist
  132. 1st Grader Caught With Squirt Gun Back In School
  133. Judge busted for looking at internet porn in judges chambers
  134. Missing 2-Year-Old Texas Boy Found Alive by Police Helicopter
  135. Murder Most Foul
  136. Fish eating bunny, cabbie, cops, lawsuit
  137. 2-year-old fatally shot on far South Side
  138. Is it possible the french know something we don't
  139. Women Arrested After Bizarre Sex Sting
  140. Man busted for driving while watching porn
  141. Radio Ad Urges Houston Residents to Take Up Arms Against Katrina Evacuees
  142. Gloucestire Police (England) admit to rejecting job applicants because they're white
  143. New bill approved by the US House to allow teachers to strip search students
  144. Parents upset over book of innappropriate rhymes given to kindergarten kids
  145. Mayor leads group of teens with slegdehammers to destroy vacant drug house
  146. Investigators LOSE Mark Karr's kiddie porn infested computer...JEEZ!
  147. Teen Chased And Bitten By A Police Dog
  148. Crooks Could Pay For Stay In Cells
  149. Knife crime increasing.
  150. Colorado cop killed in cold blood!
  151. Horsing around leads to man's death
  152. Vandals Bring More Grief To Fallen Ft. Worth Officer's Family
  153. I want to go to this jail..
  154. To Kill an American
  155. Illinois fugitive who impersonated rock star arrested in Nashville
  156. Man sentenced to 15 years in cab driver's murder
  157. Man sentenced to 250 years for serial rapes
  158. I-Team: Mobile command center still not ready for action
  159. Chicago officers accused of shaking down drug dealers released
  160. Seven alleged gang members arrested, face deportation
  161. Police nab man who fled hospital in the buff
  162. Six Flags offers line-skipping pass to roach-eaters
  163. Officer delivers baby at busy intersection
  164. Suspect questioned in Riverdale murderElderly man found dead
  165. City's Top Cop Helps Save Motorcyclist's Life
  166. Alleged Bank Robber Leaves Behind Key Evidence
  167. Man Slain After Quarrel In South Side Barbershop
  168. Has anyone seen those rounds
  169. No hugs or kisses: Panda, man exchange bites
  170. Partly Cloudy with Rock Showers
  171. Morons
  172. Memorial to Fallen CPD Officers Dedicated
  173. Man critical from 'non-lethal' weapon
  174. Disabled on Duty - May Lose Benefits
  175. Very Important NEWS FOR MEN!!!!!
  176. Be careful skiing in Texas lakes
  177. Pcso Pulls Machine Gun On Cops In Nick
  178. Police Involved in Shooting Again!
  179. Washington, DC Metro PD's Gay and Lesbian Liason Unit...is it necessary?
  180. Boulder (Co) City Official tells MySpace'ers about being on a Rocky Mountain High
  181. Shocking news: Willie Nelson charged with marijuana possession
  182. Critic of city red-light cameras intentionally runs light to challenge it............
  183. Eldery women have heat exhaustion after locking themselves IN a car....duh!
  184. Worlds First Transplanted Penis Is Removed
  185. Dallas Police: Tape Shows Confusion Surrounding New Chase Policy
  186. MS-13: The Most Violent Gang in America (National Geographic Channel)
  187. Cops: Infant Dies in Pail of Vomit
  188. Pope 'deeply sorry'
  189. If you were the detective in charge, this would SUCK!
  190. Bolo!!! Missing Baby!!!!
  191. Officer hurt in station shooting
  192. Killer Found Guilty of Murder Two in Denver Cop Slaying
  193. Woman Guilty After Microwaving Fake Penis At Store
  194. Kidnapped S.C. 14-year-old rescued after sending text message to her mom
  195. Washington, D.C., sets pace
  196. An interesting twist.
  197. Sheriff busted getting on-duty, backseat booty
  198. Mayor allows film crew to tape "Thong Girl 3" in his office....
  199. Officer fired after giving his prisoner his MySpace page URL
  200. Mystery surrounding Anna Nicole Smith's 20 year old son's suspicious death
  201. Tony, your Family is safe here in Crook County, J/K
  202. We the Men and Women of the Chicago Police Department are....Assassins
  203. The Black Eyes Begin
  204. Chief put on paid leave after arrest
  205. J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter
  206. Dog the Bounty Hunter Arrested
  207. Now if they could only do something about the crack, meth, ecstasy, etc. etc.
  208. A big problem with NCIC.
  209. Talk about a pipeline!
  210. Nonlethal weapons touted for use on citizens
  211. Another Black Eye for MySpace
  212. Gunmen reported killed in college shooting
  213. Right to the point, taking a stab at getting a leg up on the competition
  214. Fathers
  215. Gunmen repelled at U.S. Embassy in Syria
  216. Stephen Colbert's Predictions for LEF 2007
  217. Battleboro, Vermont Town Council decides to take no action on anti-nudity ordinance
  218. Stupidest Woman Alive
  219. Man falls out of window trying to escape police
  220. Cops: Mugger got .357 shock
  221. Nurse strangles hammer-wielding intruder
  222. "normal"?!?!?!
  223. Another Dallas-Area Church Shooting
  224. 9/11 - 5 years on
  225. Three Heroes
  226. The high cost of manliness
  227. Slutty schoolgirls and self-circumcisions: All in a day's work for a Urologist
  228. Flower Mound Marcus HS teens arrested for golf course vandalism
  229. Police Chief May Lose Job Over Wife's Nude Pics
  230. Dallas Mom Abandons Kids At Chuck E. Cheese's
  231. Fort Worth Man Accused In Middle East Conspiracy
  232. Elderly Woman Attacked, Dragged Through Store Parking Lot
  233. Man's Gun Fires As He Uses Wal-Mart Restroom
  234. Breaking News: RE: Bucky Phillips
  235. Governor denies police protection to Iranian leader
  236. Amazing Kid- Real Life Daredevil
  237. Marine Pussy Fakes His Own Death
  238. Mom Tangles With Cop At Manchester School
  239. Sheehan Strikes Again
  240. Sheriff's Deputies Make Bizarre Arrest
  241. Paris Hilton arrested for investigation of DUI in Hollywood
  242. Trial Underway for Elderly Driver
  243. SICK.. 3 Wisconsin Men Tried To Steal Corpse
  244. Daughter keeps dad's death on Amtrak train secret
  245. Felon Arrested In Connection With McKinney Slaying
  246. Pentagon to release long-await manual with prison interrogation techniques
  247. Dallas: 5 Women Raped In 2 Weeks; Police Search For Attacker
  248. Infant trapped underwater revived by cop
  249. Man pleads not guilty in dragging death of LAX Police Officer
  250. Center for Disease Control reveals it's 2005 Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results