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  1. "Missing" woman unwittingly joins 50-person search for herself
  3. Secret Service agent accidentally leaves loaded handgun in bathroom in Romney's campaign plane
  4. Trenton cop vs Trenton firefighter case likely to go to trial
  5. Cincinnati PD gets update on open carry
  6. St. John Parish deputies involved in shooting, suspects dead
  7. Bigfoot Hoaxer Killed in Accident
  8. British police stop searching for lion reported to be roaming freely
  9. Hiker killed by bear he was photographing
  10. Neil Armstrong passes away
  11. 2 dead, 8 injured in shooting near Empire State Building in Manhattan, police say
  12. Murderer of 77 people sentenced to 21 years in prison by Norwegian court
  13. Louisiana police do controlled burn of tanker truck damaged in accident
  14. LL Cool J broke broke nose, jaw, and ribs of a man who broke into his house
  15. Jail for 180mph M6 chase driver
  16. Police arrest man during interview for officer job
  17. Man proposes to his girlfriend while they are being arrested
  18. More NJ Fun
  19. Atlantic City fire truck stolen while firefighters respond to call
  20. Rosie O'Donnel
  21. Man sets up interstate sting to get his stolen bike back
  22. Darwin Award Robbery
  23. Rural Sheriff's Meeting.
  24. Flight returning to Newark Airport after engine problem
  25. Breaking news - Officer Shot, suspect at large Jackson MS
  26. Ecuador grants asylum to Wikileaks founder Assange
  27. Insane Clown Posse to sue FBI for calling their fans a gang
  28. University of Pittsburgh bomb threat arrested
  29. 164.5-pound, 17.5-foot python carrying 87 eggs found in Florida Everglades
  30. Wildfires blaze through California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, and Idaho
  31. "Onion Field" Killer Gregory Powell Dies in Prison
  32. LEOs and others shot in Texas
  33. Times Square Shooting: Tourists Film Police
  34. Man sleeping in river mistaken for corpse of drowned man; firefighters and city and state police and forensic unit called
  35. Man Accidentally ‘Butt-Dials’ 911 During Drug Deal
  36. A bear walks into a hotel
  37. Sgt sets loose a moose whose antlers got caught in swing set; asks for it to be filmed and given to his wife if something happens to him
  38. Local victim selection fail
  39. Meanwhile, In Russia
  40. Is liking something protected speech?
  41. Woman said she led police on car chase because she was driving topless
  42. Robbers claim $20 robbery was for TV reality show called "We Just Got Robbed"
  43. Aftermath of AURORA
  44. BREAKING: Shooting at Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wis.
  45. Baby Deer Rescued By Suffolk County Police After Falling Into Manhole
  46. Man drives off a cliff after texting, "I need to quit texting, because I could die in a car accident"
  47. Smart car gets dumb
  48. Anti-nuke protestors, including an 82-year-old nun, break into nuclear bomb facility; security breach called "worst we've ever seen"
  49. Farmer uses tractor to run over 7 police vehicles
  50. Looking for love.....
  51. Airboat captain arrested for feeding the alligator that bit his hand off
  52. Call to police that sparked 30-hour search for 3-year-old girl who said her mother had collapsed was a hoax
  53. Zombies stage counter protest to WBC.
  54. Scalia: Guns May be Regulated
  55. Nice work! Keep saving tax payers money.
  56. Feds Act to Stop Sale of Magnetic Buckyballs
  57. England and Wales reduced police force by 5,000 in past year
  58. Police rescue blow up doll
  59. Aurora shooting: Colorado gun sales up after cinema killings
  60. Olympics
  61. Man Gets His Friends to Set His Head on Fire
  62. Bear cub walks into Sears
  63. Theaters ban masks and backpacks in response to Colorado shootings
  64. Mass murder at Batman movie
  65. USDA partnering with Mexico to boost food stamp participation
  66. Police say man used dog to beat his wife
  67. Fugitive SkyWest pilot steals plane, crashes plane in parking lot, shoots himself
  68. Armed robbers shot by concealed carrier - with video goodness
  69. Needles found in sandwiches on four separate Delta flights
  70. Facebook video leads to teens' murder arrests
  71. TSA Finds Suspicious Package
  72. Toledo saves tax payer dollars. Nice work!
  73. Rapper's posting of home video about dog fighting leads FBI to raid his home
  74. Man finds his stolen car- 42 years later
  75. Sioux Falls conforms it's anti gun polices to reflect state preemption law.
  76. Mass. state trooper shoots, kills driver at Worcester traffic stop
  77. *Updated thread* BOLO for Murder Suspect
  78. Most Unsafe Car Ever?
  79. Two Shot, One Fatally, After Car Drives At Hartford Officers
  80. Workers pay cut to minimum wage
  81. Detroit Woman Killed When Hug Triggers Officer's Gun , Police Say.
  82. Photographer makes studio portraits of dogs just before they are put down.
  83. Scientists think they have found the "God particle"
  84. Lifeguard fired for saving a drowning man outside his company's perimeter
  85. More DWI Enforcement from Louisiana
  86. RIP, Andy Griffith
  87. Spidey-cop to the rescue
  88. Mother foils son's armed robbery attempt
  89. "Watermelon sacrificed for July 4th safety"
  90. Obama finally says something I agree with
  91. Online training for Border Patrol urges 'run away and hide' when confronted with an active shooter.
  92. Illinois man flees home naked after finding spider in bed
  93. Man steals cars and sells them for scrap
  94. Man Dies After Guilty Verdict - Suicide by Poison Pill?
  95. Fear not: Emergency agencies train for zombie apocalypse
  96. Apparently the applicant pool is dry....................
  97. NYPD grad shows Finest way to propose after Police Academy ceremony
  98. Dearborn MI Incident
  99. This is FUBAR
  101. Middle School kids throw trash in 9/11 memorial
  102. Police: Teaneck man pulled gun on neighbor for farting
  103. New nominee for the jerk of the month club.
  104. Last giant tortoise of his kind dies at age 100, after decades without a mate
  105. Sandusky Serenaded
  106. Mother had to pay for cost of cleaning her son's blood off the streets after he is killed by a drunk driver through no fault of his own
  107. 32 pound 10 year old girl found locked in closet
  108. Here's where a large chunk of my night was spent
  109. Pay dispute causes Bolivian police to mutiny and their wives to start hunger strike
  110. Phoenix boy, 14, shoots armed intruder while watching three younger siblings
  111. Mugshot of the day
  112. G4S chief predicts mass police privatisation
  113. Elderly School Bus Monitor Bullied By Kids From Hell (NSFW Language)
  114. Look! Another 'Zombie' attack. I'll take Bath Salts for 1000, Alex.
  115. Woman saved by cop in shopping mall plans to sue township for $5M
  116. Were cows only ones around when fire started?
  117. Explosion Reported During Sheriff’s Conference At Opryland
  118. Man celebrates sobriety by finding officer who arrested him
  119. Massachusetts man linked to sausage attack
  120. Two Alaska State Troopers Shot
  121. Not going to move to Ethopia any time soon.
  122. Rodney King Found Dead at 47.
  123. A close call for a silly kid.
  124. Advocates protest open carry arrest
  125. Mississippi ranked No. 10 among least peaceful states
  126. Officers cleared in shooting
  127. Husband Arrests Wife....a fellow Deputy
  128. Sheriff: Father kills man sexually abusing his daughter
  129. Baby's remains located in landfill, mother charged with murder
  130. Tour De Trash
  131. "Ooops" moment, Doggy style
  132. RIP, 'Mr. Trololo'
  133. Science fiction author Ray Bradbury dies at age 91
  134. Swamp Zombies
  135. Colorado Bank Robbery
  136. Kittycopter!
  137. ‘Slave master’ quit role with city charity
  138. Larry Bird the hip hopping parrot
  139. Squatting woman nabbed in Vero Beach defecation caper, report shows
  140. Guardsman, peace-loving landlady are at odds over apartment rental
  141. Washington State threatens to secede from union.
  142. Georgia College Girl Arrested for Alleged Pipe Bomb 'Hobby'
  143. NJ man stabs himself, throws flesh at police
  144. Boy wins trip to Disney, gives it to fallen soldier’s family
  145. Reckless Homicide Charge Filed in Death of Amish Teen
  146. Coffee chain under federal investigation for discrimination
  147. The Zombie Apocalypse is starting in Miami
  148. Ever wonder what would happen if police/detention officers weren't on the job?
  149. Bus driver taking kids to Disneyland arrested on drug suspicion
  150. After New Jersey driver pleads guilty in crash, girlfriend who texted him could be held liable
  151. Study Guide found to have POST test questions, verbatim
  153. Sheriff Joe aint takin' it lying down!
  154. Iowa's First "ZOOWI"
  155. Is it even Legal?
  156. 2012 pipe band at the 3rd annual Blue Mass, Historic Church of St. Patrick
  157. Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse
  158. Man who fathered 30 kids says he needs a break—on child support
  159. Rescued pit bull rescues owner, nearly dies
  160. Stupidity with Horses
  161. Someone got some 'splainin' to do.
  162. Tenn. Family kidnapper dead. Missing girls found alive and safe.
  163. Analyst calls Facebook founder's hoodie a mark of immaturity
  164. A joint drill between military and police in South Florida involving troops
  165. Letter to a Fallen Officer's Daughter
  166. Vt State police dispatcher arrested for pot
  167. KVOA puts more eyes around Tucson
  168. AT&T Chief Regrets Offering Unlimited Data for iPhone
  169. Teen mom, top student earns scholarship
  170. Burglars Hit Fair Oaks Sex Shop
  171. Surprise man uses martial arts on intruder
  172. Man selling motorcycle on Craigslist to pay for wife's boob job
  173. Pam Matranga, Galveston Constable, Sued For Alleged Sexual Harassment By James Gist
  174. Testicles on pickup truck draw a warning ticket in South Carolina
  175. Attempt to blow up plane thwarted
  176. Police Working Under Cover, and Under Strain
  177. Secret Service escort says the scandal ruined her life, but she is willing to pose nude for men's magazines
  178. Honorary Marine.
  179. Romney visits police station.
  180. Extremely tan mom accused of taking her 6-year-old daughter to tanning booth
  181. US posts Bin Laden documents online
  182. Daniel Chong Drank Urine To Survive 5 Days In Holding Cell Without Food, Water
  183. Relative: NY police captain saved son from blaze
  184. OSS agent who led WWII rescue of 500 dies in NY
  185. Obama makes surprise visit to Afghanistan
  186. Somerset County to honor police officers bicycling to the Law Enforcement Memorial in D.C.
  187. 5 arrested in alleged plot to blow up Cleveland-area bridge
  188. Dentisit pulls out all of ex-boyfriend's teeth
  189. Al Qaeda hid attack plan in porn movie
  190. Drunken Florida grandparents arrested for felony child cruelty
  191. Parents buying teens anti-texting devices
  192. Mitt Romney Secretly Drops By Grieving Police Station
  193. Abandoned van with 600 lbs of explosives found in Northern Ireland
  194. Man finds age-progressed picture of himself on missing kids site
  195. Federal judge rejects request for release of bin Laden photos
  196. Reports of second Secret Service prostitution scandal in El Salvador
  197. TSA screeners at LAX arrested on narcotics trafficking charges
  198. Most Beautiful People.....
  199. Kids get drunk on hand sanitizer
  200. Detroit fire chief suggests letting vacant homes burn in response to budget cuts
  201. First criminal charges filed in connection with BP oil spill
  202. Twins born to brain dead mom kept on respirator for a month
  203. For first time since Depression, more Mexicans leave U.S. than enter
  204. Deputy who posed for topless photo sues for sexual harassment
  205. I hope it was worth it...
  206. Victim Selection Fail
  207. Secret Service scandal allegedly escalated when Colombian police intervened to help a Colombian prostitute in her disagreement with a Secret Service agent who only wanted to pay her $30
  208. Dick Clark dead at 82
  209. Man strips naked at Oregon airport in TSA protest
  210. Austrian village is f**king tired of you mocking its name
  211. 7yo Kye and Police protect Arlington
  212. Like a BOSS!!!
  213. getting ripped
  214. BEAR!!!!!
  215. Life discovered on Mars
  216. Tornado sirens sound in Oklahoma City amid warnings of 'life-threatening' storms
  217. LAPD will put transgender inmates in their own separate holding facility
  218. Newark mayor and detectives protecting him rescue his next-door neighbors from burning house
  219. Brother-sister couple fail in fight against anti-incest laws
  220. Dorset Police Recover Invisible Novel
  221. 10-mile oil spill appears 130 miles southeast of New Orleans
  222. Refreshing Concealed Carry Perspective
  223. Baby survives over 10 hours in hospital morgue coffin that was nailed shut after she was declared dead
  224. Charles Manson denied parole
  225. George Zimmerman will face criminal charges for shooting Trayvon Martin
  226. Trayvon Martin protest closes Sanford Police Department
  227. F-18 Crashes into Apartment Complex
  228. Nearly 1,100 homes hit by tornadoes in Dallas-Fort Worth area
  229. 80-year-old woman with almost no flying experience lands plane that is out of fuel after her husband dies at the controls
  230. Con. State Senate votes to abolish death penalty
  231. Waitress turns $12,000 tip in to police, but is now suing to get it back
  232. K9 To Sport New Body Armor
  233. Dallas - Fort Worth Area Is Being Hit By Multiple Tornadoes.
  234. 5 dead in Oakland university shooting
  236. LAPD chief backs driver's licenses for illegal immigrants
  237. Suspect wounded during manhunt on I-65 in Shelby County
  238. Oak Mountain Middle School teacher charged with sexual abuse
  239. Mom Murdered 7-month Old
  240. Detectives investigate deadly motel shooting
  241. Iraq vet uses rear naked choke to stop robbery
  242. American Hero
  243. Mega Millions hopefuls flock to buy tickets for biggest jackpot ever
  244. Jetblue pilot went crazy while plane was in the air, had to be restrained by passengers
  245. police rescue man trapped in love cuffs
  246. Google's Helpful Self-Driving Car Brings Blind Passenger To Taco Bell
  247. South Carolina teen’s brutal soccer attack earns assault charge
  248. Brawl erupts at child's birthday party; 1 dead
  249. Des Moines man accused of urinating on office chairs
  250. Rossford Police: man drove car into house