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  1. Woman drives drunk to turn herself in on drunk driving charge...DOH!
  2. Shirts versus Skins...Citizens take sides in the ongoing public nudity battle in VT.
  3. Dallas School Board Member trying to ban baggy pants
  4. Woman buys gun, and marijuana to rid herself of pre-wedding night jitters
  5. Death row inmate attempting to make the state pay for sex change
  6. Inmate takes Electric Chair Over Lethal Injection
  7. Missing Elderly Couple Found
  8. WWII Hero Gabaldon Dies
  9. Reason #133,987 that everyone needs a gun: Two Killed In Late-Night Pizza Hut Robbery
  10. Missing jogger spent 4 days stuck
  11. Family suing cops over alleged beating
  12. Hatye Cops Love The Gangbangers
  13. Cops accused of stealing from Chicagoans
  14. Coast Guard proposal to test guns on Great Lakes criticized
  15. Smoke Detectors Work
  16. N.Y. Trooper Searching for Convict Dies
  17. Blind man was 'dangerous driver' !!!!!!
  18. Capture Car.
  19. 300 Protest Illegal Immigrant Crackdown
  20. Maybe NY has a 100 strikes and you’re out law
  21. 'How's My Teen Driving?' Helps Parents Track Young Drivers
  22. Vigilante mob beats wrong man to death in N.C.
  23. Michigan voters split on anti-affirmative action
  24. Time to order bigger cuffs
  25. Does anyone Need to make another deposit?
  26. Rescuers to Carry Oxygen Masks for Pets
  27. Someone Posts Bogus 'No Parking' Sign
  28. "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin dead
  29. SD Charger shot by Off-Duty Officer
  30. The World's Fastest Old Lady....Cool!!!
  31. Interesting situation..what do you guys think
  32. NATO: More than 200 Taliban fighters killed in major Afghan
  33. "Ba-da-bing Ba-da-BANG"
  34. No.2 al-Qaida in Iraq leader arrested
  35. There's a job opening up!!! LOL
  36. Fido and Captain Fuzzy Get Blasted, PETA Should be Pissed!
  37. Father shoots 2 sons, self at W.Va. college
  38. Al Qaeda: Convert or Die
  39. Man kicked off of University of Nebraska cheerleading team because he's a sex offende
  40. Assault on officer charge by the Chicago Bulls mascot, dropped by prosecutor's
  41. Ohio passes very interesting sex offender law for those never charged with a crime
  42. Congrats To Ft. Worth,tx. P.d.
  43. California makes it illegal for state-funded service providers to discriminate
  44. DOT upset at deputy driving in work zone to get to domestic...
  45. Crappy defense results in conviction on all counts
  46. Bush assassinated? New film depicts it
  47. My town makes the news again: Suburban Teen Burglary Ring Busted
  48. Lawyer Stabs Neighbor Believing He Molested 2-Year-Old Daughter
  49. Norwegian police recover stolen Munch paintings
  50. Yet Another Dallas-Area Standoff: Euless Standoff Ends With Man's Death
  51. Officer Cleared Of Charges, Wants Job Back
  52. RadioShack Lays Off Employees Via E-Mail
  53. Active Social Engineering
  54. Manhattan Judge rules screaming obsceneties at LEO's is against the law
  55. 2 injured in NC school shooting.
  56. Priest tells congregation he can walk on water...he tries it...drowns & dies
  57. 500 pound bedridden woman watches as her husband and daughter have sex
  58. Man steals penis pump from sex shop, owner posts security cam pic of thief in store
  59. Female employee chased by male employee with sausage hanging out of his fly
  60. Thursday night 8- 31 10 pm est
  61. Good Job Dallas PD!!! - Hostage Released, Officer Shot During Hotel Standoff
  62. Pot Found Growing In Front Of Police Station
  63. Car crash kills man trying to flee from police
  64. Guilty of DWC
  65. High Speed Suicide
  66. City short 8 police cars, not enough for officers to use, after chase
  67. Polish man has a new tongue...made out of his buttocks
  68. City, Officer Battle Over 9/11 Photos
  69. New Orleans mayor proves he’s an idiot, yet again
  70. Long-awaited FEMA trailer explodes
  71. 11 year old held in sister's death
  72. State fights to fire trooper tied to Klan
  73. Brokeback Lizard's Super-Duper Troopers
  74. O.J. takes time out of his "real killers" search to give his opinion on Jon Benet
  75. Gov't probe of their Anti-Drug Campaign proves it has not reduced teen drug use
  76. Teenager killed after parents send him to jail to "teach him a lesson."
  77. Franz Still Standing Up for Police
  78. Hundreds jeer neo-Nazis at rally in Wisconsin
  79. This revolution will be digital
  80. Maryland Gov. prolific in granting clemency
  81. The Man Who Said Too Much
  82. Mother drops lawsuit against NYC police involved in 1999 fatal shooting of son
  83. Married Janitor busted sticking a dildo up his butt at work after it gets stuck
  84. Drunk weirdo busted for having sex with a corpse he found
  85. California passes bill to allow condoms in prison
  86. Man Killed After Asking Day Laborer To Pose Nude
  87. Titans’ Pacman Jones Arrested Again
  88. Attacks on homeless seen rising nationwide
  89. "Thee" penis pump news article (bar none)
  90. Pluto Demoted!
  91. Who owns Target?/ Suppport Our Troops
  92. Only in Nashville
  93. Woman seized 8 years ago escapes alleged captor
  94. 20% of females, 4% of males, report being sexually assaulted at the Citadel last year
  95. Man at airport nervous about security locating his penis pump, tells them it's a bomb
  96. 14 year old arrested for "meowing" twice at his neighbor
  97. Some cops just won’t let you have any fun
  98. Boy sues teacher cuz he fell asleep in class...
  99. Driver hits patrol car and is still on the run!
  100. 11 Percent Of Men, 23 Percent Of Women Have Herpes
  101. News Channel Accidentally Airs Porn
  102. Error Lets People Buy Gas For $1.01
  103. Man Arrives For DUI Court With .20 BAC
  104. 12 Arrested After Dutch F-16s Escort Passenger Jet
  105. This Made Me HOT
  106. Brattleboro (Vt) teens spending the summer congregating in the downtown area naked
  107. You think your old?
  108. Mexico adds sex to school syllabus
  109. NU researchers work on meth vaccine
  110. Perverted youth football coach busted for child porn
  111. Minneapolis Fire Chief Gave Preferential Treatment to Lesbians
  112. On the job blog
  113. Jon Benet Ramsey murder suspect sought treatment at a sex change clinic in Thailand
  114. Police Chief's home burglarized while he gives lecture on crime prevention
  115. Man calls in fake fire so the F.D. will get his cat out of a tree, then...
  116. Peerless Cuff Recall....
  117. Another Taser death....
  118. BREAKING NEWS: Four Officers Shot In Texas Standoff
  119. 4yr old shoots 18 month old
  120. Mearday headed back to jail
  121. Don Vito of Jackass/Viva La Bam fame arrested for being a Pamper-peeling chester
  122. Ri Trooper Under Investigation....
  123. 24 yr old Indian must decide which of his 2 penises he wants to keep
  124. Officer struck, injured by squad car
  125. 54 yr old perverted man likes to drink the urine of young boys....
  126. Chutzpah
  127. Man bites woman in ass after she ends their relationship
  128. Former Judge gets 4 years for taking "holding" court
  129. Does any other state have this issue.
  130. Flower Mound, TX Doctor Accused In Rx Drug Ring
  131. Father Of Boy Shot By Police Demands Answers
  132. And The Darwin Award Goes To.....
  133. Police: Mother Slowed Down So Teen Could Shoot Man
  134. Man arrested for 226th time in same Neb. county
  135. This sucks
  136. Texas Judge Orders DISH To Turn Off DVRs
  137. Teen dies when stolen truck crashes into tree
  138. Man killed in wood chipper accident
  139. Multiple overdoses reported on South SideAugust 15, 2006
  140. Stickney whistleblower wins $3.7 mil.
  141. Cop loses high post over son
  142. 11 injured, 2 critical in South Side shooting
  143. BEST media release ever!
  144. Mel Gibson pleads no contest to DUI, receives 3 years of probation
  145. Article on Tazers written by some liberal who wants them banned
  146. W. Va. Airport Evacuated Due to Passenger with Suspicious Liquids
  147. Ft Worth Police Find Children Abandoned Inside Truck Cab For Days
  148. Arrested 226 times
  149. Police Officer accused of robbing citizens on traffic stops
  150. Agonizing 9/11 tape of 911 call
  151. Town sued over strict immigration law
  152. Will the 4th time be the charm? - Hickory Creek dumps another Police Chief
  153. Arrest Made In JonBenet Ramsey Case
  154. Job Security (To the MAX!)
  155. Profiteers Reselling Cell Phones Rankle Industry
  156. Boynton Shooting - One for LE, zero for criminals
  157. Man is arrested 226 times
  158. Calls for racial, ethnic profiling renewed after transit attacks
  159. Widening the Racial Divide
  160. 10,000 bags misplaced at airports
  161. Mystery 9/11 rescuer reveals himself
  162. Masked Intruders Return Sauce To Taco Bell
  163. Kent Police Jet Ski patrols
  164. Aug 22
  165. Shouldn't have been allowed to breed..
  166. North Texas Men Face Terrorism Charges
  167. Jammed Gun Saves Officer's Life
  168. Border Agents
  169. Five Arrested in D.C. National Mall Robberies
  170. Teen charged with throwing bleach in cop's face
  171. Cops Gone Bad
  172. GEEZ, chill out mom
  173. Fla. Man, 86, Pays $1 Ticket From 1946
  174. Police dog shot, killed by officer during search
  175. Great Union Pres
  176. Dead Baby In Truck
  177. Minister & Wife Charged In Child Porn Case
  178. Damages for Wrongfully Convicted Man Denied
  179. Chicago Police Find $1 Million Under Truck
  180. 13-year-old ordered held in jail until he's 21 years old
  181. Residents of gentrifying area angry
  182. Allegations of racial tension within CPD
  183. Police shoot teen near Cabrini-Green The Follow Up Story
  184. Police shoot teen in Cabrini Green
  185. Officer kills dog after being attacked by juvenile
  186. Plea deal for Fawley with great quote
  187. How terrorists use children as props
  188. Caught On Tape: Laptop Stuffed Down Pants
  189. Immigrants Found Sewn Into Van Seats
  190. Shooting
  191. Terrorist Threat "Critical" - They are at it again!
  192. Really sucky thread about Mayor who refuses to cut his grass (inside joke)
  193. Judge disciplined after ordering a "Go Seahawks" chant in court before sentencing
  194. New Hampshire's teachers aide runs away with 14 yr old student boyfriend
  195. Terror Plot Foiled
  196. 74-Year-Old Woman's 10-Year-Old License Plate Now Called Obscene
  197. Citizen Makes Traffic Stop, Shoots Driver With Taser
  198. Another Opening in Dallas: Officer Fired for Exposing Himself
  199. Ding dong, the bi*ch is gone
  200. And the problem is.....
  201. Entire Police Recruit Class Fired
  202. Stupid is as Stupid does
  203. Study states teens who watch wrestling are more likely to be violent than others
  204. Study finds teens who listen to raunchy music lyrics have sex sooner
  205. London study shows Brit's need more condom sizes, as most of theirs are falling off
  206. Maine still the whitest state in the nation
  207. Reuters admits to more image manipulation
  208. Oil Prices Spike on News of Alaska Shutdown
  209. More shit from sheehan
  210. Capital Officer Charged In Teen Prostitution Case
  211. Duhhh - The Most Likely Criminal: Man Under 25
  212. Police Officer in Reading, Pa., Killed-AP News Alert
  213. Reuters admits altering Beirut photo (You really have to see this to believe it)
  214. Short term thinking.
  215. Great Israelli war article.
  216. Did Anybody go to this?
  217. Soldier jailed for Pc's car death
  218. Fire station without a pole
  219. We Had People Fire at Officers Twice In One Week!!
  220. Virginia Chief Says Slain Officer Erred
  221. Cop Killer escapes from county jail
  222. Morgellons Syndrome, real or delusional? CDC considers TX for study to find out
  223. Second lawsuit seeks to strike down Mo. voter photo ID law
  224. Reckless driving charges filed against Deputy who crashed into a man, killing him
  225. State Board off Medicine rules outspoken Doctor can say offensive things
  226. N.C. Governor creates country's first "Innocence Inquiry Commission" for prisoners
  227. Felon denied permission for AR-15 silencer by Chief, decides to blow up the station
  228. So called leader of Church says molesting kids is ok and protected by law
  229. Man buys beer for minors..Judge dismisses case..says D.A. didn't prove Miller is beer
  230. Midge the 6lb Police K9
  231. City policy restricts website access tying Investigator's hands
  232. Five young women sue Casey County schools over alleged bullying
  233. Cynthia McKinney Ready To Sue Atlanta Newspaper For Libel
  234. PBSO Deputy gets probation for shooting into vehicle after sex act not completed...
  235. Customer Robbed, Shot In Head At Gas Station
  236. Such a damn shame!
  237. Beware the 'Bump' Key
  238. Fired DJ files defamation suit against New York councilman
  239. Frisco, Texas Teen Vowed Random Killing, Police Say
  240. Another underage male student/hot female teacher sex scandal
  241. England lawmaker calling for ban on men going shirtless...hopefully others to follow
  242. Drunk Passenger Fights DUI For Steering While Driver Eats Sandwich
  243. Good Luck
  244. Preacher's wife pulls gun in Church on Preacher after he sends naughty text messages
  245. Camp Counselors at Christian summer camp accussed of playing explicit games with boys
  246. Chuck Norris leads vote for Budapest bridge name
  247. How To Find a Meth Dealer
  248. Dumb and dumber, out on the town.
  249. Another Atta Boy for Sheriff Joe..
  250. Michael Moore claims Republicans are hugging and agreeing with him more than ever now